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    General Hospital CAST - Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves

    Full detailed profile on Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves Played by Ryan Paevey on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Todd Warywchuck)
    Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves

    Actor: Ryan Paevey

    Who played Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves over the years

    Ryan Paevey (January 2, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Nathan West/James Nathan Reeves

    * An NYPD detective who moved to Port Charles to investigate a cold case involving Dr. Silas Clay.
    * Sublets Maxie Jones' apartment.
    * Is partners with Dante Falconeri.


    Current: PCPD Detective
    Past: NYPD Detective


    Det. Nathan West's presence was first felt in Port Charles when he began leaving multiple unanswered voicemails for Dr. Silas Clay and Ava Jerome concerning Silas' comatose wife Nina. The cold case landed on West's desk and after some digging he was convinced Silas injected his wife with an overdose of her anti-depressant, sending her into the coma.

    Nathan moved to Port Charles to get close to Silas and began subletting Maxie Jones' apartment on New Year's Eve when she left to go find herself. He was partnered with Dante Falconeri on the force and was immediately immersed in the disappearance of Carly Jacks.


    Madeline Reeves (aunt, raised him as his mother)
    Dr. Liesl Obrecht (mother)
    Dr. Britt Westbourne (sister)
    Nina Reeves Clay (cousin)


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    Thursday, January 22 2015: GH Recap: Keys To The Coffee Kingdom.

    Maxie and Nathan wake up together in bed. They end up chitchatting about organized crime in Port Charles, and specifically Johnny. Nathan tells Maxie that Johnny implied she had a history with him. Maxie says they had a pretend dating relationship for business, but there was a mutual attraction. Maxie tells Nathan that Johnny has a history of doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015: GH Recap: Complicated.

    Dante strolls into Kelly's to see Shawn. He runs into Nathan at the bar and starts unloading about his family. As he eats, he fills his partner in about the Johnny situation. Dante learns that Nathan is living above the bar now. After admitting that he was wrong, Dante decides to get some flowers and head home. Maxie soon arrives and gets lovey-dovey with Nathan. He explains that he's moving in there. She thinks it can wait until tomorrow.

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