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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Lulu Has A Cute Shadow.

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Carly asks Sonny to come with her to file for divorce. He says that he doesn't want a divorce – he cannot lie to a judge. (Since when?) He reminds her that they have proven how much they can trust each other now. He tells her that when they were hostages, he realized that she is his whole life. And, she told him that she loved him too. They can't change that. She tells him that she doesn't want to ruin the best connection they've ever had with whatever comes next. She tells him that the divorce will be final in 6 months, with or without him. He is glad to have the time to change her mind.

    Carly finds Jason at Metro Court and tells him that she needs him on her side. After his recent tongue lashing from Jax, he promises that he can do that no matter what happens next. Jax arrives later and then Sonny. She tells Jax and Sonny that she can't be with either one of them. She needs independence right now. She tearfully leaves and Jason follows her. "I guess it's time to give up," Jax and Sonny say to each other.

    And Molly Goes To....

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Alexis fusses over her outfit choice as she waits for her hearing to start at the courthouse. Sonny is waiting with her, and soon Ric joins them to give her one last chance to give up. He tells her if she negotiates now, he'll be flexible. They are called into the courtroom and the proceedings begin. Although Sonny has been subpoenaed by Ric, he refuses to speak on his behalf. Next, the judge calls Jax to the stand on Alexis's behalf. Ric uses Jax's "kidnapping" of Spencer Cassidine against him. Next, Sonny gets his turn. He says everything good about the home that Alexis has provided for her daughters, but Ric does his best to tear him down by bringing up the dirt from Sonny's life. Then, Ric brings up the fact that under Alexis's care Kristina saw Sam McCall shoot a man and Alexis blurts out that her husband slept with Sam McCall. In the middle of all of this, Carly runs in and says she's here to testify for Alexis. But she blathers on and on about her so-called marriage to Sonny and that she's late because she was TRYING to get a divorce. Finally the judge is able to get a question in regarding the matter at hand. Carly says that Alexis is a good daughter and invites the court to ask Jason Morgan, too. So, the judge does. "Any father who would take his child from a home where she is happy, and a mother who she loves, isn't thinking about the child's best interest," Jason plainly says. Alexis is called to the stand and judge only has one question. "How did you manage to get yourself busted for smoking pot?" Alexis eloquently explains how the chemo ravaged her and why she turned to marijuana for relief. During Ric's turn, he says that Alexis is a good mother, but the cancer has severely weakened her. The judge asks why they couldn't compromise and Ric assures the court that he will give generous visitation. The court is adjourned until the decision is made.

    Q's Jaws Drop.

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Sonny comes to the Metro Court and asks Jax if he's seen Carly. Max walks through the lobby, so Sonny asks him instead. Jax tells Max that now would be a good time to decide if he works for Sonny or for him. Jax dismisses Max and comes right out and tells Sonny that he doesn't appreciate Sonny sleeping with Carly the first chance he had. Sonny tells Jax that since he wasn't anywhere to be found, he has no idea how things went down. Then he makes it clear that he's going to do whatever he has to in order to keep Carly. After Sonny leaves, Max finds Jax and explains what he was trying to say earlier. He said that he took the boys to Bobbie's because Carly has left for the Dominican Republic. Max forwardly states for the record that Carly fought marrying Sonny with all she had. Furthermore, he tells Jax that if he and Sonny both lose Carly, that's what they deserve.

    Sonny walks into the warehouse and Lulu excuses herself from Spinelli and Logan and follows him into his office. She shows him Alan's letter and points out the part about Scott Baldwin being Rick Webber's killer. Sonny says that if telling the truth would set Laura free, he'd suggest they come out with it. But in order to protect Luke from feeling as if he hurt Laura (by telling her that she killed her step dad) what good would it do? As for punishing Scott, Sonny tells Lulu that if indeed Scott "wrecked" the love of his life by letting her believe that she did it -- that is more punishment than sending him to jail.

    Patrick's New Lease on Life.

    Monday, March 05 2007

    Carly finds Sonny and the boys talking about Jax. She wants to discuss this in private with Sonny, but he just wants to spend time with the boys. He invites himself to lunch. He wants Carly to lighten up and have fun. Over salads, Michael talks about Siberia and Jax's adventures there. Carly is clearly uneasy and isn't eating her broccoli and Sonny wonders if Jax likes broccoli. Carly sends the boys upstairs and tells Sonny that she's had it! She tells Sonny to stop talking about Jax with the boys. She informs him that Jax is fully aware that they have remarried -- and why -- and even that they had sex while he was gone. She tells him that Jax has NOT broken up with her…they are just having "peaks and valleys." She tells Sonny that thanks to him the best relationship she's ever had is in limbo.

    Sonny finds Max at the Metro Court and asks him to come back to work for him, but Max thinks that Mrs. C needs him right now. Just then, Carly comes in and finds Jax. She says that if he wants to know where she is tonight – she'll be in the Dominican Republic getting a divorce. Jax tells her that's a step in the right direction. She stomps off and Sonny comes up and asks Jax if he is having trouble in paradise? Jax informs Sonny that he doesn't control Carly anymore and that she is going to follow her heart. "Yea, she is…" Sonny agrees.

    Alan Reveals the Killer. Almost.

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Jax goes to Sonny's office, supposedly to talk about helping Alexis with her custody hearing. Sonny says they do have a lot to talk about, but it has nothing to do with Alexis. He tells Jax that it's strange that he should finally return to Port Charles now. Before they could get too nasty with each other, Carly busts into Sonny's office to see him and the look Sonny gives Jax is priceless. Carly tells them not to fight over her and they clarify that they were talking about Alexis. She tells Sonny that Michael is acting out at school and then tells Jax that they need to go.

    Sonny has picked the boys up at school and is talking to them in Carly's living room. He clarifies that if Carly wants a divorce, he can't change her mind. Michael tells Sonny that Jax and Carly haven't even talked their wedding yet, so why does Carly have to get a divorce already? Sonny tells the boys to stay out of the adult situations from now on.


    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Sonny goes over to the Quartermaine's to see Monica; but Edward intercepts him and says that he is to blame for Alan's death. Edward believes that it's Sonny's fault that Jason never came back to the family after his head injury. Alan's heart failure began way back then, Edward contends. Sonny doesn't want to add to Edward's pain, he just wanted to express his condolences.

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