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    General Hospital CAST - Ellie Trout

    Full detailed profile on Ellie Trout Played by Emily Wilson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellie Trout

    Actor: Emily Wilson

    Who played Ellie Trout over the years

    Emily Wilson (September 14, 2012 - Monday December 16, 2013)

    Useful information on Ellie Trout

    * Fell for Spinelli.
    * Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A.J. Quartermaine.
    * Ellie and Spinelli worked together to determine if Dr. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child.
    * Left town with Spinelli to raise Maxie's baby.


    Current: Lab technician at General Hospital.
    Past: Unknown


    Ellie Trout first appeared when Spinelli went to the GH lab to have Daniel Morgan's tissue tested as a favor to Jason Morgan. Ellie tested the tissue and confirmed the baby couldn't be Sam and Franco's. Spinelli asked her to go to Sonny and Kate's wedding. Kate's alter Connie came out and stopped the wedding, but Ellie had a great time with Spin anyway.

    Spinelli's ex, Maxie, confessed her love for Spinelli after Ellie and Spinelli slept together, which put doubts in Ellie's head about her connection to Spinelli. Ellie helped with Maxie's impregnation of Dante and Lulu's baby, and soon broke up with Spinelli because he kept putting Maxie first. Damian invited her to reconcile and meet him on the rooftop of GH on New Year's Eve. Ellie was hit by a car on the way. After surgery, Spinelli confessed that he had slept with Maxie. But he wanted Ellie, and stayed by her side until she could walk.

    Later, Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A.J. Quartermaine and Michael Corinthos while Damian was hired by Tracy Quartermaine to retrieve the recipe as soon as Ellie cracked the code. Damian took the recipe from Ellie but destroyed it instead of cashing in.

    Damian wanted to be a father one day but Ellie didn't want children. They stayed together anyway and attended the Nurses' Ball, where Ellie heard Maxie tell her father, Frisco Jones, that she was keeping a secret about the baby. Ellie worried about the baby's health and broke into Maxie's medical records. She learned Maxie had miscarried Lulu and Dante's baby and was pregnant again with Spinelli's baby. Ellie confronted Maxie but agreed to keep the secret.

    Ellie and Spinelli also worked together to determine if Dr. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child.




    Damian Spinelli (dating)






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    Wednesday, May 06 2015: GH Recap: All I Want.

    In the ballroom, Ellie and Nathan wonder if their plan was misguided. He urges her not to give up and suggests they up their game. When they spot Spinelli and Maxie, the cop pulls Ellie into a kiss. Damian runs between them. "Unhand her you foul miscreant!" he shrieks. They wonder why he cares. When Ellie announces that the cop is going to take her home and 'rock her world', Maxie yelps for them to halt. She tells Nathan that all of this could have been avoided if it wasn't for the boxing match. Maxie tells Spin that he deserves someone like Ellie, not her. Maxie's heart belongs with Nathan. Spinelli admits that his heart lies with Ellie. He loves her with his whole heart. They kiss. He picks her up and they rush out. The blond tells Nathan that she loves him because he's kind and honest. They kiss. Meanwhile, Anna walks in on Duke in the dressing room as he tells his goon to go ahead with the hit. He gets off the phone. She wants to talk about their relationship. The tango made her feel something. Duke thinks she's with Sloane so she clarifies the situation. She reminds him he has a relationship with Lucy. Duke has already ended that. He takes her hand to declare that he's been lost without her. Anna tears up and reminds him he's still in the mob. Duke offers to leave crime behind. She thinks that's impossible. He suggests they take off together. After some begging, she agrees. Anna suggests they jump on a boat at midnight. He has to tie up a loose end first. He's sorry that he's been so stupid. Once she leaves, he tries calling off the hit. By the bar, Olivia nearly crawls out of her skin when Julian asks how her baby is. After he leaves, she freaks out to Ned but he reassures her that all is well. Sam has been standing by and watching. She stomps over to Liv and confronts her about Julian being her baby's father. Olivia tries reasoning with her. Her baby deserves a life outside of the mob. She begs. Sam can't lie to her father. Ned and Liv promise they will keep the child safe. By the entrance, Shawn grabs Julian and throws him against the wall. He demands answers for the hit attempt on Jordan. Alexis pulls him off. Julian says that Jordan isn't worth one of his bullets. As he trash talks her, Shawn clobbers him. The lawyer keeps the men apart. Julian insists that he didn't call in a hit on Jordan. Ashford and Butler leave and Duke's hitman trails after them. Julian wanders back to the bar and catches Sam telling Liv and Ned that she can't lie to her father.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015: GH Recap: What About Sam?

    Patrick and Emma perform at the Ball to applause from the audience. Liz looks on worried. Lucy says it was the most touching performance of the night. Liz runs onto the stage and grabs the microphone. She has something to say about Jason. She stands there while everyone gets uncomfortable. Finally, the nurse tells the story of Robin's HIV and how supportive and understanding Jason was. "I wish I could be that brave," she says before running out of the room. Nikolas trails after her. She admits that she's not going to tell anyone the truth. It would cost her Jake. This is the universe giving her the chance with Jason she never had. The prince wonders if she can live with that. Liz has realized that people who do the right thing in Port Charles wind up miserable. "What about Sam?" he wonders. She thinks Sam will be happy enough with Patrick. Everyone else has done their grieving and Jason doesn't even know who he is. She begs him to let her be happy. He agrees. Back in the ballroom, Jake thinks he finally understands who Jason really was. Sloane approaches him and they discuss the attempt on Jordan's life. It doesn't make sense to Jake. He wonders why Carlos was in his room with a rifle. The commissioner suggests Carlos was setting him up as a patsy. He urges Jake to do some digging. Meanwhile, Carly corners Michael as everyone gets drinks. She tells him how much he's like Jason. Ned gets on stage and sings "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Backstage, Carly and Sabrina do an Aveeno spot. Carly thanks her for helping Michael. At their table, Nathan and Ellie try to make a show of themselves. Spinelli nearly falls over as he watches. Lucy calls him up to perform. He sings "It Might be You" as he wanders the stage between Ellie and Maxie. Ellie wipes away tears. Nathan and Maxie exchange glances. Duke slips backstage to call his goon and order a hit on Jordan. Back in the ballroom, Sloane encourages Anna to actually go and and talk to Duke. As she rushes off, Lucy thanks everyone for coming to the Ball. Felix hands her flowers. Tearfully, Lucy calls up Sabrina and Epiphany to perform. Backstage, Anna catches Duke talking about a hit on the phone.

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