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    General Hospital CAST - Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves Played by Ryan Paevey on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Todd Warywchuck)

    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California
    Real Name: Ryan Paevey
    Height: 6'


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    GH Recap: Shocking Reveal.

    Friday, January 30 2015

    At The Haunted Star, Nathan arrests Jake in front of many of the partygoers who arrived early. Lulu and Maxie discuss how something about this doesn’t add up and Michael agrees. Jake swears to Nathan that he has no memory of committing any of the crimes he’s accused of.

    As Sam, Patrick and Carly talk about Jake at the PCPD, Nathan brings him in in handcuffs. Carly confronts Jake and tells him that Kevin says he never met with Jake. Jake has a memory flash of going into the office and seeing Helena sitting there. He’s about to tell them when another officer interrupts to tell Nathan that the van transporting Madeline was hijacked. Jake swears to Carly that he never lied to her, and he knows she was only trying to help him. He’s taken off to a holding room. Sam asks Patrick to go ahead to the party without her, as she still needs answers. He knows not to argue and abides by her wishes. Sam goes in to see Jake and says she has questions about her phoenix.

    GH Recap: Prison Break.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    At the station, Carly shows up looking for Dante. He's not there so Nathan offers to help. She's worried about Jake and unpacks his issues. She suspects that Jake is not in control of himself and hands him a bag of evidence. He has the gun sent for tests as Carly talks about Jake's blackouts and memory lapses. Confirmation comes in that it was the gun used to shoot the cop. Nathan calls for a warrant. He gets a call from Maxie, worrying about where he is. When she mentions that Jake is at the Star, the cop says he'll be there right away.

    Nathan arrives at the Haunted Star and promptly arrests Jake.

    GH Recap: Keys To The Coffee Kingdom.

    Thursday, January 22 2015

    Maxie and Nathan wake up together in bed. They end up chitchatting about organized crime in Port Charles, and specifically Johnny. Nathan tells Maxie that Johnny implied she had a history with him. Maxie says they had a pretend dating relationship for business, but there was a mutual attraction. Maxie tells Nathan that Johnny has a history of doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

    GH Recap: Complicated.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    Dante strolls into Kelly's to see Shawn. He runs into Nathan at the bar and starts unloading about his family. As he eats, he fills his partner in about the Johnny situation. Dante learns that Nathan is living above the bar now. After admitting that he was wrong, Dante decides to get some flowers and head home. Maxie soon arrives and gets lovey-dovey with Nathan. He explains that he's moving in there. She thinks it can wait until tomorrow.

    GH Recap: Get With The Program.

    Thursday, January 15 2015

    Sloane settles into Anna's old office. Dante and Nathan stop by. They both find his appointment mysterious. Their new boss snipes at them and wonders if they want to keep their jobs. The cops agree to respect his office. Sloane wants to know about all of Devane's secret operations. The cops claim they aren't aware of any but their boss has already found financial records indicating otherwise. Nathan claims they are in the dark. This riles Sloane. He orders them to get with the program and boots them out. Moments later, he corners West and apologizes for his tone. He promises to fix the department and hopes Nathan is on board. The cop gets a call from Anna and wanders off to take it. She fills him in on her plans for Jordan.

    GH Recap: Embracing The Cassadine Name.

    Wednesday, January 14 2015

    Maxie and Nathan are in bed discussing Lomax’s win and Sloane’s new job. Nathan reveals that Anna held Sloane back from a promotion years ago as he broke some rules and ethics. Maxie suspects this is about revenge and that Lomax’s re-election was rigged. Nathan tells Maxie that he’ll look into it. Nathan switches the subject to their relationship and moving in together. Maxie says she wants to be smart and take this slow so she doesn’t ruin things. Maxie and Nathan agree that he should move out for the time being.

    GH Recap: Inauguration Day.

    Tuesday, January 13 2015

    Maxie and Nathan are still in bed at their place. Maxie says they would be at her mother’s inauguration today if it weren’t for the missing ballot box. Maxie has flashbacks of hanging up posters at the docks with Lulu. Nathan told them they needed a permit to do so, which lead to an argument between Maxie and Nathan. In the present, Nathan gets a call from Anna asking him to execute a warrant at Wyndemere.

    Lulu shows up to see Nikolas at Wyndemere, only to find the missing ballot box in his living room. Before Nikolas can explain, Dante and Nathan arrive to arrest him. Spencer rushes in and claims he is the guilty party. Spencer says he snuck out on New Year’s Eve to see the fireworks when he saw a man and woman dropping the box into the water. Spencer had the driver jump into the river to get the box for him. Spencer tells Dante that he didn’t know what was inside it, but the man and woman who dumped it said, “Sonny isn’t in charge anymore.” Spencer only wanted to give it back to Sonny. Nikolas says he just found the box in Spencer’s room last night. Dante asks Spencer if he recognized the man and woman. Spencer remembers seeing them at The Nurse’s Ball.

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