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    General Hospital CAST - Sabrina Santiago - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sabrina Santiago Played by Teresa Castillo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.


    Real Name: Teresa Castillo
    Height: 5'5"


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    GH Recap: Brad shocks Lucas with the truth

    Thursday, July 23 2015

    Michael and Sabrina hang out at the docks near the mansion. Michael pretends to threaten to throw Sabrina in, but stops, only to have her push him in. He gets out and says it’s her turn, so she pleads that she’ll do anything to avoid getting wet. Michael kisses her, and the two make love in the dock house. They admit to one another they are falling for each other.

    GH Recap: Laura confronts Nikolas about his lies

    Wednesday, July 22 2015

    At the Metro Court, Tracy explains everything to Sabrina about Luke's lies in order to rescue his sons, and discovering little Jake is alive. She knows Luke never stopped loving her, but she has ended things with him because he still needs to rid himself of his past demons. Tracy doesn’t know what she should do next with her life. Sabrina encourages her to find herself.

    Michael goes to the Metro Court and meets with Sabrina. He tells her that he has Luke’s blessing to tear the house down.

    GH Recap: Sonny's warehouse is attacked

    Friday, July 17 2015

    Michael finds Sabrina sunning herself on the patio at the Quartermaine estate. He tells her about the upcoming wedding and his mixed feelings about it. They toast to the fifth time being a charm. She explains that she's continued working on the clinic. The hospital board has approved funding for it and they still want him to run it. He's thrilled.

    GH Recap: Paul Hornsby returns to Port Charles

    Wednesday, July 08 2015

    Dillon arrives home to the mansion and learns from Sabrina that his mom is leaving town thanks to Luke and has headed to the airport. Dillon explains to her that Luke never cheated on his mom and it’s very complicated. He calls Tracy, but it goes to voicemail, so he tells her not to leave. He then decides to head to the airport and catch her before she leaves.

    GH Recap: Hayden's condition changes

    Tuesday, July 07 2015

    Sabrina finds Tracy complaining about Nikolas at the Quartermaine estate. She thought it would be fun for them to have a day out. Tracy is actually leaving town. She's heading to LA to see her grand-daughter to get the dirt on Nikolas and give it to the board.

    GH Recap: Dante goes after Lulu

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    Michael wakes up in his bed with Sabrina. It takes him a minute to remember that his sister is with Sonny. He doesn't regret it or spending the night with her. They're unemployed so they have time for morning sex. After that, he asks her to help box up the baby's things.

    At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy assures her father's portrait that she will get ELQ back from Nikolas. Denise/Ava starts knocking in the door. "Vegas is that way," Tracy tells her. Denise is looking for Michael and starts babbling about family. Tracy points her to the door and tells her Michael is elsewhere. Getting irate, Denise demands to know where the baby is. Tracy prevents her from going on the hunt. They bicker until Michael and Sabrina arrive. Denise demands to see Avery. Michael informs her that the child is with Sonny. That doesn't go over well. Once she exits, Tracy admits she will miss having the baby around. Later, Jake strolls in and offers to help Michael get the company back. Michael agrees to that.

    GH Recap: Ethan has been kidnapped

    Monday, June 29 2015

    Michael and Sabrina arrive at the Corinthos compound with the baby. He tells his father that he's bringing the baby home. Sonny's shocked. His son explains that Sabrina helped him get past his anger. He's realized that he took the child out of spite and he couldn't tear the family apart anymore. Sonny promises that he will come through for her. Carly is proud of her son and sorry that she made everything worse. Michael gets his father to promise never let Avery reach a day when he doesn't seem like a hero. Taking the child in his arms, Michael says his goodbye and promises to look out for her. He and Sabrina depart. Carly and Sonny talk about what a great son they raised. She knew this would happen.

    Michael and Sabrina return to his place. He misses his sister. After he thanks her for everything, they kiss. She offers to get his mind off of Avery. They head for the bed. While they are in the bedroom, Denise calls and leaves a message, saying how much she wants to see her niece again.

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