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    General Hospital CAST - Michael "Sonny" Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    Lucky Arrests Jason.

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Kate brings a chunk of the 18th century garden ornament that smashed through 3 levels of her home over to Sonny's place. She angrily demands that Jason tell her how much Sonny paid him for shooting it down. Jason tries to slip out of the door, but he hears Kate tell Sonny that he has always gotten away with things and he won't this time. Jason says, "You two know each other?" Sonny explains who "Connie" is -- in spite of Kate's wishes to keep her past behind her. Kate tells Jason not to breathe a word of it to anyone, then he leaves. Now Kate is furious about the statue AND Sonny's big mouth. Sonny tells her that she didn't care about the "rock" it was just something to impress her fancy friends with. Despite her best efforts, Kate gets sad as she informs Sonny that the artist was from a small town in Italy where her grandfather grew up and it had great sentimental value to her because it reminded her where she came from.

    Carly is surprised when Sonny goes to her at the Metro Court with a favor. He says that he needs her to by him a statue. An "18th Century marble Sentar" to be specific. "Wow," Carly says. She wisely asks who the lady is. He explains what happened and Carly laughs and says that she would've paid to see that. Sonny says he'll understand if she doesn’t want to help and Carly quickly says that she will be happy to find the perfect statue for Miss Howard.

    Sonny goes on his terrace and asks Milo if any more choppers have flown by. He admits that he might have overreacted by shooting down Kate's statue. He says that he thinks he'll ask Diane to lift the injunction. Just then his sprinklers go on and there's a scream from Kate's yard.

    Lulu Deals With The Truth

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    Spinelli comes into Sonny's office, nervous about why he's been summoned there. Sonny offers him food, saying he wants to straighten things out between them. When Spinelli turns him down, Sonny offers him a scotch, making Spinelli more nervous than ever. Sonny hands over the drink and then asks Spinellie to spill the beans on Jason's secret. Spinelli spews the scotch all over Sonny! Angry, Sonny demands that Spinelli tell him what is going on with Jason. Spinelli tells him the story of Apollo, the son of Zeus, angering Sonny even more. When he keeps rambling, Sonny pinches Spinelli's ear, demanding that Spinelli tell him what's going on in plain English or else! "What's wrong with Jason," Sonny repeats. Jason barges in, wondering why Sonny is questioning Spinelli. Spinelli covers for Sonny, saying he wasn't being questioned, that they were bonding with one another! "I think I might go take a nap," he says and scoots out the door. Alone with Sonny, Jason asks what is really going on. Sonny tells him that he wants to know what is bothering him and offers to listen, even though he probably can't fix the problem. Jason tells him about the issues with Sam wanting but not being able to have a child and quickly leaves. Sonny is more concerned than ever. A few minutes later, Carly arrives, surprising Sonny by knocking before entering. Seeing that she is upset, he asks if he can help. When Carly stays quiet, Sonny realizes that she is worried about Jerry. "Something would break inside of Jax if someone he loved let Jerry die," she says, relieved that Sonny is backing away from the situation. He says she can come to him any time she needs to talk.

    Laura's Custody Hearing Begins.

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Jason has gone to Sonny's office to tell him how Jerry was able to fool the cops. Sonny's not interested in Jerry's recent "change of status" at the moment. He wants to make sure that nothing will tie them to Alcazar's disappearance. Jason says that he is gone and there is no possible trace of him. Sonny warns that Ric will be all over it and would love to prosecute Jason as a way to go after him. They have to table the conversation when Spinelli arrives and tells Jason that he has Alcazar's bank records. Sonny says, "Since when to you trust this fruit cup with our business?" Jason says that Spinelli has proven that he's trust worthy. Sonny angrily says that he may be computer smart, but he's "real world stupid!" Then he asks Jason about his "secret pain" that Spinelli has referred to. Jason asks for a moment alone with Spinelli and then scolds him for having loose lips. Jason tells him to keep his mouth shut about the baby!

    Sonny comes back into his office and tells Spinelli to get out of there. Jason says that Spinelli needs to keep working on Lorenzo's bank files so that they can see what he held over Ric's head. Sonny says that he's not confident enough in Spinelli to risk their future. Jason sends Spinelli away and tells him to keep working and then turns to assure Sonny that he is ready to dig in on the matter at hand today. Just then Sam peeks in and asks Jason if he wants a picnic in the park. Sonny looks annoyed as she tells Jason how much it would mean to her. Jason sends her to wait outside and then Sonny says that his "secret pain" is showing. Sonny explains that Jason must be guilty of something if he's willing to dump their work and go on a picnic.

    Sonny calls Stan and asks him to go through the information that Spinelli forwarded via email. Then, Logan arrives to pass on some information. He says that Mr. Jax's brother resurfaced and he's a dead ringer for James Craig. Sonny says that he's convinced that Logan is worth trying out in his organization. "I'd better not regret this," Sonny says with dead seriousness.

    Jerry is Free. For Now.

    Monday, May 28 2007

    Kate and Carly are in a verbal cat fight when Sonny comes home and finds himself enjoying it. Sonny eggs them on and Kate spits back at him. Then Carly realizes that Kate and Sonny are flirting. "How well do you know each other?" she asks. Sonny says that they just met and have been arguing over her helicopters that fly over his house. Kate tells Carly that she doesn't live there so it's none of her business. Carly informs Kate that her children spend time there so that makes it her business. Before they can get any further, Carly gets a call from Jax to meet him at the Metro Court, so she leaves right way. After she's gone, Sonny continues to taunt "Connie" but she insists that Kate is her own woman and she didn't marry into a dime, unlike Carly. Kate starts to make fun of Carly's ostentatious diamond and Sonny informs her that Jasper Jacks bought it for her. Kate recognizes the name and can't believe that Carly is married to him. Sonny continues being his charming self and asks her if she has carried a torch for him all these years. Kate says that she refuses to romanticize the past. She says that she couldn't wait to get away from the place where boys referred to going to jail as "going on vacation." The more she talks about Benson Hurst, the more upset she gets. She tells Sonny that she's glad he has done well for himself and then leaves.

    Mac Cuffs Jerry.

    Friday, May 25 2007

    Ric is badgering Spinelli about Jason's whereabouts when Lorenzo went missing. Sonny walks up on them and tells Ric not to bother "my people". (Spinelli's face is priceless.) Sonny tells Ric that Alcazar has brain damage so who knows where he is. Ric can see that he's getting no where, so he leaves. Spinelli hugs Sonny as he says how awesome it was when he called him one of his "peeps". Sonny says, "If you ever touch me like that again I'll bend your fingers back so far that you'll be typing backwards." Spinelli looks at his beloved hands, but follows Sonny into his office. Sonny gives Spinelli a job - he is to find out everything he can about Kate Howard and Couture Magazine. Spinelli compliments Sonny on his pronunciation, then gets to work.

    Inside Sonny's office, Sonny is trying to tell Jason that Ric is sniffing around "the computer boy". Sonny is frustrated when he realizes that he can't get Jason's attention. He wants to know what's going on? Jason explains his preoccupation away and Sonny tells him that Ric is onto them with regards to Lorenzo's disappearance. Sam knocks and Sonny welcomes her into the office, then leaves. Sam tells Jason that it was overwhelming holding Jake because he saved him and his mother. Jason says that it had to be hard for her to hold Elizabeth's baby and Sam murmurs that it was. They small talk a little while, and she tells him that she'll see him later. After a while Liz comes back because she left Jake's hat behind. She tries to explain to Jason what he walked in on and he cuts her off. "It's all a big lie and I want to explain it to Sam," Jason says.

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