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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    GH Recap: Enjoy Your Reunion.

    Monday, March 30 2015

    Jordan pops up in Anna's hotel room. Sloane confronts her about being an undercover agent. He wants to hear all about her meeting with Duke. She admits that she failed to get Duke to incriminate himself. They listen to her recording. Anna worries that Duke could be playing Jordan and she could be in more danger than ever. Sloane assures them that he will keep their secret. Once he exits, Anna promises to handle Sloane. They just need to get Duke's trust and make him pay for it. Downstairs, Franco and Nina sashay into the Metro Court dining room and order Olivia to give them a suite. She refuses so Franco threatens to expose the paternity of her child. He reminds 'Mama Celeste' of what she told him and admits he was faking his LSD trip. "Denying our request would be insane," Nina prompts. Liv is reluctant so Franco and Nina march over to Julian and Alexis at their table. They aren't welcome and Olivia ushers them away, promising them all they wanted. Julian's a bit perplexed so Franco offers his condolences for Ava. Liv takes Franco and Nina down the hall. They increase their demands.

    GH Recap: Say The Word.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    At court, Nina and Franco are thrilled to finally be free. Alexis informs Nina she is going to have to live with her brother above Kelly's. All of her money is currently being controlled by the state. The lawyer advises her client not to do anything stupid and leaves. Nina and Franco make out. She wonders where he's going to live. He decides that the Metro Court is the place to be and suggests they move in together. Franco claims he has a plan to deal with Carly. She thinks he's a genius.

    Anna wires up Jordan in her room at the Metro Court. The undercover agent is nervous. Anna has to admit that Duke still means a lot to her but that doesn't matter anymore. Downstairs, Duke is going through his tea box in the dining room. It's missing his money. Julian shows up to wave it in his face. He's taking it as compensation. They bicker about who owns the docks. Duke thinks he's pathetic and motions his thugs over. Julian hands the cash over. Olivia bustles over to tell them to stop causing a disturbance. Once Julian departs, Jordan joins Duke at his table. They have some chamomile and she makes excuses for not taking Julian out. She prompts him to repeat his kill order. "Say the word," she prods. He doesn't and claims that his order was just a test. Meanwhile, Julian apologizes to Liv for trying to touch her baby. He's going to let it all go. Alexis shows up and sucks face with him. She tells them that Nina is free again and so is Franco. Liv admits she went to see him at Shadybrook. The lawyer wonders what that conversation was about. Later, Franco and Nina stroll in and request a suite from Olivia. She refuses so Franco threatens to tell Julian that she's carrying his baby. Back upstairs, Sloane shows up in Anna's room with a warrant. They bicker. He orders her to tell him who her informant is and demands to see her laptop. She adamantly refuses. He admits he doesn't even have a warrant. Bob already told him that Jordan is her informant. Anna claims that's nonsense. Jordan rushes in, babbling about what just happened downstairs.

    GH Recap: Charges Dismissed.

    Thursday, March 26 2015

    In court, Franco acts crazy during his trial to prove he’s not sane, but the assistant DA calls Scott to the stand to testify. Scott testifies that Franco has been faking his condition in order to stay out of Pentonville. The judge declares that Franco is legally competent to stand trial for his crimes. Scott gets off the stand and sits behind Franco, who is furious with his father. Scott reveals he had to make sure Franco stood trial, and that right now his lawyer is pointing out that it was Heather Webber who kidnapped and held everyone hostage, and that when he panicked and ran with Nina that he had no way of knowing she would kidnap a baby and bring it with them. Scott says in the end, he as the DA will have no choice but to drop all charges against Franco. Franco thanks his dad. In another courtroom, Alexis reveals to the judge that Nina faked her breakdown and tells the court that Nina was thinking with her heart when she did so. Nina won't let Alexis sell out Franco, so she demands to take the stand. Nina tries to once again act crazy, until Franco walks in a free man. Nina quickly changes her story and apologizes for her actions and the trouble she caused the court. Nina is freed and the charges against her are dismissed. She runs into Franco’s arms.

    GH Recap: Wedding Rings.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    At court, Nina meets with Nathan before her trial and can sense something is wrong, so he fills her in on what’s been going on with Maxie and Spinelli. However Nathan wants her to focus on herself right now, which Alexis agrees with. Nathan tells Nina that today will decide whether she gets a fresh start or spends the rest of her life in Shadybrook. Franco approaches, so Nathan excuses himself to talk to Alexis, giving Franco and Nina a chance to talk. Nina tells Franco that Alexis knows she’s not crazy, and Franco admits he told Scotty the same about himself. Nina thinks Alexis has to keep what she told her confidential, but she worries Scott will use it to hurt Franco. Later Alexis tells Nina that it’s time. Nathan is called away to an emergency meeting, but wishes her luck before he leaves. Nina’s competency trial begins and Alexis presents her evidence, including that Nina faked her most recent breakdown that caused the delay in this hearing.

    GH Recap: His Wife.

    Friday, March 20 2015

    Scott arrives at Shadybrook with Alexis. Scott pulls Franco aside while Alexis talks with Nina. Alexis warns Nina that she will be forced to stay here a lot longer if the judge thinks she’s not getting any better. Nina admits to Alexis that she’s been faking being crazy to stay with Franco. She wants Alexis to help Franco get out, but Alexis says there is nothing she can do for him. Nina tells her then she will stay with him. Meanwhile Franco admits to Scott that he too is faking, but Scott tells him to keep faking. Scott can’t help Franco, and this is his only chance of staying out of Pentonville. Later Franco and Nina talk, Franco knows he’s stuck here, but that she has a choice, and he wants her to forget him and go live her life.

    GH Recap: Houdini's Escape.

    Tuesday, March 10 2015

    At Shadybrook, Nina and Franco are making out when Nathan and Dante show up to question them. Dante asks Nina if she helped Luke out of his restraints. Franco covers for Nina and says he did it. He says that Harry Houdini was caught up in the ropes, so he had to help him. He says Nina tried to stop them and tie him back up because the magical community wouldn’t like that Harry Houdini needed help escaping. Nathan and Dante don’t believe Franco, but say they need to focus on finding Luke. They ask Nina what she knows, and she tells them that she honestly doesn’t know where Luke is. Dante and Nathan leave and Nina thanks Franco for taking the rap for her. Later the guards eventually break them up and escort them to their separate rooms for the night.

    GH Recap: I'm Yours.

    Monday, March 09 2015

    Franco and Nina are at Shadybrook debating whether or not to take Luke up on his offer to get out. They agree to do it. She babbles about wanting to finally have a life again. Luke explains that he has people who can help them. The three of them argue about their plan. Franco goes into the hall to keep guard. Luke gets flirtatious as Nina takes off Luke's restraints. A guard finds Franco in the hall as Nina leads Luke out. When the guard spots them, Luke grabs Nina and threatens to snap her neck. More guards rush in and Luke runs.

    GH Recap: Unwanted Kiss.

    Friday, March 06 2015

    In Shadybrook, Franco threatens to kill Luke and make a work of art out of his corpse for what he did to Scotty. Nina walks in as Franco begins suffocating Luke with a pillow and she stops him. She reminds him they have a plan to leave with one another, and a dead body will make that difficult. Luke says he has a plan to escape himself and will take them with him if they help him. Franco says he is listening, but Nina thinks this guy is insane. Luke says he is in control of his faculties, and that he did what he did to avoid being sent back to prison. He says it’s much easier to break out of this place. Luke promises to help them disappear with his resources if they help him get out of here. Nina doesn’t trust him, but Franco believes this is their best chance.

    GH Recap: Like Hateful, Evil Bonkers.

    Thursday, March 05 2015

    At Shadybrooke, Franco and Nina play up their lunacy acts for another patient. Nina barks at her until she runs out of the room. Once alone, they start pondering their plan to get out. Nathan and Dante bring a heavily bound Luke in. Nina runs up to her brother. When he mentions what happened to Scott, Franco perks up but has to amp up his act when he seems a little too lucid. After the cops leave, Franco starts ranting about what has happened to his father. He heads down the hall to see Luke and walks straight into his room. "My name is Franco Baldwin. You hurt my father. Prepare to die," Franco says.

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