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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Corinthos Played by Bryan Craig on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Craig (Bryan Craig)

    Real Name: Bryan Craig
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Election Day.

    Tuesday, November 05 2013

    Diane supervises the moving men taking paintings out of Franco's room. She hopes they can keep it undercover that he didn't paint them. Carly passes by and stops to find out what the secret is if Franco and Diane aren't a couple. Diane won't chance Franco giving Carly the truth and pretends to be infatuated with him. She kisses him and rushes off for the gallery. Franco grabs Carly's arm and she asks, "What's left to say?" He doesn't reply and she leaves. Derek was hoping to see Carly when Morgan arrives to his room. They listen in on Sonny and hear Lazaro ask for the file on Julian Jerome back. The county is digitizing their files and he can't take a chance that they find it missing. Sonny can copy it if he wants. Sonny has all he needs. He knows Derek Wells is Julian Jerome and doesn't tell Lazaro how he'll handle it. Derek's impressed that Sonny already knew who he was when they met and understands he's waiting for Derek's next move. Morgan asks if Derek is going after Sonny first when Carly knocks. Morgan hides as Derek lets her in. They agree to meet at the gallery for the opening and she leaves. Alone, Derek has a job for Morgan and gives him a flash drive. In the hall, Franco overhears Derek remind Morgan that their relationship needs to remain discreet.

    Scott stops Lucy from defacing Lazaro's poster and drags her into the polling place to vote. Heather watches nearby, dressed in scrubs with a surgical mask. She follows Scott into the voting booth eager to 'lobby the hell out of him'. She won't leave until she delivers her message. Lucy finishes voting first and notices Scott's not alone in his booth. She pulls the curtains and sees Heather. The three struggle while Heather extends an invitation to Franco's art show. Lazaro's surprised to see them exit the booth when he comes to vote. After he and Scott stop arguing, Morgan approaches Scott and gives him Derek's flash drive.

    Print This.

    Wednesday, October 30 2013

    Derek returns to the penthouse and asks Morgan if he got the job done. He did. The watch with the bug on it is in Sonny's office.

    How Could You?

    Tuesday, October 29 2013

    Derek interrupts Morgan and Ava at the penthouse to talk to Morgan about Sonny. He wants a guarantee that Morgan won't tell Sonny that he's Julian. Sonny chose Michael over him again thinking he doesn't have what it takes to work for him. Morgan can't be loyal to Sonny now and has no problem working for Julian. Derek's worried but Morgan doesn't have a reason to go back to Sonny. He doesn't know how he can prove it to Derek. Derek promises to keep Carlos on reserve if things change. Alone, Derek lets Ava know that Alexis and Sam found out who Sam's father is. He hasn't learned whose DNA was used and confirms no one suspects them…but there is the matter of Ava's boy toy who knows. Morgan rejoins them and wonders what he has to do to convince Derek he's serious. Derek refuses to trust his word. Ava asks if Derek is threatening Morgan again. Derek denies he is, but if Morgan means what he says, he is going to have to prove it.

    It's True.

    Monday, October 28 2013

    At the penthouse, Morgan's eager to go after Sonny. Ava doesn't think this is a situation he should be involved in. Sonny chose Michael so Morgan's happy to be a Jerome. Even if the man Morgan wants to work for tried to kill him? Julian's a dangerous man who will take Sonny out. Morgan knows too much already and is willing to go down this road with them. She's worried for him…he's so young. He thinks he's not and they make love. After, Morgan confesses he's on whatever side she's on. He can't wait to see the look on Sonny's face.

    Last One Standing.

    Friday, October 25 2013

    Morgan overhears Sonny and Michael getting close at the warehouse. They notice him and Morgan has something to tell Sonny, but not in front of Michael. Michael reveals he is working for Sonny and Morgan gets upset. Once again Sonny chose Michael over Morgan. Morgan is sick of Michael feeling entitled to everything, including his wife. Michael asks Morgan to run the restaurant with him. Morgan can think of a million other things he’d rather do than work with his traitor brother. Morgan changes his mind – he has nothing to say to Sonny. Outside, he misses Ava’s call as Carlos approaches him with the gun to take him back to Derek. Inside, DA Lazarro got everything Sonny needs on Julian. Sonny realizes Julian and Derek are the same person.

    Carlos drags Morgan back to Derek’s office. Morgan begs for his life. He promises he didn’t say a word to Sonny but Derek has no idea if that’s true and orders Carlos to finish him. Derek ignores a call from Duke, who tells him he has to go away for a few days. Morgan tells Derek that Sonny doesn’t deserve his loyalty. Morgan asks to come work for Julian in exchange for Sonny.

    Not Just Friends.

    Thursday, October 24 2013

    At Crimson, Morgan realizes Derek Wells is Julian Jerome when he overhears Ava joke about him thinking she was sleeping with her brother. Derek admires Ava's dedication for going after Morgan after Kiki left him for Michael but he's concerned Michael could find out they're going after his father. Ava assures him that Morgan will never know. Morgan interrupts them. He knows Derek is Julian Jerome and plans to take out Sonny. Derek wonders why he cares – he hates his father's guts. It's obvious Sonny doesn't 'give a damn' about him, why should he? He suggests Morgan forget everything he's heard. Morgan thinks he's being threatened. Sonny's still his dad. He's going to go tell him everything. Ava begs him not to do this but is unable to stop him. Derek blames her for keeping him around because she is stuck on Silas. Ava doesn't think Morgan will tell Sonny. Ava's concerned when Derek wants to stop Morgan and calls Carlos in.

    Michael arrives at the coffee warehouse and inquires about what the cops were searching for when he sees the mess. Sonny believes it had something to do with Julian Jerome. Michael worries that Ava's working with Julian to bring Sonny down and Morgan is caught in the middle. Sonny can't convince Morgan without proof. Michael wants to do something since he's still unemployed. Sonny offers him the restaurant and he agrees to turn it into something like Sonny and Connie wanted. They hug. Morgan overhears Sonny's sentiments of how great it is to have his son close to him.

    Follow The Money.

    Wednesday, October 23 2013

    From the penthouse, Ava leaves Derek a message, "Did you get the job done?" She reminds Morgan not to eavesdrop when he asks, "What job," and answers a knock at the door. Diane hands Morgan annulment papers and retrieves Ava's contract for Franco's show. She assures Ava her silent partner will be kept secret. Morgan knows Derek's her silent partner. Diane leaves and Ava argues with Morgan about her privacy and denies his claims that she's sleeping with Derek. She thinks he's jealous. Maybe he wants what they have to be serious. Morgan slams the door when she leaves to see Derek. Alone, he remembers Derek's comments about wanting to take care of Sonny and his parents' warnings about Ava.

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