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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Who's Your Father?

    Thursday, July 18 2013

    Sam looks for Franco in his room and only finds Ava and Kiki. Silas notifies them that he went for a cat scan. Kiki asks why and introduces herself as Ava's daughter. He's surprised Ava has a daughter and is hesitant to follow Sam out. Sam doesn't think this has anything to do with Franco and leaves. Silas asks Kiki who her father is. Ava says Franco is as Kiki gets annoyed with Silas. Silas isn't sure and asks Kiki if it's true. She confirms it and asks him who he is and why he cares. Ava explains Kiki's been tested and that's all he needs to know. Kiki leaves. Alone, Silas asks Ava if Kiki is his daughter. She reiterates Kiki's Franco's, she doesn't kiss and tell. At the nurses' station, Elizabeth's worried about Franco thinking he's Jason. Patrick's not sure it's a stunt and leaves to check the labs. Carly arrives to learn more about Franco's beating and Elizabeth tells her that he currently thinks he's Jason. Carly's mad that Franco's trashing Jason's memory. Patrick returns with what he needs to diagnose Franco. It's for medical personnel only. He and Elizabeth go to an exam room. She's certain he's faking but Patrick finds a brain tumor. Carly barges in and Patrick shows them the tumor affecting Franco's choices between good and evil that went undiagnosed for a long time. He thinks Franco could really believe he's Jason Morgan. Meanwhile in Danny's room, Franco picks up Danny and tells him that he's his daddy. When Sam returns to Danny's room he's gone. When a nurse can't find her baby, Sam's certain she knows what happened and leaves.

    'Jason' arrives at the penthouse with Danny. He wants to protect him from Franco. He admires a family picture. Sam comes home calling for Franco. 'Jason' comes downstairs telling her not to worry. Franco's not there, it's just the two of them.

    He's On The Loose.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013

    Silas and Ava look on while Patrick questions Franco in his hospital room. He claims he's Jason Morgan and asks after his wife and baby, Sam and Danny. Ava wants to know what's going on when Franco doesn't know them. Silas' sure Franco's lying. Patrick kicks them out. Outside, Silas is certain Franco's doing this to keep his and Ava's secret. He wonders if she put him up to this and thinks she should just tell him what they're hiding. She goes back in the room and overhears Patrick telling 'Jason' that he knows him well and will find out what's wrong. Franco agrees, but then wants to see his family. A technician takes him for lab work as Silas claps at his performance. Kiki finds Ava alone in Franco's room and wants to know how he's doing. Ava thinks the question should be, "Who is he?" She's eager to get Kiki out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Nikolas enjoyed pitching in for Patrick. Elizabeth sees Britt hug him appreciatively as Nikolas offers to help any time before leaving. Elizabeth asks, "Dr. Westbourne, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Britt doesn't want to hear it but realizes Elizabeth is the woman who screwed Nikolas over. She suggests Elizabeth has buyer remorse with AJ. Leaving, Britt bumps into Brad who tells her Michael Corinthos knows about them but won't tell because Brad knows about him and Kiki. Britt is telling him to keep his nose clean when Patrick interrupts and apologizes for missing Lamaze. Elsewhere, 'Jason' runs into Elizabeth and apologizes for choosing Sam over her. He warns her that Franco's alive and on the loose. In Danny's room, Alexis promises Sam that they'll find a match. Molly overhears Sam feeling hopeless about her father being able to help. They ask Molly why she thinks that's weird. Brad interrupts them with test results on donors. He's distracted when Nikolas comes in but continues. There's no match yet, but Franco's sample is yet to be tested. Sam's concerned that everything now hinges on Franco. Alone with Alexis and Sam, Molly asks Alexis if Sam's father's name starts with a 'J' as suggested by the Ouija board. Silas comes in to alert Sam that Franco is now claiming to be Jason. She leaves ready to kill Franco. Silas finds Ava and asks who Kiki is. Kiki introduces herself as her daughter. Silas stares at Ava at the revelation. Franco finds Danny alone in his room and says, "I'm your father."

    Jason Morgan?

    Tuesday, July 16 2013

    At GH, Sabrina's disappointed to hear Patrick has plans with Britt for Lamaze. He asks if she has a problem when Britt steps away. Sabrina admits it's hard but she admires Patrick for doing the messy things. Nearby, Nikolas finds AJ comforting Elizabeth in the boardroom as she remembers the 17th anniversary of her grandfather's death. He waits until AJ leaves before joining her as she asks Steve's portrait if he approves of AJ. Nikolas promises not to cause a scene and recognizes that she looks happy before leaving. He bumps into Britt and is happy the father will be her birthing coach even if he sounds like a jackass. Nikolas is surprised when Patrick interrupts to ask if Britt is ready. Meanwhile Ava recognizes Spinelli hiding behind balloons. She knows he's been to her gallery and wants him and Carly to back off. Elsewhere, Silas reviews Franco's chart before rescuing him from Epiphany's wrath. He offers to swab Franco's mouth instead. Silas confirms he's Danny's doctor and that Danny is not doing well. After Silas takes the swab he thinks it's a good time to ask about Ava Jerome. Franco admits their relationship is more than personal. Silas is ready to hear more when Ava barges in and doesn't want him to say another word. Franco tries to address her when he has a seizure. Sabrina rushes in and out as Ava worries that Franco's dying. Sabrina approaches and pulls Patrick away from Britt on the emergency. Britt's not surprised. Nikolas offers to be her partner. Elizabeth and Sabrina wonder what's going on when they see the couple walk off together. Back in Franco's room, Patrick's upset for Silas meddling with his patient. Silas is eager for Franco to wake up and indicates he'll learn more about his past with Ava when he wakes up. Ava is silent as they wait. When Franco wakes, Patrick asks him who he is. He answers, "Jason Morgan." They all look at each other. In the Lamaze room, Maxie's upset with Dante for sneaking up on her while she has a private conversation with Georgie. She regrets she's unable to tell Dante and Lulu the truth. Dante doesn't overhear everything and is not worried she'll hurt them. She's wondering where Lulu is when Dante receives a call from Olivia. It's urgent and she needs him at home. Maxie's worried she'll have no partner when Dante spots Spinelli. He's eager to help despite Maxie's disappointment. Maxie relaxes, happy to have Spinelli there. She quickly tells Britt that he's filling in for the baby's father when she arrives with Nikolas. Both couples joke childbirth will be a breeze after surviving Epiphany's Lamaze.

    Time Doesn't Change Feelings.

    Friday, July 12 2013

    At GH, Alexis is confused when Ava barges in asking Franco what he did now before turning sweet. She wants to know who did this and Franco lies about falling down the stairs. Believing Alexis is Franco's nurse she inquires about how he is. Franco introduces them and Ava shares her concern over Danny. Both Franco and Alexis look askew at her thinking her concern is not genuine. Alexis leaves them alone and Franco confides he walked into a door named Sonny who wanted him to find other living quarters. Ava's not fooled by Franco giving Sonny a second chance by not turning him in and knows he has something to hold over Sonny. He jokes she knows him so well and remembers their kiss. She doesn't want him to fool himself since she remembers having something better with someone else. Franco's surprised he's not the love of her life. Meanwhile, Alexis sees Sam and Silas rush in with Danny. Sam's upset to hear the protocol is not working. She cries for Jason and Silas comforts her. Later, Sam tells Alexis her father should be considered as a donor.

    Bad Things Happen.

    Thursday, July 11 2013

    At GH, Morgan wonders what's bothering Kiki. She receives a message from Michael that he got Brad to back off. She explains she's thinking about her cousin. Their attention changes to Alexis calling for help while dragging in a bloodied Franco. No one answers Kiki when she wants to know what happened. She turns to Morgan to ask if he knows. He claims he couldn't know since he's been with her and suggests she go see Franco. In the exam room, Franco's pleased that Kiki's worried and tells her so when she comes in. Dante follows and wants to know the same. He's surprised Alexis is there. When Kiki leaves, Franco confesses to walking into a door, many times. Alexis didn't see anything. Morgan phones Sonny to warn him that Dante's questioning Franco before Kiki rejoins him. Dante comes out without any answers. Morgan and Kiki confirm they weren't at the pool house and don't know what happened either.

    One Cup Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, July 09 2013

    At the pool house, Franco overhears Morgan talking to himself. Morgan hopes he's making the correct purchase to take Michael off of Kiki's mind. Franco wonders why Morgan thinks her happiness can be bought as he takes in Kiki's new digs. He's disappointed they moved out of the main house and wants to spend time with Kiki. Morgan explains she's trying to save her cousin's life. Franco's confused when he learns of Danny's situation and becomes angry that no one asked him. Sonny and Shawn arrive as he finishes up his rant about being the boy's best chance and how he will show them. Morgan's under the impression his dad came to visit him but Sonny and Shawn need him to leave. Sonny gives Morgan cash and he departs. Alone with Franco, Sonny threatens swift and terrible retribution if harm comes to anyone he cares about before he directs Shawn to beat Franco. Alexis walks in on them and finds Franco battered and bleeding.

    Sleeping With The Enemy.

    Tuesday, July 02 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Franco's not convinced Carly hired both shooters. He suggests Ava's responsible and she can't fool him. She tries to convince him otherwise and calls him delusional. He questions what she thinks Sonny will do when he finds out she shot Olivia. Ava thinks she's done nothing wrong and doesn't believe Sonny would take Franco's word that she did it. Franco knows she's as much an art dealer as he is just an artist. She tempts him to prove she's responsible and that she had a motive to kill him. He knows she didn't think it through and now she can use him to her advantage and try again later. They reflect on their past and she remembers when he was happy. He's happy they're back together, if she doesn't muck it up. She invites him to bed, so as to be a believable couple.

    Catch You On The Flipside.

    Monday, July 01 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Kiki waits with Morgan wondering what their parents are talking about. In the living room, Carly denies being responsible for the shooting. Franco knows she was and threatens to tell Morgan if she's not careful. Carly pushes the newspaper at Franco letting him know someone else wants him dead. He suggests she could have hired two shooters. She doesn't want him to put Morgan's life in danger. Franco won't and wants what's best for Kiki. Carly doesn't care what he thinks if the PCPD thinks she's innocent. Ava asks if she cares what her son thinks. Carly reprimands Ava for not calling them when Morgan was in trouble. Ava knows all she needs to know about Carly and Sonny from Morgan who was shipped away for protection from his father. She finds Carly hypocritical. To separate the women, Franco calls Morgan and Kiki in announcing Carly has made a decision. Put on the spot, Carly decides that Morgan can stay. Morgan wonders what they have on her. Ava attempts to save Carly with excuses that she convinced her that Kiki and Morgan are serious and Franco is a changed man. Morgan thanks Carly before leaving with Kiki. Carly promises to find out what game they're playing and threatens they should watch out. Alone, Ava's pleased with herself until Franco mentions he thinks she was the other shooter.

    So Many Suspects, So Little Time.

    Friday, June 28 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Franco watches the ELQ shares while Ava remembers trying to shoot him. Kiki walks in and tries to leave when she sees them. Ava stops her and Kiki confesses she knows they made a deal. Ava confirms they did but it has nothing to do with ELQ. Franco adds that they are getting back together. Kiki stares on in disbelief. They confess they were more than a hook-up, it was something special. They are doing this for her and regret not giving her a family. Kiki's certain something's off and Ava can't convince her otherwise. Franco thinks he can and kisses Ava. Meanwhile, Carly stops by wanting to take Morgan home. Morgan doesn't care what Michael told her, he's not leaving without Kiki. Carly's surprised he owes Michael money. He saves himself saying it's only twenty bucks and argues he doesn't have a problem staying there with Kiki and her family. Morgan believes Franco's redeemed himself for what happened to Michael. Carly's surprised he knows about the rape and wants him to be considerate of his brother. Morgan takes issue with the fact Michael had no problem telling his girlfriend something personal and not him. Carly refuses to leave and demands he say goodbye to Kiki. They walk into the family room in time to catch Franco kissing Ava. Carly's amused when Kiki calls her father a freak for his performance. Franco cautions Carly about calling him names since someone he knows tried to kill him. She toys with him about there being so many suspects and so little time. Kiki gets upset that Carly's there to take Morgan away. Ava thinks she's being hasty and introduces herself to Carly. Carly guesses they have different parenting styles and believes Ava is deluded. Franco asks the kids to leave and tells Carly to let Morgan stay or he'll tell him she tried to kill him.

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