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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) Played by Julie Marie Berman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Berman (ABC)

    Birthday: November 3 1983
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married to Mike Grady
    Real Name: Julie Marie Berman
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    Goodbye Mr. Morgan.

    Monday, October 22 2012

    Dante meets Lulu at the hospital. She can get pregnant but can’t carry to term. Dr. V comes in and offers to answer any questions. Lulu asks if her abortion could have caused this but Dr. V assures her there is no connection. She recommends Lulu get back on birth control to save herself any more pain and get a second opinion. Alone, Dante comforts Lulu. Dr. V returns with information about alternative ways to have a baby.

    Hot And Perceptive.

    Friday, October 19 2012

    At the hospital Lulu tells her doctor about her troubles getting pregnant. She assures Lulu getting pregnant can take up to a year. But her husband’s test results for his sperm count will be back soon. Lulu is surprised. Dante must want this baby as much as she does. The doctor wants to check Lulu out too. Later, she tells Lulu they need to talk.

    Dante meets Lulu at the hospital. She can’t have a baby.

    Get Acrobatic.

    Thursday, October 18 2012

    At home, Lulu and Dante get another negative pregnancy test. She wonders if they are doing it wrong. Maybe they need to try a new position. Or maybe it is Dante. Luke overhears Dante’s assurances there is nothing wrong with his swim team. Dante leaves. Later, Lulu senses something is wrong. Luke thinks he is losing Anna to Duke. He is confused why she is not more suspicious of Duke. Luke wants to get a DNA test.

    My Little Do Over.

    Wednesday, October 10 2012

    In bed, Lulu and Dante bask in the afterglow. They start going at it again when Maxie starts pounding on the door. Meanwhile, Dante leaves to meet Olivia. Maxie rushes in. She did not expect Spin to move on with someone so perfect for him. Maxie wanted to tell Spin she loves him, that he is the one she wants to build her life with. But now he is with Ellie. Lulu assures her that if two people are meant to be together it is never too late. But if she tells Spin everything now she should bring a little something extra to the table. Lulu looks pointedly at Maxie’s wedding ring. Maxie needs to talk to Matt.

    Never Count A Sociopath Out.

    Tuesday, October 09 2012

    Lulu gets the apartment set for seduction. She hears the door open and takes off her robe – but it is just Luke back from Europe. He wonders if he missed anything other than Jerry’s rampage. She informs him that Heather has escaped. Luke isn’t concerned. Lulu thinks it is weird that Luke and Anna did not come back together. Luke explains how they got closer in Switzerland but Anna left when he told her he lied to Robert. Anna insisted he track down Robert and come clean. He found him and Holly trying to track down Ethan. He told them the truth and blows were thrown. Then he found Ethan in Budapest having the time of his life. Lulu hopes Luke and Anna can move forward from this. Later, Dante comes home and tells Lulu Olivia had another vision of them with a baby. He is just there to change and refuel. She wonders if that’s what the kids are calling it. They start going at it.

    Too Good To Resist.

    Wednesday, October 03 2012

    At The Haunted Star, Connie tells Sonny in front of everyone that she is already married to Johnny. She is really Connie and Kate stood him up at the altar, literally. Sonny thought she was integrated but Connie jokes about what a great shrink Keenan turned out to be. She pinches Johnny’s cheek and encourages him to tell them all that they have been hooking up for months. Reluctantly, Johnny tells them that everything Connie says is true. Connie pulls out the marriage license from her cleavage and Alexis confirms it is real. Connie walked down the aisle just to see Sonny eat dirt on his wedding day. Sonny starts pounding Johnny’s face before it is broken up. Starr looks sick and attacks Connie for killing her family, then screams at Johnny for marrying her before Michael takes her away. Ellie tells Spin this is the kind of first date you tell your grandkids about! Sonny assures Connie the shrinks are going to beat her down until Kate comes back to him. She mocks him – only Johnny can have her committed. Carly smacks Johnny in the face and stomps off. He runs after her. Sonny and Alexis discuss the possibility of Olivia having Connie committed. Dante gets a call about shots fired at Sonny’s warehouse. Sonny dismisses everyone, and Max and Milo clear the room except for Connie. Through tears, Sonny tries to reach through to Kate.

    Never Know A Thing.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012

    Lulu walks in on Johnny grabbing Connie in her dressing room. Connie covers that she just wants things to be perfect. Lulu and Johnny leave and Lulu comments that Kate is back to her old self. Alone, Connie finishes getting ready.

    Back at the wedding, Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is not coming because of a fight with Trey. They both are hoping for an annulment. Johnny rejoins the party and Carly wonders what is going on with him. Maxie asks Ellie about her date with Spin. Ellie has tons of compliments for Maxie and Maxie can’t hate her because she is too nice. Dante tells Lulu about Olivia’s suspicions and she tells him about the encounter she saw between Kate and Johnny. Sonny tells Alexis he thinks the shock of finding out about Trey will send Kate into a relapse, which is why he wants to wait until after they are married to tell her. Trey arrives and is surprised Kristina is not there. Michael grills him about their fight. Starr stops Michael and they let Trey go. He runs into Connie on his way out. Maxie cues the music and they all rise for Kate’s entrance. She walks down the aisle to a beaming Sonny. The reverend begins the ceremony. He asks if anyone knows any reason they not get married. Olivia tries to tell them about Connie but Steve yells out that Olivia is not feeling well and she backs off. They move on but then Milo jumps up to object. Max tells him Milo just got caught up in the excitement of the day. They proceed, until Connie objects. She tells Sonny she can’t marry him. She is already married – to Johnny!

    A Wedding For The Books.

    Monday, October 01 2012

    Johnny visits Connie in her room and tells her it is not too late to change her mind. He begs her to leave Carly out of it. Lulu walks in on them fighting.

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