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    General Hospital CAST - Katherine "Kiki" Jerome Corinthos (Lauren Frank)

    Full detailed profile on Katherine "Kiki" Jerome Corinthos (Lauren Frank) Played by Kristen Alderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Katherine "Kiki" Jerome Corinthos (Lauren Frank)

    Actor: Kristen Alderson

    Who played Katherine "Kiki" Jerome Corinthos (Lauren Frank) over the years

    Kristen Alderson (May 14 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Katherine "Kiki" Jerome Corinthos (Lauren Frank)

    * Came to town as Lauren Frank, the name her mother Ava Jerome raised her as.
    * Married Morgan Corinthos Sept. 2013.


    The son of artist Franco and his dealer Ava Jerome, Kiki was kept apart from her father for almost her entire life. Her mother kept her sheltered, claiming that Franco was long dead, but that didn't stop Kiki from getting into mischief. She got involved with Morgan Corinthos thanks to her ties to internet gaming. He ran away from school and ended up living with her, hiding out from loan sharks. His family was forced to rescue him and bring him back to town. Kiki followed soon after. It wasn't long after that that she learned that her father was alive. Franco wanted a relationship with her.


    Morgan Corinthos September 2013.


    Morgan Corinthos (dated, married September 2013)


    Franco (Father)
    Ava Jerome (Mother)
    Karen Anderson (paternal grandmother)
    Alan Quartermaine, Sr. (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Susan Moore (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    Edward Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)
    Tracy Quartermaine (paternal great-aunt)
    Jason Morgan (uncle - deceased)
    Alan Quartermaine Jr. (paternal half-uncle)
    Emily Quartermaine (aunt - deceased)
    Skye Chandler Quartermaine (paternal aunt; via adoption)
    Bradley Ward Sr. (paternal great-uncle)
    Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal great-uncle)
    Edward "Ned" Ashton (paternal cousin, once removed)
    Dillon Quartermaine (paternal cousin, once removed)
    Faith Ward (cousin)
    Justus Ward (cousin - deceased)
    Michael Corinthos (paternal cousin)
    Lila Rae Quartermaine (paternal cousin once removed; via adoption)


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    Thursday, February 26 2015: GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    Kiki has lunch with Morgan and Silas at Kelly’s. Silas excuses himself and talks with Nathan at the bar about Nina’s upcoming hearing, as well as the search for Ava’s body. Meanwhile Kiki has no appetite and is focused on planning Ava’s memorial service. She hopes her mom would be okay with her not suing Sonny for custody. Morgan shocks her with the news that Michael is suing for custody instead. Kiki is angry as Michael has no right. Morgan says this is all about Michael wanting revenge on Sonny.

    Back at Kelly’s, Alexis calls Nathan, so he leaves to meet her. Silas tries to convince Kiki to hold off on the memorial for Ava until she’s officially declared dead. Suddenly Michael walks in and he, Morgan and Kiki fight over Avery. Michael thinks he’s the only one putting Avery first and tells them that Sonny will never see her again, and neither will the two of them. Morgan decks Michael, and Silas breaks up the fight. Michael leaves, and Silas gets a call and says he has to leave town to deal with a critical case. Kiki worries about Michael, but Morgan assures her that no judge will give Michael custody. Morgan suggests she focus on saying goodbye to her mom.

    Monday, February 16 2015: GH Recap: Sued.

    Kiki visits Franco at Miscavige. He stares as she rambles about him being a hero. He thinks she's his daughter. He can remember holding her as a baby and starts telling stories. He's sorry that he couldn't make things work with her mother. Kiki tells him he's got it wrong and worries about Avery being in a strange environment. She thinks her mom would want her to raise the child. He barks that no court should keep a father from his daughter. Being a father forces a man to try to be a good.

    Back at Miscavige, Kiki tells Franco that she couldn't go ahead with suing for custody. She promises to come and see him again. He doubts she will and makes her promise to believe in herself and make sure she has an okay life. He bids her goodbye just in case they never see each other again.

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