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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Kevin Collins

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Kevin Collins Played by Jon Lindstrom on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Joseph Marzullo/
    Dr. Kevin Collins

    Actor: Jon Lindstrom

    Who played Dr. Kevin Collins over the years

    Jon Lindstrom (1994 - present)

    Useful information on Dr. Kevin Collins

    * Had a rivalry with Mac Scorpio until 1996.
    * Had a twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain, who was a serial killer.
    * Stalked and kidnapped Felicia Jones after suffering a mental breakdown.
    * Wrote a bestselling murder mystery General Homicide.
    * Through hypnosis was able to get Alexis Davis to remember the name of Sam's father.


    Current: Psychiatrist
    Past: Author of General Homicide
    Past: Professor at Port Charles University


    Psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Collins came to Port Charles in 1994 to rehabilitate his identical twin brother Ryan Chamberlain, a serial killer. Kevin met Lucy Coe and eventually they started dating. Kevin told Lucy that their mother had molested Ryan, and Kevin had decided to pretend he was Ryan to learn what their mother was doing. Lucy stood by Kevin when Felicia Jones brought charges of stalking and kidnapping against him after he suffered a mental breakdown. She later dropped the charges, but Kevin's medical license was suspended.

    While he was unable to practice medicine he wrote a bestselling murder mystery, General Homicide, based on people who worked at General Hospital. Greg Cooper, a disgruntled former resident who the Quatermaines had let go from his internship, used the book as a blueprint for murder.

    Kevin later proposed to Lucy and they decided to have a double wedding with Felicia and Mac. However, that failed when Kevin learned about Lucy's involvement in the car accident that left Serena Baldwin blind.

    Kevin began treating a woman named Livvie who was having numerous nightmares of drowning. They learned that Livvie was the daughter of Grace and Kevin was her father. Kevin was suspicious that his daughter Livvie was dating a vampire named Caleb Morley.

    Kevin and Lucy were once again married, and left town.

    In January 2013, Alexis Davis asked Kevin to return to Port Charles after Lucy attacked John McBain thinking he was the vampire Caleb Morley. Kevin revealed that Lucy's involvement with vampires was just a delusion that ended their marriage, and he never had a daughter named Livvie.

    Through hypnosis, he was able to get Alexis to remember the name of Sam's father.


    Lucy Coe
    Eve Lambert (divorced)


    Paige Smith
    Grace Locke
    Elizabeth Barrington


    Victor Collins (father)
    Ryan Chamberlain (twin brother; deceased)


    Livvie Locke (daughter with Grace on "Port Charles")


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    Tuesday, April 01 2014: GH Recap: Carlypalooza.

    At the Floating Rib, Felicia can't believe in 51 years they have never shut down the Port Charles bridge until now. She blames the mayor. Mac tells her she should run for mayor. She has Kevin's vote. Lucy flashes to Scott telling her to choose him or Kevin. Talk turns to the Nurses' Ball. Kevin promises to help. Mac's dusting off Mr. Marbles and creating a new act. Do they want to hear this? They say 'no' in stereo. The guys go off to get drinks and Lucy admits Scott gave her an ultimatum but she loves both men! The men return and Lucy can't breathe. She dashes off.

    Lucy heads back to the Floating Rib feeling much better. She tells Kevin she's where she belongs.

    Friday, March 14 2014: GH Recap: Prove It.

    At the hospital, things are still awkward between Kiki and Luke. Tracy leaves them alone. Luke asks Kiki to walk with him to the cafeteria. She's reluctant. When he grabs her arm, she tears it away. Morgan rushes over and pulls her across the hall. Kiki explains that Luke made a pass at her. He thinks she needs to tell Michael. She explains they are in a strange place right now. She would have just kneed him but having Tracy in the picture complicates things. Morgan offers to take care of the situation. He stalks over to Luke and orders him to back off. "Or what, you little punk?" Luke asks. Down the hall, Tracy runs into Kevin and tells him she was making a big deal out of nothing when they spoke before. She's sure Luke is getting back to his old self and they should all move on. He's sure something still happened in the mental hospital. Tracy continues insisting that Luke is fine. When she gets back to Luke, she finds him arguing with Morgan and Kiki. Morgan congratulates her on her engagement and walks off. Luke smirks. Meanwhile, Michael and Monica join Patrick in his office to discuss AJ's options. None of the options are good. Monica suggests the less invasive decision but tells Michael it's his choice. He's startled so she explains that AJ gave him power of attorney and medical proxy. Michael doesn't know what to do. He wanders down to his father's office, takes his hand and wonders what he would want.

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