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    General Hospital CAST - Felix DuBois - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Felix DuBois Played by Marc Anthony Samuel on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.


    Real Name: Marc Anthony Samuel


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    GH Recap: Out Of Control Prude.

    Thursday, March 06 2014

    AJ is wheeled into the hospital operating room. Patrick and Felix wonder if they should stop trying to keep his heart going. Michael runs in and begs the doctors to keep trying. They get the heart rhythm back and send Michael out. Ric and Liz watch. He wonders why she even cares about AJ. She recaps the long story. She's still not sure if AJ really shot Connie. Across the hall, Morgan arrives and Michael cries on his shoulder. Michael seems confused when his brother tells him how he heard about all of this. AJ is wheeled out on the way to surgery. Michael asks who did this to him. AJ can't talk.

    GH Recap: The Logical Explanation.

    Wednesday, March 05 2014

    At the hospital, Felix questions Liz about Robin’s exit. He wonders if it has to do with her family moving on while she was gone, but Liz can’t say for sure. Ric arrives, shocking Liz. Ric tells Liz she’s as beautiful as ever and he tells her he’s in town to see Molly – and her. He thinks about her all the time and asks her out to dinner. He hopes they can toss out the bad and rekindle what’s good. Suddenly Felix preps for a gunshot victim and Liz is upset to see AJ. Felix won’t let her in the room and tells her to notify the family. Liz calls Michael and tells him that AJ was shot. In the operating room, AJ crashes.

    GH Recap: Sleep Tight.

    Tuesday, February 18 2014

    At home, Felix asks Brad how bad things are with Britt’s baby lies. Brad slams a drink, then asks for a refill. Felix sees the text come through from Lucas and asks who he is. Brad tells him Lucas is a non-gay friend, but then Felix sees the half-naked picture of Lucas in Brad’s bed from earlier in the week. Brad admits they met at the Rib and one thing led to another, but Brad never thought he would see Lucas again. Felix wants to know if it was just once, but Brad tells him it was more than that. Felix asks Brad to leave.

    GH Recap: I'm Leaving Port Charles.

    Monday, February 17 2014

    Brad arrives at Felix's place with red and white wine. They smooch and then Brad gives him a CD of his favorite music. Moved by this, Felix feels bad and confesses that the DNA test wasn't for the cops but for him and Liz. They didn't tell Brad because they were afraid he would tamper with the results. The DNA test showed that Dante is the dad. He wonders if Brad has known this all along. After some sighs, Brad confesses he did know... not only that, but a lot more.

    GH Recap: It’s Ugly Head.

    Thursday, February 13 2014

    At the hospital, Julian warns Kiki to be careful of Ava. Meanwhile, Felix and Liz await the lab results. Felix worries Brad will find out and she tells him she didn’t use Dante or Ben's real names. Meanwhile, Lucas gets on the elevator. Brad accuses Lucas of following him, but Lucas is only there to see Carly. Lucas does tell Brad about his disappointing conversation with Julian about his sexuality. Brad reveals how his adopted father was upset when he came out too, but he eventually came around. Brad gives him a hug just as Julian walks up. Brad gives them space and Julian apologizes. His father was very conservative and Julian started thinking the same. Lucas accepts. Meanwhile, Brad has the paternity test results for Liz, but needs a name since Obrecht is laying down the law. Liz tells him the police lab is backed up and it is for Dante. Obrecht won’t allow more lab tests for the cops, but since it is already done he hands it over. Felix pulls Brad aside and asks him to be his Valentine date. Brad agrees. Lucas returns to Brad and tells him that Julian apologized. Lucas asks Brad out, but Brad declines. He tells Lucas he’s serious about Felix. Later, Alexis finds Julian and he thanks her for the progress he was able to make with Lucas. She mentions her dust up with Ava over the computer and he tells her he wasn’t downloading any files. Later, Kiki runs into Michael and he updates her on Carly’s condition. Kiki kept telling Michael that Franco was innocent but he wouldn’t listen to her. She understands why he doesn’t trust Franco but he didn’t trust her judgment. Michael blames Franco for never reporting Heather’s escape. Kiki wonders if he ever thought about the fact that his mom would be dead if she didn’t help Franco. Michael can’t get over the fact Franco lied about Heather and Kiki backed him. Later, Liz reads the results and tells Felix she was right – Dante is Ben’s father.

    GH Recap: Extraordinary Gifts.

    Thursday, February 06 2014

    At the hospital, Sabrina and Felix discuss how upset Carlos was about not raising the baby. Later, Liz tells Felix that Britt and her mom stole sperm from the lab and she thinks Dante is the donor. Felix asks her how she is going to prove it. She is going to run a DNA test. Liz is going to take the prescription to Wyndemere to get Ben’s DNA and she hopes Felix will get Dante’s. He is reluctant because busting Britt would mean busting Brad too, but agrees. Later, Sabrina runs into Patrick and tells him that she told Carlos the truth. He told Robin too. Patrick insists he will always be there for her and the baby, no matter what. Later, Dante arrives with lab samples for Brad and asks him to put a rush on it. Felix hands Dante his prescription and takes an empty water bottle off his hands.

    Liz returns to the hospital with Ben’s sample, and Felix has Dante’s. Together they head off to the lab.

    GH Recap: Shovel 101.

    Wednesday, February 05 2014

    Nikolas comes by the hospital and asks Liz to give Britt a chance. She doesn’t trust her after she tried to pass off Brad’s baby as Patrick’s. Nikolas tells her Brad isn’t Ben’s father, but sperm she took from the lab. Liz is furious but he defends Britt, saying it was Obrecht’s idea. Liz tells him not all the sperm in the lab is from anonymous donors but he doesn’t think anyone has been hurt. He hands over Ben’s prescription and Liz has another dig about the baby inheriting allergies from his father. Nikolas asks her to drop it and find a way to get along with Britt. Meanwhile, Felix checks his phone for news on Carly when Brad approaches with a rose. Brad regrets not kissing him good night on their date, but just as he leans in Sabrina rushes up. Brad and Felix make plans for later. When they are alone Sabrina tells Felix she told Patrick the truth. He offers to cancel his plans with Brad so he can be with her when she tells Carlos. Meanwhile, Brad gets a call from Lucas. He’s upset and wants to see him tonight. Brad tells him he is going to be with Felix. Later, Lucas runs into Brad when he comes to refill the prescription and tells him he knows where to find him if he is sick of life in the slow lane with Felix. Later, Felix cancels his plans with Brad. Lucas visits Liz and hands over Dante’s prescription. Liz realizes Dante and Ben have the same allergies and seems to put two and two together. Brad and Lucas run into each other at the elevator and decide to grab a drink.

    GH Recap: A Matter Of Perception.

    Friday, January 24 2014

    Lucas finds Brad at the hospital and lays a big kiss on him. Brad is a bit aloof, and Lucas apologizes for coming on too strong. He really feels a connection with Brad and they flash back to their night before at the Rib. Brad told him his bio-dad was an Asian gangster and Lucas knew exactly what he is going through. Lucas is amazed at how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Felix won’t let anything stop his bad mood in anticipation of his date with Brad. Silas asks him to dial it down a notch. Felix suggests Silas’ personality had something to do with the board choosing a criminal over him. Later Felix walks in on Brad and Lucas talking to confirm their date. He leaves quickly and Lucas realizes he is the guy Brad has been pining over. Lucas was hoping for a repeat tonight but can see Brad has other plans. Brad didn’t mean for this to happen, but Lucas is confident he still has a shot.

    GH Recap: Your Little Cub.

    Thursday, January 23 2014

    Obrecht angrily greets Brad at the hospital and hands over her analysis of the lab, particularly the security holes. He didn’t think she minded them when he took Lulu and Dante’s embryo. She threatens him to never bring that up again and Felix shows up demanding she leave Brad alone. She leaves and Felix promises to stop casting stones if Brad can accept his apology. He’s ready to be something more than friends and asks Brad out on a date. Brad says yes. Meanwhile, Nathan stops Silas on the elevator and demands he admit he gave Nina the overdose. Silas may have cheated on Nina, but he loved her and tells Nathan to look into Ava. The doors open and Obrecht is livid, demanding an explanation. Nathan tells her all about his investigation, and Obrecht seems to have new admiration for Silas. She tells him they share a passion and hopes they continue to work together. Later, Brad makes a reservation at the Metro Court for him and Felix – and then Lucas arrives and plants a big kiss on Brad. They slept together last night!

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