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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Liesl Obrecht

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Liesl Obrecht Played by Kathleen Gati on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dr. Liesl Obrecht

    Actor: Kathleen Gati

    Who played Dr. Liesl Obrecht over the years

    Kathleen Gati (August 24, 2012 - present)

    Useful information on Dr. Liesl Obrecht

    * In her youth, lost her medical license for conducting experiments on humans.
    * Helped Cesar Faison hold Robin Scorpio-Drake and Duke Lavery captive.
    * Obsessed with Faison, the father of her child, Dr. Britt Westbourne.
    * Injected Robert Scorpio with a near-lethal dose of medicine.
    * Drugged Duke Lavery with a near-lethal dose of propofol, which was intended for Anna.
    * Instrumental in her daughter's plan to get Patrick Drake with a baby.
    * Worked on the polonium poisoning cure sought out by Luke Spencer, Jerry Jacks, and Sean Donely.


    Current: Doctor
    Past: Unknown


    Dr. Liesl Obrecht first appeared at a Swiss hospital where Luke Spencer was searching for Anna Devane, who had gone there in search for her presumed-dead daughter, Robin Scorpio-Drake. Obrecht threw them off the scent and conspired with a man who looked exactly like presumed-dead Duke Lavery.

    Later, it was revealed that the man was Cesar Faison in disguise, and that he had the real Duke hostage at the same clinic. Obrecht called Faison for help just before Robin knocked her out, stole her phone, and called home. Obrecht overcame Robin and Patrick Drake didn't believe that Robin was actually on the phone.

    When Obrecht later learned that Faison had been captured and the real Duke was rescued, she stabbed Robert Scorpio with a drug and took Robin to Jerry Jacks.

    Obrecht was later revealed to be the mother of Dr. Britt Westbourne. She convinced Britt to announce she was pregnant with Patrick's child at the 2013 Nurses' Ball.

    She tried to poison Anna Devane by putting propofol into her champagne glass during Felicia Scorpio-Jones and Mac Scorpio's engagement party. Duke was drugged instead. She left Port Charles for Corith, Pa., where she ran into Holly and Luke. It was revealed she was the one who created the polonium poisoning cure sought by Luke, Jerry, and Sean Donely.




    Cesar Faison




    Dr. Britt Westbourne (daughter)


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    Wednesday, July 01 2015: GH Recap: Luke, Laura and Holly get a lead on the boys

    At the hospital, Franco finds Obrecht and takes her to lunch to discuss his new girlfriend Denise. He lets her know the relationship is a ruse to make Nina upset, but he’s confused as to why Denise is going along with it. As they talk, Franco admits he believes it has something to do with Morgan. Obrecht agrees, and suggests that she was trying to make Morgan jealous, as they are involved. Franco doesn’t want Kiki to get hurt and asks what he should do. Obrecht is called away for a meeting, but says she’ll think on this and get back to him.

    Thursday, June 11 2015: GH Recap: Part Of The Family.

    Madeline surprises Franco and Obrecht by showing up at Obrecht’s office. She lays into Franco for being part of the gang who left her behind in Pentonville. Obrecht asks how she got out, and Madeline says it was thanks to her new lawyer. She reveals that all charges were dropped after Ava died and nobody was left to testify against her. Franco apologizes for what happened to her, and then asks for her help protecting Nina’s fortune from her new husband Ric. Obrecht tells Madeline that if it’s up to Ric, neither she nor Nina will see a dime of that money. Madeline refuses to help Franco, which makes him wonder why. She tells them that she doesn’t care anymore, as prison made her reflect on her misplaced values. Madeline proclaims that money is nothing and freedom is everything, which causes Obrecht to burst out laughing. Franco asks if she cares about Nina and the fact that Ric is using her. Madeline suggests they wait and see how Ric measures up.

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