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    General Hospital CAST - Victor Cassadine

    Full detailed profile on Victor Cassadine Played by Thaao Penghlis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Victor Cassadine

    Actor: Thaao Penghlis

    Who played Victor Cassadine over the years

    Thaao Penghlis (1981; January 30, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Victor Cassadine

    * Stole the Ice Princess diamond with his brothers Mikkos Cassadine and Anthony Cassadine and tried to freeze Port Charles.
    * Was thought to have died in prison.
    * Used to date actress Tiffany Hill.
    * Has a romantic past with Dr. Liesl Obrecht.
    * Returned to Port Charles in 2014 in order to get Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake to agree to free Helena Cassadine and Stavros Cassadine from a state of suspended animation.
    * Told Robin that Jason Morgan was also in suspended animation, and that she could save him too.


    Current: Director of the World Security Bureau
    Past: Prince


    Victor Cassadine first appeared in 1981 when he was helping his brothers Mikkos Cassadine and Anthony Cassadine in their attempt to take over the world. Together, they stole the infamous Ice Princess diamond and used it to create a weather machine to freeze out Port Charles. When Victor's girlfriend, actress Tiffany Hill, learned of his plans, she turned on him and helped Robert Scorpio and Luke and Laura Spencer take him and his brothers down.

    Victor went to prison and was not heard from again until he returned to Port Charles in 2014. Newly instated as the head of the WSB, he was able to get criminal immunity for Dr. Liesl Obrecht in exchange for information she gave Victor. She was named the General Hospital chief of staff. It soon became clear that Victor was in love with Liesl, and worked hard to woo her.

    But Victor was really in town to convince Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake to return with him to Cassadine Island in Greece, where Helena Cassadine and Stavros Cassadine, both thought dead at the hands of Luke and Laura, were actually alive and in a state of cryogenically frozen suspended animation. Victor told Robin that her friend, Jason Morgan, was also alive and frozen with them. If Robin came with him to save Stavros and Helena, she could save Jason too. This was the information Liesl exchanged to Victor for her freedom.




    Tiffany Hill (dated)
    Dr. Liesl Obrecht (flirtation)


    Mikkos Cassadine (brother; deceased)
    Helena Cassadine (sister-in-law)
    Anthony Cassadine (brother; deceased)
    Stavros Cassadine (nephew)
    Stefan Cassadine (nephew; deceased)
    Kristina Cassadine (niece; deceased)
    Valentin Cassadine (nephew)
    Dimitri Cassadine (cousin)
    Petros Cassadine (cousin; deceased)
    Alexis Davis (niece)
    Samantha McCall Morgan (great-niece)
    Kristina Corinthos Davis (great-niece)
    Molly Lansing Davis (great-niece)
    Nikolas Cassadine (great-nephew)
    Spencer Cassadine (great-great-nephew)
    Daniel Edward Morgan (great-great-nephew)




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    Thursday, May 01 2014: GH Recap: It Sucks Being A Parent.

    Silas bumps into Sam in the hospital corridor. They discuss Patrick and Sabrina's baby. The doctor admits the kid's odds aren't good. "It sucks being a parent," Sam says. He tries to be optimistic. She tears up and hopes that the parents will be as lucky as she was. Down the hall, Sabrina and Patrick are in the incubator room worrying about their baby. He wanders out. Victor pops up to check on him. Robin read about his accident on the internet. The doctor wants him to get lost but Victor offers him a chance to speak to Robin. The Cassadine hands him a phone number that will be active for an hour. Patrick walks down the hall and makes the call. He updates Robin on everything and asks her to come home. She won't so he accuses her of putting Jason above her family. He angrily tells her not to bother coming back. Back in the incubator room, Britt visits Sabrina. The doctor says the latest tests show improvement.

    Maxie and Levi are locking lips at Kelly's. She wants her parents to like him. Maxie worries that Lulu will never forgive what she did. He gives her a pep talk. They kiss until Mac and Felicia interrupt. "Mind taking your tongue our of my daughter's mouth?" Mac barks. He's gruff and begins interrogating Levi. News that he is vegan doesn't sit well with Mac. Lulu and Dante stroll in. That's awkward. Maxie tells them how happy she is for them. Maxie knows that getting Rocco won't erase everything she did. She apologizes profusely and hopes they can be friends again some day. Choking up, Lulu tells her she wants to be friends too. They hug. Dante and Lulu walk outside. Victor arrives and hands them a package.

    Tuesday, March 04 2014: GH Recap: Make Your Peace.

    Victor comes by Robin’s house to collect her. Patrick accuses Victor of playing on Robin’s emotions and wants to know this isn’t a trick. Victor doesn’t care if Patrick believes it or not. What matters is what Robin believes. Patrick knows Robin would do anything for the people she loves. That’s why he loves her. Victor thinks long goodbyes add to the pain, but Robin insists on saying goodbye to Emma. She leaves Patrick alone with Victor. Patrick tells Victor he’s responsible for bringing Robin home healthy and whole. If not, he will hunt him down. Victor understands and waits outside while Patrick and Robin tearfully say their last goodbyes. He’s scared he’ll forget how to love her. Robin promises she’ll return, then walks out the door into the night.

    In New York, Silas walks around the facility until he finds Nina’s room. The woman from the front desk tries to stop him but he pushes himself inside. "What the hell is this?" he demands. The room is empty. Sam enters and the woman demands they leave immediately. Sam refuses to leave without answers and she and Silas start looking around. Silas demands to know if Nina is dead. She refuses to answer and threatens to have them arrested. Sam agrees to leave, but tells Silas they’ll find his wife one way or the other. Meanwhile, Victor shows Robin around. She refuses to begin work until she sees Jason. He takes her to the same room Silas and Sam just left and the woman agrees to take them to see the patient. Victor lets Robin take a look. "It really is you," she says.

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