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    General Hospital CAST - Michael "Sonny" Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    At Sonny’s place, Carly breaks the news to Sonny that Spencer was in a fire last night. Sonny wants to go to the hospital to see him, but Carly tells him that he has to focus on the hearing. Ric walks in and says Diane can’t make it so she sent him to be their lawyer. He tells Sonny that they've had their differences, but he owes him and promises he’ll fight like hell for him. Carly has reservations about Ric, but Sonny agrees to let Ric represent him.

    Alexis returns to the courthouse to finalize Nina’s release. Michael arrives and she tries once again to get him to relax. She also warns Michael if he goes through with this then he may permanently sever ties with his family. Carly, Sonny, and Ric walk in with Avery in a stroller. Alexis heads into court to deal with Nina’s hearing, leaving Michael with his family. Carly suggests Michael at least hold Avery and know what he’s fighting for. She hands Avery to Michael, tells him how much they all love her, and tries to convince him to drop all of this. Suddenly Nathan arrives with Nina for her hearing, and Nina sees Avery. Nina remembers Franco telling her that she’ll figure things out, so she blurts out, "It’s my baby!"

    GH Recap: The Birthday.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    Spencer is at Sonny's, telling him how happy he is to see him out of prison. The mobster grabs a birthday gift for him. It's an outfit for his party. The kid tells Sonny how great he is and leaves. Shawn drops by and they chat about Carly. The boss explains how close Carly got to Jake. Shawn fills him in about dumping the ballot box and Sonny orders him to keep an eye on Jake. They discuss how trustworthy Jordan is. After Shawn leaves, Carly arrives and tells him that she's still friends with Jake.

    GH Recap: A Father Again.

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    Duke drops by Sonny’s place to deliver a baby gift, as well as give Sonny back the keys to his kingdom. Sonny says he can’t accept them, as he can’t be associated with the business until his custody case is resolved. He says he needs Duke to keep running the business.

    Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny arrives to see Michael, so Sabrina leaves them to talk. Sonny tries to convince Michael that Avery will be safe with him as he’s no longer in the business. Michael still doesn’t believe that and orders Sonny out of his house.

    GH Recap: Nag.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    Morgan arrives at Sonny’s to check on Avery and learns that Michael has filed for custody. Sonny says he hates what Michael is doing, but admires his gusto. Sonny knows that Michael is now lost to him, but he won’t let him take his daughter. However he knows that Michael won’t back off until he sees him suffer.

    GH Recap: Sued.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    Sonny and Carly put the baby to bed at his place and kiss. He has food set out before the fire. They make out until Avery cries. He brings the baby down and announces that he is dedicating himself to becoming a better father. They discuss decorating his daughter's room. A clerk arrives and serves him papers. He's being sued for custody by Michael.

    GH Recap: Free And Clear.

    Thursday, February 12 2015

    Sonny and Carly revel in their happiness at his apartment, and Sonny says soon he’ll also have his daughter. He hopes that she will help him raise Avery. Carly tells Sonny that she loves Avery just as he loves Michael as his own.

    Back at Kiki’s place, Alexis tells Kiki that she has no case at present, but she can sue Sonny for custody. Alexis asks if this is what she wants, but before Kiki can answer, Sonny and Carly arrive. They wonder why Alexis is here and she says that she’s helping Kiki with her mother’s estate. Sonny takes Avery, but Kiki stops them to give them a baby blanket made of Ava’s old pillowcases. Sonny tells Kiki that she can visit anytime she wants. Carly and Sonny leave with Avery. Alexis asks Kiki if she has decided on whether to sue for custody.

    Carly and Sonny bring Avery back to his home. He promises that nobody will take her from him again.

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