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    General Hospital CAST - Sabrina Santiago - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sabrina Santiago Played by Teresa Castillo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.


    Real Name: Teresa Castillo
    Height: 5'5"


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    A Lot To Lose.

    Thursday, September 19 2013

    Patrick kisses Sabrina at home and is eager to share his gratitude for all she's done. He lets her know about their plans for the evening when Emma wakes up not feeling well. After having no success in finding a sitter, Sabrina offers to stay home so Patrick can work. Alone, Sabrina coaxes Emma to accept her eye drops but Emma's thinking about how her mommy used to make her feel better – Sabrina is not the same.

    Carlos arrives at Patrick's and kisses Sabrina passionately.


    Wednesday, September 11 2013

    At GH, Maxie's thinking about her baby when Anna arrives. She asks why Maxie hasn't opened her present from Lulu and Dante. Anna never knew of a present that Maxie didn't tear into. Maxie's afraid opening it will make everything final. She doesn't want to say goodbye to the baby. Anna's glad to hear she'll be seeing Kevin. Maxie confesses Lulu was scared of her. She wishes she was more like Robin. Anna shares her and Robin's experience with childbirth and knows Maxie is every bit as strong as Robin. She's hoping to see Patrick before she takes off since she imagines he's feeling as bad as Maxie after Britt had her baby. Maxie's surprised to learn Britt confessed the baby wasn't Patrick's. In her room, Britt's dreaming about Patrick asking who the father of the baby is when Nikolas knocks. He brings in her baby. She thanks him for all his help but refuses to hold her baby. He wonders why she wouldn't want to bond with her son. She thinks she'll be a bad mother. He assures her she won't be like her mother. He's an example of someone who didn't turn out like his father. Maxie comes in after Nikolas leaves and asks for Britt's silence about her baby. She's worried about Britt becoming honest after she told Patrick the truth about her baby. Britt gives her word to keep their secret after knowing how worried she was when she thought she'd lose her baby to Patrick. She's sorry for all that happened and wonders how Maxie was able to give up her baby. Maxie thinks it would have hurt Dante and Lulu more than her to lose her. Elsewhere, Sabrina explains she was delivering Britt's baby when Patrick admits to missing her the night before. He asks if Brad is around. Sabrina notes he's been scarce but Nikolas hasn't left Britt's side. She imagines Nikolas was more scared than her but is thankful he was there. She changes the subject, eager to talk about them moving past this. Moments later Patrick bumps into Nikolas taking the baby to the nursery. He's sorry for Patrick and shares his experience with Aidan. Lulu's trying to find her family in the baby's features while Dante calls Olivia to check on Sonny. She's upset after reading the news that AJ plead 'not guilty' for killing Connie. Dante returns to Lulu and holds the baby. He's surprised they can't take the baby home until they give her a name. Anna brings them a gift lets Dante know she released a statement in response to Diane's claim that Sonny killed Connie. Later, Lulu and Dante think they have a name. Later, Maxie sees them leave after they sign out at the nurse's station and quietly says a goodbye to the baby. She opens her gift in her room. It's a picture of her baby with a thank you note. Meanwhile, Nikolas brings Britt's baby back and she holds him. Patrick returns to Sabrina to apologize before kissing her. Upstairs, Monica is asked to step down as chief of staff because of AJ.

    Time For You To Leave.

    Tuesday, September 10 2013

    At Wyndemere, Britt's worried about her baby. Nikolas assures her that Sabrina didn't do anything and wants Britt's professional opinion on what's wrong. There's fluid in the baby's lungs and he needs to get to the hospital. The boat is ready but Britt hesitates to let Sabrina take her baby. Nikolas talks Britt into staying as Sabrina promises to take care of the newborn. Nikolas keeps Britt calm before taking her to the hospital.

    At GH, Brad mumbles to himself about Damian and Maxie being the parents of the Falconeri baby. Felix interrupts to bash him for not stepping up as the father of Britt's baby. Brad wants to know why Felix cares. Felix isn't a fan of 'the Britch' but feels close to taking her back into his home since she's alone despite having no connection to the baby. Brad admits he has no connection either. Sabrina rushes in with the baby. Felix calls the emergency ahead to pediatrics and asks Brad if he's coming. Sam discusses Danny with Silas and knows he's thinking about his own daughter. He's not certain how he feels. It might be nice for Rafe to have a cousin but he doesn't know what relationship he'll have with Kiki. Sam is interested in why Ava chose Franco over him. He discusses a dangerous side and his past with Ava. As his friend, Sam wants to know more, but he's worried about what might happen tomorrow when Danny is better. Silas immediately responds to treat the newborn when Sabrina arrives. After, Silas greets Nikolas and Britt with positive news on the baby's health. Nearby, Felix wonders aloud with Sabrina if he's the only one who thinks the baby looks nothing like Brad. Brad looks in at the baby as Britt thanks Nikolas.

    Trust Me.

    Monday, September 09 2013

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas finds Britt in labor on the floor of his house with Sabrina by her side. He tries to get a boat but it won't be for another hour. Sabrina doesn't think they have that long. Britt freaks out wanting to know who will deliver her baby. Sabrina explains "the phony little twit" that stole Patrick from her will. Britt tries to get up to leave. Nikolas listens to the two of them argue over their history. Britt doesn't trust Sabrina but Nikolas promises to be there with her. He starts to coach her while Sabrina gathers supplies. Nikolas swipes her phone playlist and they struggle through labor. Once the baby is born, Britt thanks Sabrina and Nikolas as she holds her baby. Suddenly she realizes something's wrong with him.

    No More To Give.

    Friday, September 06 2013

    At Wyndemere, Britt tells Sabrina to take her holier-than-thou attitude back to the mainland. Sabrina wants to have her say. She's angry that Britt cheated Patrick and Emma out of a son and brother. Britt may be called the Britch but she's certain she doesn't have anything on Sabrina. Sabrina reminds her that she didn't have to do anything to make her lose Britt, she did that all on her own when she decided to hate Emma. Britt becomes overcome with pain. Sabrina jokes she's faking and attempts to leave but Britt begs her to stay. When Nikolas returns, Sabrina is getting Britt ready to give birth on the floor.

    Man Up.

    Thursday, September 05 2013

    At GH, Felix catches Sabrina after her and Patrick kiss. He points out how low Brad was to give a sperm sample for a promotion. Nearby, Diane Miller approaches Brad looking for something he's holding for her. She promises something extra for his troubles. He returns with her item and accepts an envelope of cash. He's close by when Sabrina wonders what's going on between Felix and him. Felix confesses they almost kissed. He promises not to buy into anymore of Brad's lies. She leaves as Brad responds to Felix that they weren't lies. Felix can't return his feelings after Brad conspired with Britt. Later Nikolas finds Brad and thinks it's time for him to man up. Franco's packing in his room when Carly arrives. He anticipates going to jail for the rest of his life as soon as he's released. She's not going to apologize for caring whether he lives or dies after saving his life. Patrick interrupts to examine him. Carly steps out and sees Elizabeth reading the headlines about Connie's shooting. She believes it's typical of AJ and is upset for Michael. Carly thinks they both needed to find out what kind of man AJ is. She rejoins Franco with Patrick. There are no complications and he's free to go. Alone, Carly thinks a jury might believe he's a changed man. Franco stops her from leaving and asks her to go with him to court. She's his only friend and he wants her to give her friend the serial killer a break. She agrees. Outside, a little boy wants to give Patrick a toy car as a thank you gift. He asks the boy to hold onto it. Sabrina overhears the mom hoping he has a son someday.

    Back at Wyndemere, Britt is having some pain when Sabrina arrives announcing she's her worst nightmare.

    One Of The Nice Guys.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At Patrick's, Sabrina is putting together baby furniture. She's excited when Patrick comes home until he tells her she was right. He's not the baby's father, Brad is. He is so upset and hurt. Sabrina recognizes he's suffered a loss. Patrick believes they should at least be thankful now that this is all over. They are done with Britt. She's ready to leave him to his thoughts when he asks her to stay.

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