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    General Hospital CAST - Nina Reeves Clay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nina Reeves Clay Played by Michelle Stafford on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: September 14, 1968
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Michelle Stafford
    Height: 5'8"


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    GH Recap: Halloween Wedding.

    Friday, October 31 2014

    At the brownstone, Nina chases Ava around until she catches her and injects her with a muscle relaxer that causes paralysis. As Ava begins to lose motor functions, her phone rings and it’s Silas calling. Nina loses it thinking that Ava is sleeping with Silas again. She tells Ava she will never lay eyes on her husband or her baby again. Nina explains she’s taking Ava’s baby as a replacement for the one Ava and her mother took from her. Nina also tells Ava that she plans to destroy Kiki’s life, but not to worry, as she won’t kill her. Nina prepares a second injection for Ava that will cause her to go into labor. Ava gets a text from Silas checking on her, but it is Nina who responds and tells him that she is fine and to take his time.

    GH Recap: Something Came Up.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    In Obrecht's office, Nina orders her mom to get rid of Silas. After some browbeating, Madeline marches off. She spots Sam chatting to Brad by the elevators. She's eager to get test results for Danny and begs him to help. Brad goes off to get the results. Maddy puts on a doctor's coat and corners Brad down the hall, claiming that she's consulting with Silas and needs to review the test results. After a few minutes, she returns them and he hands them to Sam. Maddy returns to her daughter and says that Silas will be there soon. Nina's impressed. She tells her mom to keep Silas there while she takes care of things herself. Meanwhile, Sam gasps as she reads the results.

    At the brownstone, Silas tries to keep Ava calm. She vents about Nina being unhinged. He talks about when things went wrong with her. He just wants to put his life back together. She wonders if he's thinking of Sam. He suspects she's moved on. Ava hopes he gets another chance with Sam. The doctor tells her of all the problems Nina made for them. Sam calls to say that Danny is sick again. Ava urges him to go to her. Once he leaves, Nina sneaks in.

    GH Recap: Pull The Trigger.

    Wednesday, October 29 2014

    At Silas’ office, Madeline tells Nina what she's found out by scoping out the brownstone. Nina is displeased to learn Silas has been there. She loses it and thinks Silas is cheating on her again, so she says she will kill both Ava and Silas. Madeline says perhaps Silas was there to keep the baby safe. Nina believes her mother is right and she calms down. She turns her focus back to the baby and how she plans to get it. She has stolen some syringes filled with a drug that will cause Ava to go into immediate labor. Nina tells her mother to go back to the brownstone and watch for Ava’s posse to leave. Madeline does so and later reports to Nina that all but Silas have left. Nina says they’ll have to get rid of Silas then.

    GH Recap: It's A Doozy.

    Monday, October 27 2014

    At the hospital, Franco interrupts Carly gushing to Jake in the art therapy room. He assumes she's talking about Sonny. She claims she was talking about Jax and babbles. From Franco's tone, Jake realizes it's time to go so Franco calls and orderly to wheel him out. Franco tells Carly that he can't stand that guy. She thinks he's great. The artist promises some surprises for their wedding. "I know what you have planned," she says. She's talking about the venue. They recall when she took out a hit on him. He just wants to prove how much he has changed and show everyone who he really is. "I might even show another little video," he adds, sheepishly. That makes her nervous. Out at the nurses' station, Obrecht questions Liz about Jake. They discuss Franco and Obrecht mocks Liz's art aspirations. Jake is wheeled over and gets snarky with "Dr. O." She doesn't appreciate it. Liz does. When Obrecht walks off, Liz fills Jake in about Franco's crimes. He rambles about Carly and her cold feet. Jake convinces her to help him walk up the stairs. With some effort, they make it to the top. In Obrecht's office, Nina demands to know where Ava is. Madeline explains Rosalie said she's with Kiki at the brownstone. She thinks they should wait until the baby is born before doing anything. Liesl pops up and Nina thanks her 'auntie' for all her help. Obrecht starts talking about the pill mess up and then wanders off. Nina guesses she was talking about Ava. Pulling out a pad, she orders her mom to write a prescription. Meanwhile, Obrecht returns to the nurses' station and spots Jake with Liz at the top of the stairs. "I'm on top of the world!" he bellows. Obrecht sneers.

    GH Recap: Are We Monsters?

    Friday, October 24 2014

    Madeline and Nina are in Obrecht's office wondering where Rosalie and Ava are. As Maddy heads for the door, Franco pops up. He tries to be friendly. Maddy doesn't reciprocate. Franco babbles about his trial until Nina sends her mom away. Nina tells him about clocking Silas. "Who doesn't want to punch that guy?" he says. They discuss his revenge plans and agree to compare notes later. She also has a nasty surprise planned for tomorrow. Nina wonders if they are monsters. He says they're friends. She whispers they are safe together. He invites her to his wedding. She says he life is too hectic for that. Down the hall, Carly barges into the art therapy rooming looking for Franco and finds Jake. "Do I know you from somewhere?" she wonders. He doubts it but he wouldn't know. Maybe she knew the old him... They do introductions and she tells him about marrying Franco. She's surprised her best friend hasn't risen from the grave to stop the wedding. They discuss Jason. Jake thinks she should marry Franco if she loves him, regardless of what Jason would say. She starts venting about her problems and tells him about her affair with Sonny. Carly swears him to secrecy. Franco pops up.

    Madeline returns to the hospital and finds her daughter in Obrecht's office. Maddy advises her daughter to steer clear of Franco. She announces she knows where Ava is. Nina gasps.

    GH Recap: Plans For Heather.

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    At Maxie and Nathan’s place, Madeline agrees to help Nina get Ava’s baby. Nina knows her mom is only helping her as she just wants to get her hands on her father’s money. Madeline doesn’t deny it and asks about Ava’s whereabouts. Nina doesn’t know, but she says Rosalie knows. However they had a falling out and Rosalie isn’t speaking to her. Madeline decides to give Rosalie a call herself.

    Back at Maxie and Nathan’s, Madeline and Nina discuss why Rosalie hasn’t given Nina up to Nathan. Nina says she’s blackmailing Rosalie, and she reveals the secret to Madeline. Madeline is shocked, but feels she can use this to get to Rosalie. Nina still needs somewhere to hide, so Madeline calls in a favor from Obrecht.

    GH Recap: Double-Dipping.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At Nathan's apartment, Nina tells Madeline that with her help, she's going to make Ava's baby hers. Madeline asks who Ava is with. Nina says she was double-dipping with father and son, so she doesn't even know who the father is. She's had two babies and Nina has none. Madeline feels terrible about that but can't help her. Nina can't believe she's taking the moral high ground now. Madeline says she doesn't need a child, she needs help. Nina shouts to the rafters that she needs a baby. She thinks Madeline will take Ava's baby for money. She goes on about Madeline's efforts to convince Silas she was a corpse and take her money. Nina says she has two options - help her get Ava's baby or work at the local supermarket. Nathan arrives. The chain's across the door. Nina tells her to get rid of him and hides. Madeline lets him in - she put the chain on to be safe from Nina. Nathan confides that Nina attacked Silas - he's looking for her. Madeline promises to call if Nina shows up. After, Madeline tells Nina she'll help her. Nina hugs her.

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