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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    So Happy It Hurts.

    Monday, October 15 2012

    On the roof Jason and Sam plead with Heather to give them the baby. Heather goes to the ledge and jumps as Jason reaches out. Jason has grabbed the baby in time! Sam is overwhelmed as Jason reunites her with her son. Jason puts his arms around them. John silently watches the reunion before making his presence known. He assures them Heather is in custody and now they need to get checked out.

    Sam, Jason, John and the baby go inside to get checked out. Tea arrives, hysterical. She is so happy to see the baby Sam can’t even look at her. Tea wants her baby back but Sam won’t let her. John holds her back as Sam and Jason take the baby with Brit. Todd finally tells her she is not getting her kid back. He apologizes for everything he has ever done to her and for what he is about to tell her. That little boy isn’t Victor. Her child is dead and that child is Sam’s.

    In a room, Brit checks out the baby. They are going to get his paperwork from Llanview and she’ll check up on them later. Liz hands over the baby to Jason and Sam. She is really happy for them. Alone, Sam hurts for Tea but she is so happy it hurts.

    In This Town, Nobody Dies.

    Friday, October 12 2012

    On the hospital roof, Jason and Sam catch up with Heather. Sam gets on her knees to beg and Jason asks what it will take for her to give them the baby. Heather wants so many things so it is hard to know what she wants most. But she will never let him go. Heather is his mom now and they will be together forever. Dante rushes on the roof with his gun drawn. Heather wants Jason and Sam to get rid of Dante or she will show them what she will be forced to do with the baby. Dante leaves, but Heather refuses to give up the baby. She accuses Jason of never wanting the baby. He will never be able to love Franco’s son. Jason screams it is his son, and he and Sam want him. Heather won’t hand the baby over. She is a better parent than the two of them put together. Sam admits it is her fault Heather is not with Steve and promises to get Steven Lars back if she hands over the baby.

    On the roof, Heather is upset by Anna. She just wants to get the baby back to the motel to meet someone with money and passports. Jason tells her there is no way out. Heather agrees and gets on the ledge. If she can’t have him, no one can. She jumps.

    So You’re Psychic Now?

    Thursday, October 11 2012

    At the hospital Jason promises Sam that they will get her baby back. She is worried the baby needs his medicine. She doesn’t even remember what he looks. Jason spots Dante and leaves her for a moment. He returns with pictures of the baby the PCPD has on file for ID purposes. They marvel at the pictures. Tea must be in agony worrying about him. Jason wants to concentrate on the good news, that her son has been loved his whole life. Dante returns with a lead on Heather’s location. Then, Epiphany comes up and tells Dante about Olivia’s episode. Sam and Jason sit on the stairs while Dante goes to Olivia’s room. It is empty.

    Heather arrives at the hospital and panics when she sees Sam and Jason. She takes the baby into a stairwell and runs into Olivia, where the two struggle. Heather pushes Olivia down the stars. Outside, Jason and Sam hear a thud. They find Olivia and Sam runs off after Heather. Dante comes up and stays with Olivia. Jason and Sam catch up with Heather on the roof.

    My Little Do Over.

    Wednesday, October 10 2012

    At Alexis’ house, Jason tells Sam that Heather has the baby. When John went to Llanview to tell Tea, Heather was gone and John did not tell Tea the baby is not hers. Sam feels pain for Tea but is overjoyed that her son is alive. Jason promises her they will find Heather before it is too late. He encourages her to think about what her son has already survived. Sam might know where Heather went. It is obvious Todd was blackmailed by Heather. What if he would still do anything to keep up his end of the bargain? John arrives and tells them Todd is not talking. Sam asks how the baby is and he tells her he is beautiful.

    In Steve’s hospital room, Olivia realizes her vision about Heather was right and maybe they should take her visions more seriously. Sam and Jason rush in. Steve informs them that Heather is not after money- she is after a family. She was acting like the baby was her own son. But he is on medication and they need to find him soon.

    Never Count A Sociopath Out.

    Tuesday, October 09 2012

    Jason and Sam sit down at Alexis’ house. He tells her that her baby is still alive. She was right the whole time. The babies were switched. Heather was in the woods that night burying Anthony. She got a replacement baby from Todd, who was in the woods that night too delivering a baby in distress. Sam remembers Tea. She wonders how Jason was able to do this. He couldn’t stand listening to her blame herself so he kept studying the autopsy report. He wanted her to get her baby back and if there was even a chance to make it right he was going to find it. He had John help him run a DNA test and they are sure. Sam demands to see the baby and that is when Jason tells her Heather kidnapped him.

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