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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    It Wasn't Sonny.

    Friday, June 21 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Morgan catches Michael in the pool house with Kiki topless. He yanks him outside wondering what was so important that he'd bust in on Kiki. Michael yells that he felt it was urgent to find him since he stole his credit card. Kiki gets angry he's gambling again. His denial is met with disbelief. Morgan finally admits he was gambling for Kiki's sake and storms off mad thinking Michael is interested in Kiki. Alone, Michael asks, "What are we going to do about us?" Franco reviews ELQ stock prices on his tablet when Ava arrives at the Quartermaine's. Ava doesn't believe he's bonding with Kiki. He's excited about time with his daughter; the only reason he would come back to Port Charles and face trial. Ava thinks he's working on another art piece. Franco wonders why she's looking for AJ. It's not about manipulating Kiki's shares; she's ready to offer up his head on a platter. Franco's certain AJ wants to work with him. Ava has doubts that will happen if AJ finds out about him poisoning the relish. Franco doesn't know what she's talking about and hides his tablet in the couch when she starts discussing the chaos that's ensued since the relish tampering. She thinks it's brilliant performance art taking down a company. He wonders how she's going to prove it. Ava recounts her visit to New York during the taping of "The Chew" and how an unnamed man was identified as running off from the studio. She's since taken a photo to the show's producer who's confirmed it was him. She calls his bluff and pulls his tablet from beneath the cushion. When he returns, Morgan overhears Ava offering to unite with Franco if he wants her to keep her mouth shut.

    I Can't.

    Tuesday, June 18 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, both Michael and Kiki/Lauren wonder why they haven't told each other they were a Quartermaine. Morgan happily reiterates they are cousins and continues to be pleased at this new development. Michael is having a hard time believing this is happening. Franco knows he has issues but is unable to say what he needs to Kiki/Lauren to make her understand. He looks to Michael for help in explaining what happened and wants it known that he wasn't responsible for the rape. Morgan asks Michael, "What rape?" Michael didn't want him to find out this way; Morgan was young when it happened. Kiki/Lauren can't believe it's her father who is responsible. Michael tells her it's okay. Morgan wants everyone to back up a moment. He wonders how Kiki/Lauren knew about the rape already. Michael and Kiki/Lauren get defensive, which only worries Morgan more. The family leaves Morgan and Kiki/Lauren alone. She doesn't want him to worry about her and Michael. She leaves to get some beers. Franco stops Morgan from following her so they can talk alone. In the foyer, Michael snaps at AJ for not telling him his cousin was called Kiki. He leaves Michael alone for a moment with Kiki. She tells Michael the kiss never happened. AJ joins Franco and Morgan. They all agree no one can blame Carly and Sonny for wanting Franco dead. Morgan catches Michael and is sorry for what happened to him. Michael watches Kiki and Morgan retreat upstairs.

    Redemption Over Revenge.

    Monday, June 17 2013

    Morgan's surprised when he realizes he's at the Quartermaine's. Alice confirms it is Kiki/Lauren's family's home and that the Quartermaine's still live there. It dawns on Morgan that Kiki/Lauren is a Quartermaine. He realizes Kiki/Lauren and Michael are cousins when he learns Franco is Kiki/Lauren's father. He laughs, relieved that he doesn't have to worry about Kiki/Lauren and Michael becoming an item. Alice becomes the confused one but is happy to learn he's little Morgan. Morgan gives her a great big kiss. In the living room, Tracy offers Franco a chance to get even with AJ by siding with her. Franco humors them, allowing both to share their horrid tales about each other. Franco likes Tracy's tales better and notes that she didn't try to kill him on the Haunted Star. She suggests that AJ might have been the one who tried to finish him off at the Metro Court. AJ sympathizes going through the same struggles as Franco about having their kids kept from them. He's certain an alliance between the two of them would be good for them and both their children. AJ offers Franco a chance at redemption over revenge and Tracy gets worried that Franco's sold on the offer. Alone, Tracy hears that Franco is thrilled to use AJ as a means to get a relationship with his daughter. She tries to convince him that she's been getting to know Kiki/Lauren and they both should do something to ensure her future with ELQ. She waits for Franco to shake on it when Alice brings Morgan in and introduces him as Kiki/Lauren's boyfriend. Franco's happy to meet his brother's namesake. AJ meets Lauren at the door when she arrives looking for Morgan. He wants to talk to her about her cousin but is interrupted by a call from Michael. Michael's upset about kissing Morgan's girlfriend. AJ requests that he come over and meet his cousin first. Kiki/Lauren joins the family and is surprised that Morgan knows them. He tells her Michael is one of them. Tracy leaves as AJ brings Michael in and introduces him to Kiki/Lauren, his cousin.

    I Know This Place.

    Friday, June 14 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Franco's introduction to Alice fails when she closes the door in his face. He doesn't give up easily and the two of them struggle with the door. In the living room, Kiki/Lauren calls Morgan to share her good news of living in the lap of luxury. Morgan doesn't think they'll be that bad off that he'll have to move in as he plays online poker. She cuts Morgan off when Franco arrives and tells him she'll send a car to pick him up. Kiki/Lauren throws something breakable at Franco when he asks for some sugar. Alice is hesitant to leave Kiki/Lauren alone with her father when she asks Alice to pick up her boyfriend. Kiki/Lauren is certain she can handle Franco and gives Alice the address. Franco is pleased they are alone so they can get to know each other. Franco pours his heart out to her about all he's lost and sacrificed. He hopes they will be able to reconcile. Kiki/Lauren is so moved that she runs off to be alone when AJ interrupts them. Franco is disturbed by AJ's blundering moment that tears his daughter away from him. Tracy overhears and offers Franco a way to get even by using his shares.

    I Know What You Did.

    Thursday, June 13 2013

    Franco bothers Alexis at Kelly's, complimenting her on how hot she looks sitting atop her high-horse. She asks him to go away but stops when he brags about surviving the latest attempt on his life. She questions him when he thinks Olivia got shot instead of him. Franco explains Sonny's in custody. She doesn't believe Sonny has anything to do with Olivia getting shot, but Franco suggests maybe one of his men did. Alexis reflects on Shawn's lies from last night. Diane approaches her and Alexis says Sam won't be in court because Danny has leukemia. Alexis leaves for GH. Franco is shocked, as is Diane that he even cares.

    Back at Kelly's Diane discusses Franco's case with him. He's not interested in getting a psych evaluation and might feel safer behind bars. Diane steps away when Silas arrives to change their court plans. He refuses and believes it's in Sam's best interest if he gets custody of Rafe.

    Franco arrives at the hospital smugly announcing to Carly and Sonny, "The gang's all here." He wants to check on Olivia. Sonny threatens that he shouldn't take one step in her direction. Franco indicates he knows what they did, but promises his lips are sealed.

    I Am Not That Man.

    Wednesday, June 12 2013

    At the Metro Court, Dante gets off the phone knowing Olivia is stable and needs surgery. Anna produces an evidence bag with the shell and lets Dante know they'll get the guy. He leaves for the hospital. In the restaurant, Carly reminds Franco there's been a shooting and lies about talking to security. He remembers, adding he knows who's responsible. Carly asks if he meant her. He agrees it's her hotel, she's libel, but he wonders what she thought he meant. Carly argues she's not responsible for the actions of everyone that walks into the hotel. Franco only cares about the one she hired to kill him. He lays it out like he sees it, from the point where Carly dragged him from the Quartermaine's to the terrace at the Metro Court. Carly calls him a conspiracy theorist. Franco wonders if they should ask Anna if she'd think the same when she gets off the elevator and approaches them. She wonders why she's just the person Franco wants to see and he feigns an interest in Olivia's condition since Carly is worried about her star employee. Anna goes to investigate on the terrace. Franco apologizes to Carly for all the hurt he has caused and tells her he is not the same guy. On the terrace a waiter tells Anna where Carly and Franco were seated. She sits in Franco's seat and looks up to the balcony where the shooter was.

    The Truth Will Come Out.

    Tuesday, June 11 2013

    Franco salutes Carly on the terrace of the Metro Court. From the bar, Olivia sees Sonny covered in blood and rushes after him thinking Franco's about to kill him. She's shot as she pushes Sonny out of the way. Franco calls 911 and Connie rushes to her side. Carly steals a look at the balcony. While she's lost in thought, Franco suggests that only she or he could have been the intended target.

    Back at the Metro Court, Shawn ducks into the room in shock that he shot Olivia. He pauses at the door overhearing Anna walk by trying to secure the hotel. Downstairs, Dante arrives and runs to Olivia's side as she's wheeled out on a stretcher. Sonny and Connie beg him to stay and find who did this. Anna and Dante interrogate Carly and Franco. Franco points to where he saw a flash. Carly takes them to the room Franco pointed to and witnesses Dante find where the shooter took the shot. Anna requests hotel security footage for the night, then finds a bullet shell on the floor.

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