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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Alexis finds an ally in Sonny.

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    Stoned Alexis is munching on cookies and playing with the girls' toys. Sonny knocks on the door and she asks, "Sonny who?" Before she lets him in, she frantically sprays the room so it won't smell like pot. He asks what took so long for her to answer the door. He's come to see Kristina, but even though she's not there he comes inside. He wants to know what the smell is. Alexis tries to tell him that it's a new air freshener product that she loves, but Sonny spies the plate with the pot on it. "You gotta be kidding me," he says. She tells him it's not hers, technically. She tells Sonny that the pot helps her to relax and that is best for the girls. Sonny tells her that smoking for a cancer patient isn't good. He suggests that she bake it into something she can eat.

    Sonny hands Alexis the joint and tells her to finish it. She laughs and says it's illegal; she can't do it in front of him. He agrees that he doesn't deal in drugs, but he has broken other laws. Ric knocks at the door to talk about custody. Alexis tells him to leave and he wants to know why she's acting so nervous. Ric tells Alexis about his plans to take custody. He tells her she will get generous visitation and then leaves. Alexis tells Sonny not to do anything wrong between now and the custody hearing because she needs him to look good in the eyes of the court.

    Emily convinces Nikolas to focus on Colleen.

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    As the Corinthos family makes their way to the limo after the holiday pageant, Sonny turns around but Morgan isn't there. He backtracks a little and finds the drum on the ground. Morgan is a few feet behind. Sonny warns him never to wander off again. Carly sees the whole thing and wonders what has Sonny so spooked. Sonny brushes it off by saying he's anxious to get home so that the boys can put up their stockings.

    Sonny, Carly, Michael and Morgan arrive home at Carly's house. Michael tells Sonny that Jax has gone off to rescue his brother and the wedding is postponed. Before Sonny can blow his top, Carly tells him not to cause any trouble for her and Jax. Sonny, however, is distracted. He tells Carly he'll be back before stocking time.

    In the back of his limo, Sonny calls Jason and tells him to meet him at the church because he thinks he saw Manny. When they arrive, they find "Manny" and hold him at gunpoint. "You're Sonny Corinthos, right?" the priest asks him. He explains that he expected this might happen because he is Manny Ruiz's identical twin. Sonny tells Jason that he has to "take care of" Manny, but the younger priest comes upon them and explains that this isn't Manny, it's Father Mateo Ruiz. Mateo explains that they are identical twins and have identical tattoos that honored the gang they were in. They both were in prison, but their paths changed after that. Manny had evil in his soul, but Mateo found God. He has come to Port Charles to make amends for his brother's crimes.

    Sonny pretends that he believes that Mateo is telling the truth. The younger priest assures Sonny that Father Ruiz will be a great asset to their parish. After they say their goodbyes, Jason wonders why they've never heard of another Ruiz brother. Sonny asks, "How can I put a hit on a priest?" Jason tells him if Mateo is in town to avenge Manny, they will have no choice. Sonny says they will have him checked out first.

    Sonny gets back to Carly's in time to hang the stockings. They have laid out the Santa letters & cookies and Carly is snapping pictures. Except for Sonny, everyone is in their pjs as they curl up to read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". Sonny promises to be back in the morning before they open presents. Michael asks why he doesn't just sleep over? Sonny says he can't stay, but agrees to help tuck them in. Carly thanks Sonny for coming back to spend Christmas with them, but she reminds him that she is going to marry Jax. He kisses her on the forehead and says, "Merry Christmas Honey."

    The Holiday Pageant is perfect. Except for the ending.

    Friday, December 22 2006

    Sonny, Michael and Carly are happily walking towards the limo as snow is starting to fall. Sonny looks around and says, "Where's Morgan?" At the same time, Nikolas keeps getting stopped by people on his way to the manger. First the pastor thanks him and then Mike nabs him and shows him a little video clip. Finally, Nikolas is free to pick up his son, blanket in hand. But when he gets to the manger, it's empty.

    Sonny's heart is breaking.

    Thursday, December 14 2006

    Sonny pours Carly a glass of her favorite wine which happens to go with the lobster she loves. Carly reminds Sonny that they are not at the cabana on the island and their romantic meals won’t end up the way they used to. She keeps trying to steer the conversation to the reason he called her over – the children. Once again, she lists the reasons why she loves her life with Jax. Carly tells Sonny that she and Jax don’t try to destroy each other. Sonny tells her that they are both healthier now;he has his bipolar under control and things could be different. She is tearfully declaring that she will have a nice life with Jax. “The bottom line is you still want me. And I want you,” Sonny quietly tells her. Carly tells Sonny that she’s been remembering some of their times down on his island. She remembers the anger and the ups and downs. She tells Sonny that he doesn’t really want her; he just doesn’t want Jax to have her. Sonny tells her that Jax isn’t really what she wants. They both have tears rolling down their faces at this point.

    Sonny asks Carly if she misses the passion. She tells Sonny that she has passion with Jax, just not the highs and lows that she had with him. She has grown up and doesn’t have to be in pain to know she’s in love. She and Jax don’t tear each other down enough to have the fiery reconciliations that she and Sonny used to have. She tells him that she doesn’t miss a man who can’t forgive her. Carly is really emotional and tries to leave but stops as she gets to the door. “Do you have something to say to me?” she asks. He pauses, but ultimately only murmurs: “You know I’m right.”

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