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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) Played by Julie Marie Berman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Berman (ABC)

    Birthday: November 3 1983
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married to Mike Grady
    Real Name: Julie Marie Berman
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    How Could I Be So Stupid?

    Thursday, December 13 2012

    Patrick compliments Sabrina on her holiday spirit. She's dressed in an elf hat at the nurses’ station. They discuss the progress of the nurses’ ball. Dr. Westbourne joins them and is surprised to hear that there is going to be a nurses’ ball. Dr. Westbourne is interrupted by Lulu to discuss her procedure and Sabrina calls Felix over for an update on Lucy Coe. Felix hesitates and tells them there is mistletoe above them. Dr. Westbourne rushes over and kisses Patrick in front of Felix and Sabrina. She asks if the nurses are going to NY and Felix suggests that Patrick is coming with them. Patrick has plans with Emma and Felix can’t talk him into a trip with Emma to NY. Dr. Westbourne tries to invite herself over to decorate and Patrick remembers Robin at their last Christmas together. He says maybe he’ll text her later. Closer to the nurses’ station Felix explains to Sabrina how he was trying to get her hooked up with Patrick.

    Starting To Sweat.

    Wednesday, December 12 2012

    Dante meets Lulu at the hospital. Maxie had an allergic reaction and Lulu is concerned they will have to find a new surrogate. In her room, Maxie is also concerned. Lulu and Dante join Britt and Maxie to learn the news. She just had a food allergy. Maxie realizes she ate blackberry jelly instead of grape. Lulu is upset by her carelessness. Maxie promises to be more careful and Lulu trusts her. They hug it out. Britt returns and informs them they are almost ready for egg retrieval.

    Love In Maine.

    Thursday, December 06 2012

    Olivia has a vision of Lulu hauling a husky around in her baby carrier when she visits her at work. Lulu can’t stop crying. She is emotional from her shot and Olivia calms her down. Anna arrives and asks Olivia about the sketch of Faison. Olivia assure hers he was shocked when Liz and Robert recognized him, hand to God. Lulu overhears Anna tell Olivia that she had Robert arrested. She starts crying again and Anna assures them that Duke is who he says he is. Faison nearly destroyed her life and if she thought Robert was right she wouldn’t go skiing with him.

    Dante and John chat about their new partnership at PCPD when Robert is brought in. Dante introduces John to Robert. They bond over FBI – Robert is bit of legend. Robert brings up his suspicions about Faison and John is very skeptical. Robert tells him Faison is obsessed with Anna, and she has been blindsided by grief. When she snaps out of it, Faison is going to turn on her. Lulu arrives, still upset about the dog vision, and tells them Anna is leaving for a ski trip with Fake Duke.

    Nurses Have Balls?

    Tuesday, December 04 2012

    At the hospital Patrick asks Sabrina if she is ready for their date. She gets flustered and asks Felix, a new nurse, how she looks. He offers to give her a full on makeover. He happens to have some lipstick on hand and fixes her up. Meanwhile, Lulu waits for Maxie and Dante by the elevators. Patrick joins her and they discuss how Maxie is a great surrogate choice. Britt joins Lulu. Soon Dante, then Maxie join them too and they go into a room. Patrick meets back up with Sabrina, who now has lipstick on her teeth. In the exam room Britt goes over the demanding details of what they are going to do. Maxie, Lulu and Dante are all still sure they want to move forward.

    Real Cassadines Of Spoon Island.

    Monday, December 03 2012

    Dante and Lulu get in bed to celebrate the day they found their surrogate. Later, they toast to Rocko or Juliet. She is worried they are tempting fate by talking about names. Dante is not worried. The only reservation is the obvious – Maxie. He thinks one of them should be with her all the time. Lulu doesn’t want to squander the last nine or so months they have alone. They hit the sheets again, and after she suggests Maxie move in with them. He refuses. He still wants a life. If she does not trust Maxie then just put guidelines in the contract. She has not thought about a contract but he insists. But if the three of them live together they will not be able to be intimate.

    Die From Embarrassment.

    Friday, November 30 2012

    At the Haunted Star Olivia and Robert order a drink from Duke. Dante and Lulu arrive and grab Olivia from the bar. Sonny shows up and introduces himself to Duke. Duke hopes they find the person who shot Jason soon. Later, Robert questions Duke about his interest in the case. Duke just wants to move toward a future with Anna. Robert leaves Duke at the bar and soon Anna arrives. He has a confession about who he really is. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante tell Sonny and Olivia they are going through with the surrogacy – with Maxie. Sonny and Olivia are more than shocked. Olivia has another vision where Lulu is holding a stuffed puppy. She is rattled but tells them how happy she is. Sonny gives them a check. He hopes to be a better grandfather than a father. Later Lulu is concerned about Olivia’s reaction.

    Big Fat Liar Pants.

    Thursday, November 29 2012

    At the Haunted Star, Dante and Lulu tell Maxie they want her to carry their baby. The other candidates didn't work out. Maxie thinks they are only asking her as a last resort. Lulu assures her that is not the case. Maxie is sweet and kind and genuine. She is one of the strongest people Lulu knows and they would be so grateful. Dante knows she will take great care of their baby and they will take care of her. She agrees and hugs Lulu. Dante tries to get in on it but Maxie pushes him off. Later, they toast over champagne and give Maxie some of the harsh details. They assure her she can back out, but she is honored to be a part of their love. She can handle it.

    My Father’s Daughter.

    Wednesday, November 28 2012

    Dante and Lulu dismiss another sketchy surrogate candidate from the Haunted Star but there is one left. The girl is perfect, but it is clear she is angling for more money. Lulu does not want to buy a baby and she tells them they need to lower their expectations – candidates like her are few and far between. Afterward, Lulu suggests Maxie and when she stomps in and they ask her if she would still do it.

    Baby Mama Here We Come.

    Tuesday, November 27 2012

    At the Haunted Star Lulu laughs at Maxie’s surrogacy suggestion. Maxie reminds her she wanted someone she had a bond with, like a sister. She beams at the brilliance of her idea but Lulu is not sold. This is a huge commitment with hormone treatments, morning sickness, stretch marks, weight gain, the delivery. Maxie can handle all that because she loves Lulu. She needs a purpose. Lulu won’t let Maxie use her problem to solve her own. Maxie gets upset. She hopes Lulu finds what she is looking for and leaves. Dante arrives and Lulu tells him about Maxie’s offer. Dante is sure they will find someone she will feel is right. Meanwhile, Skye arrives at the bar and orders a drink from Johnny. She would love to make up for when she left him tied to a bedpost. He figures out she wants the record back on Tracy’s money laundering but she will never get it from him.

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