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    General Hospital CAST - Ava Jerome

    Full detailed profile on Ava Jerome Played by Maura West on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maura West (CBS)
    Ava Jerome

    Actor: Maura West

    Who played Ava Jerome over the years

    Maura West (May 8 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Ava Jerome

    The mysterious woman entered the life of Morgan when he was dating her daughter. She gave him a place to stay, but her complicated relationship with the history of Port Charles was slowly revealed. She had been lovers with Franco and gone on to become his art dealer.


    Current: Art dealer


    Ava Jerome first appeared as a friend Morgan originally met over the internet. When he ran into gambling problems, he turned to her for help. While she hid him, Luke came looking for the Quartermaine heir at her place.


    Franco (lovers)


    Katherine "Kiki" Jerome/Lauren Frank (daughter)


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    Monday, July 28 2014: GH Recap: Poor Impulse Control

    At home, Julian and Ava clink glasses over eluding Sonny. He asks about the proof and she tells him AJ recorded his own murder, which is now on a flash drive with Sonny. Julian wants the rest of the story and she shares the recording also has audio of her admitting to shooting Olivia. He doesn’t see what the big deal is but she reminds him it could send her to prison. Ava’s sure there’s another copy with Carly. She points out the friction between Sonny and Franco and that he might be willing to get the recording with the right motivation. Later, she makes a call and tells Julian it is all taken care of. Later, Julian gets upset by a text from Mickey telling him he hopes his family sleeps tight.

    Friday, July 25 2014: GH Recap: Clear Out.

    Ava, Julian and Mickey head to the penthouse. He's claimed it as his own. The siblings bicker and he tells her she needs to live by his rules. Mickey demands to know what she has on Sonny and threatens her with his gun. Julian grabs the gun away and demands to know if they are selling heroin now. They are. They lace the coke with it. Julian wants no part of that. Mickey threatens him. Julian threatens back. Mickey laughs and leaves. He makes a call to the boss and says he's arranged to send Julian a message.

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