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    General Hospital CAST - Julian Jerome - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julian Jerome Played by William deVry on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/ WENN)

    Birthday: April 20, 1968
    Birthplace: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
    Real Name: William deVry
    Height: 5' 11"


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    GH Recap: Put It To Bed.

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    Julian skypes with Fluke at the penthouse and Fluke tells him he’s about to give Sonny a very bad day, thanks to Ava. Suddenly, Jordan enters and startles Julian. She realizes he was chatting on his computer and asks if it was Luke Spencer. She answered Mickey’s phone after he died and recognized his voice. Julian laughs and swears on everyone he holds dear that the man she heard was not Luke. She wants to know who their boss is because she wants in. Julian warns her to stay away from this guy.

    GH Recap: I Am Who I Am.

    Thursday, August 07 2014

    At the penthouse, Julian explains to Alexis why he retaliated. He'll kill anyone who tried to harm his family. She assumes that Jordan is taking the fall for him and that means he's still in the business. That's why her house was destroyed. He confirms that. "I am who I am," he says, insisting this doesn't change how they feel about each other. They kiss, rip off their clothes and hit the floor. After sex, she admits she wants him but can't have him. She needs to protect her children from him.

    GH Recap: He’s Never Coming Back.

    Wednesday, August 06 2014

    Julian calls Jordan at the gallery. She explains that she told the cops she shot Mickey with Julian’s gun because she took it from the gallery. Shawn enters. Julian demands more answers but she hangs up. She tells Shawn she was talking to Anna about the shooting and he says he’s got questions too. He knows she really wants to be with him and doesn’t believe her when she says she doesn’t. She tells him she went to Mickey to get ahead in the business and tells Shawn to leave. Instead, he backs her against the wall and demands honesty. She admits she feels something for him. They kiss and things get hot. Their clothes come off and they slide to the floor.

    Alexis visits Julian at the penthouse. He’s over the moon to see her but she wants to know if he killed Mickey Diamond. He pretends not to know who Mickey is and that makes her mad. He’s lying to her and she knows it. Mickey approached her at the hospital and told her Julian was his associate. She wants to know if he killed Mickey for blowing up her house. “You’re damn right I did,” he says. Julian will kill anyone who tries to harm his family. Alexis understands that, but wonders why Jordan confessed.

    GH Recap: Finding Spencer.

    Friday, August 01 2014

    Sonny startles Julian at the gallery. When Julian pulls out a gun, Sonny has his two goons disarm him. Corinthos doesn't understand why he wanted to help Ava. Julian explains that his sister has promised him some dirt. He admits he knows all about A.J.'s killing and he's going to get his hands on the evidence. Sonny threatens to put him in a coma or a wheelchair. He orders him to make sure Ava stays in town and says he'll make him pay if anything happens to the baby. Corinthos calls his goons in. They take some art and utter more threats.

    GH Recap: To Britch, Or Not To Britch.

    Thursday, July 31 2014

    At the penthouse, Julian fills his sister in about the fire. He assures her that Mickey won't be a problem and suggests she fix her attention on Sonny. After he dismisses her, he Skypes Luke. They exchange threats. Luke claims he has an army of Mickeys he can send after him. He wants them to get back to taking down Sonny. Luke offers a truce in exchange for what he has on Corinthos. Julian refuses and orders him to stop lacing their product with heroin. After some more threats, Julian ends the call. After he walks off, Ava opens his laptop and calls Luke.

    GH Recap: It Sounded Like Luke Spencer.

    Wednesday, July 30 2014

    Jordan holds a gun on Mickey in his hotel room. When he reaches for his gun, Julian kicks the door open and shoots him. He tells Jordan about the fire bombing. She explains that things were getting ugly with Mickey. The mobster gasps that she's lying. Jordan asks Julian for his gun and offers to cover for him. She sends him away and calls the cops. Anna soon arrives. She and the agent put on a show for everyone until Mickey is wheeled out. Jordan whispers what really happened to Anna. Mickey's phone starts ringing. Jordan answers it. The person on the line doesn't want to talk and hangs up. "It sounded like Luke Spencer," Jordan tells Anna. The commissioner doesn't buy that. They get a call about Mickey. He's brain dead.

    Alexis frets about Julian to Sam. They head into Sam's apartment where TJ and Molly are eating take-out. Alexis tells her daughter about the fire. The house is gone. Molly is appalled. All of her keepsakes are gone. Her mom and Sam say they need to be grateful that none of them were hurt. Julian shows up. Molly assumes he's to blame. She yells and storms out. "She's obviously upset," observes Alexis before questioning her boyfriend on where he went. He explains that the person responsible now is out of the picture.

    GH Recap: Just Started Having Fun.

    Tuesday, July 29 2014

    At Ava’s penthouse Julian gets an ominous text from Mickey. He thinks about his goodnight conversation with Alexis and leaves her a frantic message to get out of the house, now.

    The bomb explodes at Alexis’ house and the blast sets off the propane tank from the grill. A fire spreads throughout the house. Julian arrives but another explosion knocks him out. He wakes and a firefighter tells him whoever was in the house when it exploded is already gone. Julian collapses but then hears Alexis behind him and he runs to her, grabbing her. She tells him everyone is safe at Sam’s. Sam runs up and Julian tells her to take care of Alexis. He leaves. Sam asks a firefighter what happened and he tells her the explosion was caused by suspicious circumstances.

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