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    General Hospital CAST - Sabrina Santiago

    Full detailed profile on Sabrina Santiago Played by Teresa Castillo on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabrina Santiago

    Actor: Teresa Castillo

    Who played Sabrina Santiago over the years

    Teresa Castillo (September 19, 2012 - present)


    Current: Nurse
    Past: Nursing student


    Sabrina arrived at GH as an intern and was immediately crushing on Dr. Drake. Unfortunately for her, Britt was determined to keep the doctor distracted. Sabrina wound up becoming the babysitter for Patrick's daughter, Emma. She and the little girl eventually hit it off and the nurse offered her services again. She and Britt continued rivaling one another for Patrick's attention. Sabrina admitted to Liz that she had feelings for Patrick but tried covering it up by pretending she had a crush on Dr. Steve. However on New Year's, she nearly kissed Patrick. Britt lied and told her he was repulsed by that so Sabrina decided to try and keep her distance. She didn't stay far enough away, however, so Britt tried to have her kicked out of nursing school. After being framed for cheating on an exam, she was allowed to re-take it and graduated at the top of her class.

    Milo set his sights on Sabrina and she soon found that she was receiving both his attentions and Patrick's. She and Dr. Drake pulled closer as the Nurses' Ball approached. Britt tried to recapture Dr. Drake by claiming that he got her pregnant. Patrick assured Sabrina that, while he would support Britt's baby, he still wanted her.




    Patrick Drake (dated)
    Milo Giambetti (flirtation)


    Mother (deceased)
    Juan Santiago (cousin)


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    Thursday, July 23 2015: GH Recap: Brad shocks Lucas with the truth

    Michael and Sabrina hang out at the docks near the mansion. Michael pretends to threaten to throw Sabrina in, but stops, only to have her push him in. He gets out and says it’s her turn, so she pleads that she’ll do anything to avoid getting wet. Michael kisses her, and the two make love in the dock house. They admit to one another they are falling for each other.

    Wednesday, July 22 2015: GH Recap: Laura confronts Nikolas about his lies

    At the Metro Court, Tracy explains everything to Sabrina about Luke's lies in order to rescue his sons, and discovering little Jake is alive. She knows Luke never stopped loving her, but she has ended things with him because he still needs to rid himself of his past demons. Tracy doesn’t know what she should do next with her life. Sabrina encourages her to find herself.

    Michael goes to the Metro Court and meets with Sabrina. He tells her that he has Luke’s blessing to tear the house down.

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