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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Silas Clay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Silas Clay Played by Michael Easton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: February 15 1967
    Birthplace: Hermosa Beach, California
    Marital Status: Married to Ginevra Arabia since 2004.
    Real Name: Michael Easton
    Height: 6'


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    GH Recap: Nina is found standing over a dead body

    Friday, July 31 2015

    At home, Silas calls Kiki to say that he has something important to tell her.

    Franco finds Nina standing over Silas' body in his apartment.

    GH Recap: Ric convinces Nina to commit herself

    Thursday, July 30 2015

    Silas walks in on Morgan and Ava in bed and is furious. He screams at Morgan for being a selfish brat who deserves whatever he gets for hurting his daughter. Morgan tries to explain that when he’s with Denise something takes over. Silas believes he can explain that, but Ava convinces Morgan to let her talk to Silas alone. Morgan leaves, and Silas tells her that she may have stopped him from telling Morgan, but he will tell Kiki the truth. Ava feels he’s bluffing, but Silas is dead serious and he doesn’t care if he goes down with her. He even admits that he went to turn himself in to Scott, but Franco was there instead of his father. Ava begs him not to do this to her or to Kiki, but Silas is intent on the truth coming out and says it will help Kiki in the long run. He tells Ava that she can’t stop him from telling Kiki, and then he walks out. Later, Morgan asks Ava if Silas will keep his mouth shut. She tells him no.

    Silas returns to his apartment and calls Kiki to leave her a message. He asks her to come see him when she returns as he has something to talk to her about.

    GH Recap: Silas catches Morgan and Denise in bed

    Wednesday, July 29 2015

    Silas walks into Scott's office and finds Franco fiddling with the desk. Franco asks him if he's there to confess to framing Nina for Ava's sake. The doctor didn't want Nina dragged into any of this. Franco lectures him and Silas admits he did something wrong. He can't live with what he did to Nina. After he details Nina's latest problems, Franco begins to rant about Ava screwing Morgan behind Kiki's back. This outrages Silas and he storms out. Franco calls Nina and leaves her a message saying that he knows she's not crazy.

    Morgan drops by the penthouse to tell Denise that Franco knows about them. She insists that she can handle Franco and he won't hurt Kiki. Neither of them wants to hurt Kiki. Morgan kisses her. She starts stripping him and they leap into bed, leaving the door open. Moments later, Silas arrives and catches them in bed.

    GH Recap: Nina wants a divorce

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    In Silas' office at the hospital, he beats himself up about letting Nina suffer for what he did. He's about to leave to tell her the truth when Kiki shows up. She starts quizzing him about Nina. He insists they have history, not a future. After she leaves, he repeats to himself that it's time for the truth to come out.

    When Franco sneaks into Scott's office and tries to break into his drawer to get at the flashdrive, Silas walks in on him.

    GH Recap: Sonny refuses to let Denise see Avery

    Thursday, July 16 2015

    Kiki visits Silas at his office to tell him that she talked to Michael for Denise. She feels like she's known her her whole life. Her father worries that Denise might hurt her. Kiki doubts it and hopes that he can learn to get along with Morgan. He encourages her to think twice about this. Nina pops up so Kiki heads out. The redhead bluntly tells the doctor she's afraid that she's losing her mind. She's been hearing a baby cry and worries that she really did kidnap the baby. He pokes some holes in that theory. She mentions the blanket. "I believe in you," he assures her.

    GH Recap: Carly agrees to marry Sonny again

    Wednesday, July 15 2015

    In Silas' office, Morgan wonders who fed the doctor this story about him getting too close to Denise. The Corinthos assures Silas that he and Denise have no intention of making a fool out of Kiki. But whenever he sees her, his feelings for Ava resurface. He begs Silas not to tell Kiki. Against his better judgement, the doctor agrees to keep this from Kiki but threatens to expose Morgan if he comes near Denise again. Once Morgan leaves, Kiki shows up to tell her father about her conversation with Michael.

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