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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Mac Gets the Worst News.

    Friday, February 02 2007

    In the lobby, things go from bad to worse. Sam and Max signal each other to try to figure something out, Sonny realizes that Mr. Craig means business and indicates to everyone "No funny business." Nikolas stands up and offers 1 million bucks for every one of the goons if they allow Robin to be evacuated. Sonny sweetens the pot. He offers to use his connections to help them make a clean break. Mr. Craig tells him that the only thing he can do is make his wife open the vault.

    Inside the lobby, Max has discovered that there is one door that the goons forgot to lock. Mr. Craig decides to up the stakes. He pulls out a big duffle bag full of explosives. He shows his captives a device that will implode the bag. He announces that there is a 60-second delay on the detonator and that he and his associates will be in another room playing "hot potato" with it. As soon as they leave the room, Sonny whispers to Carly that as soon as the vault opens, Mr. Craig will blow the whole place up to cover his tracks. His chin quivers as he tells her that there's no way he's going to let his children lose both their parents. (She reaches up and holds his face in her hands.)

    Nice Teamwork.

    Thursday, February 01 2007

    Back at the hostage scene Maxi doesn't like the way the goons have ripped Liz's cell phone out of her hand. She tells them that they are risking the life of Lucky's baby. Then, she says they should rob them and get it over with. Mr. Craig decides that they should take a hostage to the vault. They choose Maxi. Then the goons take all jewelry from everyone – including Sam's star necklace from Jason. Carly refuses to take off her engagement from Jax. She tells them to understand the significance of an engagement ring. They don't, so she hands it over. Turns out she was trying to engage them in conversation so she could hear his voice. Sonny doesn't recognize it, but he has a feeling it has something to do with Alcazar. Carly remembers that the voice sounds like a guy who was asking about the vault security. Sonny asks her if Alcazar put anything in the vault. Carly doesn't know, but tells him the manager might. To create a diversion, she marches over to Mr. Craig and tells him to take what he wants and get out. As she reaches to peel off his mask, he pushes a gun to her throat. While Carly is standing face-to-face to Mr. Craig, Sonny is able to go talk to the manager and learn that Alcazar put a silver briefcase in the vault. He signals to Sam to seal the vault, so she quickly pushes the button. As a result, inside the vault an alarm goes off and one of the two goons is able to slip out before the doors slam shut – leaving Maxi and one goon inside.

    Inside, the goon who escaped from the vault runs out to the lobby and explains that the vault slammed shut. Mr. Craig is furious. Carly informs them that the vault will not open under any circumstances for 12 hours. Sonny advises that they cut their losses and get out. He tells them that they can't possibly hold the cops off that long. Sonny offers to be their hostage and they can slip out the service door and through the docks. Mr. Craig thinks for a minute, and then hears Mac shout through a megaphone that the hotel is surrounded.

    Inside the Metro Court, things are getting tense. Mr. Craig starts shooting up the place just to get their attention. He announces that "we have a long night ahead of us. I can't leave without that brief case and it's locked for 12 hours." He tells them that they have to play a little game called "Get to know you." They have to toss a pencil cup around and whoever has it has to say their name, along with an adjective to describe themselves. If they drop it, they will have the job of being the human shield when he leaves tomorrow. Carly catches it first and says she's "Kickass Carly." She tosses it to Max, who is "Menacing Max". After the cup goes to "Screw You LuLu" and "Nightmare Nikolas", it goes to "Baby's breath Elizabeth" and "Intern Emily". "Howlin' Alan, "Sweet Sam" and a guy in a tux calls himself "Ready Eddie". When it comes to one of the employees, he panics and can't think of anything. He thinks of a name just before Mr. Craig shoots him at close range. Finally, the cup lands in Sonny's hands --who delivers a deadly line…."Michael. Corinthos. Junior."

    Mr. Craig congratulates everyone for playing the game so nicely. He tells them that they are his guests for the night and they are to behave themselves, or die. Then, he shoots Robin.

    And So It Begins.

    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Alexis goes to Sonny at work so they can talk about his testimony in Molly's custody hearing tomorrow. He promises not to lose his temper and will be a polite, charming witness. She jokes, "Wouldn't it be funny if the judge gave you custody?" Sonny says that he'd just turn her over to her mother. She knows that she faces a double-edged sword in court. She can't admit how badly the chemo makes her feel because she won't seem strong enough to care for her kids. But she needs to make a strong argument for how helpful marijuana is when it comes to dealing with the nausea of chemo.

    Ric and some cops storm into Sonny's lobby to search for marijuana. He has reason to believe that Sonny is Alexis's supplier. They all agree that Ric is nuts, but he persists. Alexis tells him that he wins – she is smoking pot. She tells him to go ahead and give her a day in court to explain. Then she tells him if he would just drop the custody suit, he would be free to see Molly any time she wants. He tells her that he wishes he could ease her pain, but not at the expense of his daughter. She needs to live with her parent that can give her the better home. (As he speaks, he has a tear in his eye -- can it be that he truly believes this?)

    To give Ric and Alexis some time to talk, Sonny and Jason have walked into the office. Jason tells Sonny to give Carly a divorce. He says that he has to live up to his word and asks for Carly's passport.

    Sonny comes rushing into the lobby and hands Carly her passport. He tells her that he's sorry he took advantage of her loyalty. He says that he would like to wish her happiness with Jax but he can't…

    Sonny Confesses.

    Monday, January 29 2007

    Carly is listening through the door at Sonny's. She hears him talking to Diane on the phone, saying something about the fact that he didn't really need her to marry him to keep from going to prison. Jason finds her there and promises that he will fly her somewhere for a quickie divorce. In addition to everything else, she is upset that she hasn't heard from Jax. She leaves to check her emails and Jason enters the room to see Sonny. Sonny tells Jason that the case is going to take a while. Jason reminds him how unfair this situation is to Carly. Sonny says this marriage isn't just a legal tactic; it's a chance to rebuild what he had.

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