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    General Hospital CAST - Morgan Corinthos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Corinthos Played by Bryan Craig on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Craig (Bryan Craig)

    Real Name: Bryan Craig
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Six Lives.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013

    At GH, Carly leaves Michael a message asking him to call when he finds AJ. Nearby, Morgan helps Kiki pass out 'Missing' flyers to find Franco. Ellie's sorry, but she hasn't seen him. Carly sees them while looking for AJ in the ER. They let her know about Franco's disappearance. On the roof, Franco remembers Kiki breaking the news to him and climbs up on a ledge before sitting down on the steps. When Ellie steps out for air Franco tells her it's a long way down. She reprimands him for scaring her. He's certain she scares people too. He could hear her coming from two stories down. Ellie warns that he shouldn't be out there. It's dangerous and his loved ones might be concerned. He doesn't think he has any, but Ellie thinks otherwise and shows him the flyer. They both find themselves in the predicament of having lost the only person they cared about in their lives. He jokes that they are kindred spirits and asks what she did to lose her boyfriend. She confides how she lied and doesn't think she'll be forgiven for ruining six lives. Franco agrees that it must be a serious lie to ruin that many lives. He advises she has once choice. She should jump. Ellie wonders what makes him such an expert that she should kill herself. Franco's story doesn't impress her. He's free to mope around about all the wrong he's done to others but she will fix her life. Ellie returns inside. Carly overhears her tell a nurse about Franco being on the roof. She joins him there and warns him security is on the way. She knows about Kiki and Silas. He wanted to be Kiki's friend and doesn't know who he can prove himself to now. Carly asks, "What about me?" It's time for him to get back on track. If he's changed, she wants him to make her believe it. He follows her back inside. Outside the baby's room, Lulu updates Spinelli on Maxie's condition. He hears of Maxie's claim that the baby was hers and his. Lulu thinks Maxie said he was the father because she still has feelings for him. He doesn't believe so. Lulu understands since he has Ellie. Spinelli confesses that he and Ellie are over. Lulu thought Ellie was really good for him, but he's not so sure. Later, Ellie wants to speak her peace. She finds Spinelli and confesses she loves him and doesn't plan on giving up on them. He gets on the elevator without saying a word and leaves her behind.

    Not Too Late.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    Michael wants to know what's going on when he interrupts Carly and Morgan at the Quartermaine's. Morgan snaps that Kiki's visiting Franco. Michael's more worried about AJ, hoping to stop him before he does something stupid. Carly hopes for Michael's sake AJ hasn't fallen off the wagon. While Michael searches the house for AJ, Morgan says he's happy his father's not a drunk. Carly's upset at how indifferent Morgan is to Michael's feelings. She cares about both him and Michael and it matters to her if AJ is drinking. She cares about if he's lying to his brother as well and hopes he'll make it right if he is. Michael returns unable to find AJ. Morgan wishes him luck and disappoints Carly when he's ready to go meet Kiki instead of finishing their conversation. Carly joins Michael in his search for AJ.

    At GH, Kiki apologizes for not being Franco's biological daughter. He doesn't believe her but Ava comes in and confirms it's true. Kiki gets angry. They both want Ava to explain why she lied. She had her reasons but Kiki's certain it's always been about making a buck. She doesn't need Ava anymore and plans that she and her new husband will keep far away from Ava. Ava's surprised to hear they're married already. Franco congratulates her before she leaves. Alone with Ava, Franco thinks Ava better hope he is a changed man, because if he's not, he's going to take his crazy out on her. Outside, Kiki's happy to see Morgan and runs into his arms crying. Ava interrupts to tell Kiki how much she loves her and how she expects Morgan to take care of her. Kiki goes to see Franco before leaving and finds him missing. In Maxie's room, Felicia, Mac and Spinelli try to keep Maxie calm after she learns she's having an emergency c-section. Maxie's eager to tell Spinelli something but she's pulled away to surgery. Mac and Felicia wait while Spinelli paces wishing he was with Maxie. In delivery, Dante looks on from the viewing area and whispers his love to Lulu who's with Maxie. Lulu reminds Maxie how strong and unstoppable she is. Maxie sees Spinelli join Dante. Meanwhile, Laura worries about Luke's health and promises they will both find Jerry. Later Sonny joins Luke. Luke is not one to ask for favors but hopes that Sonny will keep Lulu and their grandchild safe from their enemies. Sonny gives his word to protect them with his life as long as he runs Port Charles. Elsewhere, Olivia voices her concern for Luke while they wait. Back in delivery, Maxie delivers her baby. Lulu holds her hand while she cuts the cord as Dante and Spinelli look on. Spinelli pushes Dante telling him to go see his baby. Later, Dante announces the baby's arrival to family, then goes to hold the baby. After Spinelli waves to Maxie and departs the viewing area a nurse announces, "She's crashing."

    Built On A Lie.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013

    Kiki promises to test Morgan's blender prowess on their 'phonymoon' at home if he'll answer one question, "Did he know she and Michael weren't cousins before he married her?" He lies, swearing on their vows, that he had no idea they weren't. He asks her if she'd known would she have married him anyway. She made a vow and wouldn't leave him. He notices she's not happy and she reminds him about all that has happened before going to see Franco. Carly finds Morgan alone and begs him to tell her the truth so she can help him make it right. Michael shows up before Morgan answers her.

    You Knew.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    Michael rushes into the court house and yells, "Stop!" Kiki wonders why as Morgan tries to brush Michael off. She glances from Michael to the surprising headline that she's not a Quartermaine. Morgan pretends to be surprised and is disappointed when the judge and his clerk leave them alone to sort things out. Kiki tries to understand how it's possible if Franco is still a Quartermaine. Michael explains Franco's not her father, Silas is. He wants a moment alone with Kiki and Morgan obliges. Michael offers to tell Morgan how they feel about each other but Kiki says it won't change anything, she can't be with him. Morgan interrupts explaining to Michael that they are married now, isn't he going to congratulate them? Michael realizes Morgan knew and confronts him with the paper. Morgan doesn't care, he's married, Kiki chose him over Michael, cousin or not, it wouldn't make a difference. Kiki is silent, then turns to him to ask if he knew. Morgan is ready for them to leave and takes her away.

    Kill You Where You Stand.

    Friday, August 09 2013

    Morgan pressures Kiki to get married at the courthouse. She doesn’t want to rush because of Michael. Morgan blows up at her for letting Michael keep them from getting married. Kiki only meant because he is Morgan’s best man – didn’t he want him at the wedding? Morgan just wants it to be the two of them and doesn’t want to wait. She told him she was ready, so isn’t she? Kiki thinks about kissing Michael, then agrees to get married.

    At the courthouse Kiki and Morgan stand in front of the judge when Michael bursts in.

    A Fish And A Bicycle.

    Thursday, August 08 2013

    Morgan and Kiki are at the courthouse waiting for their marriage license. He paces. She doesn't understand the rush.

    Back at the courthouse, Mac and Felecia run into Morgan and Kiki. Morgan gets them to lend her a phone. When she wanders off, Morgan explains he's trying to keep the paper from her so Kiki's day won't be ruined. Kiki returns and they are called in to get their license. Once they have it, Morgan says they can go straight to the altar. "Let's get married now," he suggests. She thinks that's a bad idea.

    Happiest Place On Earth.

    Wednesday, August 07 2013

    Kiki wakes up in the boathouse to Morgan watching her sleep. He tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too before he leaves to get breakfast. Alone, she calls Michael.

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