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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Well Oiled Machine.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    Kiki meets with Silas at the Metrocourt for breakfast. He worries that Nina is with Franco. She tries to explain the Franco allure. The surgeon offers to stop his Franco bashing. She explains that she knows something about Franco but is afraid to tell him. She did tell Morgan though. It's easier for her to talk to him but she's definitely with Michael. She tells him that Morgan is seeing Rosalie. He doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her. The doctor leaves for work. Carly strolls in and invites Kiki to the party but adds she doesn't want her to ruin Franco's life. She promises to stay quiet if Carly stays away from Sonny. The mobster shows up.

    GH Recap: Avenge Me!

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At the loft, Sonny assures Rocco that his parents will be coming home safe. Olivia shows up and worries. Sonny is sure everything will be fine. The baby goes to sleep and they discuss Carly. He complains about Franco and wishes Jason was around to get him away from Carly.

    GH Recap: Back From The Brink.

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    Carly goes to Dante’s apartment to relieve Olivia of sitting duties but is blindsided by Sonny holding the baby. He asks her to stay but she doesn’t want to tempt fate. Sonny doesn’t care if Franco finds out but Carly says it’s over between them. Sonny knows she doesn’t believe that and they kiss. Rocco interrupts by crying and Sonny asks Carly to please stay and help, for the baby. She comforts Rocco and Sonny likes what he sees. Later, she tells him she visited Ava to try and force a paternity test but she’s going to use the baby as leverage as long as she can. Sonny still has plans to kill Ava as revenge for Connie. Carly worries about Morgan’s ability to raise a baby on his own but Sonny says they can help him. She wonders who will help Sonny if the baby is his but he wants to cross that bridge when they get to it.

    GH Recap: No Such Word As Can’t.

    Thursday, September 04 2014

    Carly tells Sonny in his office that if Kiki tells Franco about them he’ll go to the cops about AJ. She says nothing can ever happen between them again, but he pulls her close and they start kissing. Carly pulls away and sadly leaves. Later, Shawn arrives and again offers to take Franco out but Sonny needs him to take care of Ava first. Sonny doesn’t like it when Shawn shares Ava visited Franco but Shawn has a plan to snatch her. Sonny trusts him not to put the baby in danger. Shawn promises it won’t be long.

    GH Recap: Way Less Fun.

    Wednesday, September 03 2014

    At his office, Sonny and Carly argue about putting their hook-up behind them. Kiki arrives by the door and overhears them talking about sleeping together. Her jaw drops. She tries to run but nearly knocks over a vase and stumbles into the room. She looks for an excuse to leave but Carly guesses she heard everything. Carly tells her Franco can never know the truth and assures her that what happened with Sonny will never happen again. Kiki isn't sure she can keep her mouth shut. "Sometimes it's better to lie," Carly counsels. She begs her not to hurt Franco over her mistakes. Kiki's head bobs around and she jumps in the elevator. Carly panics. Sonny tries to keep her cool.

    GH Recap: Like A Noose.

    Tuesday, September 02 2014

    Michael and Morgan visit Sonny at his office, concerned about Maxie and Lulu. Morgan thinks Carly should be with them. Michael tells them about his uncomfortable dinner with Ava. He knows it’s a touchy subject but he wanted to see where Carlos murdered AJ. They decide to pray that Lulu comes home safely. Carly arrives just as the boys are leaving and they promise to keep their parents posted. Alone, Carly tells Sonny she and Franco are back on track and he can’t find out they had sex. Outside, Kiki hears everything.

    GH Recap: Things Just Got Interesting.

    Wednesday, August 27 2014

    At the station, Franco warns Scotty to tread carefully and laughs that he wouldn't tell Lucy about that nightcap he had with Bobbie. Scott doesn't know what he's talking about. Franco tells him about arriving home last night and Carly explaining away the wineglasses and saying Scott had called Bobbie for a nightcap. Scott says he met her for dinner. Franco thinks something's fishy. Scott warns him not to get in the middle of Carly and Sonny - he's a bad guy. He has a sinking feeling the story's not true. Nearby, Sonny assures Olivia that nothing will happen to Lulu with Dante on the case. Carly arrives, upset about Lulu, and Sonny caresses her shoulder. They end up bickering about Franco. Carly turns and Franco has disappeared. Sonny tells her when she realizes she's made a mistake, he'll be there. Carly finds Franco with Scott as Franco is demanding to know what time Scott called Bobbie for dinner. Franco covers and notes he saw Carly with Sonny. Carly says it was about Lulu. Scott leaves, and tells Franco they're done - he's grasping at straws. Meanwhile, Dante arrives and comforts Olivia. Sonny tells him Anna's not there. Dante freaks out a bit. Olivia talks him down and they leave together. After, Franco and Carly run into Sonny on their way out. Franco warns Sonny to stay away from his girlfriend.

    GH Recap: Thinks With His Bits.

    Tuesday, August 26 2014

    Julian goes to Sonny’s office and offers a truce. Sonny wonders where this is coming from and Julian tells him watching his son get shot and Alexis’ house burn to the ground make him concerned for his loved ones. Sonny tells Julian they won’t have peace until Julian stops breathing. Julian can see he was wrong to appeal and warns Sonny he won’t be going anywhere. Sonny throws Julian out, and Julian says not to say he never warned him. Sonny gets a call from Olivia about Lulu. He talks her down from her worst fears and they make plans to meet at the PCPD.

    Lucy goes to PCPD, demanding to see Anna about Maxie and Lulu. Scott arrives, glad to see her and her legs. Lucy asks him for an update and gets upset thinking of Serena. He reminds her how strong and smart she is, and Lulu and Maxie are just as strong. Scott assures her they’ll all be okay. Lucy then demands Scott make a decision about her or Bobbie. He hasn’t made up his mind and she’s devastated that he doesn’t know what he wants. Carly comes in like gangbusters and she and Franco asks for any info Scott has. He reveals Scribner was shot and they need him to wake up to find out where the girls are. Later, Lucy puts Scott on notice. If he doesn’t make up his mind soon he could lose them both. She leaves and Franco makes a comment to Scott about his nightcap the other night with Bobbie. Scott has no idea what he’s talking about. Meanwhile, Sonny and Olivia show up. He assures Carly and Olivia that Dante will do what it takes to bring Lulu home.

    GH Recap: Death By Chocolate.

    Monday, August 25 2014

    At his office, Sonny is on the phone advising Shawn to keep an eye on things. Dante shows up. He tells his father about the kidnapping and asks if he knows anyone who would fence Aztec jewels. Sonny suggests he talk to Coleman. Once Dante leaves, Julian arrives.

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