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    General Hospital CAST - Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves Played by Ryan Paevey on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Todd Warywchuck)

    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California
    Real Name: Ryan Paevey
    Height: 6'


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    GH Recap: I Got Here First.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    At The Floating Rib, Maxie tells Mac, Felicia and Nathan that she’s marrying Levi and Nathan accuses them of doing it to avoid Levi’s deportation. He wonders what Levi said to make her propose – that he would be shot on the tarmac? Maxie lies that it was intimate and beautiful, and Levi not being deported is just a plus. Mac warns her immigration will investigate, especially after her marriage to keep Matt out of jail. Nathan pulls Maxie aside and tells her she can get in a lot of trouble for fraud. Maxie is marrying Levi anyway. Nathan wants to know in Maxie’s heart if this is what she wants and she assures him it is. Meanwhile, Levi asks Mac and Felicia for their blessing. Mac refuses and doesn’t appreciate Levi cornering them to give him an answer in front of Maxie. Maxie hoped for their support, but it won’t stop them from getting married. Nathan looks like his puppy ran away.

    GH Recap: Moss. Ronn Moss.

    Monday, July 21 2014

    At the station, Dante sees Nathan arrive with a garbage bag of stuff and realizes things are no better with Maxie. Nathan is sure Levi set him up but can’t figure out what he has to gain but Maxie’s sympathy and loyalty. Dante needs facts before they move forward and sees the call was made when the two of them were in the locker room. Dante thinks Levi took the phone when Nathan and Maxie were cuffed, then put it back. Dante can’t imagine why Levi would turn himself in while Nathan rages about Levi’s intentions. Dante tells him to go cool off. Later, Anna arrives and is exhausted to hear Maxie is causing problems for Nathan. She wants the pair of them to start a drug task force. She tells Dante about the heroin in Rafe’s system and is worried Obrecht will use that against them.

    Felicia and Mac discuss Levi’s situation at The Floating Rib. She thinks Nathan called immigration but Mac doesn’t trust Levi and is sure Nathan would have erased the call the minute he made it - if he wasn’t just open about it. The two are interrupted by a weeping Lucy, who is grieving Rafe’s death. She wails she’s been too focused on Scott and neglected Rafe. Felicia suggests she call Serena but Lucy shares their last call was not good. Serena is mad at her for how she treated Scott and Kevin. Mac reminds Lucy she created this situation. Alone with Felicia, Lucy admits she misses Scott and wishes she hadn’t pushed him away. Felicia tells Lucy she should go to Scott and figure things out. Lucy perks up and takes off. Nathan runs into Mac on his way in and promises him he never accused him of calling immigration. Mac just wants Maxie to wise up. Felicia defends Levi to Nathan and Mac. Later, Maxie and Levi arrive and tell them all they are getting married.

    GH Recap: Time To Tuck In.

    Friday, July 18 2014

    Nathan comes home to his clothes in a trash bag outside. Maxie has thrown him out and changed the locks. She suggests he find a new space down by the waterfront but he reminds her he’s paid until the end of the month. They continue to argue through the door and he reiterates he didn’t drop the dime on Levi. She lets him come in to collect his stuff but isn’t interested in hearing more of his lies. Levi walks in and Nathan points the figure at him. Maxie jokes to Levi that Nathan’s new theory is that he called immigration on himself. Levi flashes back to making the call with Nathan’s phone but tells them both it’s ridiculous. Before Nathan leaves he promises to prove to Maxie that Levi is up to no good. Outside, Nathan thinks about Maxie’s eyes. Inside, Maxie pledges to go with Levi to Australia.

    GH Recap: Maybe I Do.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014

    At Maxie's, Levi accuses Nathan of squealing on him. The cop denies it and admits that Mac or Dante might have made the call. Levi jogs out. Nathan trails after.

    Maxie walks into The Floating Rib and demands to know if Mac or Dante called Immigration on Levi. The men deny doing anything. They debate the merits of Dunkleman. Maxie continues accusing them. Levi and Nathan arrive. Maxie accuses him. Nathan apologizes for dragging them all into this. Levi wants to check his phone. He hands it over and Maxie finds an 800 number. She calls it. It's Immigration. The cop is clueless and Maxie accuses him of being a liar. She declares that he won't get away with this. Meanwhile, Lucas and his father arrive. They say hi to Lulu and Liv, who gives Julian the cold shoulder. Father and son sit down across the room. Julian wants to hear about his problems, even if that includes his love life. He chokes on his beer when Lucas talks about Brad and Felix making out. He explains his romantic conundrum. Before he can explain which man he chose, Felix and Brad walk in together. Lucas is miffed.

    GH Recap: No Death Wasted.

    Monday, July 14 2014

    At Maxie's, she and Levi wonder if Nathan called Immigration on him. The cop walks in. They confront him. He denies it. Diane calls and the Aussie walks off to take it. Nathan confesses he tipped Dante off but he's sure the cop wouldn't have blabbed. "He cares about you, we both do," he says. He mentions Mac wouldn't mind Levi being deported. She groans. They bicker about Levi. Nathan accuses her of pretending to be someone she's not. She storms out. The cops calls. Levi returns and accuses him of being a squealer.

    GH Recap: Revenge On Rafe.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    An Immigration agent shows up at Maxie's door looking for Levi. He explains that the Aussie lacks a visa. Maxie plays dumb. The agent warns that she will be in trouble if she's harboring an alien. She gives him the runaround. Shirtless Levi wanders in scratching himself. Maxie thinks she knows who ratted on her boyfriend. The agent plans to deport Dunkleman. It should take a few days. He leaves and she leaves a message for Diane. Nathan walks in. They stare at him.

    GH Recap: The Golden Girls.

    Thursday, July 10 2014

    Nathan wanders around the apartment in his towel arguing with Maxie about Levi. After the cop leaves for work, Lulu shows up and tells her the news about her procedure. They discuss the failed protest and the handcuff incident. It all sounds romantic to Lulu, who thinks that Nathan is pretty great. Maxie insists she doesn't have feelings for him but Lulu doubts that. After she leaves, Maxie thinks of Nathan until an immigration agent shows up at the door.

    Nathan is beating up his locker at work. Dante wonders why he's so miffed. They discuss Maxie and Levi's antics then Dante fills him in about Rafe's accident. Falconeri notices his handcuff marks and soon hears the whole story. Nathan fills him in on his suspicions of Dunkleman. All of this makes it sound like Nathan has feelings for Maxie.

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