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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) Played by Julie Marie Berman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Berman (ABC)

    Birthday: November 3 1983
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married to Mike Grady
    Real Name: Julie Marie Berman
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    I'd Like To Report A Fugitive.

    Thursday, November 08 2012

    Lulu arrives at home and Dante tells her a social worker from the adoption agency is coming now. She flashes back to completing the application for the "perfect family." When Dante assures her that it will be okay, after all they know everything about her crazy mother and his criminal father, she confesses she fudged the application.

    Back at Lulu’s, a distracted Dante says they'll just revise and correct the application, when the phone rings. It's Tracy Quartermaine – she'd like to report a fugitive. Later, Dante hangs up with Monica and asks Lulu to tell him everything so their stories are straight, but the social worker knocks on the door. The interview begins and an incredulous Dante finds out that Lulu listed Luke as joining the Rwandan Peace Corps, that Laura is a psychiatrist at a mental health facility and, that Sonny revolutionized the coffee industry with his single serve coffee invention. When talk turns to Dante's mother, the social worker angrily confronts them on their lies.

    Follow The Money.

    Tuesday, November 06 2012

    At the Haunted Star Duke hopes Lulu won’t help turn Anna against him. She has nothing to hide if he doesn’t. Dante arrives. Duke asks about the second shooter but Dante is not at liberty to say. Later, Dante surprises Lulu with an application for an adoption agency. They hug at the idea of having a baby but grimace when they realize they have to discuss their family history. They fill it out accurately but after Dante leaves Lulu deletes all of their answers and starts over. Meanwhile Duke gets a call from Dr. Obrecht. Robin is getting stronger and more difficult to control. He books a flight to Zurich. Anna arrives and Duke tells her he has to go to Washington to be debriefed, which she finds odd on Election Day. She shares her sadness about Robin and he holds her hand.

    Are You Sure About That?

    Thursday, November 01 2012

    AJ, disguised as the Grim Reaper walks around the Haunted Star Halloween party determined to find his son. Nearby, Tracy confronts Luke about investigating Duke. Luke says in costume and hidden they will discover the fake's fatal flaw. While Duke tends bar, Luke overhears Anna say that she turned Luke down to go to the party with him. Dressed as vampires, Starr and Michael dance when they are stopped by the Grim Reaper. Michael asks, "Who are you?" but gets no answer. Starr laughingly tries to distract him as the Reaper walks away without speaking and violently bumps into Tracy. He tells her he knows who she is. When Tracy says she knows that voice, the Grim Reaper warns her to be very afraid. Patrick introduces Brit to Anna and Anna's face falls. She’s upset he’s dating so soon after Robin but later assures him it’s fine and apologies to Brit. Outside, Michael and Starr confess to each other that they are ready for the next step in their relationship – sex – but Michael doesn't have protection. They kiss as a hidden Grim Reaper looks on. Luke continues to eavesdrop as Anna tells Felicia she would choose Luke if he wasn't always trying to spy on her and raises her voice as she catches Luke in costume. In another area, Partick and Brit kiss and he turns down her invitation to stay overnight. He needs to be there for Emma in the morning. As Maxie opens her birthday gift from Lulu, they talk about Maxie wanting to break up Ellie and Spinelli. Maxie leaves to search for Spinelli. Later, Ellie pushes Maxie to talk to Spinelli and tells Lulu she wants Maxie to be happy. Lulu dryly says to be careful what you wish for. Maxie confronts Spinelli on his non-reaction to her break-up with Matt. He tells her he never thought Matt was the right man for her. She pointedly asks him, "Then, who is the right man for me?" The Grim Reaper interrupts. Later Maxie rambles to Lulu about making sure Spinelli knows she is available. At a separate table, Ellie and Spinelli tell each other they are perfect for each other, but when she leaves Spinelli is caught staring at Maxie. Luke and Tracy meet over the food table to discuss the night's investigation of Duke. He confesses that Anna found him out and tells Tracy that Duke has blinded her. Outside, Starr agrees to meet Michael at the apartment and leaves. As Michael tries to leave, the Grim Reaper steps in his way, takes off his mask and stuns Michael.

    Wheel Of Karma.

    Wednesday, October 31 2012

    Lulu, dressed as a cheetah, is surprised by a burglar Dante at the Haunted Star. They talk about adoption. She is worried that it will bother Dante if their child is not biologically his but he assures her it is their love that counts. They have everything they need to raise a kid. He doesn’t care where the kid comes from. Duke arrives and Dante says goodbye to Lulu before leaving to find the guy responsible for the shootings at the pier. People start arriving for the party, including Anna dressed as a flapper and a mystery guest dressed as the grim reaper.

    Lady Lazarus.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012

    At the Haunted Star, Connie tells Johnny they are going to war as Lulu walks in. She wonders which one is in danger of imminent arrest. Connie wonders if Lulu is trying to get on her bad side. Lulu wonders if that is a threat. Johnny diffuses the situation, and Connie gives them a few minutes to talk. Lulu asks him how Connie got him to marry her. He recoils when she looks at him so it isn’t the sex. She wants to help – he can trust her. She asks again what Connie has on him but Connie comes back and Lulu leaves. Connie demands to know what is going on. She wants him to get rid of Trey. If he signs those papers they are screwed.

    Charge Double For Subterfuge.

    Friday, October 26 2012

    Lulu looks at the adoption papers at the club when Maxie comes in. Lulu can’t believe Maxie told Spin about her divorce so quickly after she told her not too, and while he was on a date with Ellie. Lulu suggest she find a private moment to tell Spin how much she loves him, but Maxie plots to tell him at the Halloween party at the club. Spin pledged he would love her forever and he is man of his word. Suddenly Ellie, ever cheerful, arrives and insists Maxie join her and Spin for the Halloween party. She agrees. Ellie then asks Maxie for help with her costume and Lulu encourages it. Maxie agrees.

    Up To No Good.

    Thursday, October 25 2012

    Lulu looks over the adoption pamphlet at the Haunted Star when Luke arrives. He is bummed because he proved Duke is real, but is convinced there is still a con somewhere. He asks Lulu about her efforts to get pregnant. She breaks the news about her condition. She can get pregnant but will always miscarry. Luke knows there are lots of broken hearted kids out there who need a home. She is going to make an amazing mother. Duke arrives and listens in as Lulu advises Luke to prove to Anna he is the right man for her, not Duke. Duke reveals himself and acts surprised to see Luke. He is looking for a job. Lulu could use a bartender. Luke protests but Lulu continues on. After Duke leaves, Lulu reminds Luke he needs to keep his enemies close.

    What A Waste.

    Tuesday, October 23 2012

    At the hospital Dante assures Lulu they will be parents. He is reluctant to go to the pier but Lulu insists. He assures her everything will be okay. Alone, she breaks down in tears. She runs into Maxie and tells her about her congenital defect. Maxie thinks they should consider other options, like adoption and surrogacy. What Lulu wants right now is a strong drink.

    Spin takes Ellie to The Floating Rib. Shawn and Mac are losing a game of strip pool to Felicia and Alexis. Ellie is mesmerized by Shawn’s body. Spin introduces Ellie to Mac and Felicia. Mac likes Ellie, but Felicia wants Maxie and Spin to be happy together. Mac thinks Maxie had her chance and she blew it. When Felicia delivers their drinks she gives fighting for love against all odds the hard sell. Later, Alexis tells Spin the good news about the baby. Spin is so excited he wants to go right to the penthouse but Alexis stops him. Meanwhile, Maxie and Lulu arrive and order drinks. Maxie went to see Matt today and he is willing to expedite the divorce. Now she just needs to tell Spin. Lulu tries to stop Maxie from approaching Spin, but no luck. Maxie mentions her divorce immediately.

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