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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Not Paranoid If You’re Right.

    Thursday, February 27 2014

    Shawn tells Sonny at Kelly’s about his run-in with Julian. Sonny knows Shawn is frustrated but he thinks he knows who is bankrolling Julian - his brother.

    GH Recap: A Real May Day.

    Wednesday, February 26 2014

    Sonny goes to Kelly’s and asks Shawn if he found out who the backer to Barrett Enterprises is. Shawn tells Sonny whoever it is, they don’t want to be known. TJ joins them and tells them about Julian’s threats that he go to the cops. Sonny promises to take care of it. Later Shawn asks TJ where he saw Julian and TJ admits he was getting a hotel room with Molly and Julian showed up with Alexis. Shawn doesn’t think TJ did anything wrong and promises to talk to Alexis.

    Olivia knocks on Ric’s hotel room door looking for the ID of the guest. She’s shocked to see Ric and wants to know why he’s in town. He tells her it’s to see Molly but she doesn’t buy it. She tells Ric not to get too comfortable. Outside, Olivia calls Sonny and tells him to get to the Metro Court. He joins her and she tells him Ric is back. She gives him the room key and asks him to be careful. Sonny let’s himself in.

    GH Recap: The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, February 25 2014

    Olivia delivers room service to Sonny in his office. They banter a bit as she tries to get him to unwind. "You always know what I need," he says. She finds the file on Barrett Enterprises and he tells her he is trying to find out the identity of Julian’s backer. Brenda didn’t know who is in charge but Olivia is wary to trust her. Sonny hopes Ava can give him some insight. Olivia doesn’t trust Ava either, but he’s coming around since the info she gave him is checking out. Something she said has been banging around his head though. Ava told Sonny that AJ wasn’t sorry for killing Connie. If it’s the last thing he does, Sonny will make AJ pay.

    GH Recap: You Have To Let Me Go.

    Monday, February 24 2014

    At the office, Shawn informs Sonny that Julian has been funded by Barrett Enterprises. Sonny doesn't think Brenda has anything to do with this, it must be her sister. Shawn suggests that he give Brenda a call. "That's problematic for more than one reason," Sonny says. He unpacks everything that happened with Brenda, but Shawn still thinks he should give her a call. He leaves the boss alone to do it. Sonny makes the call. He's informed that Julia sold her stake in the company years ago. He and Shawn wonder who could have taken over and why they would have it in for him.

    GH Recap: Friends And Family Rate.

    Friday, February 21 2014

    Michael visits Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny that Kiki is hurt he didn’t believe her when she said Franco was innocent. Sonny reminds Michael he almost lost his brother over this girl so maybe he should try again. Michael has always been better at forgiveness than Sonny. Michael worries they jumped into a relationship too fast and he made a mistake. Sonny tells him that Franco did save Carly, so if Kiki didn’t help him Carly might be dead. Michael just can’t trust her and wonders what else she has lied about. Sonny asks Michael what his gut says but he doesn’t know. Michael leaves and Shawn arrives. He found out who is bankrolling Julian.

    GH Recap: It Could Have Been Worse.

    Wednesday, February 19 2014

    Dante drops by his father's office. He breaks the complicated baby news. They are both confused by all of this. "It could be worse. You could have shot him," Sonny jokes. Dante knows he has plenty of time to make memories with Ben, but he worries about Lulu and all the memories this will bring back. His father tells him that having a child is a gift. "But will I still have a wife?" Dante worries. Sonny advises to give Lulu some credit.

    GH Recap: Sleep Tight.

    Tuesday, February 18 2014

    At Sonny’s Metro Court office, he and Shawn go over the information Ava brought them. They see that Julian has been tracking Corinthos business for months. An article about Jason’s death catches Sonny’s eye and he realizes Julian has been keeping tabs on his people for a long time. He then sees something that makes him and Shawn take pause. Sonny wants Ava back right now.

    Ava returns to Sonny’s office and he asks her who she answers to. "No one," she says to him and Shawn. Sonny tells her that Julian's records show his media empire has a money man. Someone else has been bankrolling their organization for years.

    GH Recap: Coming Clean.

    Friday, February 14 2014

    Ava shows up at Sonny's office with Julian's confidential files on a flashdrive. She hopes that proves her loyalty. Sonny plays it cool and sends her away. He tells Morgan to treat Ava like the enemy until they check out her information. They argue about this and Sonny forbids him to see Ava. As Morgan lumbers off, he gets a text from Ava but texts back that he can't see her. Olivia shows up as he leaves. Sonny fills her in about his son and Ava. She has lunch brought in and hopes that they can have some peace and quiet. Liv doesn't want to lose him in another mob war. Sonny's sure that everything is going in their favor. He pulls out a necklace for her and tells her how much he appreciates her sticking by him.

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