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    General Hospital CAST - Nina Reeves Clay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nina Reeves Clay Played by Michelle Stafford on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: September 14, 1968
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Michelle Stafford
    Height: 5'8"


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    GH Recap: You Lying Scarecrow.

    Thursday, November 20 2014

    In Canada, Franco scrolls through the latest news on his tablet. Nina wakes up and is startled to see they are in the same bed. She flips out and starts babbling about being a married woman. Nina fusses over the baby. Franco shows her the news and explains that it's Ava baby. She won't face that. He reminds her of what really happened. She sobs as she recalls but insists she deserves the baby anyway. Nina rails about Ava. He pushes her to admit her relationship with Silas doesn't exist anymore. She admits it and knows she's been a nut. "I'm kind of a nut myself sometimes," he admits. Nina feels like an empty shell. She has nothing. Franco says he will stick by her. They laugh that the next chapter in their lives will be good. Nina wonders what to do about the baby.

    GH Recap: The Downside.

    Thursday, November 13 2014

    In Prince Edward County Canada, Nina holds Ava's baby, thankful to Franco for his help. She's planning on going across Canada with the baby. Nina decides it's time Silas saw his "daughter." Franco grabs the phone from her hands and reminds her Silas is not the father – and she’s not the child’s mother. Silas will call the cops if she calls him. Franco admits to Nina that he abducted Carly and three other people. He fills her in about the wedding fiasco. "On the downside, I probably made my father really happy," he says. She starts telling him how happy she is with Silas and their baby. He points out that the baby belongs to Ava. She insists it's her baby with Silas and begs him to believe it. Franco plays along. Nina admits she gets out of control sometimes. When she tries to call Silas, he convinces her not to. The artist offers to come up with a plan.

    GH Recap: Time To Kill.

    Wednesday, November 12 2014

    At the motel, Madeline is out cold on the floor, having been knocked out by Nina. There is a knock at the door and it is Silas. Silas tells Nina that he’s come to finally be a family with her. Later it turns out that Silas was just another delusion of Nina’s. As Madeline struggles to wake up, Nina realizes her mother never called Silas. Nina is furious and raises her hand to strike her mother.

    Back at the docks, Franco has Nina and the baby with him. He tells her to forget Silas, they need to get out of here.

    GH Recap: Cockadoody.

    Monday, November 10 2014

    At the Rendezvous motel, Nina tells her mom to call Silas and tell him she has a baby. Madeline thinks she should think that over. Nina decides to go and see him. It will make him jump for joy. That doesn't sound right to her mom. Nina rails about how her baby will draw Silas back into her arms. She orders her mom onto the 'cockadoody phone'.

    Back at the Rendezvous motel, Madeline asks Nina to fulfill her promise and sign the finances over to her. Nina makes it clear that she is not going to see a dime. She starts to rail, grabs a lamp and clobbers her mom with it. Madeline is left in a pool of blood as Nina gleefully talks to the baby about what a great life they will have.

    GH Recap: Something Terrible.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    Nina comforts Ava’s baby inside a motel room. Madeline enters with groceries and baby supplies. Nina is grateful, but wants answers about why she broke up her marriage to Silas. Before Madeline can answer Nina takes a call from Franco. He tells her the wedding was eventful. She tells him her day has been eventful too. They really like hearing each other’s voice and agree to talk later. Nina asks her mother again about hiring Ava to seduce Silas. Madeline admits to hiring Ava so Nina could see what kind of man Silas was. But none of that matters anymore. Now that Nina has Silas’ baby none of them will ever have to see Ava again. She has something Ava could never give Silas – a daughter. Madeline realizes Nina really believes this baby belongs to her and Silas.

    GH Recap: Going Fishing?

    Wednesday, November 05 2014

    Inside the brownstone, Ava shares with Nina how she first met Madeline. She cozied up to Ava to seduce Silas in exchange for an art gallery of Ava's own. Holding Ava's baby, Nina demands answers from her mother. Madeline whispers her denial to Nina, who believes her and glares at Ava. "You have three seconds to plead your case." Ava admits she fell for Silas, though she tried to fight it, and blames Madeline for that happening. Ava knows Nina can relate to wanting to do anything for Silas and warns Madeline doesn't want her happy. "Who's to say she won't take that baby away from you too?" Madeline and Ava continue to chirp in Nina's ear. Nina turns to Madeline and says, "I can't trust you." Ava makes Nina think Madeline has the cops outside waiting for her and begs her to leave the baby there.

    GH Recap: Did You Do Lamaze?

    Tuesday, November 04 2014

    At the brownstone, Ava starts having contractions thanks to Nina drugging her. Ava demands that she call Silas. Nina puts her back on the couch. "Did you do Lamaze?" she asks before graphically explaining how she helped a horse give birth once. "It was like I saw God," Nina says. Ava wants drugs. Nina says no. They go ahead. Ava manages to push the baby out. It's a girl. The blond wants to hold the baby. "Kiki is your baby," says Nina, before telling her how devastating it is to lose a child. Madeline arrives and tells her they have to go immediately. Ava begs Maddy not to let Nina take the baby.

    GH Recap: Yukking It Up.

    Monday, November 03 2014

    At the brownstone, Nina prepares to inject Ava with drugs to induce labor. She gets distracted as she explains that drugs were used to take her baby away. The Jerome tries to talk her out of this. Nina gives her oxytocin and starts looking for towels and twine. Ava tries to move. As she drags herself to the door, Nina returns. The contractions start. Nina thinks this is fantastic.

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