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    General Hospital CAST - Ava Jerome - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Jerome Played by Maura West on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maura West (CBS)

    Birthday: April 27, 1972
    Birthplace: Springfield, Massachusetts US
    Marital Status: Married Scott DeFreitas (22 January 2000 - present) (4 children)
    Real Name: Maura West


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    GH Recap: Kiki catches Franco at Silas'

    Tuesday, August 04 2015

    Ava/Denise is at the penthouse watching the news and smirking at the report of the latest attack on Sonny's business. Carly shows up and barges in. "I know exactly what you've been up to," Carly warns, laying in on her about having her 'mouth all over' Morgan. They bicker about Ava and Kiki. Denise gets defensive. She says that Morgan is a big boy and wouldn't appreciate his mom butting into his personal life. Carly warns her again. Denise threatens her back.

    GH Recap: Hayden wakes up from her coma

    Monday, August 03 2015

    Ava paces around Julian’s apartment and watches the news, as if waiting for a specific story. Julian returns home and wonders why "Denise" seems so jumpy. She says the news is reporting that someone is putting pressure on Sonny’s organization and she was wondering if it was Julian. He assures her that he’s left the mob, but she doesn’t believe him. She offers to tell him some of her secrets, if he tells her some of his. Alexis arrives and interrupts their conversation, so Ava returns to watching the news. Alexis explains she came over to assure Julian that she believes he is out of the business.

    GH Recap: Nina is found standing over a dead body

    Friday, July 31 2015

    At the penthouse, Ava/Denise tells Morgan that Silas seems determined to tell Kiki everything about them. He starts ranting about Silas being a hypocrite. When he threatens to go off on the doctor, she begs him not to, claiming it will only make things worse. He vows to do whatever it takes to shut Clay up. She claims she can stop things from coming out and makes him promise to stay away from Silas. He leaves, mumbling to himself that he can't keep his promise. Ava tries calling Silas but he won't pick up. She refuses to go to prison again and stalks out. Later, she returns, frazzled and in tears. She takes a stiff drink.

    GH Recap: Ric convinces Nina to commit herself

    Thursday, July 30 2015

    Silas walks in on Morgan and Ava in bed and is furious. He screams at Morgan for being a selfish brat who deserves whatever he gets for hurting his daughter. Morgan tries to explain that when he’s with Denise something takes over. Silas believes he can explain that, but Ava convinces Morgan to let her talk to Silas alone. Morgan leaves, and Silas tells her that she may have stopped him from telling Morgan, but he will tell Kiki the truth. Ava feels he’s bluffing, but Silas is dead serious and he doesn’t care if he goes down with her. He even admits that he went to turn himself in to Scott, but Franco was there instead of his father. Ava begs him not to do this to her or to Kiki, but Silas is intent on the truth coming out and says it will help Kiki in the long run. He tells Ava that she can’t stop him from telling Kiki, and then he walks out. Later, Morgan asks Ava if Silas will keep his mouth shut. She tells him no.

    GH Recap: Silas catches Morgan and Denise in bed

    Wednesday, July 29 2015

    Morgan drops by the penthouse to tell Denise that Franco knows about them. She insists that she can handle Franco and he won't hurt Kiki. Neither of them wants to hurt Kiki. Morgan kisses her. She starts stripping him and they leap into bed, leaving the door open. Moments later, Silas arrives and catches them in bed.

    GH Recap: Nina wants a divorce

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    Nina arrives at the penthouse to see Denise and then decides being there is a mistake. They argue about Franco. "Franco sure as shootin' isn't over you," Denise says, going on about how head over heels Franco is in love with her. When she mentions that he doesn't question her innocence, Nina suggests that maybe he should. After Denise insists that Nina is innocent, the redhead wonders where all this faith is coming from. She urges her to dump Ric and try again with Franco. Nina doesn't want to hurt her husband but Denise insists he'll get over it if he cares about her happiness. The redhead gets ecstatic and decides to do it. Before leaving, she tells Denise how much she wanted to stab her sister. She grabs a fistful of donuts and leaves. Denise calls Franco to tell him that Nina is heading back to him. She barks at him to get the flashdrive. When she gets off the phone, Morgan shows up.

    GH Recap: Luke leaves Port Charles

    Monday, July 27 2015

    A worried Kiki knocks on Denise’s door, while inside Ava promises Franco to throw herself into helping him get Nina back so that he keeps quiet about her and Morgan. Ava lets Kiki in, and Kiki tells Denise that she just wanted to make sure she was okay after Michael couldn’t get through to Sonny. Denise assures her that she’s fine and that she will be a part of that baby’s life. Kiki is glad she is doing okay, and she lets Denise know she’s going away for a few days. Kiki heads out and Franco tells Ava not to get any ideas about banging the man-child while she is gone. He reminds Ava of their deal, help him get back with Nina or he won’t get the taped confession for her. Franco leaves.

    GH Recap: Luke says goodbye to Bobbie

    Friday, July 24 2015

    Ava is in the penthouse thinking of her romp with Morgan when Franco shows up. He didn't get her recording and wants to talk about Morgan. Franco knows that she was in bed with her boy toy the last time he dropped by. She admits it but adds that Morgan doesn't know who she really is. He lectures her for sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. Ava didn't plan this but can't shake her attraction. She weeps over how much she hates lying to her daughter. He offers to tell Kiki the truth. Kiki arrives at the door.

    GH Recap: Sonny's warehouse is attacked

    Friday, July 17 2015

    Morgan and Ava/Denise make out on her brother's couch while Kiki approaches the door. Before she can knock, Michael calls to tell her that Sonny wouldn't budge regarding Denise seeing the baby. She starts knocking. Franco pops up, explaining that he's there to see "Av-er... Denise". She fills him in about the bad news. He offers to break it to Denise. Back inside, Denise and Morgan have been romping in bed. After sex, he notices her tattoo and then talks about how right things feel between them. Franco bangs on the door until she answers it. He barges in. Morgan remains in the bedroom. Ava tells Franco that her brother and Alexis are in the bedroom. He's disgusted. After he gives her Kiki's message, he explains that he tried and failed to get the recording. She tells him to try harder if he wants Nina back and chases him out. Morgan appears. She tells him that Sonny refused Michael's request. She beats herself up for sleeping with Kiki's boyfriend. He gets a text from her and leaves.

    GH Recap: Sonny refuses to let Denise see Avery

    Thursday, July 16 2015

    Morgan shows up at the penthouse and confronts Denise/Ava for telling Silas about them. She apologizes but he's furious and can't understand why she is sharing secrets with Silas. When he threatens to get in the way of her seeing the baby, she claims that the doctor was hitting on her. She told him that she was seeing Morgan to get him to back off. Morgan wonders why she didn't use the Franco excuse. Denise claims she can't get Morgan out her head. She asks how he snuffed out his feelings for her. Morgan admits he can't get her out of his head either. They start making out. Meanwhile, Kiki calls Morgan to say that she's on her way over to see Denise.

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