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    General Hospital CAST - Ava Jerome - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Jerome Played by Maura West on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maura West (CBS)

    Birthday: April 27, 1972
    Birthplace: Springfield, Massachusetts US
    Marital Status: Married Scott DeFreitas (22 January 2000 - present) (4 children)
    Real Name: Maura West


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    GH Recap: We Are Not Working.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    At the hospital, Silas wheels Nina around the halls, assuring him that she will take care of Rafe's funeral arrangements. He thanks her. Sam stares at them and then interrupts. Nina wheels away. Sam tells the doctor that Patrick was fired because of him. He had nothing to do with it. She thinks he told the reporter. That doesn't go over well. She blames Nina. He's concerned about all the time she has been spending with Drake. He's sorry for all of this but he needs to look after his wife right now. Sam cries that everything is unfair and things are not the same anymore. "We are not working," she says. He thinks they need to work harder. She's sure that Nina is out to get him back. They rehash and bicker. Sam is sure he still has feelings for his wife but he insists Nina is his past. She doesn't think he's ready to move on and ends things. They cry and she walks away. On a different floor, Carly walks in on Franco doing art therapy with another woman. After she leaves, Franco asks Carly to take a spin with a brush. She's impressed by how much he's enjoying his new job. After she leaves, Nina wheels in. They banter and discuss her coma. He convinces her to do a self-portrait. When she reaches into her purse for her photo, her enemies list falls out. He recognizes the names and she pretends she's just keeping track. Franco doesn't buy that but drops it. Down the hall, TJ drops in on Molly to pick her up. He explains that he was questioned by a DEA agent. Outside the room, Mickey runs into Alexis. He recognizes her as a friend of Julian's and makes some vague remarks. She heads in to get her daughter. Molly reminds her that she's going back to Sam's. Alexis begs her to come home. "That's not happening," says Molly. Alexis claims her relationship with Julian has changed. TJ encourages Molly to go home too. Molly admits she misses her mom and agrees. They hug. By the nurses' station, Shawn finds his boss and asks him what's going on. Carly joins them and Sonny beats himself up about the Morgan situation. Down the hall, Ava is trying to usher her brother out but he won't leave until she honors her end of their deal. She finally blurts out that Sonny killed AJ. After she explains, he calls for his chopper. They head for the roof. Mickey pops up and reminds them that Ava is a traitor and needs to die. He pulls out his gun. Julian tells him that Ava has the dirt they need to take down Sonny. They hop on the chopper and take off just as Sonny and Shawn arrive. Meanwhile, Carly returns to Franco and interrupts him giggling with Nina. After Nina wheels off, Carly gets jealous and makes out with Franco. At that moment, Nina tracks down Silas. He fills her in about the breakup as Sam gets busy telling Molly and Alexis.

    GH Recap: That’s Intense.

    Wednesday, July 23 2014

    At the hospital, Sonny warns Ava not to run. Ava sees Morgan and tells him she’s there for a baby checkup. Morgan doesn’t want to talk to Ava and Sonny and tries to walk away but Sonny follows. Morgan wants to know the truth about Sonny and Ava, but gets no answers. Meanwhile, Mickey finds TJ and introduces himself as Bob with the DEA. He has questions about Jordan. TJ won’t help put his mom back in jail but Mickey just has questions about her past. In an exam room, a nurse enters and Sonny leaves to give them privacy, but promises not to go far. Ava offers to pay the nurse $1,000 for a phone.

    Back at the hospital, Alexis arrives to get Molly and runs into Sonny. He tells her Ava is getting a checkup and she knows whatever he’s doing is to protect his family. Plus, she’s in no position to be mad at anyone involved with a Jerome. Meanwhile, TJ answers Mickey’s questions about Jordan’s jail time. TJ worries his mom is about to be busted but Mickey says that remains to be seen. Later, Mickey gets a call from Jordan asking to meet up and finish what they started the other night. Then, Julian arrives and asks the same nurse who attended Ava if she’d like to make $1,000. The nurse distracts Sonny while Julian enters Ava’s room. Ava urges him to move quickly in case Sonny comes back.

    GH Recap: Bensonhurst, Born And Bred.

    Tuesday, July 08 2014

    Snooping in Sonny’s office, Delia jumps when Ava calls to remind her that without the flash drive she’s as good as dead. Delia thinks it would help if she knew what was on the drive but Ava won’t talk. Ava realizes the drive is probably in the safe and directs Delia to it. Delia knows how to crack it and tells Ava to sit tight.

    At home, Sonny walks in on Ava. She pretends she’s talking to Kiki and Delia plays along before she quickly hangs up. Ava hopes Sonny’s happy since Kiki won’t speak to her. He has no love and revels in the fact he has years to make things right with Morgan. She just has months to make it work with Kiki. Ava blames him for ruining her relationship with her mom too and he tells her she better get to work mending fences.

    Back at home, Sonny takes away Ava’s phone privileges. He taunts her with the drive and wishes her sweet dreams.

    GH Recap: Sleeping With The Whales.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    Sonny wanders in from his balcony, staring at a photo of him and Olivia. She strolls in. Liv can't stop thinking about how much she misses him and where they were a year ago. Delia snaps him out of this fantasy and asks for some booze. He explains the house is dry. She looks at his photos and says his father looks just like her husband. Ava walks in and Sonny escapes. Mother and daughter conspire to steal the evidence. Ava stole her a key. "If I get caught, I'll be sleeping with the whales!" Delia complains. They decide that this won't work as long as Sonny thinks they are in cahoots. When the mobster returns, Delia throws her drink in her daughter's face. They yell at each other until Delia storms out to find her grand-kid. "Alone again," says Sonny, mocking her botched plan.

    GH Recap: Voice Like A Blender.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    At the Corinthos compound, Ava tells Delia that Sonny is planning to kill her. Delia spits up her tea. Her daughter explains about the baby but won't explain the rest. Ava hopes she has some protective instincts. Delia's short in that department but wonders what she can get for helping her. Ava thinks that if she can get the recording, she can go to the cops and Sonny won't have any leverage. She wants her mom to find it. They bicker and Ava begs. Sonny strolls in. "Don't tell me the family reunion has hit the skids," he says sarcastically. He tells them to have fun and heads upstairs. Delia agrees to help.

    GH Recap: I'm Gonna Kill 'Em.

    Monday, June 30 2014

    Ava is at Sonny's feeling antsy when the doorbell rings. "Thank God you're here!" the blond blurts as she answers the door. Moments later, Sonny arrives. Ava introduces him to her mom, Delia. The mobster rolls his eyes. Ava smirks. Delia goes on and on about her life and admits that she is not close to her daughter. She announces that she's moving in to look after her 'baby girl'. Ava sends her off to make herbal tea. "I know what you're up to lady and it ain't gonna work," Sonny says. They bicker and he says that her annoying mom will drive her crazier than him. He can actually leave the house. Her mom returns. After Sonny tells her how much he's going to enjoy having her there, he leaves. Ava shrieks. "He's trying to kill me," she tells her mom. Delia spits out her tea.

    GH Recap: The Jealous Type.

    Tuesday, June 24 2014

    At Sonny's, he forbids Ava to have a glass of wine. She threatens to make a martini. He knocks the glass out of her hand. Ava reminds him that he'll be raising the baby with any abnormalities it may have. He thinks she's sick. The mobster is going to have all the alcohol removed from the house. "I'll just have to find another way to torture you," she says. Once she heads to bed, he calls Carly to vent. She promises they will get through this together. Meanwhile, Ava calls someone and tells them they need to reconnect.

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