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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri (Past) Played by Julie Marie Berman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Berman (ABC)

    Birthday: November 3 1983
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married to Mike Grady
    Real Name: Julie Marie Berman
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    One For The Books.

    Wednesday, August 29 2012

    Back at the station, Jason answers the call from Liz. Jason, Patrick, Lulu and Dante can hear them talking and start to trace the location. Ewen realizes she has her phone on and throws it out the window. Meanwhile, Dante gets a call from CDC that there is a potentially fatal pathogen in the water and they don’t know how to stop it.

    Practically A Buddy Movie.

    Wednesday, August 22 2012

    Outside Dr. V’s office, Lulu has already started thinking of names. She likes Juliette for a girl, and Dante likes that too. For a boy? Rocko. Luke overhears and thinks she is pregnant, but they tell him it was a false alarm. They weren’t trying, but they are now. Luke gives them his support – he never misses an opportunity to corrupt young minds. Dante and Luke go over the characteristics of Heather’s accomplice again: hockey mask, machete, pineapple, might have a daughter, and expensive Italian leather shoes.

    A Mercy Marriage.

    Tuesday, August 21 2012

    At the hospital, Dr. V tells Lulu and Dante they are not having a baby. Dante wonders if Lulu is okay and she assures them Lulu is healthy. Alone, they are bummed. At first she thought of all the problems, but now she feels like she lost something wonderful before she has the chance to know it. "At least we know we want to have kids," he says. She wonders if they should try again now. She wants to make a family with him. Dante wants to save some money first but Lulu wants to be pregnant now.

    Healthy Choice.

    Monday, August 20 2012

    At the hospital, Dante orders someone to search Calry’s house for tire tracks, anything to find out who took Joss. Lulu is just glad she is too young to really remember – what if something like that could happen to their kid? Speaking of, he is there to go to see her doctor with her. Dante is nervous – he didn’t really have a father growing up. She tells him they have each other and will figure it out together. Dr. V calls them back and after the test informs them Lulu is not pregnant.

    House Of Horrors.

    Tuesday, August 14 2012

    Lulu and Dante wake up at home after making love. They are both so excited about the baby. He gets her a glass of milk but she suddenly wants to ease off the parent talk. Dante tells her parents don’t know what to do ever – it is on-the-job training. She did not know she could be so happy about something she did not know she even wanted. But she does not want to tell people until she sees a doctor. He thinks it is a great idea to keep it between them – the three of them against the world. They kiss again and make an appointment with Dr. Lee in an hour. They might be able to learn the due date!

    Luke calls Anna from his hospital room. He is worried about her since he has not seen her since Heather told her Robin was alive. He does not want her to buy into her lies. Steve walks in and apologizes - If he had not signed the release papers Heather would not have been able to hurt everyone. Luke tells him Heather had an accomplice - Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Lulu and Dante arrive and Dante tells Steve that the Memphis police will be contacting him soon. Steve understands. Luke tells Dante and Lulu about Heather’s partner. He tried to negotiate with him and for awhile he thought he might let him go when he talked about his daughter. Maybe he has a daughter too. Lulu is surprised he was thinking about her when he was tied up. Luke does not think it is sentimental to think of the people you love when you are dying. They consider who it could be and Luke tells him the guy was wearing expensive shoes.

    A Night to Remember.

    Monday, August 13 2012

    At their apartment, Lulu gets queasy when Dante offers her a bite of Danish. He comments that Maxie was acting strange earlier. Dante sweetly pampers his wife thinking that she is coming down with something. He finds a positive pregnancy test and assumes it belongs to Maxie. Lulu corrects him by blurting that she is the one pregnant not Maxie. Dante's eyes bulge as he begins choking on his food. Once the shock is over, he is elated that they are going to have a kid! Lulu and Dante try to come to grips with the unexpected pregnancy. Lulu wants to know if Dante is happy. They both confirm that they are ready to become parents even though they've gone through some recent rough times.

    This Won't Hurt A Bit.

    Friday, August 10 2012

    Lulu eyes the pregnancy test Maxie handed her at the hospital. Lulu stammers about her and Dante's long-term plans for a family. Maxie tries to persuade her to take the test to be sure. Dante runs into Lulu at the hospital and asks about Patrick. Lulu stammers that she didn't see Patrick but is interrupted when Maxie catches up to them. When Dante leaves, Maxie asks if the test is positive.

    Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes.

    Thursday, August 09 2012

    Maxie tends to Lulu at the hospital when she experiences a bout of nausea. Lulu says she probably shouldn’t have eaten a burrito for breakfast. Maxie smiles and says, "Maybe you’re pregnant." Lulu dismisses the possibility but admits that Olivia hallucinated that Lulu was nine months pregnant. Lulu confirms that she is late but that it’s probably due to stress. She asks Lulu, "You don’t want to be pregnant?" Lulu confirms that she and Dante want to have children. Maxie leaves and returns with a pregnancy test.

    Honey Badger Ferocity.

    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    At the hospital, Dante brings Olivia flowers and she seems much better. Lulu walks in and Olivia thinks she is very pregnant and freaks out. Suddenly, the hallucination is gone. Dante tells her that her eyes are playing tricks on her, but she knows she is seeing things. Last night she saw Heather in the mirror. What if she keeps seeing things for the rest of her life? Outside the room, Lulu and Dante agree to meet back later. Lulu gets sick and throws up. Inside the room, Olivia looks at the cover of The Sun and instead of McBain sees herself.

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