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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Not Too Late.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    At GH, Kiki apologizes for not being Franco's biological daughter. He doesn't believe her but Ava comes in and confirms it's true. Kiki gets angry. They both want Ava to explain why she lied. She had her reasons but Kiki's certain it's always been about making a buck. She doesn't need Ava anymore and plans that she and her new husband will keep far away from Ava. Ava's surprised to hear they're married already. Franco congratulates her before she leaves. Alone with Ava, Franco thinks Ava better hope he is a changed man, because if he's not, he's going to take his crazy out on her. Outside, Kiki's happy to see Morgan and runs into his arms crying. Ava interrupts to tell Kiki how much she loves her and how she expects Morgan to take care of her. Kiki goes to see Franco before leaving and finds him missing. In Maxie's room, Felicia, Mac and Spinelli try to keep Maxie calm after she learns she's having an emergency c-section. Maxie's eager to tell Spinelli something but she's pulled away to surgery. Mac and Felicia wait while Spinelli paces wishing he was with Maxie. In delivery, Dante looks on from the viewing area and whispers his love to Lulu who's with Maxie. Lulu reminds Maxie how strong and unstoppable she is. Maxie sees Spinelli join Dante. Meanwhile, Laura worries about Luke's health and promises they will both find Jerry. Later Sonny joins Luke. Luke is not one to ask for favors but hopes that Sonny will keep Lulu and their grandchild safe from their enemies. Sonny gives his word to protect them with his life as long as he runs Port Charles. Elsewhere, Olivia voices her concern for Luke while they wait. Back in delivery, Maxie delivers her baby. Lulu holds her hand while she cuts the cord as Dante and Spinelli look on. Spinelli pushes Dante telling him to go see his baby. Later, Dante announces the baby's arrival to family, then goes to hold the baby. After Spinelli waves to Maxie and departs the viewing area a nurse announces, "She's crashing."

    Built On A Lie.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013

    At GH, Franco is ready to save Danny's life. Silas break the news to him that he can't be the donor. Franco's disappointed. He wanted to help and make things right with Kiki. Silas is silent as Franco reflects on being left out of Kiki's life. He's about to tell Franco that Kiki's not his daughter when she arrives. Franco explains Silas said he couldn't help Danny. He's okay that she's not calling him dad. She asks Silas to leave and tells Franco to stop going on about being her father, he's not. Later when Ava arrives, Silas explains he thinks Kiki is telling Franco the truth. In maternity, the doctor tells Maxie, Dante and Lulu that there's a problem with the baby's heart rate. Maxie yells out, "She got that from me." Lulu tries to calm her and explain that there is no genetic connection. The doctor explains it's because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Meanwhile nearby, Sonny and Olivia congratulate Felicia and Mac on their wedding and they return the favor over Morgan and Kiki's nuptials. Sonny's surprised as Felicia remembers how charming Morgan was trying to hide the news story from her on her special day. Spinelli arrives to check on Maxie as Sonny is about to leave. Before he can, Dante comes out with the doctor who explains the situation. Inside, Maxie tells Lulu she doesn't have to worry. They're interrupted when Spinelli comes in. Lulu tells him he's just in time, Maxie was asking for him. When Dante returns an alarm goes off and Spinelli wonders what's wrong. The doctor announces the baby has to come out now.

    I Do What I Want.

    Monday, August 05 2013

    At the hospital Silas calls to get the lab results to his paternity test ASAP. Meanwhile, Kiki visits Franco and he recognizes her as his daughter. Silas listens as she tells Franco that she wants to figure out what they have together. Silas asks to speak to Kiki. Outside, he tells her about Franco’s suspicious cells which make him not an option for Danny. He is about to continue when Ava arrives. They bring her up to speed on Franco’s condition. Ava pushes Kiki into Franco’s room and threatens Silas to stay away from Kiki – she isn’t his daughter! He wants to wait to see what the DNA test says. She is livid but he does what he wants. Inside, Kiki wants to get to know her dad. She holds hands with Franco. She is his daughter and that will never change.

    Mouse Has Begun To Roar.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    Franco wakes up to Carly in his room. She is glad he’s alive and he reaches out his hand to her.

    Party's Over Brad.

    Wednesday, July 24 2013

    At GH, Felix interrupts Brad to say he knows what he did to Michael. He also knows why Brad backed off and tries to find out the truth about Britt's paternity test. Brad's certain Felix won't tell Monica about him because then he'd tell everyone Michael's banging his own cousin. Morgan steps off the elevator in time to overhear the exchange. Morgan's surprised to learn that Brad saw Kiki and Michael kiss. He claims he's marrying her and leaves them. Felix pushes Brad up against the wall ready to punch him for ruining people's lives. Sabrina stops him. Alone Felix tells her what Brad's been up to and why. Meanwhile, Diane approaches Franco's room and is stopped by an officer. She's surprised to hear he's been sedated after kidnapping Danny and trying to kill himself. Inside, Franco wakes up and remembers the previous night's events and how Carly talked him down while confessing how much she loved him. He calls her name but Diane comes in and wants to know what he was thinking. He only wants Carly. Near Danny's room, Sam thanks Carly for saving Danny and Franco. Carly's surprised that Sam cares Franco is still alive. Silas is as thankful as Sam since Franco may be the last chance at finding a donor. Sam wants to know why Carly didn't let Franco kill himself. Diane interrupts to let Carly know Franco wants to see her. She's surprised to see Silas friendly with Sam. In conversation he shares Franco's condition with her. Diane is excited to learn about the brain tumor and begins planning for trial. Alone, Silas promises to Sam to do the best to stabilize Danny. Ava sees the exchange in the hallway. She interrupts and wants to make sure Silas is clear about her and her daughter. She's surprised when he tells her to hurry up if she wants to see Franco. He's about to have surgery. Silas leaves not believing a word she's told him about Franco or Kiki. He joins Sam as Brad arrives to confirm Franco is a perfect match to save Danny. Back in Franco's room, he asks Carly questions about the night before. He wants to know why she stopped him from killing himself. He knows she hates him, why would she say she loved him? She tells him he thought he was Jason. Patrick arrives and Carly thinks he should tell Franco why he's confused. He explains and warns him before signing the consent form that surgery could kill him, otherwise he can die a slow and painful death without the procedure. Franco signs the consent. Outside, Morgan is stopped by the officer who assures him Kiki isn't in there. He's not surprised. When Kiki shows up he's surprised she doesn't know what's going on as Franco's wheeled out. Franco tells Kiki he has to have surgery so he can be her dad. Kiki asks Carly if he's going to die. Morgan will support her especially since she will be his wife. Carly is surprised at the news. Ava catches Franco before surgery. He wants her to think about the value of his art if something happens. Ava pushes him to sign a proxy so she can vote for him at ELQ. After, she watches as they take Franco to surgery.

    My Head Hurts!

    Tuesday, July 23 2013

    Dressed as Jason, Franco takes Danny up on the bridge and tells him how much he loves him. As he holds him over the edge, Carly interrupts. She tries to talk him down but he suggests that Franco must have gotten to her. Eventually, she convinces him that the baby needs to be in the hospital. He hands him over. Liz calls her and Carly explains that she has the baby. Franco takes out his gun and holds it on himself. Carly tries to calm him down. He starts to cry about killing Liz while he was trying to kill Franco. Franco needs to kill himself like Franco would. "Yes! No! My head hurts! I've got evil in my head that wants to explode," he says. He holds the gun on himself again. Carly tells him that it doesn't matter what's in his head because he has a good heart. After some pleading, he puts the gun down. Silas, Sam and PCPD show up after tracing the call Liz made to Carly. Sam runs up and grabs her kid. Carly stands between Franco and Dante as they level their guns at each other. She promises Franco that he will be okay and she can trust him. He cries and falls over.

    The Sacrifice.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    Franco parks the motorcycle near the bridge and pulls out a gun while he's holding Danny. He's sorry to hurt Danny's mother, but had no choice. He believes there's no one in Port Charles he and Danny can trust. Elizabeth walks over asking, "What about me?" He's surprised someone found him, but remembers Elizabeth could always read him. He thinks maybe the timing's right for them and refuses to let Franco ruin her like he's ruined Sam. Another Franco wearing a hooded jacket appears behind Elizabeth saying, "Guess again." He grabs Elizabeth and threatens her with a knife. Elizabeth calls to Franco holding the gun, "Jason." He shoots hitting her and she falls to the bridge. The hooded Franco picks up Elizabeth and throws her over the bride while Franco holds Danny who's screaming. The hooded Franco rants about how Jason had everything when Monica took him in. After he learned the truth he knew Jason's life should have been his. He confesses that everything he's destroyed is on Jason. For them to end the cycle, Jason must make the sacrifice and end it with Danny. Carly interrupts as Franco is talking about it ending with Danny as he holds the baby over the side of the bridge.

    No Small Thing.

    Friday, July 19 2013

    At the penthouse, Franco greets Sam when she comes home looking for Danny. He wants to know what's wrong with her when she keeps calling him Franco. She's offended he claims to be her husband. He blames himself that she can't remember and forcibly kisses her. She slaps him and threatens to kill him if he does it again. He's tired of her calling him Franco and won't let her see Danny. As he rambles on about her being confused she gets Jason's gun from the closet and loads it. He's certain she's not thinking clearly but he won't listen to her concerns for Danny's health. She promises to shoot when she gets to 'three' but they struggle over the gun and it goes off. Later, Carly and Silas find Sam unconscious.

    Who's Your Father?

    Thursday, July 18 2013

    Sam looks for Franco in his room and only finds Ava and Kiki. Silas notifies them that he went for a cat scan. Kiki asks why and introduces herself as Ava's daughter. He's surprised Ava has a daughter and is hesitant to follow Sam out. Sam doesn't think this has anything to do with Franco and leaves. Silas asks Kiki who her father is. Ava says Franco is as Kiki gets annoyed with Silas. Silas isn't sure and asks Kiki if it's true. She confirms it and asks him who he is and why he cares. Ava explains Kiki's been tested and that's all he needs to know. Kiki leaves. Alone, Silas asks Ava if Kiki is his daughter. She reiterates Kiki's Franco's, she doesn't kiss and tell. At the nurses' station, Elizabeth's worried about Franco thinking he's Jason. Patrick's not sure it's a stunt and leaves to check the labs. Carly arrives to learn more about Franco's beating and Elizabeth tells her that he currently thinks he's Jason. Carly's mad that Franco's trashing Jason's memory. Patrick returns with what he needs to diagnose Franco. It's for medical personnel only. He and Elizabeth go to an exam room. She's certain he's faking but Patrick finds a brain tumor. Carly barges in and Patrick shows them the tumor affecting Franco's choices between good and evil that went undiagnosed for a long time. He thinks Franco could really believe he's Jason Morgan. Meanwhile in Danny's room, Franco picks up Danny and tells him that he's his daddy. When Sam returns to Danny's room he's gone. When a nurse can't find her baby, Sam's certain she knows what happened and leaves.

    'Jason' arrives at the penthouse with Danny. He wants to protect him from Franco. He admires a family picture. Sam comes home calling for Franco. 'Jason' comes downstairs telling her not to worry. Franco's not there, it's just the two of them.

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