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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Silas Clay

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Silas Clay Played by Michael Easton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Dr. Silas Clay

    Actor: Michael Easton

    Who played Dr. Silas Clay over the years

    Michael Easton (May 14 2013 - present)


    Current: Doctor


    Silas first appeared when Sam McCall ran into him by chance in New York. She thought that he was his twin brother, Stephen, who had terrorized her before supposedly dying. He finally convinced her that he wasn't. She told him that he had a nephew. He wasn't interested at first but later visited Port Charles to petition for custody of Rafe, who was being fostered by Sam. Although Silas won custody, he decided it might be for the best for the child to stay in his new home.


    Stephen Clay (brother- deceased)
    Rafe Kovich Jr. (nephew)


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    Thursday, April 10 2014: GH Recap: The Brothers Corinthos.

    Silas and Sam are in his apartment with Danny. She thinks he would have been an amazing father. He tells Sam how amazing she is. She makes him want to talk about his feelings. He'll never know how things could have turned out with his wife because of Madeline. After putting the baby to sleep, he worries about what's next. She reminds him that he's finally free. They hit the sheets.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014: GH Recap: Extra Explodey.

    At the hotel Madeline confirms that Nina was pregnant. Madeline had taken graphic pictures of Silas with Ava and showed them to Nina. Nina told Madeline she was pregnant once she saw the pictures, but Nina believed once Silas knew she was pregnant he would stop seeing Ava. Madeline found out taking to many antidepressants could cause a miscarriage. Nathan asks how Nakamura fits in but she says she doesn’t know. Silas tells him Madeline picked up Nina’s medicine many times and Nina showed no signs of struggle when Silas found her. Madeline says she never meant to hurt her little girl and collapses in tears. She was trying to do right for Nina, but she made a terrible mistake. Everything she did was for her family and begs for Nathan to understand. He arrests her for the murder of Nakamura and Nina Clay. Later, Silas tells Sam he should have been a better husband, and because he wasn’t he lost his wife and child. She reminds him this isn’t his fault. He remembers how much Nina loved her little brother. Nina put up with Madeline if she got to be with James and got excited about everything they did together. He knew she would have been a good mother.

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