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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Stone Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Stone Corinthos Played by Bryan Craig on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Craig (Bryan Craig)

    Real Name: Bryan Craig
    Height: 5' 11"


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    GH Recap: Lucky was abducted

    Monday, June 15 2015

    Morgan is at the Metro Court with his parents, apologizing for his actions. They think he should be talking to his brother. He explains that he and Michael have a truce. Carly thinks this is a huge step. Morgan offers to try to get his brother to let Sonny see the baby. When he mentions Denise, his parents lecture him about spending time with her. Carly gets upset and walks off. Sonny hopes Morgan is not making the same stupid mistakes he made with Ava. "We kind of uh..." Morgan explains. Kiki arrives. Sonny advises her to watch her back with Denise. When Carly returns, Sonny has to leave for TJ's arraignment. Carly gets called back to work so Kiki asks Morgan what he was discussing with his father.

    GH Recap: Luke's Fool.

    Tuesday, June 09 2015

    At the Jerome’s apartment, Morgan and "Denise" kiss, and she blurts out how much she’s missed this. Morgan pulls away and questions her, but she quickly covers and says it’s been awhile since she’s been with a man. Morgan tells her that he should never have kissed her, but "Denise" says she was enjoying it. He tells her not to speak of this to anyone, especially Kiki. She wonders why just as Kiki walks in. "Denise" apologizes for losing track of time and forgetting about dinner. Morgan explains she went to see Avery and it upset her. As they talk, Ava is shocked to learn that Kiki and Morgan are together. She acts happy for them, but later when Kiki leaves to order in some food, "Denise" scolds Morgan for being a two-timer. Morgan says he just got carried away as she looks so much like Ava. "Denise" agrees not to tell Kiki, and what happened between them can’t happen again.

    GH Recap: Damsel In Distress.

    Monday, June 08 2015

    Kiki and Morgan drop by the penthouse to see Denise. They learn from the guard that she's gone and contemplate what Denise and Julian have been talking about. She tries calling her. It turns out Denise left the phone there. He suggests the fool around while they wait but she decides to go looking for her aunt. He stays to wait. Denise arrives in tears. She explains that she just saw the baby. Morgan gives her a hug and tells her how weird this is. "Holding you in my arms, it's like I'm holding Ava," he says. They kiss.

    GH Recap: Trial Engagement.

    Wednesday, June 03 2015

    Kiki finds Michael and Morgan shaking hands at the gym. Michael leaves and Kiki asks Morgan what is going on. Morgan explains they drew a ceasefire, though they won’t be hugging one another at family get-togethers anytime soon. He tells her that Michael came to him about Denise, and from there they talked things out. Morgan suggests they go to dinner, but Kiki says she has plans with Denise. She asks him to join them as it should be interesting.

    GH Recap: Truce.

    Tuesday, June 02 2015

    Michael shows up at Sonny’s gym and questions Morgan about Denise. Morgan tells him that the woman is Ava’s twin. The two end up in a huge argument after Morgan brags to Michael that he and Kiki are back together. Morgan feels that Michael has a lot of aggression inside him, so he suggests they take it into the ring. Michael accepts, and after fighting a few rounds the two end up collapsing. They reminisce about old times, and Morgan apologizes for what he did to Michael, Kiki and Avery. He knows he’s trashed everything between them. Michael tells his brother that he’s glad Sonny made a deal to keep him out of prison, as no matter what he wouldn’t want to see him there. Morgan realizes things between them will never be the same. Michael tells him probably not, but suggests a cease-fire. The two shake hands.

    GH Recap: Never Killed Nobody Never.

    Thursday, May 28 2015

    Kiki wakes up in her bed with Morgan. She was dreaming of her mom and wonders who Denise really is. He would bet the bank that she's her mom. Part of Kiki has always refused to believe she's dead. They both want her to be alive.

    Lulu brings her husband breakfast at the PCPD. They discuss the Denise/Ava situation. He hopes that Sonny's visit will agitate some truth out of Denise downstairs. When she asks what Valerie was doing there yesterday, the woman in question walks in. She tells Lulu that she's applying to work there. Lulu tells Dante and Valerie that she has no problem with her working there. Lomax stomps in, complaining that Sloane seems to be AWOL. Lulu takes Val down the hall. Sloane still hasn't arrived. Down in the cells, Denise complains about her breakfast to her prison guard. He shows Sonny in. She recognizes him from the papers. He's sure she's Ava and wishes he'd killed her. They go over the night on the bridge. She asks 'Dimples' to stop with accusations. "I ain't never killed nobody never," she insists. He challenges her to show him that she doesn't have Ava's gunshot scar. "You want me to show you my boob?" she asks. She doesn't doff her top for strangers. He nags her until she agrees to show him. When she opens her shirt, she reveals a big tattoo on her breast. She got it to cover up a tattoo of her ex-lover's name, Bobo. He's sure it was just to cover up her wound. Corinthos keeps staring at her. Dante comes in to say the results are in. Sonny starts laughing. They all go upstairs. Kiki and Morgan are there. Denise tells them how gorgeous they are. Lucas comes in with the results.

    GH Recap: Fingerprints.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015

    At Julian’s apartment, Sloane calls for backup after placing the woman who looks like Ava under arrest. Denise claims she’s not Ava and has done nothing wrong. She’s hauled off and Kiki and Morgan decide to go to the station with her. Julian begs Alexis to go with them and represent Ava. Alexis makes faces, but agrees. Sloane tells Julian that they do need to speak, and he informs him that the DA is charging Carlos with Duke’s murder. Julian isn’t shocked and tells Sloane that Carlos acted on his own and he doesn’t know where he is. Sam asks if this means Jake is in the clear. Sloane replies yes and suggests to Julian that he let Jake go from his employment. Sloane believes if Jake doesn’t work for Julian then Sonny won’t go after him and escalate things further. Sam thinks it’s a good idea to let Jake go, and it doesn’t matter now that he’s done with the business. Sloane chuckles at that. Julian agrees with Sam and let’s Jake off the hook.

    GH Recap: You Are His Father.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    Morgan and Kiki wake up in her bed. They have sex and hope that things will work out better between them this time. She still has the necklace he gave her. Lucas calls to tell her about the baby. She gets dressed to go over. Morgan offers to go with her, for her sake.

    Sam, Kiki, Morgan, Lucas and Alexis gather around Julian at the penthouse. They refuse to leave him alone. He thanks them. This is what he needed today. He announces that he's giving up organized crime. Suddenly, what appears to be a disguised Ava arrives.

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