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    General Hospital CAST - Ava Jerome

    Full detailed profile on Ava Jerome Played by Maura West on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maura West (CBS)
    Ava Jerome

    Actor: Maura West

    Who played Ava Jerome over the years

    Maura West (May 8 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Ava Jerome

    The mysterious woman entered the life of Morgan when he was dating her daughter. She gave him a place to stay, but her complicated relationship with the history of Port Charles was slowly revealed. She had been lovers with Franco and gone on to become his art dealer.


    Current: Art dealer


    Ava Jerome first appeared as a friend Morgan originally met over the internet. When he ran into gambling problems, he turned to her for help. While she hid him, Luke came looking for the Quartermaine heir at her place.


    Franco (lovers)


    Katherine "Kiki" Jerome/Lauren Frank (daughter)


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    Tuesday, August 19 2014: GH Recap: You Need Calming.

    At her penthouse, Ava leaves a message for Delia, then gets a birthday visit from Kiki. Ava is surprised to see her but Alice’s condition reminded Kiki you only get one family. Ava asks Kiki about her rough patch with Michael and Kiki tells her they are better than ever. She tells Ava she’s living with Morgan, renovating a brownstone, and shares how awkward things are with Silas since Nina moved in. They get to chatting and Ava is ecstatic to hear Silas and Sam broke up. Ava wonders if Silas and Nina are together and Kiki tells her if Nina had her way they would be. They talk about how weird it would be for Nina and Kiki tells Ava that Nina has put it all behind her. Ava cackles hysterically and reminds Kiki hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ava warns Kiki to be careful around Nina but Kiki is sure Nina is harmless.

    Friday, August 08 2014: GH Recap: The Biblical Sense.

    Ava calls Franco at the hospital, urging him for the recording. She knows he wants Sonny out of Carly’s life and he tells her Sonny is already out of Carly’s life. Sonny walks up and Franco quickly gets off the phone. Franco asks Sonny if he has been keeping his distance from Carly. Sonny thinks about their kiss and refuses to talk about Carly with Franco. He can’t help it if Franco is worried about their relationship. He leaves and Nina rolls up. She asks Franco if he’s sure Carly and Sonny aren’t involved. Franco’s sure they are just friends and she wonders if he's sure about that. She wants to drop the subject but Franco insists she tell him what she knows. She denies any knowledge and they leave for their art therapy session. Meanwhile, Carly comforts Morgan and they comment Alice had a guardian angel looking out for her. Their talk turns to Sonny and Morgan tells Carly that Ava moved out. He wants to put this all behind him but he can’t because the baby might be his. His whole life he has felt like he’s been in the way. She promises him that has never been the case. Not knowing is driving him crazy. Carly hugs him and wishes she could fix this for him. She leaves and Sonny arrives. He tells Morgan that Ava set a trap that Sonny walked right into, so he had no other option but to move her in when she was pregnant - not to be a family, but to know every move she was going to make. Morgan says it doesn’t fix everything but he appreciates the bit of info. He thanks Sonny and leaves to check on Alice.

    Carly visits Ava at the penthouse and tells her Morgan can’t move on until he finds out if he’s the father. She demands a paternity test. Ava refuses to risk the procedure, or risk leaving the penthouse. Until the birth, even the doctors will be making house calls. Ava thinks Carly should worry less about her relationship with Morgan and more about her relationship with Franco. She strikes a nerve and Carly tells her this is far from over.

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