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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    GH Recap: Sorry 'Bout That Mate.

    Tuesday, August 12 2014

    At the coma clinic, Victor injects Jason with the serum while Robin is held back by his goons, pleading for him to stop. Jason’s vitals begin to rise, as well as his blood pressure. He’s reviving! Suddenly the alarms go off and Victor screams that Robin failed. Jason is dead! Robin pleads to help and desperately administers defibrillation paddles. Robin won’t give up on Jason but Victor’s goons pull her off at his command. Victor moves to lower the lid of his chamber but suddenly Jason’s hand pops up, preventing him. The goons release Robin and she is overjoyed to see that his brain activity indicates he’s waking up. Later, Victor has the goons grab Robin and tells her that her work is done - he doesn’t need Robin anymore. Robin wants to take Jason with her but Victor refuses. He intends to keep Jason and tap into his potential. Robin reminds him of their deal. He tells her they never specified what would happen after Jason was revived. The goons lead Robin out while Victor chuckles to never trust a Cassadine. He tells Jason his new life awaits and Jason begins to rise from the chamber.

    GH Recap: I Am Who I Am.

    Thursday, August 07 2014

    At the Crichton-Clark clinic, Patrick asks Robin to let things end. She insists she'll always love him. "Good luck with your corpses," he says, walking away. Sam runs up to him. The alarm starts going off. They run. Robin stares and then throws something. "You break it you buy it," Victor says as he pops up. He reminds her that visitors are forbidden. She insists she said Jason was dead. He's impressed that she lied but can't have Sam snooping around anymore. "I'd hate to have to arrange for Patrick and Emma to have another accident," he threatens. Robin thinks he's a monster. He muses on Rafe's death and orders her to get back to work. After he wanders off, Robin tells Jason that she has to keep telling himself that bringing him back will keep her family safe.

    Lady Lazarus.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012

    Steve gives Sam the paternity test results. There is no doubt these are accurate. Overwhelmed, she hugs Steve. Jason is going to be so happy! He looks doubtful but she insists Jason will come home to her. Steve hopes she is right and leaves. Alone with Danny, she is ecstatic and can’t wait to tell Jason. Jason walks in and they embrace. Ecstatic, she hands over the results. He is Danny’s father, not Franco. It doesn’t matter to Jason – he would love Danny just as much even if he was not his. They kiss. This is everything Sam ever wanted. Later, Jason disappears and Sam is alone with the baby. Crying, she searches for him and realizes he was never there.

    Goodbye Mr. Morgan.

    Monday, October 22 2012

    Jason holds his gun on Scully at the pier. They shoot simultaneously but Joe drops. Jason goes to Bernie, who tries to tell him about the money. Suddenly Duke shoots Jason from behind, then kicks him in the water. Duke turns to Joe, who is struggling to get up. Meanwhile, Bernie calls Sonny and manages to whisper "Pier 52" and "Jason" before Duke flings his phone in the water. He kills Bernie, then shoots at Joe but he is already gone.

    Hot And Perceptive.

    Friday, October 19 2012

    At the pier, Bernie Abrams leaves a message for Jason. It is a matter of life or death. Bernie flashes back to December 2011. Bernie told Carly he was ambushed, but Shawn saved him. She went with him to the hospital and asked the doctor to take care of him and left. The doctor revealed himself as Duke. He threatened Bernie to transfer Sonny’s assets to Kristina or his family would die. Later, Joe arrives at the pier. Bernie begs for his life, but Joe shoots him.

    Sam and Jason arrive at the penthouse with Danny. They are excited about their first night together as a family. They put Danny down and Sam tells Jason she is ready to be with him again. They go in the bedroom and she puts the dragon with the phoenix – now things are back to the way they are supposed to be. They get in bed but son Danny cries out. Sam goes to him while Jason pulls out his wedding ring from the end table and puts it back on. Sam reruns with the baby and Jason puts her ring back on her too. He will love her forever. They take their first family picture and she hopes there will be a million more. They listen to the message from Bernie. Jason does not want to leave them alone, but Sam assures him they will be fine. Sam gives him the phoenix and they kiss goodbye. Soon, John knocks on the door.

    Jason arrives at the pier and pulls a gun on Joe. They shoot simultaneously and Joe is hit. At the pier, Bernie tries to tell Jason about the money when Jason is shot from behind. Duke stands there while Jason bleeds.

    Get Acrobatic.

    Thursday, October 18 2012

    At the hospital, Jason tells Sam he wants her and Danny come home with him and share his life. He wants to be a family. She worries that he considers it an obligation. He regrets shutting her out and wants the life she dreamed of in her fantasy. She knows Jason would protect Danny with his life, but she needs for Jason to love him. Jason wants to be there for Danny every day. He will never hurt Sam or Danny again. Sam leaves to get a bottle. Jason picks up Danny and apologizes to him as Carly comes in. She hopes Sam will take him back. He tells her Todd could have known about the baby switch. She is worried she has been lying to herself about Todd. He is her friend, almost. But Jason is her only friend. They hug and Sam comes back. Before she leaves Carly tells Sam she needs to do the right thing and let Jason be a part if his life. Alone, Sam thinks they have wasted enough time and agrees to go home with him.

    The Belles Of The Cellblock.

    Wednesday, October 17 2012

    At the hospital, Sonny overhears Jason get off the phone with PCPD about his statement. Jason wants to start over with Sam and Daniel, but he worries that makes them targets. Jason wants Sam and Danny and whatever life they can make together. He wants Danny to know that he is his father and he loves him no matter what. Sonny tells him to fight for it, like he is fighting for Kate. They chuckle – maybe this is the first time they will wind up happy.

    Sam holds Daniel in his hospital room and tries to get to know him. Later, Jason brings Monica by to meet the baby. Monica wonders if his last name is McCall or Morgan. Alexis, Kristina and Molly bust in. They marvel at how much he looks like Jason as he slips out with Monica. They wish virtues on him like intelligence and integrity. Later, Molly can’t help but think about the funeral they had for the other baby.In the hallway Monica asks Jason if he and Sam have worked out anything. She badgers him about the baby’s last name. He changes the subject and asks about Heather. She is in a coma. Monica wants her to pay for what she has done to everyone. Monica asks again if there is a chance for him and Sam. Jason loves the baby but that does not change the mistakes that were made. Whatever happens next is up to Sam. Back in Daniel’s room, Sam and the girls make plans to take the baby to Alexis’ house. Later, Jason tells Sam he was hoping she and the baby would go home with him.

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