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    General Hospital CAST - Nina Reeves Clay Lansing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nina Reeves Clay Lansing Played by Michelle Stafford on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: September 14, 1968
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Michelle Stafford
    Height: 5'8"


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    GH Recap: Ethan has been kidnapped

    Monday, June 29 2015

    Nina arrives in her room at the Metro Court and starts asking Ric if he's her mother's lawyer. Madeline hides in the bedroom and listens. Ric acts indignant at the suggestion and then hides Maddie's purse when Nina's back is turned. She continues to worry about her mom being free and on the loose. He urges her to get control of her money before her mom can. Ric suggests they go downstairs. She's reluctant but he talks her into it. Before he leaves, he whispers with Madeline in the bedroom. She pushes him to get power of attorney quickly. Downstairs, Franco and Ava/Denise agree to be a couple in public. They practice canoodling. Morgan cringes at the sight from across the room. Kiki interrupts and asks if they want to join them for dinner. Franco imagines Morgan might object but he agrees. Ava runs off to powder her nose. Morgan trails after her to warn her about Franco. She tells him that whatever they had is over. Meanwhile, Franco assures Kiki he won't hurt her aunt. He promises that they are good for each other. Ava and Morgan return. She asks for Michael's number so she can call to see her niece. Franco spots Nina and Ric walking in. He starts making out with Denise. Nina starts making out with Ric. Madeline stands a few feet away and watches while Ric gets Nina to sign over her power of attorney to him. Nina and Franco stare at each other jealously.

    GH Recap: Madeline takes Ric to bed

    Friday, June 26 2015

    Nina is startled to run into Denise/Ava at the Metro Court. She confronts her about dating Franco. Carly and Kiki start gossiping about this. When Ava spots Morgan walking in, she declares that she is dating Franco and plants a kiss on him. By the time they're finished, he's chewing her gum and wearing her lipstick. Ava gushes about how they got together. Nina is in disbelief. Franco tells her to go find her husband. Franco and Ava wander off. He asks why she backed him up. She needed someone to think they're together too. Ava explains Kiki is trying to set her up with Silas. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Kiki they need to end things between Denise and Franco. She wonders why it bothers him so much. "Because he's insane," he explains. Meanwhile, Madeline is in Ric's room. She puts her arms around Ric and pulls him into a kiss. He reminds her that he's married and is sure their plan will tank if anyone finds out about them. She promises discretion. With a little pushing, he picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. Moments later, Nina shows up. Ric rushes out of the bedroom in a bathrobe. She asks if her mom is there. He notices Maddie's bag in on the chair.

    GH Recap: Sabrina suggests Michael return AJ to Sonny

    Thursday, June 25 2015

    Kiki finds Franco drinking at the bar of the Metro Court and sulking over losing Nina. She tells him to forget about Nina and let her figure things out about her marriage for herself. In their room, Ric sends Nina down to the bar to order dinner, claiming he needs to freshen up and will meet her. Once she’s gone, he looks over some papers to claim power of attorney. There is a knock at the door, and Ric is shocked to see Madeline. She wants to know if he’s gotten his hands on Nina’s money, but he hasn’t yet. Ric suggests they just get rid of Nina, which causes Madeline to slap him. She tells him to find another solution, but he's out of ideas. Madeline suggests they prove her mentally unbalanced and have her institutionalized again. However she doesn't fully trust Ric and wants to make sure she gets what she’s owed. He asks how he can reassure her, and she responds by pulling him into a kiss. Back in the bar, Nina walks in and hears Franco talking about her mother. She wants answers, so he tells her that her mother is out of jail. She refuses to believe her mother is out given the charges she’s facing, so Franco suggests maybe her husband sprung her and they are working together. She drags him off and as they bicker, Franco attempts to make Nina jealous by saying he’s moved on and is dating someone else. Nina wants to know who. Meanwhile, Carly shows up for work and she talks with Kiki about Morgan and Michael. They also discuss Denise, who walks into the bar. As Carly meets Denise for the first time, Franco sees Denise and tells Nina that she is his date. Nina demands to meet her and storms up to Denise, only to be shocked by how much she looks like Ava. Nina introduces herself to Denise, and then looks for a sign that Franco and Denise know one another.

    GH Recap: Part Of The Family.

    Thursday, June 11 2015

    At the Metro Court, Sam questions Nina about her marriage to Ric and breaking things off with Franco. Nina wonders what Sam is after, so she tells her that she’s looking into what happened to the shares she and Franco stole. Nina swears she sold them back to Rosalie, but Sam says that Rosalie is claiming she’s lying. Sam realizes that Rosalie is good at lying though, as she did enough of that for Nina because of a certain secret she was holding over Rosalie. Sam claims that Rosalie is telling the entire town that Nina is a crazy liar. She suggests Nina blow Rosalie out of the water by revealing her secret, but Nina won’t give up that leverage and walks off.

    GH Recap: Security.

    Wednesday, June 10 2015

    Nina meets Ric for lunch at the Metro Court. He asks what she’s been up to, so she tells him about selling off her ELQ stocks. Ric is stunned and questions her about the money. She wonders why as she thought he wasn’t interested in her money. He covers and claims he just doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of her. Molly walks in, and after Ric properly introduces them, Nina suggests Molly call her mom. Molly is stunned.

    Back at Metro Court, Molly gets an unknown call and gladly takes it to get away from Nina. TJ calls her for help, so she goes to her father and asks him to help TJ. Nina says of course he will help her friend. Ric and Molly head off and Sam arrives to pay Nina a visit.

    GH Recap: Luke's Fool.

    Tuesday, June 09 2015

    At the Floating Rib, Silas warns Kiki to be careful with Denise, but Kiki has a good feeling about her aunt. Kiki heads out and Franco walks in. He tells Nina that he’ll leave her alone, if she hands over his shares of ELQ. She tells him that she can’t as she sold them to Rosalie, who gave them back to Michael. He asks for his cut, but Nina says she paid his share to Olivia for the bill at the Metro Court. Before walking out, Franco tells her that she won’t get away with this.

    GH Recap: Damsel In Distress.

    Monday, June 08 2015

    Nina heads into the Floating Rib for a drink. Silas is there. She tells him about Franco and Nathan trying to frame her. He listens as she explains her marriage to Ric. "Do you even know him?" he asks. He gets uncomfortable as she goes on about Franco accusing her of kidnapping. The doctor apologizes for any part he played in this. They rehash their past and everything that happened with Ava. Kiki walks in. She snubs Nina and starts babbling about Denise.

    GH Recap: Huge Mistake.

    Friday, June 05 2015

    At the PCPD, Valerie asks Dante to dinner with Lulu to celebrate her new job. He says she doesn't need to thank him but she's insistent. She pushes him to go with her and let Lulu join them later. In the interrogation room, Franco and Nathan prod Nina to sign annulment papers. Otherwise, she'll be arrested for kidnapping. She refuses, insisting that Ric loves her. Franco repeats their ultimatum. She's disappointed in her brother for going along with this. He's only trying to protect her. Nina continues claiming that Ric loves her and she doesn't need saving. She tells Franco that she will never go back to him because he doesn't trust her. When she challenges Nathan to arrest her, he takes Franco outside instead. "This was a huge mistake," the cops says. Franco pushes him to arrest her and pray that she comes to her senses. They return to her and Nathan refuses to arrest his sister. Once she's gone. The cop tells Franco he'll find another way to break up the marriage. Franco is sure he just made it all worse.

    At the Floating Rib, Carly, Bobbie, Scott and Sonny toast to Brad and Lucas. Bobbie hopes that Brad's parents will be involved in planning the wedding. Scott starts accusing Sonny of getting Hayden shot. As they lecture each other and start yelling about Karen, Dante and Valerie arrive. Sonny and Scott begin pushing each other. Dante breaks it up and then introduces Valerie around. Later, Nina shows up as Silas plays pool. She fills him in about what just happened.

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