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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    Something Totally Unexpected.

    Tuesday, June 12 2012

    Jason is looking at the phoenix at home when Carly shows up. She has not heard from him and was worried. He tells her he and Sam are over and that the baby is dead. He goes over the baby’s delivery and finding the baby. He tells Carly she was right – as soon as he picked up the baby he loved him. Jason cries a little and Carly tells him it is not his fault. But that was when his thugs got to John, so Sam thinks it was. Carly pressures him to go not give up. Sam needs him.

    Jason shows up at the hospital but it is too late. Liz tells him Sam checked herself out.

    A BLT At Kelly’s.

    Monday, June 11 2012

    In her hospital room, Jason tells Sam it was not fair for him to shut her out, and that is why he came to the motel. She accuses him of lying because she knows he had John beat up. He admits it, but he had to get John out of the way. She informs Jason that their problem was not John, it was his inability to love the baby. Her son is dead and it is Jason’s fault. He apologizes but she does not think he is sorry. Didn’t he think she had doubts? She was the one who was raped. All that mattered to her was that she was finally going to be a mom and he wanted her to give the baby away. Now he got what he wanted. She tells him they can’t go back and what they had was broken. He tells her he is not giving up but she screams for him to leave. He pulls the dragon out of his pocket and places it on her tray before leaving. Heather comes in and hopes Sam can be comforted by the fact her baby is in a better place.

    In the hallway Jason tells Liz that Sam lost the baby, and he has lost Sam.

    Your Civic Duty.

    Friday, June 08 2012

    At the hospital John asks Jason how Sam is. He knows she must be devastated and Jason agrees. John explains how happy she was when the baby was born. Jason fill John in on what Sam went through after the birth. Sam kept saying someone had taken her baby and left the other. John wishes he could have gotten her help, and Jason knows if the baby was in a hospital he would still be alive. They both feel guilty. Jason tells John he can handle Sam from here, but then some officers approach. The commissioner instructed them to bring Jason in.

    Jason arrives at the station and tells Anna he wants his lawyer. She just wants him to listen. Robin told her about how he supported her after Stone died and that he was the one who gave her the courage to go on the HIV meds. Robin really loved him and Anna is grateful. But she can’t look the other way when a police officer is assaulted. She knows what he did to McBain and has message for him. If he commits crime, she will do everything in her power to prosecute him. He understands. She wants him to tell Sam that her thoughts are with her and leaves.

    Sam sees Téa with her baby outside her hospital room. Her baby, a boy too, did not make it and Téa is devastated for her. Sam asks if she can hold the baby, but before she can, Alexis walks up and takes Sam back in her room. Dr. Lee is there with news about the cause of death. There were no signs of the condition that was present before, but now the baby had hemophilia, a condition usually passed down through the mother. Plus, he died of respiratory failure. Sam is convinced that her son is still alive. Dr. Lee did not mean to get her hopes up, but if he was in the hospital he might have had a chance. John knocks on the door and Sam asks Alexis to leave. She wants to know why he did not come back for them. He tells her he ran into some trouble. A nurse comes in with food for Sam and suggests John take care of himself too. He leaves and the nurse tells Sam had been beaten. Jason comes back and she wants to ask him a question. He needs to tell her something first. That night, he was coming to promise to love her son as his father.

    How Can I Be Okay?

    Thursday, June 07 2012

    Sam is in her room holding her son, but then wakes up and her arms are empty. Jason tells her it is going to be okay, but how can it be when her baby is dead? She just doesn’t understand why John did not come back. Jason tries to explain something to her about the baby, but she is too upset to let him go on. As they are arguing, Alexis, Kristina and Molly show up. Sam tells them what happened while Jason leaves the room. He listens outside while she tells them about John not returning. He walks off and then Todd walks up and listens in on Sam. She must have passed out and when she woke up, Jason was there and the baby was dead. Alexis leaves to get Dr. Lee and runs into Todd outside. She warns him to stay away. She finds Jason and he tells her he is sorry about the baby. She wonders if he really is. She blames Jason for not being there for Sam. Inside, the girls say goodbye. Sam leaves the room and sees Téa in the hallway with her baby.

    Let’s Be Better.

    Wednesday, June 06 2012

    Sam takes the baby from Jason outside the house and looks at him. This isn’t her baby. Their son looked right at Sam after he was born, and he looked just like Jason. She insists this is not the baby she gave birth to but he does not believe her. Jason leads Sam, who is distraught, off.

    In her hospital room, Téa holds her baby and doesn’t think her looks like her - or Victor. Todd shows up and wishes for everyone’s sake he looked like Victor. She demands that he tell her what is bothering him, but Epiphany comes in to take the baby back to the nursery. She insists Todd do it and when they leave, they run into Jason and Sam. Todd watches from the side while Epiphany takes the baby from a crying Sam. A doctor looks her over and asks Jason for details about the delivery, then takes her to a room. Epiphany finds Todd and he asks if Sam will be okay. She tells him not really since there is nothing like losing a child. He wants Téa to transfer her to Llanview, but Epiphany refuses. They go over the birth certificate and she names him Victor. Meanwhile, Jason joins Sam in her room and he tells her she is going to be okay. She doesn’t understand how this happened. Why didn't John come back with the car? A nurse comes and tells him to leave, but before he does, she wants to name the baby Jason, after his father.

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