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    General Hospital CAST - Victor Cassadine

    Full detailed profile on Victor Cassadine Played by Thaao Penghlis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Victor Cassadine

    Actor: Thaao Penghlis

    Who played Victor Cassadine over the years

    Thaao Penghlis (1981; January 30, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Victor Cassadine

    * Stole the Ice Princess diamond with his brothers Mikkos Cassadine and Anthony Cassadine and tried to freeze Port Charles.
    * Was thought to have died in prison.
    * Used to date actress Tiffany Hill.
    * Has a romantic past with Dr. Liesl Obrecht.
    * Returned to Port Charles in 2014 in order to get Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake to agree to free Helena Cassadine and Stavros Cassadine from a state of suspended animation.
    * Told Robin that Jason Morgan was also in suspended animation, and that she could save him too.


    Current: Director of the World Security Bureau
    Past: Prince


    Victor Cassadine first appeared in 1981 when he was helping his brothers Mikkos Cassadine and Anthony Cassadine in their attempt to take over the world. Together, they stole the infamous Ice Princess diamond and used it to create a weather machine to freeze out Port Charles. When Victor's girlfriend, actress Tiffany Hill, learned of his plans, she turned on him and helped Robert Scorpio and Luke and Laura Spencer take him and his brothers down.

    Victor went to prison and was not heard from again until he returned to Port Charles in 2014. Newly instated as the head of the WSB, he was able to get criminal immunity for Dr. Liesl Obrecht in exchange for information she gave Victor. She was named the General Hospital chief of staff. It soon became clear that Victor was in love with Liesl, and worked hard to woo her.

    But Victor was really in town to convince Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake to return with him to Cassadine Island in Greece, where Helena Cassadine and Stavros Cassadine, both thought dead at the hands of Luke and Laura, were actually alive and in a state of cryogenically frozen suspended animation. Victor told Robin that her friend, Jason Morgan, was also alive and frozen with them. If Robin came with him to save Stavros and Helena, she could save Jason too. This was the information Liesl exchanged to Victor for her freedom.




    Tiffany Hill (dated)
    Dr. Liesl Obrecht (flirtation)


    Mikkos Cassadine (brother; deceased)
    Helena Cassadine (sister-in-law)
    Anthony Cassadine (brother; deceased)
    Stavros Cassadine (nephew)
    Stefan Cassadine (nephew; deceased)
    Kristina Cassadine (niece; deceased)
    Valentin Cassadine (nephew)
    Dimitri Cassadine (cousin)
    Petros Cassadine (cousin; deceased)
    Alexis Davis (niece)
    Samantha McCall Morgan (great-niece)
    Kristina Corinthos Davis (great-niece)
    Molly Lansing Davis (great-niece)
    Nikolas Cassadine (great-nephew)
    Spencer Cassadine (great-great-nephew)
    Daniel Edward Morgan (great-great-nephew)




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    Tuesday, September 16 2014: GH Recap: Tick Tock Liesl.

    At Crichton-Clark, Maxie and Nathan start making out over Peter’s dead body. He realizes it isn’t the best time or place and instead gives Maxie a sexy lesson in proper gun handling before she grabs the Aztec knife and they leave. Meanwhile, Dante bursts into Lulu’s room, gun drawn. Stavros puts a scalpel to Lulu’s neck and threatens to slit her throat, Cassadine style. Dante relents and kicks over his gun but then Lulu suddenly elbows Stavros in the gut so Dante can pounce. Lulu and the female doctor struggle, and Lulu is able to open the door with her badge long enough for police backup to see Dante. There’s lots of shooting but they can’t get in the room and Stavros pulls a gun on Dante. Lulu throws herself in front of the gun, insisting Stavros kill her first. In Victor’s office, Obrecht interrupts his arrest by pulling a gun on Anna. Anna thinks this is about Faison and suggests Obrecht think about her son instead. Obrecht says she is – and suddenly shoots Victor. Anna can’t believe it but Obrecht couldn’t risk Victor escaping jail now that he knows the truth. The police backup come in and tell Anna that Dante is sealed in a room with Lulu and Stavros. Anna runs off with them while Obrecht apologizes to Victor. It’s kill or be killed, but she regrets he had to die. Victor isn’t dead and croaks out he’d hoped their kiss-kill relationship would end in a kiss – or a kill by his hand. She tells him they are the only two who know Nathan is not really his son, and the truth is far, far worse. Meanwhile, Jason punches out the clinic director and snatches his medical file. He takes the access badge off of the doctor and sneaks out of the room. He hides as Maxie and Nathan walk by, then enters a room to find Robin chained to a wall. She’s ecstatic and realizes he can’t talk and has a fever. He suddenly shoots off her handcuff and she admonishes him for not warning her, then gives him a big hug. Meanwhile, Maxie and Nathan open a door and find the doctor and director that Jason took out. Nathan wakes up the director who tells him the person who knocked them out was a priority patient of Mr. Cassadine. Outside the room with Stavros, Lulu and Dante, Anna has the men look for another way in. Inside, Stavros reminds Lulu that he can raise their child with or without her. Dante and Stavros struggle over the gun. It goes off, killing Stavros. Anna finally enters with backup and tells them Victor is dead just like Stavros. Back in his office, Stavros wants to know who Nathan’s father is. Obrecht moves to put a pillow over Victor’s face. He pushes a button in his vest and suddenly loud sirens and lights go off across the whole clinic. He tells Obrecht it is a contingency to protect against biological warfare, and in a few minutes all that will be left of the clinic will be a crater. He won’t disclose how much time she has and she runs for it. As the sirens go off Anna leads another sweep of the clinic and is about to open the door holding Robin and Jason. Meanwhile, the clinic director tells Nathan and Maxie they have to leave since someone triggered the disrupt sequence.

    Monday, September 15 2014: GH Recap: Avenge Me!

    Anna runs around the halls of Crichton-Clark with her gun out. She's surrounded by a squad. Scorpio sent them. She fills them in and announces that Victor is going down. They split up to search the building. Down the hall, after receiving a hormone injection, Lulu demands that Stavros re-shackle her and get lost. He explains that he's taking her away for a procedure. His doctor says that the injection was more than enough to make her ready. Dante barks as they drag her away. He bangs on the wall. Eventually, Anna finds him. He fills her in and badgers her to shoot off his cuffs. That works. They head through the corpse filled corridors. In another room, Lulu starts to feel the effects of a tranquilizer. She keels over. Stavros gropes her belly and intones that she will soon be carrying his baby. When he tries to anaesthetize her, she bites him. Meanwhile, Nathan holds a gun on Victor in his office and demands to know where Maxie is. Victor breaks the news that he's his father. The cop gets a confirmation from Obrecht. Victor wants to make up for lost time. Nathan isn't into having tea with psychos. He repeats his demand about Maxie. Cassadine thinks she may have wound up with Mr. Harrell. The cop heads out. His mother is impressed by how brave he was. "He gets that from me," Victor says. The DNA results come in. Victor is furious when they say that the DNA isn't a match. He pulls a gun on her. Anna kicks the door open and shoots the gun out of his hand. As she arrests him, Liesl pulls a gun on her. Down the hall, Peter explains to Maxie that her parents shot his father in the head. Peter senior wants to kill her himself. Maxie objects to being punished for something that happened before she was born. Peter gives his father an Aztec dagger. Before he can stick it in, Nathan rears his head and shoots him in the back. "Avenge me!" Peter gasps to his son as he dies. Peter junior and Nathan brawl. Maxie squeals. She grabs the dagger as Peter points his gun at the cop. She stabs him. He gasps, stumbles and collapses. Maxie and Nathan start making out. Around the corner, one of the Cassadine minions checks on Jason and his doctor for a progress report. Jason is in restraints and he's not happy. When the minion walks out, Dante corners him. Before he can barge into the room, the cop hears Lulu screaming and runs down the hall to her. The minion heads back into Jason's room and sees that he's escaped.

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