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    General Hospital CAST - Ava Jerome - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Jerome Played by Maura West on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maura West (CBS)

    Birthday: April 27, 1972
    Birthplace: Springfield, Massachusetts US
    Marital Status: Married Scott DeFreitas (22 January 2000 - present) (4 children)
    Real Name: Maura West


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    GH Recap: You Lying Scarecrow.

    Thursday, November 20 2014

    At Silas', Ava is shocked to find herself on the front page of the paper. She worries Silas will see it. He pops up. She worries about her baby. The doctor is sure the kid is safe. Ava panics so he calms her and suggests they call Sam for help. She thinks that's a lousy idea and suggests they look for Nina together. He agrees to help.

    GH Recap: I Drink Alone.

    Wednesday, November 19 2014

    Silas opens his door to Ava, who wants help. He wonders what kind of trouble she is in. Ava explains how the mob works - they must eliminate all witnesses; Sonny's men were watching her. She pleads with Silas, who agrees to let her stay there.

    GH Recap: Clearing AJ.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    At General Hospital, Kiki confronts Ava over the fact that she killed Connie. Ava tries, but can’t lie her way out of it. Kiki says she murdered someone and let AJ take the blame. Kiki tells her that Michael and Morgan both know and that Ava is going to go to prison. Ava isn’t concerned about herself, only the baby. Ava asks Kiki to find out anything she can about the baby. Kiki says she will, but only for her sister. In her office, Obrecht calls Britt and leaves her a message demanding that Britt report to her office immediately. Patrick and Sam then come in and Obrecht informs Patrick that the board has decided to reinstate him. Sam congratulates and hugs Patrick. Obrecht is disgusted and tells them to take their affections out of her office. In the halls, Anna runs into Agent Sloan. Anna asks him what brings him to Port Charles. He tells her that the bust of Sonny Corinthos has nation-wide implications, and he dances around the real reason he’s in town. He tells her when he’s ready to make that known that she will be the first to know. Sloan walks off and Kiki approaches Anna to see if there is any word on the baby. Anna tells her that there isn’t. Michael then arrives and gives Anna the recording from AJ’s phone. Anna listens to it and says it is enough to arrest Ava. Anna, Kiki and Michael head to Ava’s room, but the room is empty.

    GH Recap: The Downside.

    Thursday, November 13 2014

    At the hospital, Kiki cries to Silas that she lost Michael forever. He urges her to fight for him. Silas urges Kiki to find Michael. He wishes he'd gone after Sam. Down the hall, Ava wakes up in her room in a panic. She asks Julian if they found her daughter. He informs his sister that Madeline is in the hospital too. Ava wants to choke the truth out of her old enemy. She tries leaping out of bed so he has to calm her. "They took my daughter!" she squeals. Silas comes in and agrees with Julian: she needs to stay put. In Madeline's hospital room, Obrecht thinks Maddy looks vulnerable. Nathan thanks Obrecht for filling him in. She knows she’s not the mother of his dreams but she does care for him. Maddy wakes up confused. Nathan tells her she’s cuffed to the bed because she helped Nina and the baby. Madeline explains what happened with Nina to Liesl and Nathan. He urges her to tell him who was with Nina. "It was Franco," she says. Obrecht realizes she tipped Franco off but keeps mum. After Nathan departs, the sisters compare who has lied to Nathan more. Magda doesn't approve of her sister acting like a Franco fan girl and telling him where Nina was hiding.

    GH Recap: Cockadoody.

    Monday, November 10 2014

    Back at the hospital, Liz looks for Jake and finds him practicing his walk. He repeats that he's not going to move in with her. She tries to talk him around and guesses he has a way with kids. On cue, Danny runs up with Sam trailing behind him. Liz explains that Jake and Danny have already met. Sam looks uncomfortable. As she talks, she mentions she's a Morgan. That seems to ring a bell for Jake. He hobbles off. Patrick pops up and notices Sam is distracted. Back in his room, Jake and Liz coyly talk about him moving in with her. Down the hall, Ava freaks out to Kiki about her missing baby. She blames Sonny for everything. Silas drugs her. He and Kiki walk out. She fills him in on the Michael situation. Madeline calls to say that Nina has the baby and wants to see him. After he gets the address, he and Kiki return to Ava. She starts mumbling about Michael. She explains that Sonny tried to kill her but Michael got to him first.

    GH Recap: Something Terrible.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    As Ava begs Sonny for her life at the brownstone, Michael enters and fires a shot in the air. Thanks to Franco he knows all about Sonny’s tryst with Carly and AJ’s murder and the crypt sex. Ava pipes up that she saw Sonny shoot AJ. She begs to be able to leave to find her baby, and explains she was taken by Nina and Madeline. Sonny refuses to let Ava leave so she goads Michael to go ahead and kill Sonny for what he did to AJ. Michael barks for Ava to shut up and tells her to leave. She does and Michael lays into Sonny for his actions. Sonny tells Michael that Ava killed Connie and let AJ take the fall. Michael knew AJ was innocent! He starts to cry then reinforces his gun on Sonny – AJ was innocent yet Sonny killed him anyway! Sonny would not have killed AJ if he had known Ava killed Connie. Michael believes him but it only makes things worse. If Sonny loved him like a son he would not have been able to pull the trigger on AJ. He accuses Sonny of poisoning him against AJ. He cost him his whole life with his real dad and now he is going to make Sonny pay. Michael promised AJ that he would make his killer pay, and he keeps his promises.

    Ava collapses by the pier. Silas and Kiki find her and she tells them Nina and Madeline stole the baby. Kiki and her cry over the girl while Silas calls Nathan.

    Ava is wheeled into General Hospital and Silas tells Nathan that Nina has done something terrible.

    GH Recap: Kill Three Birds With One Stone.

    Thursday, November 06 2014

    At Morgan's place, Ava crawls and vows to find her baby. She opens the door; Sonny is there. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" Ava screams at him that she had the baby. He asks if it was before or after she shot Max? Ava hisses that she didn't shoot Max, she was giving birth. Sonny won't believe her so she screams. He notices blood. Ava tells him he had a daughter and she was taken by Silas' crazy wife. She implores Sonny to do something. Sonny leaves Shawn a message. Ava scoffs. Sonny won't go to the cops and pulls a gun. He tells Ava they'll find the baby, but she's going to pay for killing Connie. He promises her daughter will want for nothing. "Goodbye Ava."

    GH Recap: Going Fishing?

    Wednesday, November 05 2014

    Inside the brownstone, Ava shares with Nina how she first met Madeline. She cozied up to Ava to seduce Silas in exchange for an art gallery of Ava's own. Holding Ava's baby, Nina demands answers from her mother. Madeline whispers her denial to Nina, who believes her and glares at Ava. "You have three seconds to plead your case." Ava admits she fell for Silas, though she tried to fight it, and blames Madeline for that happening. Ava knows Nina can relate to wanting to do anything for Silas and warns Madeline doesn't want her happy. "Who's to say she won't take that baby away from you too?" Madeline and Ava continue to chirp in Nina's ear. Nina turns to Madeline and says, "I can't trust you." Ava makes Nina think Madeline has the cops outside waiting for her and begs her to leave the baby there.

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