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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Silas Clay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Silas Clay Played by Michael Easton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: February 15, 1967
    Birthplace: Hermosa Beach, California
    Marital Status: Married to Ginevra Arabia
    Real Name: Michael Easton
    Height: 6'
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: The Brothers Corinthos.

    Thursday, April 10 2014

    Silas and Sam are in his apartment with Danny. She thinks he would have been an amazing father. He tells Sam how amazing she is. She makes him want to talk about his feelings. He'll never know how things could have turned out with his wife because of Madeline. After putting the baby to sleep, he worries about what's next. She reminds him that he's finally free. They hit the sheets.

    GH Recap: Extra Explodey.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    At the hotel Madeline confirms that Nina was pregnant. Madeline had taken graphic pictures of Silas with Ava and showed them to Nina. Nina told Madeline she was pregnant once she saw the pictures, but Nina believed once Silas knew she was pregnant he would stop seeing Ava. Madeline found out taking to many antidepressants could cause a miscarriage. Nathan asks how Nakamura fits in but she says she doesn’t know. Silas tells him Madeline picked up Nina’s medicine many times and Nina showed no signs of struggle when Silas found her. Madeline says she never meant to hurt her little girl and collapses in tears. She was trying to do right for Nina, but she made a terrible mistake. Everything she did was for her family and begs for Nathan to understand. He arrests her for the murder of Nakamura and Nina Clay. Later, Silas tells Sam he should have been a better husband, and because he wasn’t he lost his wife and child. She reminds him this isn’t his fault. He remembers how much Nina loved her little brother. Nina put up with Madeline if she got to be with James and got excited about everything they did together. He knew she would have been a good mother.

    GH Recap: Three’s A Party.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    At the hospital, Ava tells Silas that Nakamura is alive and urges him to go to the hotel to shut him up. Ava really believes Silas was the one who tried to kill Nina. Silas thought Nina tried to kill herself over him, then thought it was Ava who did it. Ava swears on Kiki’s life that she never touched Nina. She wonders what could have been if they cleared this up before. He doesn’t think there’s any sense in wondering. She tenderly wishes him good luck and he leaves to find answers. Morgan arrives, jealous. "Are you still in love with Silas?" She tells him that he gave her Kiki so she will always love him. But she loves Morgan too. She wonders if Kiki still has a hold on Morgan but he says it isn’t the same. "Isn’t it?" she asks.

    Nathan throws on the light in the hotel room and catches Madeline trying to inject Sam. He's shocked to see his mother. Madeline plays dumb. Sam calls for Nathan to make a move and wonders if he's going to arrest her? Sam thinks Madeline is the one who put Nina in the coma and killed Nakamura. Nathan yells at Madeline for pushing him to build a case when she was the culprit all along. Madeline insists she didn’t do anything to anyone and they can’t prove it. Silas arrives and Madeline continues to deny any wrongdoing. Sam drops the bomb that Nathan is really Madeline’s son, James. Silas remembers that Madeline never let him come by and Nina had to visit James without Silas. Nathan demands to know why she tried to get rid of Nina. Madeline breaks. "I wasn’t trying to get rid of Nina, I was trying to get rid of her baby!”

    GH Recap: No Happy Little Life.

    Friday, April 04 2014

    At the Metro Court, Nathan enters room 617, “Nakamura’s” room. Nathan, Sam and Silas are sure Ava is on her way to finish off Nakamura and have audio and video set up to catch her trying to kill the pharmacist. Nathan gets word that all the officers are busy looking for Obrecht and their Nakamura stand-in can’t make it. Sam volunteers but Silas refuses to put her in harm’s way. Silas volunteers but then gets called in to the hospital. Sam is back on board as Nakamura. Silas balks but she insists. Nathan promises Silas he will take care of Sam. Silas and Sam kiss goodbye.

    Felix brings Brad food to the hospital and tells him he knows everything about him and Britt, and also knows he was going to confess to him. Meanwhile, Silas calls Sam and tells to be careful. Just then Ava rushes up and tells Silas they need to talk urgently.

    GH Recap: To Our Graves.

    Thursday, April 03 2014

    At Kelly's, Jordan informs Shawn and TJ that she's going to be working for Ava. They fill her in about the Jeromes and how TJ was used as a human shield. She's shocked but she's not quitting the job. She and Shawn argue about it but she won't back down. TJ isn't thrilled with this and leaves. Shawn asks Jordan what she's really up to. Meanwhile, Sam and Silas stroll in and sit at a table. They hope their plan is working and eat some pie. He wonders if they can trust Julian. She hardly knows the guy. Nathan arrives and fills them in.

    GH Recap: Crocodile Tears.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    Shirtless Nathan answers his door for Sam and Silas. They show him the article they planted in the paper about Nakamura still being alive. The PI and the doctor think it will trip Ava into their trap. Nathan thinks so too.

    GH Recap: Wrong Business.

    Monday, March 31 2014

    At the hospital, Sam has an idea about how to bring Ava down. The key is Nakamura and she wants Ava to think he could still implicate her. After she lays out her plan Nathan is impressed. Silas wants to know how to feed Ava the false story and Sam suggests Julian. Meanwhile, Tracy finds Kiki and tells her that Luke told her Kiki made a pass at him. Kiki sets her straight and says Luke is the one who made a pass at her. Tracy thinks that’s ridiculous but Kiki stands by her story. Silas scares Tracy off. Kiki tells Silas that Tracy doesn’t like what her fiancé did behind her back. He tells Kiki that Nina passed away and they hug before she returns to Michael. Meanwhile, Ava is nervous about Silas’ murder mystery. Sonny asks Ava if she killed Silas’ wife and she tells him they have bigger things to worry about. He is worried that Monica is on to him. He promised Michael he wouldn’t kill him. He has four kids and Michael was the only one who grew up with him. Sonny cries as he talks about raising Michael from a boy. He is tortured about breaking his word. Meanwhile, AJ crashes in ICU while Monica pumps his chest. AJ flatlines and they call time of death. Monica goes to AJ and strokes her son’s hair. Carly leads Michael out and tells him that AJ wanted Michael to know he loved him. She holds him and tells him how sorry she is. He goes back to AJ and Carly leaves to find Sonny.

    Luke finds Tracy at the hospital and she tells him that she confronted Kiki about making a pass at him and she said he was the one who made a pass. He laughs and can’t imagine she would say anything else. He calls Kiki a liar. Meanwhile, Ava tells Sonny there are plenty of things she regrets as she thinks about shooting Connie. Carly finds them and tells them AJ is dead. Carly asks for a moment alone with Sonny and tells him AJ told her he shot him. Later, Silas goes to the chapel and promises to get justice for Nina. Kiki finds Monica in tears and holds her while she cries about AJ. Later, Michael tells AJ he loves him and whoever did this will pay.

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