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    General Hospital CAST - Felix DuBois - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Felix DuBois Played by Marc Anthony Samuel on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.


    Real Name: Marc Anthony Samuel


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    If It's A Fight You Want.

    Thursday, November 14 2013

    In the lab, Brad gives Felix a photo of them together at the Halloween party. Felix likes the gift and is about to kiss Brad when Ellie bursts in. Felix leaves and Brad snaps at Ellie for her bad timing. She snaps back, mad about him not giving her the day off to attend Connie's custody hearing.

    At Patrick's, Sabrina gives Emma her flower girl dress before Patrick announces that the wedding is next week. Emma hopes that Spencer and Cam won't be there to ruin her dress…like at the Halloween party. She remembers the lady who was nice to her and asks if they can go to Wyndemere and invite her to the wedding. They can't, Patrick has to go to work and Felix arrives with wedding dresses. Sabrina's disappointed that they are the only ones that can be ready by next week. Emma asks if she'd like Robin's dress. Sabrina thinks Emma should wear the dress at her wedding someday, like she always wanted to wear her mom's. Felix wants a picture, but Sabrina doesn't have one. He promises to find her the perfect dress anyways.

    My New Mommy.

    Friday, November 01 2013

    At GH, Patrick and Sabrina head to the Halloween party with Emma moments before Robin steps off the elevator in costume. At the nurses' station Robin looks at her memorial picture. Epiphany interrupts and Robin pretends she can't speak English through her mask. Epiphany offers to take her to the party to find Sabrina who can translate. At the party, Felix confronts Britt when she arrives with Ben and Nikolas. Brad just told him he's not Ben's dad. She doesn't know what he's talking about and pokes fun at their matching costumes before leaving. Felix wants Brad to care. Ben was just kidnapped by the evil Dr. Obrecht who could have killed him. Brad cares and goes to hold Ben when he finds Britt alone. Sabrina wonders if Elizabeth is upset about Nikolas' date. Nikolas watches as Felix comments how the baby doesn't look anything like Brad or Britt. Nikolas remembers Faison's claims that Ben wasn't Britt's. Elizabeth joins Nikolas and they joke about the Emma, Cam and Spencer love triangle. Nearby, Felix, Sabrina and Patrick listen to Cam and Spencer argue who was Emma's boyfriend first. Patrick is never going to let her date them. Robin shows up with Epiphany who calls to Drake Jr. to introduce their unknown guest to Sabrina. Robin rushes off to the punchbowl when they approach and Epiphany congratulates Patrick and Sabrina. Emma sees her standing there when the boys push by to get punch. She introduces herself and asks who Robin's supposed to be. The boys spill punch and Emma stomps off crying. Robin follows to help and Emma hugs her. Sabrina joins Emma after showing Elizabeth her ring. Emma points out Robin as the nice lady who helped her. Emma introduces Sabrina who will be her new mommy. Robin hurries away before Patrick joins them. He promises Emma he'll check on the woman. Elsewhere, Britt thinks Nikolas seems distant. He's caught up on Faison and Felix's claims that Ben's not her baby. Britt thinks his concern is sweet but she is all Ben needs. Faison and Brad are both insane. Nikolas recognizes Obrecht's costume when Robin rushes past them. Alone, Sabrina shares how much it meant to her to hear her call her mommy. Emma worries about the sad lady behind the mask. Meanwhile, Felix finds Brad alone dressed as a cereal killer. He changed for Felix. Felix's touched and invites him to go get a drink. Past the nurses' station Patrick learns the woman went into Exam Room 1.


    Thursday, October 31 2013

    At the GH, Felix dressed as an Operation game asks where the popcorn balls are. Brad comes in dressed the same and replies that he has Felix's balls. Felix wants Brad to change…maybe into a deadbeat dad costume. Felix doesn't understand how Brad did the right thing for Spinelli's kid but he won't for his own. Elsewhere, Elizabeth questions Lesley about Faison when they arrive. She assures her that even if Faison wasn't in jail, Nikolas would never hide him. Nearby, Emma runs off to play with Cam while Patrick introduces Sabrina to Lesley. They see Cam run away. Emma's sad until Spencer steps in. At the party, Brad asks Felix, "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?" Britt and Nikolas enter the room. Later, Robin steps off the elevator at GH in a costume.

    Last One Standing.

    Friday, October 25 2013

    At the hospital, Sabrina and Patrick share their wedding news with Felix, who gives them a big hug. Patrick gets to work and Sabrina tells Felix about the call Patrick thought he got from Robin. Felix thinks it was Britt, but Sabrina still thinks it was Carlos. Meanwhile, Britt and Nik arrive with Ben. Patrick has a lot of questions and Nik reminds Britt to not say anything about Robin. In the exam room Sabrina joins them and Britt is shocked by her engagement ring. Britt tells Patrick he can’t marry Sabrina and he demands to know why not. Britt admits she was out of line. Nik quickly wraps things up and gets Britt and Ben out of there. Later, Felix warns Sabrina to keep an eye on Britt.

    Who Are You?

    Monday, October 14 2013

    At GH, Felix's proud Sabrina talked to Patrick about the wedding ring. He noticed Patrick isn't wearing it. Sabrina admits Patrick addressed the issue on his own after Carlos threw it in Patrick's face. Felix thinks Patrick wanted to show her that Carlos was wrong but Sabrina's concerned that every time they take one step forward, Patrick takes two steps back. His heart still belongs to Robin. She's excited that Patrick ripped up Robin's birthday tickets. Felix takes it as a good sign. In his office, Patrick tries to have the number tracked. When he has no success he leaves for the PCPD. Sabrina catches him on his way out and wonders what's wrong. Robin called and he has to let Anna know. Sabrina doesn't think he should do that after hearing a voice that sounded like Robin. Robin was on his mind – Sabrina thinks he just wanted to hear from her. He shouldn't put Anna through this. It could have been one of Robin's friends calling about her birthday. Patrick is certain she said, "It's me Robin." He knows her voice.

    I Told The Truth.

    Monday, September 30 2013

    At GH, Sabrina catches Felix mooning over 'Brad the Cad' while he's eating the chocolate covered cherries. She lists all the reasons Brad shouldn't be the one. Felix agrees but is curious about Brad running off to do the right thing. It's just smoke and mirrors to Sabrina – Felix shouldn't trust Brad. Something isn't right, he can't figure why Britt chose Brad. He asks her about Carlos. Sabrina confirms he found her, and that he's her ex. Felix listens to her concerns about Patrick wearing his wedding ring – since Carlos mentioned it, she can't stop thinking about it. Brad interrupts, announcing he's the new 'King of Honesty' – he told Dante and Lulu the truth. Meanwhile, Patrick wants a second in private with Sabrina to talk about Robin.

    Do The Right Thing.

    Friday, September 27 2013

    Brad has something for Felix and chases him down at GH. Felix doesn't accept gifts from deadbeat dads but Brad offers Felix his favorite chocolate covered cherries. Felix asks, "What's the catch?" There isn't one. Brad wants to do something nice since they shared a human connection the other day. He admits they did but doesn't know if Brad can ever do the right thing. Ellie comes in, apologizing for running late because she saw Connie before the christening. The news gives Brad pause and he leaves her the box of chocolates and rushes out. When Felix returns he's surprised she's eating the chocolates and learns Brad left to do the right thing.

    A Lot To Lose.

    Thursday, September 19 2013

    At the apartment, Taylor leaves Rafe numerous messages hoping to discuss TJ and Molly. Felix wonders what she's up to when there's a knock at the door. His smile widens when he finds a sexy man looking for Sabrina. The man introduces himself as Carlos Rivera, a friend from Puerto Rico.

    At GH, Silas ignores an incoming call from Ava and Rafe does the same when Taylor calls. Silas apologizes for trying to take Rafe away from Sam. Rafe's pleased that something is going on between the two of them. Silas admits a lot has changed for him, and now he has a daughter. He encourages Rafe to reach out to her before asking how things are going with Molly. Rafe's disappointed about her getting back with TJ. Nearby, Sam thanks Molly and Nikolas for everything they've done for her and Danny when Nikolas rushes off following Britt. Molly hopes that's not a bad sign when TJ joins them. He kisses her after hearing the good news about her book sales, and Rafe sees them. They share the news and invite him to join them but Rafe excuses himself, disappointed. Meanwhile, Nik catches Britt before she's discharged and wonders where she'll be staying. She plans on going back to Felix and Sabrina's apartment and thanks him for all his help. Nik sees Patrick and lets him know how Britt is doing and where she is staying. Patrick's surprised since Sabrina didn't mention Britt was going back to the apartment. After visiting Danny, Sam sees Silas and he confides how he touched base with Kiki. Sam's pleased and he thanks her for her part in it before inviting her to go with him to Kiki and Morgan's party. She's not ready to leave Danny alone yet so Silas agrees to make a go of it alone. At the nurses' station, Felix learns Sabrina's babysitting Emma when he arrives with Carlos. Carlos is interested in who Patrick is but Felix steps away to have a word with TJ. Privately, Felix tells TJ that Taylor is pining for him. TJ's sorry and promises not to have anything more to do with her. Felix bumps into Nik and laughs at the news that Sabrina's moving back in with them – he doesn't think so.

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