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    General Hospital CAST - Julian Jerome - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julian Jerome Played by William deVry on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/ WENN)

    Birthday: April 20, 1968
    Birthplace: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
    Real Name: William deVry
    Height: 5' 11"


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    GH Recap: Say The Word.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    Anna wires up Jordan in her room at the Metro Court. The undercover agent is nervous. Anna has to admit that Duke still means a lot to her but that doesn't matter anymore. Downstairs, Duke is going through his tea box in the dining room. It's missing his money. Julian shows up to wave it in his face. He's taking it as compensation. They bicker about who owns the docks. Duke thinks he's pathetic and motions his thugs over. Julian hands the cash over. Olivia bustles over to tell them to stop causing a disturbance. Once Julian departs, Jordan joins Duke at his table. They have some chamomile and she makes excuses for not taking Julian out. She prompts him to repeat his kill order. "Say the word," she prods. He doesn't and claims that his order was just a test. Meanwhile, Julian apologizes to Liv for trying to touch her baby. He's going to let it all go. Alexis shows up and sucks face with him. She tells them that Nina is free again and so is Franco. Liv admits she went to see him at Shadybrook. The lawyer wonders what that conversation was about. Later, Franco and Nina stroll in and request a suite from Olivia. She refuses so Franco threatens to tell Julian that she's carrying his baby. Back upstairs, Sloane shows up in Anna's room with a warrant. They bicker. He orders her to tell him who her informant is and demands to see her laptop. She adamantly refuses. He admits he doesn't even have a warrant. Bob already told him that Jordan is her informant. Anna claims that's nonsense. Jordan rushes in, babbling about what just happened downstairs.

    GH Recap: Uncle Luke.

    Tuesday, March 24 2015

    At Sam’s place, Julian tells Alexis that he ran into Olivia today and discusses his suspicions about her baby. They soon table that subject and begin to make love. Patrick and Sam walk in on them as they are ripping one another’s clothes off and Sam hides her face in Patrick’s chest until her parents compose themselves. The four make small talk and later Patrick and Sam go up to her room for privacy. There Patrick offers her a solution to never having to see a parent pretzel again and suggests she move in with him. The two discuss the idea, but Sam needs time to think it over. Meanwhile downstairs Julian has the same idea and asks Alexis to move in with him. She doesn’t think it’s a realistic idea with Molly, and they table this discussion too and end up taking their fun to their bedroom.

    GH Recap: It's Done.

    Monday, March 23 2015

    Julian startles Kiki at Kelly's. He wants to help her fight for Ava's baby. She and Morgan already have a plan. He offers his help if she needs it and is sure her mother would be proud of her scheming. Julian exits as Morgan arrives. Corinthos tells Kiki that their plan is moving ahead. She's having second thoughts so he assures her there will be no long-term damage. Meanwhile, Julian literally bumps into Olivia outside. The baby starts kicking her. The mobster wants to feel it and asks her again if the child could be his. Ned suddenly appears. He and Liv make a show of how happy they are to be starting a family.

    GH Recap: Flunky.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    Carlos shows up at Julian's penthouse. Jerome informs him that he's hired Jake. That doesn't sit well with Carlos, who insists that Doe can't be trusted. Jake arrives. Julian forces his underlings to discuss their past run-in over Carly. Rivera worries that Jake could be a spy for Corinthos. Jake explains that he met Sonny for the first time today and didn't like him at all. Julian is sure that all of this hatred will help. He welcomes Jake on board.

    GH Recap: Why Me?

    Monday, March 16 2015

    Julian is at his penthouse with Sam. He wonders if she has feelings for Jake. Sam insists she doesn't and goes on about her affection for Patrick before talking about how great Jason was. He explains that he's gone back to being enemies with Sonny. She thanks him again for giving Jake a job and leaves. He gets a call from Carlos. The mob boss advises him to follow Duke and eliminate him if he gets the chance..

    GH Recap: Search Away.

    Friday, March 13 2015

    At the penthouse, Carlos likes Julian's plan to take Duke out. The boss worries about how Anna will react so they need to set it up right. As Carlos is leaving, Sam arrives. She asks her dad to give Jake a job. That baffles Julian. She insists that the amnesiac isn't all bad but asks him to give Jake a less dangerous job. Julian gives in but wonders if there is something going on between her and Jake.

    GH Recap: Jell-O Day.

    Thursday, March 12 2015

    Julian returns home and vents to Carlos about their failed shipment heist. Carlos says with Sonny out of the game, Duke is their big problem. He suggests they kill Duke, as this mob war is not about territories anymore, but keeping Julian alive.

    Back at Julian’s, Kiki arrives, so Carlos makes himself scarce. Kiki asks Julian to help her fight Michael for custody of Avery, detailing that he’s hired Sabrina to be the baby’s nanny. Julian tells her that he’ll consider it and see what he can do. She thanks him and leaves. Carlos returns and warns Julian not to get involved in this custody mess, and that Sabrina would never hurt that baby. Carlos asks him what he’s decided about Duke. Julian says they will have to kill him.

    GH Recap: Stone Cold.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015

    Anna and Jordan meet near the warehouses on the pier where Jordan warns Anna they need to act to stop an all out mob war. On the pier, Julian and Carlos are caught trying to unload shipments by Duke and Shawn. Duke tells Julian to take his shipments elsewhere as this is their turf. Julian refuses and both sides end up in a shootout. Eventually Duke and Julian order their men to back down. Julian runs out of ammo and Duke corners him, only to be surprised from behind by Anna. Anna questions them, but they both claim this was just a civil dispute. Anna suggests Julian and Carlos leave. As Julian and Carlos walk off, Julian tells Carlos they need to deal with Duke. Anna warns Duke that she won’t be able to look the other way the next time this happens. Anna walks off and Jordan arrives. Shawn wonders to Jordan how Anna knew what was going on here.

    GH Recap: Sweet Revenge.

    Wednesday, March 04 2015

    Ava’s memorial is held at Ryan’s Bar in New York. Ava stands outside the window as she listens to Julian, Kiki, Delia, Silas and Morgan speak about her. She ends up in tears after hearing Morgan profess that he’ll always love her. Julian heads out after the service concludes, and Silas tells Kiki he needs to get back to his patient. Kiki asks Delia to watch Avery while she and Morgan take a walk. Delia sings "Oh Danny Boy" to her as it’s a song that always cheered her up. Later Ava reveals herself to her mother as Delia cleans up the bar.

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