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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Corinthos Played by Bryan Craig on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Craig (Bryan Craig)

    Real Name: Bryan Craig
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Dead To Me.

    Tuesday, September 24 2013

    Ava's having a drink in her room at the Metro Court pining over Silas when Morgan arrives. His marriage is over and he has nowhere to go. She thinks he should be with his wife but Morgan joins her for a drink instead, believing Kiki wants Michael now. He didn't create this problem and is angry he's lost everything because of one lie. His whole family is a bunch of hypocrites, especially Sonny. Ava wants him to give Sonny a chance to explain. He already did even though Michael is not his blood. Michael's first, Michael's best, and he deserves Kiki. Morgan decides Sonny's dead to him. Ava admits he has every right to be mad at his father but his father loves him – he shouldn't write him off. Morgan's been double-crossed and now his brother is with his wife 'doing who knows what'. Ava mentions the same is happening between her and Silas. She puts her hand on Morgan's knee and says, "You're not alone." Morgan's happy that Ava gets him; she's always been on his side. He has nobody, and neither does she. They kiss. She slaps him wondering what he's doing. He doesn't know or care and kisses her again and they undress. In the restaurant, Kiki's certain Morgan is not in the mood to talk after Michael leaves him a message to call. Michael tries to figure out why Sonny told the truth now. Kiki think she understands what Sonny did and admits they all lied. The truth is she loves Michael more. He knows exactly what she means – he loves her too. Now there is nothing standing in their way. Kiki disagrees. They're not free and she doesn't see how they can be together. Michael believes there are ways to fix this but Kiki doesn't want to come between him and his brother. Michael refuses to lose either of them. She warns him he's risking a lot. There'll be obstacles but he wants a chance. Kiki quickly says yes and kisses him. They wonder how they will do this. They don't have to decide now. Tonight is just for them.

    Let's Get This Party Started.

    Friday, September 20 2013

    Kiki arrives at the Metro Court and asks what Morgan and Ava are hiding. Ava teases her about Morgan's surprise for her later and tells them to get ready. Silas shows up in the middle of Ava's call to Derek and takes the elevator up alone. She plans on having a good time and reminds Derek that Sonny will be occupied all evening. Upstairs, she hopes he understands why she kept Kiki a secret. She hopes they're in the clear now and plans to celebrate him flying solo. Silas wants to get a drink but Ava denies it. He's her co-host. Ava tries to greet Sonny, Carly and Olivia but Sonny loudly works his way to the bar. Carly's certain he's off his meds, but Olivia isn't sure. Michael introduces Penny to his family followed by Ava introducing the happy couple. Michael and Kiki's eyes meet and Penny soon realizes Kiki's the one Michael's caught up on. Ava invites the parents to join the dance. While Ava tries to take a walk down memory lane with Silas, Carly argues with Sonny about not taking care of himself. Later, Silas tells Kiki there are no expectations; he doesn't have to be an instant dad. Michael approaches Kiki and confesses Penny left. Morgan interrupts them and requests that Michael make a toast. Nearby, Carly and Olivia discuss getting Sonny home to take his meds while they watch him flirting with the staff. Ava makes her way back to Silas desperate to connect with him. She believes he must want her too and kisses him. Sam sees from the elevator and leaves as Silas rushes downstairs to catch her. Michael toasts the couple believing Kiki's now the one who can keep Morgan in line. He hopes Morgan realizes how lucky he is. Sonny announces he has a toast. He promised Morgan he wouldn't tell but confesses he knew Kiki wasn't Michael's cousin.

    A Lot To Lose.

    Thursday, September 19 2013

    At the Metro Court, Ava thinks Silas can't ignore her now but she ends up leaving him a message when he doesn't answer. Morgan arrives eager to help but Ava warns how he screwed her over and ponders how she could do the same by telling Kiki that he lied to her. She's upset about him gambling with her money and is ready to cancel the party but he begs her not to. Morgan thinks they both have a lot to lose and reminds her that he's the only reason Kiki's talking to her. Ava likes this side of him but whether or not she tells Kiki depends on how he repays his debt to her in the coming weeks. They shake on it and agree to keep things from Kiki when she arrives.

    A Decision You Can Live With.

    Wednesday, September 18 2013

    Morgan and Kiki make love at the cabin. While getting ready Morgan shares the news that Alice has an in with the Quartermaines and they can stay. Later, Alice shows up with the news that they have to go - the free ride's over.

    At Sonny's, Michael looks at a family picture of Sonny with him and his brother. He's worried when Sonny isn't dressed for the memorial. Sonny's not going. He gets angry when Michael asks if he's off his meds but soon apologizes for going off on him – he's not in his right mind. Michael knows it is more about AJ. He's asked AJ to muzzle Diane. Michael shares he's made amends with Morgan and is sorry for wanting to believe Morgan lied to him. Sonny wants to tell Michael something but Morgan and Kiki arrive before leaving for the memorial. Alone, Michael tells Sonny that being at the memorial is the last decision he'll make for him and Connie and suggests he make it a decision he can live with.

    Alone at the church, Olivia asks Connie for a sign. She needs to know if her concerns over Ava Jerome are justified. Suddenly, Ava Jerome arrives. Olivia would have thought she had better things to do but Ava thinks the party is something positive for everyone during these trying times. Family and friends pour in including Sonny, and Dante and Lulu tell Spinelli and Maxie the baby's name.

    Father Of The Bride.

    Tuesday, September 17 2013

    In the cabin, Kiki walks in on Morgan playing poker online. She announces she and Morgan have been voted off the Quartermaine property like Franco. Morgan wants her to ask Silas for help but she's not ready to get to know him. He's sorry the situation is so screwed up but doesn't think she can blame Silas for what happened with Franco. She agrees and answers the knock at the door. Silas is there to say hello. He's glad to see her since he can focus on other areas of his life now that Danny is better. Ava arrives and tries to convince Kiki to allow her and Sonny to throw them a party. Kiki doesn't trust her mother but Morgan thinks it's just a party. Kiki agrees if she can invite the father of the bride. Silas tells Kiki he will be there.

    Time For You To Leave.

    Tuesday, September 10 2013

    Carly arrives at Sonny's and suggests Kiki should be into the man she's married to when she finds her looking at a photo of Michael and Morgan. Kiki shows Carly the note Sonny left behind before Sonny comes in with Olivia, Michael and Morgan. He doesn't want Olivia to take care of him, but she takes him upstairs. Carly tells the others about Franco. Morgan needs to talk to Sonny and asks Michael to take Kiki home. He trusts him now after all they've been through. Carly joins them. Upstairs, Olivia argues with Sonny and wants him to take his medicine. Morgan sees him alone and shares how scared he was. He is sorry for what happened to Connie and admits it's his fault. Sonny doesn't blame him and thinks Kiki loves Morgan despite everything. Morgan doesn't believe it's true and believes she'll leave him if he ever finds out that he lied to her. Sonny will be by Morgan's side no matter what. Morgan begs Sonny not to hurt himself before leaving. Later, Sonny decides he doesn't want to feel better and destroys the dosage that Olivia left out for him.

    At the Quartermaine's, Tracy makes fun of Ava watching a celebrity news show. She's just as disappointed though when the announcer invites them to tune in after the break for news on Franco's trial. Ava's checking Twitter when Franco arrives and announces he's trending. Tracy's surprised all of the charges dropped. Franco pours some Champaign for him and Tracy to celebrate his homecoming. Ava feels left out. Franco makes it clear it is time for her to leave and asks her to pack her bags. Ava tries to manipulate the situation with what she knows. Franco is having none of it and confesses to Tracy that he poisoned everyone's relish. She's angry but he doesn't care about any of it, her, ELQ, or Ava. The truth is his heart belongs to someone else. He looks at Carly as she enters the room. Tracy's amused given Carly loves her murderers. Carly protests and drags Franco out of the room. Alone, Ava wonders if Tracy intends to let Franco kick her out. Tracy gives her an hour to pack and leave. In the next room, Franco questions if Jason is the only reason Carly cares for him and he's eager to prove himself to her. Outside, Michael apologizes to Kiki for behaving badly. He wants to be on Morgan's side instead of against him. Morgan meets them and is certain Sonny is better.

    Trust Me.

    Monday, September 09 2013

    At Sonny's, Kiki lets Michael and Morgan know that Olivia left when she thought she knew where Sonny was after seeing a vision of Kiki wearing Connie's wedding dress. Michael realizes that they are probably at the Haunted Star. He calls Dante and watches as Kiki and Morgan exchange a hug.

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