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    General Hospital CAST - Franco - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    GH Recap: Don't Say I Didn't Warn You.

    Wednesday, November 20 2013

    Felix discusses Patrick and Sabrina's wedding with Carly at the Metro Court when she blurts out, "I slept with Franco." She asks him not to judge but how can he not? Felix doesn't think that Franco's not being a Quartermaine gives him an excuse for sleeping with Diane. Carly knows he wasn't but Felix believes she should run the other way if Heather is his mother. Nearby, Heather peeks around the corner as Carly tells Felix that Franco's changed. She promises not to judge his decisions with Brad if he doesn't judge hers. Felix reminds Carly that he always has her back, but 'don't say I didn't tell you so.' Upstairs, Franco calls Miscavage to verify that Heather is locked up. He grabs a vase when there's a knock at the door and swings it in the air when he opens it. Scott stops him, and sees Franco thought it was his mother. Franco shows Scott the note Heather sent, threatening Carly, and asks what the new D.A. intends to do about it. This is a bad time for Scott. Lazaro is mobilizing a recount because of Heather's declaration that Franco is their son. He doesn't want to get involved with the situation while he's reestablishing his reputation in Port Charles. He didn't know Franco was his son, but would like him to keep his distance. Franco shows him the door. Later, Heather shows up. Franco wants her to leave Carly alone or he'll kill her. Heather doesn't think he'd kill her but he throws her up against the wall and says, "Watch me." Everyone thinks he's changed but he has it in him. Miscavage employees arrive and as they take her away, Heather jokes that they're the same men who helped her escape.

    I Am Julian Jerome.

    Wednesday, November 13 2013

    Carly wakes up in Franco's room and kisses him. He asks if in the cold light of day she thinks this is a mistake. He's the son of a second rate D.A. with a crazy mother who hates his guts. Carly corrects him, Heather hates her guts but Franco wonders if this is when she dumps him and goes back to Derek. Carly's not interested in Derek and wants Franco to stop pushing her away. She showers while he answers the door. There's a delivery of dead roses for Carly and a note ' to stay away from my son'…signed Heather Webber. Carly rejoins him and asks why he got her dead flowers. He hides Heather's note and chases Carly back to bed to make love.

    The Cost.

    Tuesday, November 12 2013

    Carly and Franco kiss passionately in his room. Carly wants Franco but tries to fight it. He asks, "Why?" She doesn't know if she can trust him with her children. He never meant for Michael to get hurt and realizes it's not enough. He only remembers waking up from his surgery and she was there. He's terrified about reverting back to what he was but doesn't think it will happen. Carly cries, she wants him, but she can't. She leaves as Franco stands behind telling himself to let her go.

    At the pier, Kiki screams, "Morgan, what have you done?" after Michael's head hits a piling and he falls into the water. She's desperate for Morgan to help but he thinks his brother's fine when Michael surfaces. He pulls away from Kiki and leaves. She yells for Michael to swim towards the dock but he goes under. No one answers her calls for help and she jumps in. A moment later she's up for air as Franco and Carly rush over and pull her out of the water. She's choking and says that Michael hit his head and is down there. Franco jumps in as Carly calls 911. Franco pulls Michael out and Carly gives him CPR until he comes to. He doesn't let Kiki tell Carly that he and Morgan were fighting. Michael refuses medical treatment and everyone leaves the pier. Alone, Morgan walks over to where Michael fell in. Ava finds him and is sorry he's been injured. She tried to warn him there'd be a cost pitting himself against his father. Morgan knows he will pay and Ava promises to help him.

    Carly returns to Franco's room to give him his jacket but before leaving admits she wants to take that leap. He pulls her into a kiss and they end up making love.

    Who Am I?

    Monday, November 11 2013

    At the Metro Court Franco hears someone come in and tells Diane to go away but it's Carly. She's worried after Heather dumped the news on him that she's his mother. Franco doesn't believe he can blame his craziness on his tumor anymore. He has crazy genes thanks to his mother. Carly doesn't want him to let Heather do this to him; he's still who he is. He wonders who he really is and blames Scott Baldwin for his existence. Franco doesn't want to talk about this anymore and yells at her to go back to her boyfriend. He's surprised she's still there. Carly isn't kicking him out…and she's not involved with Derek. He's not involved with Diane either. Carly gets that Heather was the groupie. They argue about their fake relationships with Derek and Diane. Franco wants Carly to know there's only one woman in the world for him. Carly only wanted the truth – he could have told her about Heather. Franco couldn't let her know that he sunk that low after he couldn't make art. He didn't want to lose her. Carly knows he will be amazing again after a little time but Franco doesn't know. He used to be defined by something else and focused on Jason. It was all a lie and he has nothing to give to her. She doesn't want to leave him; he needs a friend. He doesn't want a friend or her pity. She says it isn't pity, and kisses him.


    Friday, November 08 2013

    At the Jerome Gallery, the crowd is stunned when Heather turns her striped painting on its side and chastises the so-called art lovers for not recognizing it is a B.L.T. She grabs a cheese-knife and warns the crowd to stay away when Silas approaches. Morgan hears Kiki ask Michael to be careful. Heather thinks Silas would know a B.L.T. if he kept his promise and delivered one once a week after she gave her DNA for Danny. Heather warns no one will forget about her anymore as she rushes around to right the striped sandwiches that were hung wrong. Max proudly identifies one as Diane begs Franco to admit this is a performance piece. Carly stares at Franco, stunned, while Scott asks Lucy who let Heather out. Derek receives a text and shares with Morgan that Lazaro dropped out of the race. Alexis arrives. Nearby, Derek gloats that he struck a major blow against Sonny. All he needs is a D.A. in his pocket. He has one in mind and looks over at Scott. Meanwhile, Diane's angry that Franco failed to tell her that Heather painted his art. Heather joins them with Sebastian following. She thought Franco understood the paintings. Sebastian's confused by Heather interpreting Franco's work. Diane touts Heather as Franco's number one fan, the only one who could interpret the art of Kelly's sandwich menu. Carly looks on the scene sadly and Franco tells Diane to stop. He admits Heather painted them and thinks he lost his talent after losing his brain tumor. Franco apologizes and Heather forgives him. Ava's upset as he confesses he'd give up his creativity if he could be the man Carly wants him to be. She turns to Morgan who let Olivia get to him and asks if he's having second thoughts about working with Julian and her. Morgan isn't. Nearby, Kiki sympathizes with Franco while Michael thinks Morgan's acting out to stick it to Sonny. The police arrive and Scott has them arrest Heather. He indicates that Lazaro has conceded and promises to clean up Port Charles. He wants Franco arrested too but Heather won't let him. She announces Franco's his son. Franco doesn't believe her but Carly wants to hear the proof and know who Franco's mother is if he's not Jason's brother. Heather confesses she is. Scott tries to make sense of it and Heather reminds him of their first time when they were drunk, after a B.L.T. at Kelly's. Lucy accuses her of lying and Heather produces a birth certificate and a DNA test but there's still doubt. Heather looks to Franco and asks why else she would want to protect him from Carly? Max is done carrying a flame for Diane when she defends Franco. Diane asks to see Max later – she misses him. Alexis thinks the certificate is legit and Silas thinks the DNA test is as well. Sam asks what's wrong with her and yells, "Screw you for ruining my life." The police take Heather away as she professes her love for Franco and yells warnings to Carly. Ava advises Derek to leave amidst the chaos before someone kills him. Derek claims Sonny can't kill him…he has a guardian angel.

    Back at the gallery, Sam and Silas leave to check on Danny. Diane plans to do some damage control but Sebastian tells Franco he's done. Carly asks Franco if he's okay and he leaves. At the bar, Scott thinks Heather might be telling the truth and his son turned out like her. He thinks his career is over but Lucy won't let this destroy her third favorite ex-husband. Lucy thanks Morgan for helping Scott win and wishes him luck with his dad. Nearby, Michael tells Kiki something's up with Morgan while Ava's on Morgan's arm at the bar promising to make him forget about everyone when they get back home. Later, Ava sees guests out and thinks the party's over. Sonny appears and announces the party is just getting started.

    Alone at the Metro Court, Franco hears Heather's voice in his head telling him that he's just like her. Someone comes into his room. He asks Diane to go away but hears Carly voice.


    Thursday, November 07 2013

    At the Metro Court, Diane coaxes Franco to go to the opening. He doesn't want to. It's not his art and Carly's going to be there with Derek. Diane reminds him this is all about the money. He reluctantly gets ready and calls her a red-headed tin man. She suggests he relax, this will all go off without a hitch provided the real artist does not show up.

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