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    General Hospital CAST - Nina Reeves Clay Lansing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nina Reeves Clay Lansing Played by Michelle Stafford on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: September 14, 1968
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Michelle Stafford
    Height: 5'8"


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    GH Recap: Hayden wakes up from her coma

    Monday, August 03 2015

    Franco walks into Silas’ apartment and finds Nina holding a bloody knife over Silas’ dead body. She says they need to help Silas, but Franco informs her that he’s dead. Franco asks her to tell him what happened and he will fix it. Nina explains she was pounding on the door, but he wouldn’t answer. She says she opened the door and he was just lying there with a knife in his back. She panicked and pulled it out to try and help him. Franco assures her that he believes her, and they have to get her back to Shadybrook before she’s found missing. He also tells her not to let anyone know that she knows about Ava being alive or Silas taking Avery, as it will look like she had motive. Nina says one final goodbye to Silas.

    Nathan arrives at Shadybrook to see Nina, only to find her missing from her room. However she soon turns up in the common area.

    GH Recap: Nina is found standing over a dead body

    Friday, July 31 2015

    Franco visits Nina at Shadybrook. He tells her how amazing and fierce she is. They never stopped loving each other and kiss. He's sorry that he doubted her but has only ever wanted to help her. She knows he's only been trying to protect her. They sit down and she explains that she committed herself because her guilty conscience is driving her crazy. She becomes distraught explaining this. He tells her that Silas took the baby. That makes no sense to her so he tells her the truth about Ava. She paces and tries to talk her way through this, sure that Clay is attempting to take away her life. "He's chosen Ava again!" she yelps. She storms off, vowing that he won't get away with this again. Franco chases after her.

    Franco finds Nina standing over Silas' body in his apartment.

    GH Recap: Ric convinces Nina to commit herself

    Thursday, July 30 2015

    Ric takes Nina back to Shadybrook, but Nina insists she’s fine and that she needs to find Franco. Ric tells her that she has to stay here because she’s not well, and the two fight about her hallucinations. Ric warns her if she loses it in public then she could go to jail for kidnapping. He promises to help her through this, but he needs her to cooperate. He pulls out commitment papers and tells her that she has to sign them, and that it is only temporary until they figure things out. Ric tells her it’s better than prison, and he asks her to trust him. Nina reluctantly signs the papers. Later as Nina is about to be taken to her room, Franco shows up.

    GH Recap: Silas catches Morgan and Denise in bed

    Wednesday, July 29 2015

    Nina strolls into her suite and informs Ric that their marriage is over. She hopes they can remain friends but she doesn't love him. "I can't allow you to leave me," he says. The lawyer explains that he was about to destroy the evidence against her. It's the only thing that could connect her to the kidnapping... other than his testimony. As long as they're married, he can't be compelled to do that. That frazzles her. She starts to pace and Ric turns on the sound of the baby crying again. As she freaks out, he comforts her. Later, Franco starts banging on the door. When there's no answer, he kicks it open.

    GH Recap: Nina wants a divorce

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    Nina arrives at the penthouse to see Denise and then decides being there is a mistake. They argue about Franco. "Franco sure as shootin' isn't over you," Denise says, going on about how head over heels Franco is in love with her. When she mentions that he doesn't question her innocence, Nina suggests that maybe he should. After Denise insists that Nina is innocent, the redhead wonders where all this faith is coming from. She urges her to dump Ric and try again with Franco. Nina doesn't want to hurt her husband but Denise insists he'll get over it if he cares about her happiness. The redhead gets ecstatic and decides to do it. Before leaving, she tells Denise how much she wanted to stab her sister. She grabs a fistful of donuts and leaves. Denise calls Franco to tell him that Nina is heading back to him. She barks at him to get the flashdrive. When she gets off the phone, Morgan shows up.

    Madeline drops by Ric's suite. He gloats about Nina's mental state and then explains how easily he's manipulated Nathan. She worries this could blow up on them. He's going to burn the blanket to make Nina look even worse. This is all giving Madeline pause, but she doesn't see how they can back out of it. After she leaves, he's about to burn the blanket when Nina bustles in. "I want a divorce!" she declares.

    GH Recap: Luke leaves Port Charles

    Monday, July 27 2015

    Nathan confronts Ric and Nina in their hotel room with the baby blanket he found. He needs an explanation about it, and thinks if they can prove it is not Avery’s then this can put Nina’s mind at ease. Ric refuses to let Nina say anything and tells Nathan to go. Nathan begs Nina to let him help her, but she sides with Ric and asks her brother to go. Nathan storms out, and Ric tells Nina that he is the only person she can trust right now. Later, Ava calls up Nina and asks her to come over for breakfast tomorrow so they can talk about Franco. In the restaurant, Madeline tells Maxie she feels she’s not good enough for Nathan. Maxie attempts to convince her she is very sophisticated, but then sees Valerie at the bar and drops some profanities about her. Valerie comes over as she lost an earring somewhere, which Maxie finds under the table. The two bicker for a while about Dante and Lulu before Valerie walks off. Madeline tells Maxie that her treatment of Valerie is more proof that she is low class, so Maxie tells her to take her judgments and go to hell. Nathan arrives and Madeline asks if he saw Nina. He did and says he will handle things. Madeline tells Nathan how horrible Maxie was to her just now, but Nathan overheard enough to know that Madeline was provoking her. Nathan is proud of Maxie, and they walk out together.

    GH Recap: Luke says goodbye to Bobbie

    Friday, July 24 2015

    Nina is disturbed when she walks into her suite and finds a crib inside. When she hears crying, she looks inside and finds a doll. She drops it and runs out. Ric comes in and turns off the crying. He has the crib wheeled out and then calls for his wife. She's startled to see the crib is gone and tells him what happened. "I think you may have imagined it," he says before turning on the baby recording again. Panicking, Nina starts searching the room for the doll. Ric insists she won't find anything. She's become convinced that she must have kidnapped the baby. "Don't worry about it," the lawyer says, offering to protect her. Moments later, Nathan arrives. He notices the baby blanket.

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