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    General Hospital CAST - Franco

    Full detailed profile on Franco Played by Roger Howarth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth (ABC)

    Actor: Roger Howarth

    Who played Franco over the years

    Roger Howarth (May 13, 2013 - present)
    James Franco (November 19, 2009 - January 11, 2010; June 30 - January 13, 2013)

    Useful information on Franco

    * Reclusive renowned artist.
    * Is obsessed with death and Jason Morgan.
    * Slept with Maxie Jones.
    * Kidnapped Lulu Spencer and Sam McCall.
    * Blew up his studio before leaving town.
    * Returned to seek revenge on Jason.
    * Tormented Jason and Sam on their honeymoon.


    Current: Artist


    Franco secretly witnessed Jason, Max and Milo disposing of Claudia's body and sent photos he recreated of Claudia's death to Jason.

    Dressed like a vagrant while painting the graffiti sign C077X around Port Charles, he eagerly watched as Jason, Sonny, Dominic, Max and Milo engaged in a shootout with Joey Limbo. After the Corinthos clan left the scene, Franco put his foot on a still breathing Joey Limbo's neck until he died and then repositioned the mobster's body.

    After the Joey Limbo incident, Franco changed and attended his art opening filled with crime scene reenactments, which Kate and Maxie were organizing for Crimson. Maxie was charged with making sure Franco was kept happy, but couldn't get Jason to agree to an introduction with the artist. Franco took Maxie to his loft where he blindfolded her, took photos of her in a chalk outline and then slept with her.

    He tried to get Jason to bond with him as a fellow 'artist' but Jason wanted nothing to do with him. He eventually got Jason to visit him by sending him a photo of Michael standing over Claudia's dead body. When Jason still refused to play his games, Franco kidnapped Sam and Lulu and kept them in different locations where bombs were set to go off. He eventually told Jason their whereabouts, but made him choose who to save since he only had time to get to one woman. Jason went to Sam, but called Dominic and told him where Lulu was. Franco left town, after blowing up his loft, and sent Jason a DVD as a final message.

    Months passed without a word from the deranged artist, but when Michael went to prison, his tormentor Carter told Jason, "Franco says hi," just before he died. Then Dante, Carly and Maxie received crime scene photos from him in the mail and he was spotted lurking outside Jason's building posing as a homeless man.

    During his next stint, Franco lured Jason and Dante to the MoCA art museum in Los Angeles, where he appeared to fall to to his death. That was not the case however. Franco then kidnapped Aiden to give to his mother to raise, but Lucky rescued the boy.

    Franco's next appearance came during Brenda's wedding to Sonny. He took credit for the bomb that enabled the Balkan to grab Brenda. He sent some menacing messages in the ensuing months and then showed up in Hawaii during Sam and Jason's honeymoon. He drugged the couple separately and brought Jason to a locked room. Franco forced Stone Cold to watch on a monitor as he made it look like he raped a passed out Sam. After Jason hunted him down, he shot him and burned him. However, Jason was not thorough enough and Franco escaped, only to return to town with a different face to stake his claim on the Quartermaine fortune.




    Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones (one night stand)


    Lauren "Kiki" Jerome


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    Friday, July 03 2015: GH Recap: Frank Smith returns to kill Luke and his family

    At Kelly's, Franco is outraged when he learns from Denise/Ava that Michael has forgiven his parents. She starts venting about Sonny. When she mentions Morgan, Franco wonders what's going on between them. She dismisses his concerns and curses him when he admits that he came clean to Kiki about their fake relationship. He's sorry. She worries that Kiki will spread it around. He asks her to the park for the fireworks. She gets a call from Morgan. He apologizes for not being able to get through to his father. Denise starts to bawl. "That little girl is never going to know her mother!" He corrects her. She insists that Avery is her daughter.

    Thursday, July 02 2015: GH Recap: Luke discovers Ethan standing on a bomb

    Outside of Kelly's, Jake asks Sam to dig up some dirt on Nikolas to blackmail him into returning the shares to Michael. Sam tells him that until recently Nikolas has been a good guy, so there may be nothing to find. Jake suggests it’s odd that Nikolas had her husband’s ring. She asks him if he’s suggesting Nikolas is keeping secrets about Jason. Jake thinks a lot of what he’s said and done just doesn’t add up. Sam agrees to help Jake. Inside Kelly’s, Franco suggests to Kiki that Morgan and Denise have something going on. She thinks that is just Franco’s jealousies and insecurities talking, but Franco tells her that he and Denise aren’t really dating. He explains he is using her to make Nina jealous, and she claims she agreed to play along because Kiki was trying to set her up with Silas. Kiki says that is true. She wants Franco to be happy, even if it’s with Nina, but says if his plan falls apart it won’t have anything to do with Morgan and Denise as nothing is going on between them. Franco hopes she’s right for her sake.

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