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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Silas Clay

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Silas Clay Played by Michael Easton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Dr. Silas Clay

    Actor: Michael Easton

    Who played Dr. Silas Clay over the years

    Michael Easton (May 14 2013 - present)


    Current: Doctor


    Silas first appeared when Sam McCall ran into him by chance in New York. She thought that he was his twin brother, Stephen, who had terrorized her before supposedly dying. He finally convinced her that he wasn't. She told him that he had a nephew. He wasn't interested at first but later visited Port Charles to petition for custody of Rafe, who was being fostered by Sam. Although Silas won custody, he decided it might be for the best for the child to stay in his new home.


    Stephen Clay (brother- deceased)
    Rafe Kovich Jr. (nephew)


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    Tuesday, July 29 2014: GH Recap: Just Started Having Fun.

    Sam walks into Silas’ apartment and catches him on top of Nina, kissing her. Nina wonders why Sam is even there since they broke up. Sam had something to tell Silas about Nina but it doesn’t matter anymore. Silas is physically unable to go after Sam and Nina coos that she’s glad Sam saw them. Now there will be no confusion. Nina tries to kiss Silas again and but he pushes her off and goes to bed.

    Monday, July 28 2014: GH Recap: Poor Impulse Control

    At his apartment, Nina fixes up Silas’ drink with a special ingredient and hands it to him. He gladly takes it and she urges him to drink up and he does, getting morose about his breakup. He cozies up on the couch and she rubs his shoulders to help him relax. She wants him to remember Sam betrayed him but he doesn’t understand how the reporter found out what Patrick said. He passes out and she gets up from her chair. She whispers in his ear that she told the reporter and ended his relationship with Sam. She realizes the poison worked to well and laments she can’t get a baby out of him if he’s unconscious. She wakes him up and asks for his help getting to the couch. He struggles to pick her up, then falls on her. She tries to get a kiss when there is knock at the door. She convinces him it is nothing and Sam walks in to find them making out.

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