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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    No One Is Careful All The Time.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013

    Carly rushes to Franco's side when Derek knocks him out at the gym. Carly's concerned and wants to know why they are sparring. Franco just had brain surgery and doesn't know anything about boxing. He believes he's more resilient than she thinks but Carly helps him up to take him to the hospital. She shoots Derek a dirty look when he asks if their lunch date is still on. Later, Ava stops by eager to have Derek sign Diane's contract. She brags about all the money they can make off of Franco. Derek's not interested. Someone might find out he's her silent party. He's already established as someone interested in art so she doesn't see that being a problem. Derek thinks it's worth taking the chance, especially to see the look on Franco's face now that they're fighting over Carly. Ava's surprised and annoyed at his interest in Carly. She wants him to be careful.

    At the Metro Court, Franco takes advantage of Carly's attentions. She wants him to go to the hospital. He'd rather kiss her but Carly thinks he should kiss his 'groupie' Diane. Franco doesn't have groupies anymore. He declares he's not sleeping with Diane. She's not convinced. As Franco repeats that there is nothing going on, Diane barges in saying, "Franco, I need you now." Carly doesn't want to hear it and leaves.

    Fighting For Carly.

    Tuesday, October 15 2013

    Franco finds Derek boxing at the gym. Derek's certain his visit is about Carly. Franco advises him not to think about seeing Carly and Derek questions jokingly if Franco plans on killing him if he does. They try to explain away the events of their dinner engagements. Franco's 'date' with Diane was an obvious attempt to make Carly jealous. He denies it, and then asks Derek if it worked. Derek thinks Carly might be interested in him and since she's attractive, he might be interested too. Franco wants to know what Derek's price is. Derek doesn't need his money and Carly doesn't need his protection. Derek offers a wager - they will box to decide who backs off of Carly. Shawn overhears the exchange nearby and watches as they get in the ring before leaving. Franco and Derek bait each other between blows. Later Carly shows up and demands to know what Franco is doing. Derek knocks him out.

    So High School.

    Wednesday, October 09 2013

    At the Metro Court, Franco doesn't think it's a good idea for Derek to have dinner with Carly and tries to convince him that Carly is crazy. She went mad when she found out her son was sleeping with Ava. Derek doesn't know why Franco cares. Franco admits they may have feelings for each other. Derek confesses Carly asked him and he's going. Franco asks if Derek's sure he wants to cross him. Derek's surprised Franco's lawyer got him off for being a new man and leaves for dinner. Franco is yelling after him not to call him 'Mr. Franco' when Diane arrives. She has the contracts for his new show and is eager to see the new work Sebastian is so excited about. Franco spends too much time in his room and invites Diane to dinner. Upstairs, Alexis is interested in knowing more about Lucas' biological father, Julian Jerome, when she finds Carly in the restaurant. Carly doesn't think the family would want it advertised who Lucas' father was and wonders why it's important. Alexis shares her embarrassing story of hooking up with stranger that may have been Julian Jerome. She hopes Carly can convince Lucas to have a DNA test. Carly promises to run it by Bobbie for her, and then steps away to join her date. Alexis stares as Carly greets Derek. They both thank him for helping Danny before Alexis gets called away. Carly thought Alexis seemed weird but is distracted when Diane and Franco enter the restaurant. She watches Franco touch Diane's hand before kissing it gently. Carly responds by hinting that Derek is devastatingly handsome and touches his face. Diane's confused by Franco's actions and he offers to give her a percentage of his next show if she helps him. She tries to figure out what Franco wants but he expectantly stands up and kisses her passionately. Carly has enough and rushes over to break up the kiss. Derek sits alone smirking at the scene as Franco and Diane explain they're a couple. When Carly returns, Derek wants to explain his earlier encounter with Franco but Carly kisses him instead. Diane doesn't think Franco's plan to make Carly jealous is working. Derek knows the show is for Franco's benefit but doesn't mind. He kisses Carly back.

    The Jackal And The Backstabber.

    Tuesday, October 08 2013

    At the Metro Court, Derek answers his door shirtless when Carly knocks. She's looking for Ava. He suggests she start by looking in Ava's room and jokes she probably already barged into her room like she did his. Carly owns the hotel and will go where she pleases. She complains about Ava preying on Morgan. Derek recognizes that Morgan's all grown up. He thinks she's putting too much focus on Morgan in lieu of her own relationship problems. Derek remembers her fight with her 'boyfriend' at the pier. It's obvious to Derek that he's gay. Carly professes she's moved on and invites him to dinner. He suspects she has an ulterior motive after moving from hostile to inviting him to dinner. She's just lonely, so Derek agrees. Meanwhile, Franco argues with Heather's striped painting in his room when he can't replicate her art. He cuts Sebastian's call short to continue working on the striped series for him and yells, "Go away," to the knock on the door. Heather's there in a disguise. She wonders why he wanted an audience with her and offers to make Carly disappear if she's a problem for him. It's her painting. Franco gives it high praise and bemoans the distraction it's become for him. Heather grabs something from her purse and is about to destroy the striped painting when Franco screams out for her to stop. Heather's excited that Franco 'gets it' and agrees to do a series for him provided he stay away from Carly. As Heather prepares to leave, Franco lies about having seen Carly recently but remembers their kiss. Franco shoves Heather behind him when he sees Carly walking by in the hall. She wonders what he's up to but doesn't have the time – she has to get ready for her date with Derek Wells. Franco's silenced by her taunting and watches her walk away. After, Franco catches Derek on his way out to dinner. In the restaurant, Olivia curses Derek Wells for his newest headline 'Corinthos in the Crossfire' before Spinelli and Maxie arrive. She greets them as 'the Jackal and the Backstabber' and jokes they need their own show where they commit crimes on their friends. Maxie thinks their being there is a bad idea and wants to go but Olivia continues to wonder how they could let their friends fall in love with a baby who isn't theirs. Spinelli interjects after Maxie takes blame. He's interested in how to proceed so they can raise the baby. They can't live without their daughter. Olivia knew this was going to happen. She begs them to tread lightly; their new beginning is the end for Dante and Lulu. Maxie receives Lulu's call. They need to meet. Nearby, Olivia shows Carly the newspaper and notes there's a lot of negative news aimed at Sonny. Carly doesn't want to talk about Derek Wells right now. She has a date with him. Alexis arrives hoping Carly can help her.

    Diamond In The Rough.

    Wednesday, October 02 2013

    Carly wants her security team to locate Ava when they find her room empty at the Metro Court. Franco joins them before Carly leaves Morgan a message to call ASAP. She decides to kick Franco out since Ava's not there. He's working on a lot in his room and wants to show her himself. She accepts his invitation and asks for her money when she gets there. He shows her the paintings that will pay his way but she thinks they're ugly. Franco's certain his art dealer, Sebastian, will think otherwise but Sebastian concurs with Carly. Before leaving Sebastian finds something he can work with – Heather Webber's striped painting. He accuses Franco of hiding this diamond in the rough and knows if Franco can give him more then they'll be in business. Franco is disheartened about the turn of events so Carly suggests he paint more of those to get the money he needs, then he can paint his passion. She wishes him luck before leaving, and he knows he'll need it. Alone, he makes a call to Heather. Outside, Carly leaves Morgan another message to call.

    Slaughter Away.

    Thursday, September 26 2013

    Kiki wants to know what's going on when she and Michael find Morgan and Ava making love in her room. It's what it looks like; he's 'hitting the sheets with her mom'. Michael stands idly by as Kiki begs Morgan not to do this. He admits he already did and brags about it. He believes they were up all night doing it themselves. Michael sets him straight – they were up all night worried about him. Ava wants to talk but Kiki has nothing to say. She slaps Ava hard across the face, and then calls her the worst mother on the planet. Kiki used to think she was the coolest and all her friends were jealous. She's not so cool now – 'she's a liar, a user, and a slut'. Kiki sees everything Ava's done wasn't enough; she had to sleep with her husband. Morgan thinks she lost every right to complain about that when she left him for Michael. He's tired of being lectured and wants them to go. He's decides to stick by Ava as she stuck by him. Michael gets Kiki's things. She's ready to leave and is done with them. Ava doesn't want to be written off but Kiki blames her for it and says goodbye. Meanwhile, Carly's upset about Ava when she bumps into Franco and exclaims that Ava slept with her son. Franco thinks it's Michael, but he quickly learns it's Morgan. Carly's sorry for not being there for Morgan. Recognizing all the anger and frustration in her body he offers her a way to get it out. They go to his room and Carly wonders how watching him paint will help her feel better. Franco invites her to slaughter the canvas to get back at Ava. Carly doesn't want to and dumps red paint all over Franco. It's his fault. Ava is only around because of him. She starts to paint while she complains about Ava. She turns around and sees Franco, shirtless. Carly confides she's really angry because he had a woman in his room and she thought he was hiding in Ava's room. The woman in his room meant nothing – Carly does. He kisses her. She can't and pulls away but he thinks the mistake would be for her to leave. She does and he smiles at her painting while outside, Carly cries.

    Yes We Did.

    Wednesday, September 25 2013

    At the Metro Court, Franco tosses Heather's painting aside and remembers how she ruined things for him with Carly. Diane passes Carly in the hall looking for Franco's room. Carly gives her directions and mentions it's time for her client to pay his bill. Diane compliments him on his physique when she finds him before breaking the news that he's being sued and his assets are frozen. He doesn't know how he's going to live so Diane suggests he sell Heather's striped painting. He admits it's not his and she encourages him to create more of his own art. He agrees…if she gives him $7,200 for supplies. Michael and Kiki wake up in the restaurant when the janitor shows up, commenting that newlyweds spend their night in the honeymoon suite. Kiki says, "He's not my husband." Alone, they can't believe what Sonny did. Michael's glad it's over but worries Kiki is having regrets. She isn't, but she's worried about Morgan and realizes she has no place to live. Michael invites her to move in. She's hesitant – what would people think? They have to do this right, she will go to her mom's first. He worries Ava might take advantage of her again. She won't let that happen, but Ava doesn't answer her phone when Kiki calls. Michael offers to get her a key to Ava's room and will help her get her stuff at Sonny's. Morgan and Ava wake up in her room and both accept that they did it. She wonders what Carly would think if she found him there when there's a knock on the door and Carly calls out. Ava begs Morgan to get dressed but he refuses to hide from his mother. Carly's not afraid to use her master key and comes in after Morgan's hidden. Carly blames Ava for Sonny's troubles and getting him off of his lithium. It's the reason he broke Morgan's heart and ruined the wedding party. Ava announces the marriage is over. Carly inquires how when there's a bang from the other room. Ava says it's nothing but Carly thinks she knows who it is…Franco. She wants him to have the guts to face her but is surprised when Morgan comes out. Carly grasps at straws hoping it's the same as when she found Michael with Brenda. It's not, so she attacks Ava for being a predator. Morgan confesses he wanted to sleep with Ava and refuses to leave. Carly promises he'll have a front row seat when Ava's thrown out. Alone, Morgan offers to stick by Ava as he undresses her. Shortly, Michael and Kiki walk in as they start having sex again. In the hall, Carly bumps into Franco while she's on the phone with hotel security.

    Father Of The Bride.

    Tuesday, September 17 2013

    At the Metro Court, Carly and Felix wonder who's in Franco's room when Franco joins them outside his door. He doesn't want them to enter and Felix believes Franco has a prisoner in his room. Franco confesses it's a woman. Carly's angry but claims it doesn't matter to her since it's not like he would get a chance with her anytime soon. She says he can stay but he needs to provide a working credit card. She and Felix leave muttering about I told you so's. Franco brings Heather her BLT and asks her to leave for ruining his life. Carly now thinks he's a sleaze. Heather complains about the sandwich being pre-owned and cuts off the bitten part. She asks, "Who cares what Carly thinks?" She believes Franco dodged a bullet if Carly's not interested in him. Franco gets sappy dreaming about a normal life. Heather cheerily admits she still loves him.

    You Don't Know Who You're Dealing With.

    Monday, September 16 2013

    At the Metro Court, Franco's surprised to see Heather Webber. She talks herself into being invited in and he allows her to enjoy his birthday cake. Franco wonders how she got loose and Heather explains she has a system for sneaking in and out on special occasions. She announces she has his present. He doesn't know what to say when she gives him a painting of stripes and is ready to show her out the door. She refuses to head back to her cell until she gets what's rightfully hers, a BLT from Kelly's. They argue. He's certain she doesn't know who she's dealing with. She reminds him that he doesn't know who he's dealing with. Downstairs an employee confirms with Carly that Franco's suite is going to be comp'd. She confirms it will be indefinitely and remembers Franco blowing out his birthday candles. She bumps into Felix who wonders what has her on edge. She's excited to hear about his blind date. He's just happy he's getting himself out there and inquires if she's been with anybody since her night with AJ. She's upset when he jokes about her dating dangerous men. She claims she's not upset and is joking too but confesses she's helping Franco. Felix can't believe she's getting involved with that 'psycho'. He decides to help her confront the situation. Upstairs Felix knocks on Franco's door. Inside Heather knocks over a lamp. Felix yells thinking Franco's in there. Heather gets a knife while listening to Felix and Carly arguing in the hall. Franco arrives and demands to know what they're doing.

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