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    General Hospital CAST - Julian Jerome - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julian Jerome Played by William deVry on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/ WENN)

    Birthday: April 20, 1968
    Birthplace: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
    Real Name: William deVry
    Height: 5' 11"


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    GH Recap: Roofied.

    Thursday, April 23 2015

    At the garage, Jake tells Julian that he knows Julian is planning a hit, he overheard him and Carlos discussing it. Jake says he wanted to be honest with him, and he has no issue with the other side of the business. He offers to help with the hit, and tries to get Julian to give him a name. However Julian feels obligated to protect him as he promised Sam not to expose him to the seedy side of his business, but he appreciates Jake’s loyalty. Julian heads out and Jake gets a call from Sloane.

    GH Recap: Breakfast In Bed.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    At Julian’s garage, Carlos meets with Julian, who asks why Duke is alive still. Carlos says he always has his bodyguard Bruce with him. Julian tells Carlos that if he can’t get close enough then make the hit from afar. Julian says with the change in the weather that Duke has been taking his breakfast on the terrace, so he can use another room at the hotel to take Duke out. Carlos laughs that they won’t rent a room to him, but Julian says Jake is fortunately already staying there and to use his room.

    Jake goes to the garage and meets with Julian. He says that he has something to tell him.

    GH Recap: Go Be Happy.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    Sloane arrives at Anna's hotel room in his robe. He needs to borrow her shower. She demands to know who his operative in the Corinthos organization is. He refuses and offers her dirt on Duke instead. "It's about the Jeromes going after Duke," he says. She appreciates it and lets him use her shower. Anna takes off. Down the hall, Duke and Lucy sit around his breakfast table. He grumbles as he reads the paper and complains about Michael. She's distracted by thoughts of the ball and has not been listening. Lucy brings up the number they are going to do at the ball. He's not enthusiastic but agrees to do the tango with her. Since she can't remember the dance, he starts spinning her around the room. That causes flashbacks to Anna. Lucy guesses he still loves the other woman and should go after her. They both know their affections lie with other people. She does her best to convince him and gets him dressed. Duke thanks her for being such a good friend. "Go be happy," she orders. When Duke gets down the hall and knocks on Anna's door, Sloane opens it in his robe. Duke promptly walks off. Downstairs, Michael stumbles into the Metro Court and over to the bar. Across the room, Kiki blabs to Julian about drugging Michael. She blames herself for the kidnapping. Michael wanders over and starts railing at them for not being out looking for the baby. As he starts to make a scene, security are called in. Back upstairs, Nina is about to leave her room but Liesl arrives before she can. They discuss what Franco is up to at the Quartermaines and then the doctor accuses her of the kidnapping. Nina denies it. Obrecht badmouths her and accuses her of dragging Franco down from being an artistic genius to a 'bourgeois parasite'. Nina accuses her of having a crush on Franco and then reminds her of the affair with Victor. When the doctor gets defensive, Nina starts to wonder if Victor is actually Nathan's father after all. Liesl warns her not to go digging in the past and hints that there may be things about Nina's past that Nina isn't even aware of.

    GH Recap: Thanks, But No Thanks.

    Wednesday, April 15 2015

    Julian joins Olivia at a table in the Metro Court. He wants to discuss the baby. That makes her irate. He explains he's talking about his sister's baby. The mobster offers to protect her from Franco and Nina. "Thanks but no thanks," she says. He persists. She yells at him. Soon after, a distraught Kiki wanders in. She sits down with Julian and he tells her not to beat herself up. Kiki blurts out that Michael doesn't really have a drinking problem. As she tells him about the drugging, Michael steps off the elevator. Meanwhile, Nina returns to her room upstairs and finds Franco having a massage. She doesn't want to be part of a couples massage when they aren't a couple. He sends the masseur away. She's still angry and accuses him of thinking she kidnapped the baby. He insists that was only for a moment and offers to prove how much he trusts her. Franco tells her about his run-in with Ned and his plan to force him to sign away his shares in ELQ. He suggests they put the screws to Ned together. She's not impressed and strolls off. As she's about to leave, Obrecht pops up.

    GH Recap: Back Together.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    At the Metro Court, Julian quizzes Olivia about why Franco is staying there. He then questions her about the baby and wonders if Franco has been threatening it. She insists he's not and this has nothing to do with him. The gangster offers to help deal with Franco in ways Ned can't. If she were looking for someone to make cement shoes, she'd call Sonny. Up in his hotel room, Franco notices Nina is gone. Ned appears at his door. He announces that they are enemies. Franco guffaws. Ned orders him to halt his blackmail. Franco threatens to call Julian. They bicker and Ned taunts him. The artist finally declares that he will leave Liv alone and bleed Ned dry instead. He wants all of Ashton's shares in ELQ. "Ha!" laughs Ned. Franco is serious and gives him 24 hours to comply. Ned heads downstairs and assures Olivia that he has taken care of things.

    GH Recap: Access Port Charles.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    At Julian’s place, Alexis and Julian see the report and Alexis springs into action to protect her client. Later Kiki arrives to speak with Julian about Michael. As they talk, Alexis gets dressed and heads out to check on Michael. Kiki wants to take Michael to court, but Julian wonders if this was really Michael’s fault. He reminds Kiki that she claimed to have a foolproof plan to help them prove Michael was unfit, so she admits she and Morgan did this. However she didn’t mean for Avery to get hurt. He didn’t know she had this in her and says her mother would be proud of her. Later Morgan calls Kiki and tells her that his dad has called child services and a decision may be made at any minute.

    GH Recap: You Got Me.

    Tuesday, April 07 2015

    Jake shows up at the garage and tells Julian that he just drove Sam home. Julian wonders how Hayden would feel about Jake driving women around. Carlos strolls in. He thinks they should cut 'Chacho' loose. Julian insists on keeping Doe around and tells his underling how helpful he's been. Carlos still doesn't want him around. They send Jake away and argue. Jerome rails at him for hijacking a Corinthos shipment. Carlos apologizes for overstepping. They discuss a hit as Jake eavesdrops. He calls his boss.

    GH Recap: Amnesia Sex.

    Friday, April 03 2015

    While planning his new bathroom, Julian heads to the garage and finds it trashed. He whips out a gun and Shawn pops up to accuse him of ripping off Corinthos merchandise. Shawn threatens to put him in the ground. Jerome threatens to shoot him. Shawn's crew suddenly appears. Before they can drag Julian to the marsh lands, Jake jumps out, clobbers the goons and forces Shawn to drop his gun. They let them go. "This isn't over," utters Shawn as he exits. Julian is impressed by his new hire. He promises to keep him out of the war. Jake thinks that would be waste. His boss actually wants him to run the garage. Jake's not sure he knows anything about being a mechanic. After Jerome leaves, Jake calls his real boss with a progress report. When he notices Jason's old bike, he has a flashback involving Sam and gets confused. Sam arrives.

    GH Recap: What Is Her Damage?

    Tuesday, March 31 2015

    Julian shows up at Sam's. She's spaced out. He asked her mom to move in with him but she refused. Sam explains that Patrick asked her to move in but she didn't commit to it. She's worried about what kind of statement it would be. Her father assures her that second chances can be great. Sam can't get over the fact that there is something unsettling about Jake. Later, Alexis arrives. She and Julian talk about their daughter and the doctor.

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