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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    GH Recap: My Mother Is Having My Ex-Husband's Baby?

    Friday, June 06 2014

    Franco is in the park trying to get people to let him sketch them. Olivia shows up and swipes the money in his hat to pay for the damage he did to her hotel. She runs off. He has a fit and rips up his drawings. Carly shows up. She's been worrying about Morgan and fills him in about the Ava situation. Franco complains about Liv stealing the money he made from painting blind kids. She sits for her caricature. He thinks it sucks. She's shocked that it's a perfect likeness of Olivia. Franco feels worthless. She doesn't care what he does for work, she just loves him. Carly asks him to move in with her so he can start over again. They kiss.

    GH Recap: Any Day Ending In Y.

    Tuesday, June 03 2014

    Franco is in the park drawing caricatures of a woman. She doesn't like them and storms off. Kiki jogs by. She asks him to sketch her and talks about her dinner plans with Ava. He doubts that meal is going to happen. "I'm pretty sure your mother is dead," he says. She needs an explanation and gets upset so he offers her ice cream.

    GH Recap: This Is Crap.

    Wednesday, May 28 2014

    Carly plops down beside Luke at the Metro Court bar. They talk about Lucas' shooting and he suggests it must have been a hate crime. She wanders off to find a bartender and runs into Franco. She tells him Sonny knows Ava killed Connie. He's surprised Sonny hasn't scorched the earth. Ric shows up. Carly begins listing his crimes. Franco shakes his hand and then offers to beat him up. Carly's sure he can ruin his own life. Ric heads to the bar. Luke offers him a drink but Ric lays into him for spreading rumors. Ric warns that he can be just as dangerous as Sonny. He strolls off. Back at a table, Carly and Franco ponder what Sonny will do next. Back at the bar, Luke chats to Olivia. She mentions breaking up with Sonny and he wants all the details. She gives them. He tells her she can do a lot better than Sonny and asks her to go somewhere quiet so she can 'undress her feelings' for him. She urges him to go home to his new bride. He grumbles, tells her Ric is a threat and kisses her before walking off. Confused, she wanders by Carly and Franco. Olivia fills Carly in about Sonny sleeping with Ava. Carly assures her that will never happen again. Meanwhile, Liz arrives on the roof of the Metro Court. Ric is waiting and has had the place prepared for her. She's impressed. They toast and he calls out a violinist to play as they dance. He asks her to spend the night with him. She agrees.

    GH Recap: There Are Other Ways.

    Friday, May 23 2014

    Carly and Franco return to an empty house. Carly doesn’t want to hand the phone over to Anna because it will incriminate Sonny. Franco suggests editing out the part where Sonny shoots AJ. Carly wonders what would stop Ava from telling Anna the truth to get a deal once she’s arrested. Carly thinks giving it to Sonny is another option. Franco thinks it’s a death sentence for Ava. She’s fine with that, but he would prefer Ava not die. Carly insists Ava needs to pay, so Franco is behind Carly whatever she decides. Franco leaves with the phone, wiped clean of the recording, to deliver to Anna.

    At PCPD, Scott leaves another message for Lucy, wanting answers. Then he congratulates Anna for busting Julian, but she digs at him for messing around with Lucy. They discuss Lucas’ shooting and she tells him they found the shooter’s body, but not the shooter’s shooter. Scott thinks Sonny hired the shooter, but Anna instructs Scott to question Jordan Ashford for now. Downstairs, Julian gives Jordan attitude for getting busted after he handed everything to her on a plate. She tries to get him to spill who shot Lucas but he refuses to reveal who his boss is. TJ enters to visit Jordan and Julian spars with the guard to get access to a phone. Meanwhile, TJ hands Jordan the title to his car. He doesn’t want anything paid for with drug money. She tells him that after his father died they were almost homeless, so she got involved in illegal activity. She got caught and was ashamed. She apologizes and thinks one day he’ll understand. TJ leaves upset and alone, Jordan cries. Back upstairs, Anna gives Julian an update on Lucas’ condition. Julian pulls Scott aside and tells him he wants to talk. In the interrogation room, Julian tells Scott he has a recording of Scott blackmailing his old DA opponent to drop out of the race. Julian demands Scott drop the charges. Scott has the guard take Julian out be arraigned instead of back to his cell. Franco comes by the station with AJ’s phone and tells Anna they were just copying AJ’s pictures but she calls BS. Later, Anna returns to Jordan’s cell and sees how upset she is. She realizes Julian is gone.

    GH Recap: I Was Wrong.

    Wednesday, May 21 2014

    Carly and Franco are at Spinelli's arguing with Ellie and refusing to let them hear with what's on the phone. Franco tells them to go out and get pierced or grow beards so they can listen to the message. Once they are alone, Franco and Carly listen to the rest of the call. They're shocked to hear AJ accuse Ava of killing Connie. They continue listening as Ava confesses, explains everything and then they hear the shot. Carly realizes Sonny is clueless about Ava killing Connie. Ellie and Spinelli return and recall his days as a 'cyber warrior' before becoming a family man. Franco and Carly look forward to what's next now that they have the goods on Ava. He points out that AJ finally came through for her.

    GH Recap: A Publisher, Nothing More.

    Tuesday, May 20 2014

    Carly and Franco arrive at Spin’s apartment in Portland. He’s overjoyed to see Carly, Franco not so much. Carly pulls out AJ’s phone and explains the mangled audio. Ellie emerges with baby Georgie. Carly gushes over the baby but Ellie is less than thrilled to see Franco. Carly and Spin begin work on the phone. Spin tells Carly that he’s Mr. Mom while Ellie works and he loves every minute of it. He is worried about Maxie though. Their case is being reviewed and she hasn’t returned his calls. He thought Maxie would be excited. Suddenly, Spin has the recording all fixed - they just have to hit play.

    GH Recap: God Fearing Folk.

    Wednesday, May 14 2014

    Carly and Franco anxiously wait for their flight to take off to avoid handing over AJ’s phone to Anna. Carly is determined to stop Ava and thinks it’s funny that AJ is the key to doing it. All she can think about is the recording and Franco suggests they join the mile high club to take her mind off of it. She’s appalled and denies being a member already. She asks if he’s a member and he admits he is, but is game to go for a joint membership. She starts to warm up to the idea. He tells her to wait a bit and join him, but the attendant stops Carly and makes her return to her seat. Franco eventually returns and she’s ready to give up. He insists she go first and he’ll follow. Carly goes to the bathroom, but then another man gets ahead of Franco. Franco can’t stop him and hears Carly scream. When she returns he wants her to try going in there together. They make it to the bathroom just before there is an announcement about turbulence. After, they are totally disheveled and satisfied.

    GH Recap: Yummy Sides.

    Tuesday, May 06 2014

    Franco and Carly run into Anna at the hospital. They tell her they looked for AJ’s phone but came up empty handed. They insist on leaving the investigation to the professionals and take off quickly. Anna finds Felix and tells him she’s looking for AJ’s phone. He tells her it was in the lost and found but Carly and Franco found it.

    At Kelly’s, Carly and Franco worry they’ll never get a clear answer of what happened that night. They go over what they know and can’t figure out what AJ was accusing Ava of. Carly’s phone rings and it is Anna. The voicemail reveals she knows they have the phone and Franco suggests they leave town.

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