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    General Hospital CAST - Sonny Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sonny Corinthos Played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maurice Benard (ABC)

    Birthday: 1963-03-01
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Married, Paula Smith (August 11, 1990)
    Real Name: Maurice Benard
    Height: 5'9"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Sleeping With The Whales.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    Sonny wanders in from his balcony, staring at a photo of him and Olivia. She strolls in. Liv can't stop thinking about how much she misses him and where they were a year ago. Delia snaps him out of this fantasy and asks for some booze. He explains the house is dry. She looks at his photos and says his father looks just like her husband. Ava walks in and Sonny escapes. Mother and daughter conspire to steal the evidence. Ava stole her a key. "If I get caught, I'll be sleeping with the whales!" Delia complains. They decide that this won't work as long as Sonny thinks they are in cahoots. When the mobster returns, Delia throws her drink in her daughter's face. They yell at each other until Delia storms out to find her grand-kid. "Alone again," says Sonny, mocking her botched plan.

    GH Recap: Voice Like A Blender.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    Shawn returns to town and stops by Sonny's office. The boss fills him in about the Ava situation and hands him the phone recording. He tells him Ava moved her mother in with her 'bird's nest and a voice like a blender'. The mobster tries to figure out her angle.

    At the Corinthos compound, Ava tells Delia that Sonny is planning to kill her. Delia spits up her tea. Her daughter explains about the baby but won't explain the rest. Ava hopes she has some protective instincts. Delia's short in that department but wonders what she can get for helping her. Ava thinks that if she can get the recording, she can go to the cops and Sonny won't have any leverage. She wants her mom to find it. They bicker and Ava begs. Sonny strolls in. "Don't tell me the family reunion has hit the skids," he says sarcastically. He tells them to have fun and heads upstairs. Delia agrees to help.

    GH Recap: I'm Gonna Kill 'Em.

    Monday, June 30 2014

    Ava is at Sonny's feeling antsy when the doorbell rings. "Thank God you're here!" the blond blurts as she answers the door. Moments later, Sonny arrives. Ava introduces him to her mom, Delia. The mobster rolls his eyes. Ava smirks. Delia goes on and on about her life and admits that she is not close to her daughter. She announces that she's moving in to look after her 'baby girl'. Ava sends her off to make herbal tea. "I know what you're up to lady and it ain't gonna work," Sonny says. They bicker and he says that her annoying mom will drive her crazier than him. He can actually leave the house. Her mom returns. After Sonny tells her how much he's going to enjoy having her there, he leaves. Ava shrieks. "He's trying to kill me," she tells her mom. Delia spits out her tea.

    GH Recap: Flowers For The Dead.

    Friday, June 27 2014

    In the park, Maxie frets about being away from Georgie. Levi thinks she should help someone else and the answer is in ELQ - corporations are not people. Maxie defends Edward Quartermaine to Levi but he won’t let up and she finally snaps. Edward wasn’t perfect but he didn’t try to hurt people less powerful than him. Levi moves on and says their riverfront development will run the little guy out of the neighborhood. He wants to put a stop to the project. Meanwhile, Carly tells Sonny she’s there for him whenever he needs her and they embrace. Franco pulls them apart and Sonny barks at Carly to keep her boyfriend on a leash. Sonny doesn’t excuse Franco’s past abuse on his brain tumor and tells Carly he’s the same freak he’s always been. The only reason Franco’s walking around is because Carly cares about him. Franco reminds Sonny he knows his secret, so maybe he shouldn’t mess with him. He wants Sonny to keep his hands off of Carly in exchange for his discretion. Sonny refuses, and Franco stomps off. Sonny wonders why Carly is even with that psycho but she insists he has changed. She’s sure Franco won’t tell anyone who shot AJ.

    GH Recap: Well-Known Mind Games.

    Thursday, June 26 2014

    Sonny chats with Joss as Carly drops her off at Alice’s camp. Carly tells Sonny she promised Franco she would stay away from him. He wonders why Franco would need reassurance and she’s embarrassed to admit she and Franco fought over his jealousy, but she can understand. She and Sonny are friends with a connection. Spencer emerges and tells them about his problems with Emma. He wants to know how to rekindle that old connection they had. Sonny tells Spencer sometimes you have to move on, for your heart and your soul. Carly agrees it could open the door for something better. Despite four marriages, she finally learned how to let Sonny go. Sonny thinks Spencer should give other girls a chance just as Joss runs up. The children clash right away. Still, Spencer follows Joss for a popsicle. Sonny is not sure why Carly is with Franco but he has never needed a friend more. They hug, and Franco sees.

    GH Recap: How To Recapture A Cassadine.

    Wednesday, June 25 2014

    Michael visits Sonny at home. Morgan told him Ava moved in and he is upset about that and Franco moving in with Carly. Michael knows something deeper is at play or Sonny would never have hurt Morgan and Olivia. He promises Sonny he can handle it. Sonny is touched. Michael left a lot unsaid with AJ and won’t make the same mistake with Sonny. Sonny will never be alone because he will always have Michael. They hug. Michael hands him a belated Father’s Day gift and they talk about Michael’s Riverfront project. Sonny is proud of him.

    At the park, Nik grabs Spencer back from cutting in line at Alice’s camp but he is insistent he gets in a dance class with Emma. Cam arrives and they both get in the back of the line while Nik chats Liz up. He wants to use his pull to get her back on staff at General Hospital. She agrees. Meanwhile, Emma asks Patrick why they had to lose Gabriel. He hopes Sam can find out. Emma joins Spencer and Cam and Spencer tells Emma he’s sorry about her brother. He gives her $100 for a Gabriel Fund to send more kids to camp. Emma tells Spencer she can only have one soul mate and Cam gets her. Spencer calls Sonny for help. Meanwhile, Patrick tells Liz that Sam is looking into the accident and she hopes he gets his answers. Later, Carly calls Franco when she arrives and wishes him luck. He apologizes for being cranky and she tells him she has decided to steer clear of Sonny. Just then Sonny arrives.

    GH Recap: The Jealous Type.

    Tuesday, June 24 2014

    At Sonny's, he forbids Ava to have a glass of wine. She threatens to make a martini. He knocks the glass out of her hand. Ava reminds him that he'll be raising the baby with any abnormalities it may have. He thinks she's sick. The mobster is going to have all the alcohol removed from the house. "I'll just have to find another way to torture you," she says. Once she heads to bed, he calls Carly to vent. She promises they will get through this together. Meanwhile, Ava calls someone and tells them they need to reconnect.

    GH Recap: Four And A Half Feet Of Panting Cleavage.

    Monday, June 23 2014

    Ava is startled to find Carly sitting in Sonny's living room. Ava complains about being held captive. Carly tells her that her death has been in the cards for awhile. Ava fondles a letter opener and they bicker. She prods Carly about her Sonny obsession and leaving Franco alone. Sonny arrives with some pizza. Carly wants it so Ava grabs it and heads upstairs. The mobster assures Carly that Ava will not get to him. She hugs him and heads out. Ava comes back downstairs to bicker.

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