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    General Hospital CAST - Ellie Trout

    Full detailed profile on Ellie Trout Played by Emily Wilson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellie Trout

    Actor: Emily Wilson

    Who played Ellie Trout over the years

    Emily Wilson (September 14, 2012 - Monday December 16, 2013)

    Useful information on Ellie Trout

    * Fell for Spinelli.
    * Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A.J. Quartermaine.
    * Ellie and Spinelli worked together to determine if Dr. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child.
    * Left town with Spinelli to raise Maxie's baby.


    Current: Lab technician at General Hospital.
    Past: Unknown


    Ellie Trout first appeared when Spinelli went to the GH lab to have Daniel Morgan's tissue tested as a favor to Jason Morgan. Ellie tested the tissue and confirmed the baby couldn't be Sam and Franco's. Spinelli asked her to go to Sonny and Kate's wedding. Kate's alter Connie came out and stopped the wedding, but Ellie had a great time with Spin anyway.

    Spinelli's ex, Maxie, confessed her love for Spinelli after Ellie and Spinelli slept together, which put doubts in Ellie's head about her connection to Spinelli. Ellie helped with Maxie's impregnation of Dante and Lulu's baby, and soon broke up with Spinelli because he kept putting Maxie first. Damian invited her to reconcile and meet him on the rooftop of GH on New Year's Eve. Ellie was hit by a car on the way. After surgery, Spinelli confessed that he had slept with Maxie. But he wanted Ellie, and stayed by her side until she could walk.

    Later, Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A.J. Quartermaine and Michael Corinthos while Damian was hired by Tracy Quartermaine to retrieve the recipe as soon as Ellie cracked the code. Damian took the recipe from Ellie but destroyed it instead of cashing in.

    Damian wanted to be a father one day but Ellie didn't want children. They stayed together anyway and attended the Nurses' Ball, where Ellie heard Maxie tell her father, Frisco Jones, that she was keeping a secret about the baby. Ellie worried about the baby's health and broke into Maxie's medical records. She learned Maxie had miscarried Lulu and Dante's baby and was pregnant again with Spinelli's baby. Ellie confronted Maxie but agreed to keep the secret.

    Ellie and Spinelli also worked together to determine if Dr. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child.




    Damian Spinelli (dating)






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    Monday, December 16 2013: GH Recap: Georgie.

    At General Hospital, Brad agrees to don Felix's elf costume so Felix can be Santa. It isn't what Brad meant when he said he wanted to get in Felix's pants but he'll do it for the kids. Felix pauses before dressing as Santa in front of Brad, but Brad thinks they should hurry. In the lab, Ellie tells Dante and Lulu that their embryos are gone. Dante tries to figure out what happened and Ellie explains lab protocol. Britt was the only other person who would have had access. Dante calls Britt and leaves a message. After, Ellie recommends that they check with Brad as well before saying goodbye. Dante and Lulu leave and ask to speak with Brad alone. Felix leaves and they ask what Brad knows about their missing embryos.

    Maxie closes her door on Spinelli and Connie and yells at him to go home. Spinelli's leaving with Ellie tonight and warns if Maxie doesn't open the door now that they'll both regret it for the rest of their lives. She thought they would have more time and opens the door. Spinelli makes her hold Connie and promises this won't be the last time Maxie will see her. They both agree Connie looks so much like Georgie. Spinelli asks if it would be okay to rename their baby to Georgie since she was the one that brought them together. He confesses she was the first girl he ever loved. The both admit they still love each other and kiss with the baby between them. Maxie knows it was a goodbye kiss but wonders what might have been. Spinelli knows she'll always have a piece of his heart, and his friendship. She asks him not to forget about her and he promises he won't. Ellie arrives and Maxie gives Spinelli her and Georgie's baby ornaments. He makes her keep one for when she has Georgie for Christmas. He kisses her and says, "Goodbye, my Maximista." Alone, she cries holding the ornament.

    Monday, December 09 2013: GH Recap: Knock 'Em Dead.

    Maxie interrupts Spinelli and Ellie at the apartment. Before she can find out what they were worried about doing to her she announces that Robin's alive. They know. Maxie thinks she can handle anything now but worries that they have bad news. Ellie explains about her job offer and Spinelli's interest in joining her but they don't want to take Connie away. Maxie thinks Ellie should take the job and that Spinelli should take Connie and go since she'll be less tempted to break the law. It's better that Connie doesn't lose both her parents if he stays and Maxie can't keep away.

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