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    General Hospital CAST - Michael "Sonny" Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Everyone Has a Theory.

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Kate is in a tizzy because her catered food was ruined and Warren, the publisher of her magazine, is on his way for lunch. Sonny asks if she and "Wayne" want to come over to join his family party. When Kate learns that Carly is invited, she says that she'd rather cancel her plans and stomps off. Mike arrives with some side dishes and cookies that Carly ordered. Sonny tells him that he's welcome to stay. In fact, with Jax coming, says that he'd like him to stick around. Mike says that he wishes they had done these kinds of things before, but he has plans. He tells Sonny that he's a good father and wishes him a happy father's day. "Right back atcha," Sonny says.

    Sonny's boys greet him with a big hug and Sonny tells Jax that he's glad he came along. In return, Jax thanks him for the invitation. Carly and the boys bring out presents - one for Sonny and one for Jax. Sonny's gift is a homemade espresso cup and saucer and Jax gets a skim board and really goofy sunglasses for himself and each of the boys. Sonny looks on as the three of them pretend to surf. Sonny asks Michael to help him with the BBQ sauce the way he always does, but Michael forgets and asks Jax to go kick a soccer ball with him. Carly assures Sonny that Jax will never replace him as the boys' father and Sonny says that it's hard to see his boys with someone else. Just then Kate and her producer start to make their way across the lawn. Carly hears her voice and says, "You didn't!" Sonny starts to explain that Kate was in a bind, but by then Kate introduces Warren. Carly instantly gets out her claws and asks him if he's Kate's boss? Then she asks him if he hates children as much as Kate does. He says that he loves kids and asks Kate why she hates them? Kate says that she loves children. Carly announces that she runs a business & a family and that is what the normal woman's life is like. She points out that Couture magazine doesn't appeal to normal women and Wayne says that she has a point. Jax and the boys return, and Wayne is surprised to see his old regatta competitor Jasper Jax.

    After the cookout, Wayne tells Sonny that his steak was wonderful. He says that he has some connections in the city if Sonny ever wants to open a restaurant. Wayne and Kate stand up to go home and work on their December issue when the boys kick a ball and Kate has to duck or else get hit in the head. Sonny says it reminds him of playing dodge ball in Benson Hurst and she acts like she's never heard of such a thing. Jax offers everyone cookies and Wayne laughs and say that it's been at least a year since Kate has had a cookie. Wayne and Jax agree to sail together soon and Jax tells him that Port Charles is a far more fashionable place with Kate around. (Carly practically kicks him for that little comment.)

    Jax and the boys carry stuff to their car and Carly bids Sonny a sweet goodbye. As Sonny wistfully watches them walk away, Kate comes back and says that boys always forget to wave goodbye -even on Father's Day. Then she says, "You must really be hurting."

    Jake's Gone!

    Friday, June 15 2007

    Sonny is visiting Jason in jail and has just learned that Jake is Jason's son. Jason tells Sonny that the baby is better off growing up with Liz and Lucky. Sonny can't believe his ears. Jason explains that he can't guarantee his child's safety but Sonny tells him that he'll do his best to make it work - just like he does. Jason is growing more and more agitated as he points out to Sonny that their top security isn't always enough. He contends that the only way to give his son the best possible life is to give him up. He adds that if he comes forward, he and Sam would do their best but he would be torn in two directions. Sonny blurts out "I'm not sure Sam is the person you think she is."

    Carly goes into Sonny's house to talk about the Father's Day barbeque and isn't pleased to find Kate there. Kate explains that she's there because she was hurt by the dreadful statue that Carly sent over. Carly asks Kate if she isn't a little old to be playing the damsel in distress? Kate says that it's strange that such a happily married newlywed is so concerned about her ex- husband's friends. Carly says that a "child-hater" such as Kate wouldn't get it, but most divorced people stay close for the sake of their children. Next the women argue about the statue and Carly says that she does know the difference between art and junk, but she wanted to punish Kate for ignoring Sonny's injunction and flying a helicopter anyway. Carly tells Kate about the kind of working class town where Sonny grew up, a place that's just a few miles from Manhattan but someplace that Kate would never know about. She says that Kate probably doesn't know how to play dirty. Kate says that Carly might be surprised. Sonny arrives and Kate leaves in disgust. Carly tells Sonny to buy Kate's place and get her out of here. "Why do you care?" Sonny asks. Carly says that she doesn't care in the slightest.

    Carly changes the subject from Kate to Father's Day by telling Sonny that she and Jax would like to come to his Father's Day barbecue. Sonny says that Jax could have his step-father thing the next day! Carly convinces him that one big holiday with everyone together would be good for the boys and Sonny can't disagree. He says if that Jax can handle it, he can.

    Carly goes home and tells Jax that they will have a lovely father's day…at Sonny's. Meanwhile, Sonny is on his terrace when Kate comes over to complain that her catering truck has been sabotaged. She says that the truck door was left open and a leaf blower has blown stuff all over the food for her guests who are arriving from Manhattan for the weekend. Sonny says that she and her VIP guests can come eat at his house.

    Jason Is Conflicted About Jake

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    At Sonny's, he offers Kate coffee, surprised that she didn't seem more upset when he watched over her the night before. She argues that her needing to stay the night was his fault anyway because he is the one that left the statue there. He advises her to go the doctor but she refuses. Sonny wonders if she keeps refusing treatment so she can keep her past a secret. Kate pretends that she likes her life just fine and prepares to leave. Carly arrives and overhears Sonny call Kate "Connie Falconetti"! Sonny covers, saying Connie is a friend of theirs and tells her that Kate returned the statue. Kate thanks Sonny for coffee and the night, annoying Carly. She dismisses Kate, wanting to talk to Sonny alone. Caught between them, Sonny just watches them spar. Kate rescues him, telling him not to choose that she will leave. He walks her out. As soon as they are alone, Sonny wonders why she really bought the statue. The conversation quickly turns to Jerry and Carly asks him to help her find him. "As long as Jerry is out of the picture, I will not hunt him down," Sonny says.

    Ric meets with the DA about the case. He asks Ric to make sure that Jason winds up behind bars and then suggests they offer Jason a deal: less jail time if he turns in Sonny! Lucky walks through and Ric stops him, telling him about another visit between Liz and Jason. Angry, Lucky heads to Jason's holding room and asks why Elizabeth keeps coming to the jail! They argue over whether Jason should allow Liz to keep visiting. Diane arrives, annoyed that Lucky appears to be interrogating Jason. She dismisses him and then turns her anger on Jason. She is mad that he spoke with Amelia and angry that he has been talking to Lucky. Jason tells her the argument was about Liz and that it is personal, not about the charges against him. He refuses to tell her anything more. "Elizabeth wouldn't happen to be your alibi?" she asks. Jason assures her that Liz isn't involved in the Alcazar case at all. She isn't so sure and demands that Jason tell her everything about Elizabeth, their meeting in the hospital and all of her visits since then! Jason tells her not to worry and doesn't say anything, making her even more angry. She reminds him that Elizabeth could be forced to testify against him. Sonny interrupts them, telling Diane to leave so he can talk to Jason alone. Annoyed even more, she packs up her things and orders Sonny not to let Jason say anything that the cops could use. Alone, Sonny asks Jason about Amelia. He tells him that Amelia's charges are true - that Sam killed Amelia's father. Worried, Sonny tells Jason that Amelia and Sam could get them in a lot of trouble. Jason doesn't want to believe that Sam would turn against him but he is worried. He tells Sonny the whole truth about Jake! "I can't let this life touch him," Jason says angrily. Sonny can't believe that Jason has kept the secret. He tells Jason to claim his son - no matter what!

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