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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Webber Played by Denise Alexander on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Denise Alexander (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: November 11 1938
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Richard Colla
    Real Name: Denise Alexander


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    Thursday, October 31 2013

    Dr. Obrecht, dressed as a beer frau, chases Robin through Wyndemere with Britt's costume. It's her favorite holiday and Britt won't dress up. Robin refuses to have fun and wants her to go cry on Faison's shoulder. Outside, Lesley prompts Spencer on what to say when his dad opens the door. Spencer rings the bell and yells "Trick-or-treat!" Faison opens the door dressed as Beetlejuice and yells back, "Trick!" Lesley lets out a blood-curdling scream. Britt finds Nikolas in his room and complains about Obrecht trying to dress Ben up as Rosemary's baby. She's losing her mind and is ready to kill them. Nikolas won't let her kill them yet, but promises her that he'll keep them away from Ben. No one's ever given their word to her before. Nikolas thinks that's a shame. He's about to kiss her when they hear a scream. Everyone rushes to the door to find Lesley passed out. Spencer blames Faison who claims Beetlejuice isn't bad, he's just misunderstood. Before Lesley comes to, Robin, Faison and Obrecht disappear and listen nearby. She awakes and remembers seeing Faison and wants to call the police. Nikolas claims it was Alfred but Spencer asks about the other ladies who ran off with Beetlejuice. Lesley doesn't remember. The bell rings – it's Elizabeth with the boys. They invite Spencer to the party. Robin overhears Cam tell him that he's going with his girlfriend, Emma Drake. Later, Britt disappoints her parents when she decides to take Ben to the party in a different costume. Outside, Nikolas, the dark prince, reminds Robin to watch her back before leaving. Alone, Robin looks at the costume Obrecht left behind. Later, Obrecht and Faison can't find Robin or the costume. Meanwhile, Duke approaches Wyndemere.

    At the GH, Felix dressed as an Operation game asks where the popcorn balls are. Brad comes in dressed the same and replies that he has Felix's balls. Felix wants Brad to change…maybe into a deadbeat dad costume. Felix doesn't understand how Brad did the right thing for Spinelli's kid but he won't for his own. Elsewhere, Elizabeth questions Lesley about Faison when they arrive. She assures her that even if Faison wasn't in jail, Nikolas would never hide him. Nearby, Emma runs off to play with Cam while Patrick introduces Sabrina to Lesley. They see Cam run away. Emma's sad until Spencer steps in. At the party, Brad asks Felix, "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?" Britt and Nikolas enter the room. Later, Robin steps off the elevator at GH in a costume.

    The Sacrifice.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    At the Floating Rib, Lesley apologizes when she meets Laura late. Laura's surprised Monica let Lesley retrieve what she needed. She's disappointed when she hears Luke was poisoned and has refused treatment. She believes he has gone away to die alone and thinks Tracy will have answers. Lesley thinks she should let it go. Laura refuses. Nearby, Michael tries to apologize to Felix's friend, Penny. He feels bad but she's going through a bad breakup so understands. They try to play pool but Michael is distracted and keeps seeing Kiki's face. Penny notices him staring and wonders if she looks okay. He thinks she looks fine and kisses her. She likes it and asks if he wants to get out of there.

    No Small Thing.

    Friday, July 19 2013

    At GH, Monica confronts Lesley for breaking into personal files. She doesn't believe she's consulting on a patient with any doctors she knows. Lesley insults her about only being interested in doctors she's slept with. Monica can't believe Lesley hasn't put that behind her after 30 years. Lesley acts like Monica owes her. Monica apologizes since she's distracted over Danny's health. Lesley confides she's there because of Laura and she needs Monica's help to see Luke's test results. Monica realizes what's going on with Tracy as Leslie begs Monica to look away for two minutes. Monica pretends to be paged and leaves. Meanwhile, Morgan confronts Ava for lying to Silas about Kiki's age. He asks if Kiki is Silas' daughter. Ava's angry that he's eavesdropping and privately warns him it's just a misunderstanding and none of his business. If so, he thinks she shouldn't have a problem with him clearing it up with Silas. Ava reminds Morgan of everything she's done for him. Despite that, Morgan isn't on board with Ava wanting to keep the truth from Kiki. Ava asks if he feels the same if it pushes her into Michael's arms. It's no small thing and Morgan can't believe Kiki would choose Michael over him. Ava wonders if he's willing to bet on it. She asks him to deal with Kiki while she handles Silas. In the exam room, Carly thinks Franco's faking a brain tumor. Elizabeth and Patrick disagree but Carly doesn't want to hear any more. These are the types of games Franco plays. She leaves to get the truth. Patrick and Elizabeth plan Franco's surgery. He notes that he's busy and upset he missed Emma's game and Lamaze. They're both surprised Britt's friendly with Nikolas. Elizabeth asks if he'll talk to him about Britt. He doesn't want to get involved but she doesn't want AJ or Nikolas to get the wrong idea. Patrick agrees. He leaves eager to find Franco. They need to operate before the tumor kills him. Alone, Ava reads Kiki's birth certificate. Silas Clay is listed as the father. In Danny's room, a nurse arrives hoping to find Danny with Dr. Clay. Silas' concerned and calls Sam but gets no answer. Carly finds him and is anxious to find Sam and Franco. After hearing Carly talk about Patrick's lab results, Silas starts to believe Franco's not faking. They find out Franco is missing and he probably took Danny. He needs Carly to think like Jason so they can find them. She has an idea and they leave.

    Who's Your Father?

    Thursday, July 18 2013

    Laura and Scott have dinner at Kelly's. She's worried about Luke. Scott admits trying to find out more from Tracy but she's a tough nut to crack. He thinks there's plenty of time for Luke to turn up before Maxie gives birth. Laura has nothing to say. Scott worries she has feelings for Luke and leaves angry as Lesley arrives. Laura's convinced Luke, not Tracy, is sick. Lesley knows what to do and offers to go to GH. Scott returns sorry that they argued. Outside, Michael tries to make things right with Morgan. Morgan gets upset claiming Michael's fixated on Kiki but he too wishes he had someone to talk to. Michael shares everything that led up to him telling Kiki about his rape. He admits he started to see her as a friend instead of a problem and confesses about their first kiss at the apartment. Morgan freaks out upset that Michael did that to him. He punches Michael and leaves. Kiki shows up and turns to leave but wonders what happened to Michael. She gets angry when she hears he told Morgan about their kiss. He's sorry. She can't trust her feelings. He wants her to be happy. She doesn't know if she can without him. He encourages her to salvage her relationship with Morgan.

    Back at GH, Morgan overhears yelling and stops by a door as Silas demands that Ava prove Kiki isn't his. She reminds him he didn't want to drudge up their past and suggests he let it go. Morgan steps away as Silas leaves angry. Ava sees Morgan. He confronts her about lying about Kiki's age and believes Franco's not Kiki's father. Meanwhile, Lesley interrupts an intern to use the computer. She pretends she lost her temporary password and the intern is so happy to have met her that she stays logged in for Lesley and leaves. Monica angrily approaches and demands to know what she's doing. Later, Silas finds Danny's room empty.

    Since Always.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    At Wyndemere, Scott tells the wedding guests the mayor is unavailable. Lesley steps forward as a Wiccan ordained minister surprising the couple. The guests watch as Lesley marries Scott and Laura. For a moment after, Lulu stands alone having a flashback. Dante asks her what's wrong. She apologizes for not remembering and goes to congratulate the couple. Laura tells her it's okay if she wants to leave. Dante follows Lulu as she rushes into the hall. Lulu wants to go home and Dante is thrilled until he realizes she means Milo's. He offers to take her but she wants to find her own way. Inside Laura cuts the cake and Scott toasts his bride. Both AJ and Nikolas bring Elizabeth a slice of cake. She escapes the two of them. Nearby, Lesley tells Dante there may be a psychological aspect to Lulu's memory loss to forget something she doesn't want to remember.

    A Kiss Is Just A Kiss.

    Friday, May 17 2013

    Scott waits for Lesley's blessing at Wyndemere. She hesitates and Laura reminds her Scott's the same man who always promised to take care of her. Lesley decides to give her blessing for Laura. Scott calls Lucy to get the mayor to the new wedding location. When Nik comes home, Scott asks if he rounded up family. Nik admits he did, but Elizabeth is someone else's date, not his. Later, Elizabeth arrives with AJ and the kids. Scott asks if Laura's ready to get married as Lulu and Dante arrive. She tells Scott she's ready now. Cameron rushes over to hug Lulu. She realizes this is her family and she isn't sure she can do this. Dante promises to stay with her for the duration. Lesley introduces herself. Lulu apologizes for saying, "Nice to meet you." Lulu asks Dante if it's weird that she doesn't like Scott. Dante tells her it would be weird if she did. Nearby Scott tells Laura they might not be getting married after all.

    No More Vendettas.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    At Wyndemere, Nik leaves Liz a message checking up on her health. Laura arrives extending an invitation to her wedding. Nik admits talking to Scott when he was in the hospital and asks if Laura is sure she wants to marry Scott. Laura reminds him Lulu and Scott put what happened behind them and it's unfair to keep Scott waiting after saying goodbye to Luke. Nik inquires what saying goodbye to Luke means. She confesses feelings for him aren't there anymore. Nik gives his blessings as long as Scott can make her happy and opens an invitation to change the venue from the courthouse to Spoon Island. They're disappointed Lucky won't be there but will get what family together they can. Lesley comes in with Spencer and asks for a hug from her daughter. Alone, Lesley's relieved Lulu was found but Laura admits not everything turned out okay. Lesley believes Lulu and Laura will heal and create new memories. Spencer runs in to announce there is going to be a wedding. Lesley is surprised, thinking Nikolas is getting married. She's more surprised when Laura reveals she's marrying Scotty.

    Scott interrupts Lesley and Laura at Wyndemere as Lesley tells Laura she will marry Scotty over her dead body. Scott wants to know when things went south for them. Lesley screams, "When you killed my husband!" Laura reflects the past was all a misunderstanding while Scott remembers he was only protecting the woman he loved when he killed Lesley's husband.

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