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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Silas Clay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Silas Clay Played by Michael Easton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: February 15, 1967
    Birthplace: Hermosa Beach, California
    Marital Status: Married to Ginevra Arabia
    Real Name: Michael Easton
    Height: 6'
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Like Hateful, Evil Bonkers.

    Thursday, March 05 2015

    Silas returns to the hospital in New York and notices Ava has snuck out.

    Ava creeps around Ryan's Bar and shocks her mom. Delia thinks she's hallucinating at first, but is soon hugging her daughter. Ava picks up Avery. Delia needs an explanation. When Ava mentions Silas saving her, the doctor suddenly appears. Delia lectures him for letting the memorial happen when he knew Ava was alive. Ava apologizes for making them accomplices. Her mom isn't happy that she's pretending to be dead but agrees to keep it quiet. When Ava tries leaving with the baby, Silas stops her.

    GH Recap: Sweet Revenge.

    Wednesday, March 04 2015

    Ava’s memorial is held at Ryan’s Bar in New York. Ava stands outside the window as she listens to Julian, Kiki, Delia, Silas and Morgan speak about her. She ends up in tears after hearing Morgan profess that he’ll always love her. Julian heads out after the service concludes, and Silas tells Kiki he needs to get back to his patient. Kiki asks Delia to watch Avery while she and Morgan take a walk. Delia sings "Oh Danny Boy" to her as it’s a song that always cheered her up. Later Ava reveals herself to her mother as Delia cleans up the bar.

    GH Recap: Petulant Bully.

    Tuesday, March 03 2015

    At the hospital in New York, Ava thanks Silas for all of his help. She worries that he may have changed his mind about turning her in but he hasn't. Ava rehashes when Michael saved her and worries about her daughter. She moves on to worrying about Kiki. It breaks her heart to think of her grieving. Kiki calls Silas and tells him that the memorial is happening in New York. Ava listens to the call and weeps. She asks Silas to say something nice about her at the service. When he leaves the room, she hears his phone buzz. Ava crawls across the floor to it and sees a message stating that Avery will be at the service.

    Julian arrives at Ryan's Bar followed by Morgan and the baby. After some fussing over the child, Silas shows up. He's surprised to see Avery there. Ava lurks outside the bar and looks in through the window.

    GH Recap: Super Boss.

    Monday, March 02 2015

    In the New York hospital, Silas warns Ava that returning to Port Charles would mean going to prison. He leaves as she refuses to abandon her daughter. Ava watches the custody hearing coverage on her tablet. She sees an interview with Carly and the baby. Ava grumbles that she'll be damned if she lets Avery think Carly is her mom. She tries to sneak out and falls on the floor. Silas returns. Ava wants to talk to her brother. He tells her she can't but she remains determined and rails that she won't let Carly win. She's sure he's going to dump her in jail once she's healed. The doctor reminds her that he loved her once and he still cares. "I've got your back," he promises.

    GH Recap: Mama Celeste.

    Friday, February 27 2015

    Silas enters a hospital room in New York. Ava wakes up. He tells her how well she's doing. She's glad that she can trust him. He brought her there so no one could find her. Everyone thinks she's dead. The doctor explains that Sonny now has custody of her daughter. News of the pardon doesn't go over well. Silas explains that Michael is fighting for custody. She's happy to hear Michael is going after his father, but she still wants custody for herself and is determined to step up. The doctor reminds her that she's not well enough and is still in danger.

    GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    Kiki has lunch with Morgan and Silas at Kelly’s. Silas excuses himself and talks with Nathan at the bar about Nina’s upcoming hearing, as well as the search for Ava’s body. Meanwhile Kiki has no appetite and is focused on planning Ava’s memorial service. She hopes her mom would be okay with her not suing Sonny for custody. Morgan shocks her with the news that Michael is suing for custody instead. Kiki is angry as Michael has no right. Morgan says this is all about Michael wanting revenge on Sonny.

    Back at Kelly’s, Alexis calls Nathan, so he leaves to meet her. Silas tries to convince Kiki to hold off on the memorial for Ava until she’s officially declared dead. Suddenly Michael walks in and he, Morgan and Kiki fight over Avery. Michael thinks he’s the only one putting Avery first and tells them that Sonny will never see her again, and neither will the two of them. Morgan decks Michael, and Silas breaks up the fight. Michael leaves, and Silas gets a call and says he has to leave town to deal with a critical case. Kiki worries about Michael, but Morgan assures her that no judge will give Michael custody. Morgan suggests she focus on saying goodbye to her mom.

    Elsewhere, Silas enters a hospital room in which Ava appears to be sleeping. He asks her if she’s awake.

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