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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Sam Learns the Truth.

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Kate Howard has barged into Sonny's office and interrupted a make-out session between Sonny and Amelia. She and Amelia recognize each other and Amelia says that neither of them wants to be caught in a mobster's office. She buttons up her blouse and leaves. Kate tells Sonny that she left her flash drive and he probably stole it so that she would come back. He threatens to keep her property if she's not nice to him. He dangles the flash drive in front of her and says that he'll give it back, under one condition - that she go for a walk with him. She gives in and he gives her a little walking tour of Port Charles. He admits that he came to town to run a strip joint. She scoffs at that and he points out that runway models and strippers aren't all that different. Then, he asks if she recognized him when she pushed into his office the other night. She says that his dimples gave him away, but she was determined not to let on that they knew each other. He tells her that she left the flash drive because she was flustered. They reminisce about old times and she holds firm to her belief that her new life is better than her old one.

    Liz Wakes Up.

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Sonny tells Skye that as soon as she gets Lila back, she'll never have to worry about Lorenzo again. Skye apologizes for withholding information during the Metro Court crisis in order to protect Lorenzo. Sonny accepts her apology.

    Sonny calls Jason and tells him to leave the hospital and come right over to the warehouse. When he arrives, Sonny gives him the 3rd degree on why he's so invested in a kid that didn't turn out to be his. Then, he tells Jason that Lorenzo is using his own daughter as leverage - so the hit's off until the baby is returned. Jason says that they can't wait that long, but Sonny says that if Skye plays it right, Lorenzo will cave soon and then she'll help them to put Alcazar away.

    After Amelia and Sam arrive in Port Charles, Amelia tags along with Sam to Sonny's office to look for Jason. Sonny says that Jason's doing some business, but then fills her in on what's going on with Elizabeth at the hospital. Sam leaves for the hospital and Amelia stays behind. She unbuttons her blouse and tells him that she wants to celebrate her hit show. He immediately kisses her and starts pealing off his clothes. He has her bent over flat on his desk when Kate Howard barges in and asks if she's interrupting.

    Jason Decides to Speak Up.

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    Ric comes into Sonny's office and finds Jason staring at the computer. He wants to know what is so interesting, and when Jason doesn't speak, Ric makes a grab for the laptop. They do a little tug-of-war game and finally Jason jerks it free and smashes it against a wall. Sonny comes in and asks Rick why he is antagonizing Jason. "He needs to stay away from Elizabeth and let's not all pretend we don't know why," Ric says. Sonny asks what he missed. Jason explains that Liz is in critical condition, that's all. Ric says that Jason is a one-night stand that she is trying to get over! Sonny throws Ric out and then asks Jason why he didn't eliminated Alcazar last night, as planned. Jason explains that he found Elizabeth bleeding and she needed to get to the hospital. Sonny accepts his story, but reminds Jason that he needs to focus on Alcazar now. Jason assures Sonny that Alcazar will be dead at the next possibly opportunity.

    Carly has come home and found Jax talking to Michael about Jerry. After she bribes Michael with a new toy, she tells Jax not to make Jerry out to be a hero to her children. Jax wants to know what she's talking about? Carly says that Jerry is selfish and continues to put Jax's life in danger. Jax defends his brother, and then says that he has something to tell her. He tells her that Jerry came to the house while they were on their honeymoon. He admits that Jane and the boys were sworn to secrecy, which sets Carly on fire. She says that Jerry is a stranger to her boys and having them lie to her is not okay. Their voices are loud, but they manage to hear the knock at the door. When Carly opens it, Sonny says, "Don't tell me the honeymoon is over already." Sonny comes in with some papers that need Carly's signature, but he gets the cold shoulder and leaves. Carly says that she doesn't appreciate having to lie to Sonny because if he knew that Jerry was in town, he'd freak out. Jax says that Sonny is far more dangerous than Jerry is. Jax says that Jerry could well be in the country legally because he cut a deal for amnesty years ago. Carly wants him to call Lady Jane and he agrees to. He apologizes and says that he will talk to Jerry and tell him what's acceptable and what's not. Then he says that he won't cut his brother out of his life. Carl asks if he's going to leave her again to go save his brother? He follows her outside and promises that he'll never let Jerry undermine their marriage.

    Skye goes to Sonny and begs him not to kill Lorenzo. He tells her that he is disappointed in her for allowing herself to be deceived again. She assures him that she wants Lorenzo dead, but not until he returns the baby to her. She explains that Lorenzo overheard her talking with Ric and now he knows that she has betrayed him. She tells him that if Lorenzo dies before he brings Lila home, she could be lost to her forever. She says once he trusts her again and brings the baby home, she will personally unlock the door.

    Things are Dicey for Elizabeth.

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Sonny grabs the phone from Kate's hand and tells the French designer on the other end that she'll call him back. Then, he tells "Connie" which street she lived on in Benson Hurst and she quickly denies it. He makes her swear on the Virgin Mary that she isn't Connie Falconeri. Kate tries to deny it one more time, and then admits that she changed her name when she was 18. Sonny is starting to remember everything about her, how she studied French and how they had a couple nights that "almost got hot". Connie/Kate tells him that she remembers how cocky he always was. She tells Sonny that his memory "…is becoming a big unnerving." He asks her why she is so ashamed to use her own name?

    Sonny and Connie/Kate continue their conversation. She says that before she started Princeton, she changed her name to Kate Howard so that she could fit in better. She chose it from Katherine Howard - who was the 5th wife of Henry VIII. She wanted to create an image of social standing so that she could fit into the fashion industry better than an Italian girl from Benson Hurst. She tells him that Connie Falconeri no longer exists. Sonny says, "Connie Falconeri was supposed to run away with me but she never showed up. Why?" He goes on to tell her that he waited all night for her all those years ago. He says that he watched her house all night long, and she left in the morning. She admits that she went out for ice for her eyes because they were puffy from crying all night. She says that her parents didn't catch her; she caught herself…from running away from her dreams. She tells him that she was afraid he'd talk her out of it, so she just didn't try to explain. He says that she was in high school; he decided to leave her alone and get on with his life. He says that he got his first job with Joe Skully. That was the best way he could think of for his quest for power and money and a life out of Benson Hurst. She tells him that he appears to have done well for himself. He teases her for her "uptown" manner of speaking and she says that it comes naturally to her now. Just then, Kate's assistant comes in with news that their car is repaired, so the women leave. On her way out, Kate bumps into Carly, who flips out a few seconds later when she realizes that Kate Howard was in Port Charles.

    The Devil (from Benson Hurst!) Wears Prada.

    Monday, May 07 2007

    Sonny is in his office arguing with a woman who just barged into his office insisting on using his phone. She explains that the storm has reaped havoc on her cell phone and she needs to use his land line. Diane recognizes her as the Editor-in-Chief of Couture magazine and tries to make allowances for Sonny's lack of manners. After Sonny won't give in to the pushy woman's demands, she (and her assistant) leaves in a huff. Diane tells Sonny that her name is Kate Howard and she's one of the 100 most powerful women in America! "Then she can afford a decent phone," Sonny says, unimpressed. He tells Diane that he's never seen her bow down to anyone before. Diane admits that she was a bit star struck. Just then Kate Howard and her assistant come back in because their car won't start. Kate tells Sonny that there's an entire fashion line that depends on whether or not she makes a phone call within ten minutes. She offers a designer gown for his wife if she can use his phone. Sonny doesn't react, so she offers a trip to Sundance or Cannes. Sonny acts as if he doesn't even hear her because he's trying to figure out where they've met before. She says that her face is everywhere thanks to the paparazzi. She reaches for the phone and he takes it from her. He says that he wants to know more about her before she can use it. She decides to play his little game. He asks where she grew up and she answers, "Connecticut."

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