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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    White Lace and Promises.

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Carly walks through the terrace and Sonny tells her that she always was a beautiful bride. She timidly thanks him for coming - for the boys' sake. She tells Sonny that he will find someone who will make him happy. He extends his hand to hers and she fights back tears as he says, "Just be happy." She thanks him for doing the generous thing by letting her go. Jax comes out to find her and he graciously thanks Sonny for coming. Sonny wishes them the best and leaves.

    From a hotel room, Sonny orders a bottle of single malt scotch. He pulls a business card out of his wallet, calls someone and asks her to come up to room 917. A little later, he is chugging scotch as he answers the door. "Hello Amelia," he slurs.

    Here Comes the Bride. Really.

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    Michael and Morgan show up at the coffee warehouse to tell Sonny that they aren't going to Carly's wedding because they don't want him to be alone. Sonny tells them that this day is for their mother and they are to give Jax a big welcome to the family.

    Jason goes to the warehouse to check in with Sonny before the wedding. He asks Sonny if he's going to be okay and Sonny says, "No."

    Luke has gone to the warehouse to hang out with Sonny. They talk about weddings and marriages. Luke says that if he had the choice, he'd want to spend the rest of his life with Laura. Then he says that he as a good thing with Tracy as it turns out. Sonny says that it never occurred to him that Carly was the love of his life until now. (They are both clinging to their oversized coffee mugs as if they contained scotch.) Luke changes the subject and says that with the impending mob war coming down, he'd like to remind Sonny of something. He wants him to remember who his real enemies are and who is in the crossfire. After Luke leaves, Sonny stars at a photo of Carly and the boys and then finally reaches for a bottle of booze.

    Spinelli Stands In for Jason.

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Sonny is giving Coop his orders. He is to be a model cop starting tomorrow. He is to bust every criminal who crosses his path. "Then you'd better not cross my path," Coop says to Sonny. Sonny agrees that Coop can't cut him or any of his guys any slack. He can't let Mac or Ric know that he's working for him. He is to work very hard to uphold the law. Sonny tells Coop that Max is the only person from his organization that he is to talk to. Max arrives and tells Sonny that it's not too late - he shouldn't trust Coop. Sonny tells Max that he knows what he's doing. Before he sends Coop away, he tells him to use his dedicated cell phone and Max and he are the only two who will answer it. After Coop leaves, he finds Maxi out front of the warehouse. She wants to know why Coop has met with Sonny Corinthos. Coop explains to Maxi that he was doing a bit of a reconnaissance mission, that's all.

    Carly goes busting into Sonny's office saying that she can't marry Jax without Jason and he knows it! Sonny denies having anything to do with Jason's disappearance. Carly says that this time she WILL get married without Jason. As she leaves, the doorknob comes off in her hand and she blames Sonny for that, too.

    Sonny calls the "Everyday Heroes" set for Sam and learns that Sam is shooting out of town today. He insists that someone get on the phone who can reach her. Amelia refuses to come to the phone and says that Sonny doesn't scare her. A little later, Sonny comes to the set and asks, again, where Sam is. Amelia says that she thinks it's best if Sam stays gone. Sonny explains that Jason has always loved and supported Sam, so why is he so bad for her? Amelia says that a gangster boyfriend is the last thing a young TV star needs. When Sonny finds out that Amelia told Jason that, he gets angry.

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Monday, April 23 2007

    Carly has brought Michael and Morgan's b-day gifts over to Sonny. She says that the boys wouldn't want him to be alone on his birthday. Sonny opens the gifts and is touched when he realizes that they've given him "used" gifts. Morgan has wrapped the car that Santa gave him and Michael has wrapped a framed picture of Carly. "I guess I have something to remember you by," Sonny smiles at Carly. She tells him that she'll see him all the time after she's married. He says that the divorce is a mistake and then asks her if this is really what she wants. He kisses her and asks her again. Carly cries and tells him that he's using his hold on her and that's not fair. She asks him to let her go. She tells him that she can't do it, so he has to. He says that all he ever wanted was for her to be happy. He thinks for a minute and then says, "I hope you will be." She quietly thanks him, pauses at the door and then leaves.

    Jason goes rushing over to Sonny's to tell him about the shooting. Jason suggests that they move on Alcazar ASAP, but Sonny says that nothing will happen until after Carly's wedding. Jason is surprised to hear that Sonny is okay with Carly marrying Jax, and Sonny explains that he thinks he has not choice but to let her go. Jason agrees.

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