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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Welcome To The Fold.

    Tuesday, December 17 2013

    Sonny arrives at the warehouse to check on Carlos. He promises to treat him like the animal he is until he knows if he's Lily's brother. He jokes Ava's calling Carlos' phone to fire him and wonders how important Carlos is to Julian. Maybe he's loyal to a fault. Carlos reminds Sonny he cut his own son loose and left Morgan ripe for Ava's picking. Sonny's tired of waiting and yells to Shawn to find out if he knows if Carlos is Lily's brother. Shawn has someone working on it. Someone buzzes the door. Shawn finds TJ outside and promises to talk to him later. Back inside, Sonny tells Carlos that sometimes people have to die. Carlos argues he's not lying before Shawn announces a visitor. Sonny greets Duke outside and welcomes him to the fold. Sonny says, "Julian wanted a war; he's going to get what he came for." Meanwhile, Shawn tells Carlos he's headed to hell, soon.

    GH Recap: Georgie.

    Monday, December 16 2013

    At the gym, Sonny's disappointed when Duke doesn't accept his deal to take down Julian with him. He's not prepared to lose Anna. He wishes Sonny success and hopes the Jeromes get everything they deserve. They shake hands and Duke leaves. Julian arrives and points a gun at Sonny while Duke peeks from around the corner. Julian demands to know where Carlos is and threatens to take Sonny out if he doesn’t tell him. Sonny's not scared knowing Julian would be at the top of the suspect list if anything happened to him. Julian's not afraid of anyone at the PCPD and would have no problem taking out Dante or Anna. He tells Sonny there will be blood to pay if Carlos isn't returned soon. Duke joins Sonny after Julian's gone. He heard the threat to Anna and decides he's in. Sonny knew he could count on Duke but asks about Anna. Duke thinks that what Anna doesn't know won't hurt her.

    GH Recap: I Killed Someone.

    Thursday, December 12 2013

    Sonny comments on Dante's frustration at the gym as he pounds the punching bag. Dante knew it would be hard to lose Connie but he didn't realize he might lose his marriage. They're no longer a team now that Lulu blames him for their loss and she'll never understand why he did what he did. Sonny thought winning custody was a long shot. Dante wants to help Lulu and is sad that he's dealing with his grief on his own. Sonny understands and reminds him, "You got me," but knows Dante will figure it out.

    GH Recap: I'm All Better Now.

    Tuesday, December 10 2013

    Sonny's not ready to shoot Carlos yet and hands him a shovel to dig his own grave in the cemetery. Carlos doesn't think Sonny wants to do this but he tells Carlos to dig. Sonny tells him when to stop and Carlos begs him not to do this…he could be valuable to Sonny. Sonny can do this now that he knows Carlos isn't related to Lily. When Sonny's not interested in talking anymore he shouts at Shawn to end it. Carlos screams he's Lily's brother. Shawn's certain he's lying as Carlos relays his story and ask if Sonny loved Lily, would he kill her brother? Sonny needs to prove him wrong and decides to put him someplace safe until then. Later, Franco says "thanks" to the heavens when he finds a dug grave after dragging Heather's body through the cemetery. He pushes her in and buries her. Carly calls and asks, "What's taking so long." He doesn't see Heather's hand unearth itself as he walks away. Nearby, Sonny takes Michael's call and learns that AJ's free. Michael asks him not to take the law into his own hands. Sonny kneels in front of Lily's grave and promises not to kill Carlos unless he's sure.

    GH Recap: Knock 'Em Dead.

    Monday, December 09 2013

    At the courthouse, Shawn confirms that Carlos has no connection to Lily's family. Sonny's ready to proceed as planned. Inside the courtroom, Michael advises AJ to listen to his lawyer after Diane warns him not to take the stand. AJ wants the jury to hear the truth. Diane refuses to represent him if he doesn't listen. He thanks her, and then fires her. Diane leaves and the judge asks AJ what he has to say. AJ returned to Port Charles intending to be a better man and father. He was until Connie wrote her article and he spiraled out of control. After blacking out that night, he can't remember anything but taking the gun from Tracy's safe and going to Crimson. He doesn't remember killing Connie and believes someone else could have. On cross examination Scott asks if AJ's intent was to kill Connie. AJ confesses it was, but he doesn't remember pulling the trigger. Later, AJ apologizes to Michael for torpedoing his case but Michael thinks AJ was amazing. Scott announces the jury reached a verdict.

    At Carlos' apartment, Patrick promises Carlos he's a dead man if he goes near Sabrina. Carlos warns it will take someone with more wherewithal than Patrick to take him down. Patrick's not impressed with his threats just because Carlos works for the Jeromes. Carlos plans to make Patrick look like the bad guy when he wipes the floor with him. He'll be there to pick Sabrina up when Patrick's done torturing her. Patrick leaves. Later, Sonny and Shawn pay Carlos a visit.

    Carlos is on his knees at the cemetery. Sonny and Shawn taunt him. Julian needs to stay alive to save Danny and Sonny promised Kiki he wouldn't kill her mother. That leaves Carlos. Carlos tells them to shoot. They give him shovel and Sonny says, "Start digging."

    GH Recap: My Hero.

    Thursday, December 05 2013

    When Shawn gets to the office, Sonny asks him to find out all he can about Carlos Rivera. Shawn's certain Carlos is just the hired gun. Sonny wants to get to the Jeromes by getting to the people close to them. He can't burn Carlos yet until he knows if Carlos is family. Sonny informs Shawn about a possible connection to his first wife's family. He inherited her father's territory. Sonny won't make a move until he knows for sure. If Carlos is not related, he dies.

    GH Recap: You Can't Have Both.

    Wednesday, December 04 2013

    At Sonny's office, Sonny thanks Duke for coming. Duke surmises it's about Julian. He just found out Julian is alive. Sonny's glad to hear Duke wish Julian harm and hopes he's interested in taking him down. Duke would like to kill him but wouldn't for Anna's sake. Sonny asks who's next in command. Duke tells him Carlos. Sonny thinks the name sounds familiar and invites Duke to help take them down.

    GH Recap: All Together.

    Tuesday, December 03 2013

    At Sonny's office, Sonny admits to Shawn that he's ready to strike back but he can't hit Julian directly for Danny's sake. Shawn realizes there's no one else closer to Julian than Ava but Sonny promised Kiki he wouldn't harm her. The only person Shawn can think of that's in Ava's circle is Duke.

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