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    General Hospital CAST - Ellie Trout

    Full detailed profile on Ellie Trout Played by Emily Wilson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellie Trout

    Actor: Emily Wilson

    Who played Ellie Trout over the years

    Emily Wilson (September 14, 2012 - Monday December 16, 2013)

    Useful information on Ellie Trout

    * Fell for Spinelli.
    * Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A.J. Quartermaine.
    * Ellie and Spinelli worked together to determine if Dr. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child.
    * Left town with Spinelli to raise Maxie's baby.


    Current: Lab technician at General Hospital.
    Past: Unknown


    Ellie Trout first appeared when Spinelli went to the GH lab to have Daniel Morgan's tissue tested as a favor to Jason Morgan. Ellie tested the tissue and confirmed the baby couldn't be Sam and Franco's. Spinelli asked her to go to Sonny and Kate's wedding. Kate's alter Connie came out and stopped the wedding, but Ellie had a great time with Spin anyway.

    Spinelli's ex, Maxie, confessed her love for Spinelli after Ellie and Spinelli slept together, which put doubts in Ellie's head about her connection to Spinelli. Ellie helped with Maxie's impregnation of Dante and Lulu's baby, and soon broke up with Spinelli because he kept putting Maxie first. Damian invited her to reconcile and meet him on the rooftop of GH on New Year's Eve. Ellie was hit by a car on the way. After surgery, Spinelli confessed that he had slept with Maxie. But he wanted Ellie, and stayed by her side until she could walk.

    Later, Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A.J. Quartermaine and Michael Corinthos while Damian was hired by Tracy Quartermaine to retrieve the recipe as soon as Ellie cracked the code. Damian took the recipe from Ellie but destroyed it instead of cashing in.

    Damian wanted to be a father one day but Ellie didn't want children. They stayed together anyway and attended the Nurses' Ball, where Ellie heard Maxie tell her father, Frisco Jones, that she was keeping a secret about the baby. Ellie worried about the baby's health and broke into Maxie's medical records. She learned Maxie had miscarried Lulu and Dante's baby and was pregnant again with Spinelli's baby. Ellie confronted Maxie but agreed to keep the secret.

    Ellie and Spinelli also worked together to determine if Dr. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child.




    Damian Spinelli (dating)






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    Tuesday, April 21 2015: GH Recap: Lonesome Tonight?

    At Kelly's, Ellie tells Nathan that she's enjoyed commiserating with him. She talks about moving on from her place in Georgie's life. Lucy wanders in and starts demanding that she take part in the ball. She doesn't take news of the Ellie-Spinelli breakup well and curses the Fates. She encourages them to get together... or at least be friends. They agree to try that so Lucy suggests they walk down the red carpet together. The cop thinks that's swell. Ellie objects but Lucy won't listen and bustles out. Nathan thinks they can make their exes jealous by going together. They shake on it.

    Monday, April 20 2015: GH Recap: The Blame Game.

    Nathan heads in to Kelly’s for a quick food break and runs into Ellie, who spills a shake on him. He tells her not to worry as he lives upstairs and can get a new shirt. When he strips to a tank top she's mesmerized by his muscles. They soon realize who the other is, and Nathan blames Ellie for both of them losing the ones they love. He says she put the idea in Spinelli’s head that he still had feelings for Maxie that sent him here. Ellie blames Nathan though as he is the one who gave up on Maxie and dumped her, freeing her to be with Spinelli. They argue, and both realize they’ve made terrible mistakes and missed their chances with the ones they love.

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