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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Stone Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Stone Corinthos Played by Bryan Craig on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Craig (Bryan Craig)

    Real Name: Bryan Craig
    Height: 5' 11"


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    GH Recap: You Are His Father.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    Morgan and Kiki wake up in her bed. They have sex and hope that things will work out better between them this time. She still has the necklace he gave her. Lucas calls to tell her about the baby. She gets dressed to go over. Morgan offers to go with her, for her sake.

    Sam, Kiki, Morgan, Lucas and Alexis gather around Julian at the penthouse. They refuse to leave him alone. He thanks them. This is what he needed today. He announces that he's giving up organized crime. Suddenly, what appears to be a disguised Ava arrives.

    GH Recap: We Have Tonight.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    At Silas', Morgan rants about Michael to Kiki and accuses her of always looking for someone who doesn't think she's good enough. They make out and he carries her into her room. After sex, he tells her how much better it is when they've been fighting. They apologize to each other and then discuss their relationship status. He wants them to get back together. She doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Moments later, she agrees to give him another shot.

    GH Recap: Nobody Will Know.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    Morgan drops by Silas’s place to see Kiki. He wonders why she’s ignoring him lately. She says she’s had a lot on her mind, but he accuses her of acting shady with him. Kiki admits she’s pissed at him over what happened with Avery and his stupid plan to drug Michael. The two end up in a shouting match and hurling insults at one another. Eventually their fighting turns to passion and they kiss.

    GH Recap: The Real World.

    Tuesday, April 28 2015

    Dante starts banging on Silas' door, calling for Morgan and Kiki. Sonny asks her to hide the baby. He and Carly bicker about this until he answers the door. The cop gets inside and starts questioning Morgan and Kiki about Avery. He wants to look around. Sonny asks for a warrant. The cop doesn't have one, but he arrests Morgan and Kiki for drugging Michael. "This is such bull," Morgan whines as he's cuffed. His brother advises him to stay silent. "In the real world, you can't whine your way out of the consequences," he adds. Carly stutters as the duo are dragged out. Sonny explains he's calling his pilot to take the baby out of the country. Carly thinks they need to take care of Morgan first. The mobster comes up with an idea. It makes her uncomfortable.

    Dante brings Kiki and Morgan into the interrogation room at the PCPD. Morgan doesn't understand why he's so upset. His brother explains the seriousness of the crimes he's committed to their own brother. The cop gets a call from Valerie and heads for the hospital. Later, Michael has the charges dropped so the duo are released.

    GH Recap: You Don't Want Me.

    Monday, April 27 2015

    Morgan and Kiki head to Silas'. They're startled to find Avery sitting in the crib. She changes the kid's diaper and they try to figure out what happened. His parents barge in. Sonny grabs the baby from Kiki's arms. Morgan insists they didn't take her. Carly lectures them. Her son says she would do the same thing he did. That makes her more irate. Kiki suggests they call the cops so the real kidnapper can be found. Morgan doesn't want the cops involved because the court will give the baby back to Michael. His mom thinks that's crazy. Dante starts knocking at the door.

    GH Recap: She Died.

    Friday, April 24 2015

    In Michael's office at ELQ, Sonny swears he didn't drug him. Michael knows who did it. Morgan and Kiki get off the elevator. Michael confronts them. Morgan refuses to take the blame, declares all of this 'demented' and asks his father if he believes it. Michael explains how he has pieced everything together. As the brothers bicker, Michael shoves Morgan. The meds fall out of his pocket. Sonny demands the truth. Kiki admits it. Morgan tells his dad he did it all for him. Sonny's not impressed and lectures Morgan for putting Avery in danger. Michael accuses his brother of kidnapping their sister. Kiki apologizes and leaves with Morgan. Sonny tells Michael that the only thing that matters now is that Avery is okay. He wanders out. Sabrina puts an arm around Michael. He thanks her for all of her help. He doesn't know how his little brother went so wrong. Sabrina suggests that he's jealous. Michael thinks that he and Sonny have a new understanding. He is sure that Morgan and Kiki have had the kid all along.

    When Morgan and Kiki walk into Silas' apartment, they discover that Avery is there.

    GH Recap: Roofied.

    Thursday, April 23 2015

    At Kiki’s place, Kiki admits to Morgan that she told Julian about what they did to Michael. Morgan is not happy, but Kiki says her uncle isn’t going to rat them out. Kiki thinks they need to get the pills back, and she’s found out that Michael is at ELQ right now. She says all they need to do is to create a distraction and she can sneak into his office and get the pills.

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