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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Bye Bye Lorenzo.

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    Sonny tells Jason that as soon as he gets the phone call from Skye, it's time to spring into action. Jason says that as soon as Lorenzo is dead, they have to deal with Jerry. Then he tells Sonny how Jerry is using Emily as insurance and Sonny can't believe that Emily is caught up in the middle of it, but he reminds Jason to focus on the job at hand. Then Diane arrives and isn't pleased to have been called at 6 am. Sonny tells her that he didn't appreciate his kids waking up to the sound of a helicopter landing on the roof of the house next to his either. He insists that she put a stop to that ASAP. Diane comments that Sonny must have a very important neighbor.

    Another helicopter drops off some magazine layouts to Kate's house as Diane and Sonny come into her house and tell her to stop with the helicopters already. Kate and Sonny are both surprised to learn that they are neighbors and Kate says, "I suppose this explains the penitentiary next door." He tells Diane to leave them alone so they can talk.

    Sonny tells Kate that she's just Connie Falconneri, so why does she need a house this big. She corrects him by reminding him that it's an estate. She tells him that the Hamptons are too overcrowded and she'd like a "country" place to relax and entertain friends. After she remodels, that is. Sonny tells her that she'll go to jail if he hears that helicopter while his kids are trying to sleep again. He offers to pay her twice the amount she paid, but she won't budge. Just then Sonny's phone rings and he sees that it's Skye calling.

    Sonny has finished his phone call and Kate asks if he just ordered a hit or something. He says that he landed a coffee shipment, that's all. Diane comes into the room and gushes over Kate's March (Couture Magazine) issue, and then announces that the injunction has been put into place and helicopters are banned from within a mile radius of Sonny's house. Kate informs her that she and Mr. Corinthos were just about to arrange a compromise. Sonny assures Diane, in private, that he just likes to watch Miss Howard beg and that he won't give in. Soon, a lovely lunch complete with wine is served on the terrace and Sonny asks Kate if she can arrange for the helicopter to come on the South side of the grounds instead of her roof. Kate says it's workable, but he has to tear down the prison wall in exchange for a pretty white fence.

    Skye. A Black Widow?

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    Jason tells Sonny that his top priority is dealing with the monster who held people he loved hostage. Sonny understands that Jason wants revenge, but since Craig is Jax's brother, he's less of a threat to them at the moment than Alcazar. He clarifies that Jerry is a psychopath and needs to die, eventually. Sonny says that he trusts his judgment on this one because he didn't have to watch his father stumble during a heart attack and an ambush. He says that Craig can wait, but Lorenzo needs to die, clean, quiet and quick, then he asks Jason if he can handle the job.

    Skye has dressed in black and slipped out the bathroom window so that she could inform Sonny of Alcazar's plans to take her and Lila to South America tomorrow. She says that as soon as she has her daughter in her hands, he can kill him. Skye is shaken at the reality of the conversation and Sonny reminds her that Lorenzo put her life in danger. "You are stopping Alcazar before he can do any more harm," Sonny assures her. He reminds her that she asked him to wait and he did that. Then he asks if she'll hold up her end of the bargain.

    Sonny is in his office talking on the phone. He's telling someone that they're just waiting for a call from Skye. Amelia rushes in and proceeds to take everything off his desk as she tells him that when a person is being held at gunpoint the senses are heightened and when you suddenly realize that you're going to live… Sonny finishes her sentence, "…you only want one thing?" By this time she is lying flat on her back on this desk and he bends down to kiss her.

    Face Off.

    Monday, May 21 2007

    Jax has gone to Sonny to explain that Jerry is Mr. Craig. Sonny's first question is if Carly knows. Jax says that she has agreed to keep quiet about it, for now. "That's not your call to make," Sonny tells him. Sonny reminds Jax that his brother shot Robin, ignored Alan's heart attack and terrorized them all -- and he must die. Jax reminds Sonny that Ric kidnapped Carly while she was pregnant with Morgan, yet he is alive. "That's what we do Sonny - we protect our own." Sonny reminds Jax that his brother wouldn't let Patrick Drake come in and operate on Robin; instead he made Carly and Emily do it with sewing materials. He recounts how Alan had to walk out of the Metro Court during a heart attack and how frightened young Lulu was. Jax sits quietly while Sonny tells him about the sadistic look in Jerry's face as he toyed with them. Sonny goes one step further by telling Jax that he's the one who should kill his brother. Jax says that won't happen, but if Sonny or Jason kills him, that will affect Carly, too. "What do you think it'll do Carly if her best friend kills my brother?" Jax asks? Then he says that they are all connected now and need to consider every ripple affect of their actions.

    Alexis goes into Sonny's office and finds Jax there. She says she can come back later, but then mentions to Jax that she give legal advice for his brother whenever he's ready. Sonny can't believe his ears! He angrily explains that Jax's brother is the Metro Court kidnapper and asks if she's ready to defend that kind of monster. Alexis looks to Jax for answers and he says that Jerry is still in town, but he doesn’t know where he's staying. He explains that his brother has had extensive plastic surgery, and there must be an explanation for what he did. He suggests that Jerry was merely a go-between in a business deal that went wrong. Sonny yells that he is a psychopath who terrorized people they both love. Alexis turns to Jax and says that there isn't a defense in the world that she could prepare for his brother - nor would she. She tells Jax to let him disappear for everyone's sake.

    Jason goes to the coffee house to find Sonny and explains what just happened at Carly's house. He says that now he's going to hunt Craig down and kill him. Sonny tells him to wait because Alexis thinks Jax can convince him to disappear. Jason is still hot and ready to take off, so Sonny gives him an order. "I don't want you to kill Mr. Craig…right now." Sonny says.

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