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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: I Drink Alone.

    Wednesday, November 19 2014

    At court, Bobbie slaps Scott. Diane warns Carly to keep quiet. Sonny talks to Carly. Diane jumps in and reminds Carly to stay quiet until she pleads not guilty. The press bug Bobbie and Scott. Scott has them removed. Bobbie tells Scott, "We're through." Court convenes and Carly pleads not guilty. Diane tells the judge she's not a flight risk and requests bail. Scott has no objection, but the judge denies bail. A recess is called. Bobbie assures Carly she'll care for Josslyn and they'll figure this out. Sonny tells Carly he's sorry. It's not his fault. Scott approaches Bobbie, who tells him, "Too little, too late." Sonny and Diane discuss a plan. Sonny wants to talk to Scott. Court reconvenes and Sonny is asked how he pleads. Bobbie and Carly, now outside the courtroom, worry about what's going on in there. The doors open. Sonny tells Carly she's going home. Diane and Scott emerge. Diane announces Sonny pled guilty. She trusts Scott will be lenient in sentencing. Scott tells her not to hold her breath. Sonny expresses love to Carly. Michael watches Sonny being taken away.

    GH Recap: Clearing AJ.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    At the PCPD jail, Sonny asks Shawn to deliver the recording to Michael. Shawn agrees, noting the silver lining is that it will bring Ava down as well. After Shawn leaves, Diane shows up as Sonny has hired her. Diane knows of the recording and says they can use it to get leniency for Sonny. Sonny however says he has given it to Michael and he won’t use it to save his own hide. Diane is furious and leaves to deal with Carly’s arraignment. Alexis then arrives, fresh from Duke’s arraignment. Alexis says Duke’s been sent to Pentonville pending a trial, and she says Carly is likely next.

    GH Recap: Here For A Visit.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    Michael drops by the cells to see Sonny and Carly. "Thank God you're just here for a visit," his mom says. She's sure they can all survive this. Michael isn't there to talk things out. He wants AJ exonerated and orders Sonny to help him do it. He wants the recording of Ava and AJ. Carly claims she destroyed it. Michael thinks Sonny is just proving again that he's a man with no honor. Sonny offers him the recording. As Michael leaves, his parents tell him how much they love him. He doesn't think they know the meaning of the word. After he leaves, Carly freaks out.

    GH Recap: Time To Kill.

    Wednesday, November 12 2014

    At the PCPD, Sonny is placed in a cell across from Duke. Sonny feels bad that he brought Duke down with him. He realizes that he has destroyed the lives of everyone he cares about. Up in the station house, Morgan and Kiki come in and ask Anna if there are leads on Ava’s baby. Anna is working on it and tries to assure Morgan that Nina won’t get far. Kiki drags an upset Morgan into the questioning room to calm him down as he wants to go help look for Nina.

    Nathan brings Heather into the PCPD and books her for shooting Max. Later, Anna takes Heather down to the holding cells where they pass Sonny and Duke. Sonny begs Anna for news on the baby, but Anna has none to tell him. Back in the station house, Nathan receives a call from Obrecht giving him the whereabouts of Nina and the baby.

    GH Recap: Having A Blast.

    Tuesday, November 11 2014

    At the brownstone, Dante places Sonny under arrest. Sonny thanks Morgan for defending him, and he knows Dante is just doing his job. Sonny apologizes to Michael and says he does love him, though Michael doesn’t care. After Dante takes Sonny away, Kiki shows up to check on Michael. Seeing how hurt he is, Kiki confesses that she knew the truth too. Morgan is forced to come clean as well. Morgan says they were just trying to protect him because they love him. Michael tells them both that he wants nothing to do with them and he walks out. After he leaves, Kiki has to update Morgan on what has happened to Ava and the baby.

    At the station, Nathan is working to find Nina and Madeline while texting with Maxie. Rosalie comes in to find out if Nathan has found Nina, claiming to be worried about her. Nathan knows that Rosalie knows more than she is letting on. He demands to know why Madeline called Rosalie earlier in the evening. Rosalie explains that Madeline wanted her help finding Ava, and that she told her where Ava was. Rosalie says that Nina has been blackmailing her over something from her past. Nathan tells her if any harm comes to the baby then it is on her. He tells her to get out of his sight, but not to leave town. Meanwhile Dante brings Sonny in. In the questioning room, Sonny fills Dante in on Nina taking Ava’s baby girl. Sonny explains that he had sent Shawn to look for Ava, and he fills Dante in on the fact that Heather is on the loose. Sonny worries that Franco or Heather has done something to Shawn. Dante agrees to go to the warehouse to check on things. Sonny is later booked and has his mug shot taken.

    GH Recap: Something Terrible.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    As Ava begs Sonny for her life at the brownstone, Michael enters and fires a shot in the air. Thanks to Franco he knows all about Sonny’s tryst with Carly and AJ’s murder and the crypt sex. Ava pipes up that she saw Sonny shoot AJ. She begs to be able to leave to find her baby, and explains she was taken by Nina and Madeline. Sonny refuses to let Ava leave so she goads Michael to go ahead and kill Sonny for what he did to AJ. Michael barks for Ava to shut up and tells her to leave. She does and Michael lays into Sonny for his actions. Sonny tells Michael that Ava killed Connie and let AJ take the fall. Michael knew AJ was innocent! He starts to cry then reinforces his gun on Sonny – AJ was innocent yet Sonny killed him anyway! Sonny would not have killed AJ if he had known Ava killed Connie. Michael believes him but it only makes things worse. If Sonny loved him like a son he would not have been able to pull the trigger on AJ. He accuses Sonny of poisoning him against AJ. He cost him his whole life with his real dad and now he is going to make Sonny pay. Michael promised AJ that he would make his killer pay, and he keeps his promises.

    GH Recap: Kill Three Birds With One Stone.

    Thursday, November 06 2014

    At Morgan's place, Ava crawls and vows to find her baby. She opens the door; Sonny is there. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" Ava screams at him that she had the baby. He asks if it was before or after she shot Max? Ava hisses that she didn't shoot Max, she was giving birth. Sonny won't believe her so she screams. He notices blood. Ava tells him he had a daughter and she was taken by Silas' crazy wife. She implores Sonny to do something. Sonny leaves Shawn a message. Ava scoffs. Sonny won't go to the cops and pulls a gun. He tells Ava they'll find the baby, but she's going to pay for killing Connie. He promises her daughter will want for nothing. "Goodbye Ava."

    GH Recap: Going Fishing?

    Wednesday, November 05 2014

    At the hospital, Julian assures Alexis he'll be a donor for Danny again if his cancer has returned. Alexis worries about Sonny killing him, but Julian doesn't care. "As long as Danny gets to live." He'll do it for Danny - and for Alexis. Out in the waiting area, Silas promises to be there for Sam and Danny, apologizes for allowing Nina to get between them and says, "I'm sorry, and I'm done with her." Sam always knew something was off with Nina but can't believe she knocked Silas out. He shares that Nina had a revenge list that included Kiki and Ava too. Suddenly a doctor brings Silas Danny's results. They're negative. Danny's cancer hasn't returned. Nearby, Diane cries over Max and demands Sonny tell her who shot him. Sonny doesn't know but promises to find out. As Sonny and Diane go check on Max, Morgan gets a call from Kiki who agrees to meet him there. Sonny reappears and tells Morgan that Max is going to be okay. After they hug, talk turns to Ava. Morgan reminds Sonny of the baby and asks if they have to kill her. Can't he just go easy on her? Sonny won't make any promises and leaves. Kiki arrives and hears about Max.

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