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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri Played by Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marcy Rylan (CBS)

    Birthday: November 11 1980
    Birthplace: Rural PA
    Marital Status: Married (Don Money)
    Real Name: Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan


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    GH Recap: Just Business.

    Wednesday, May 13 2015

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Valerie chat about the Ball until Lulu arrives. She babbles about last night until Hayden interrupts in her robe. Lulu's jaw hangs open. Barnes explains that she lives there. The prince claims that he and Hayden were together in Europe years ago. His sister keeps quizzing and lecturing him. He pretends to be ignorant of what Hayden was doing to Jake and Liz. Lulu is not buying it so he makes excuses. Hayden says it was wrong of her to get between Jake and Liz after all they've been through over the years. Lulu is baffled. Hayden covers. After Lulu gets a message about Liv's baby, she and Valerie head out. Hayden complains about how self-righteous Lulu and everyone else in town is.

    Ned returns to the ICU to see Olivia and the baby. He apologizes to Dante for lying about being the dad. Liv is eager for them to take the baby and escape before they are stuck in the middle of a mob war. Both men vow to protect her and the baby. Ned tries to talk her out of disappearing. "I have an idea," he says. Meanwhile, Shawn and Sonny corner Julian by the hospital elevators. He's eager to see his son and informs Sonny that Liv is the mother. Corinthos won't let him go until he answers some questions about Duke. Jerome insists he had nothing to do with the hit. One of his people must have acted alone. Sonny gives him 24 hours to hand over who was responsible. Julian walks off. When Dante wanders by, he urges his father not to look for revenge against Jerome. He points out that things in the family aren't safe at the moment already. Starting a mob war isn't going to be good for his custody battle. Sonny tells him to do what he has to do. His son urges him to let the cops take care of things this time. When the cop leaves, Sonny tells Shawn that whoever Killed Duke has to pay. Down the hall, Liz quizzes Jake about why he was in custody for the shooting. He admits it wasn't exactly a big misunderstanding. She wants a straight answer. Jake doesn't want her to get hurt because of him so they need to keep their distance. The nurse blurts out that she won't let that happen again. He's confused so she explains that she's referring to her past with Jason. She won't let Jake end things. They kiss. Once he departs, Lulu and Valerie wander in. Lulu warns Liz that Hayden is living with Nikolas.

    GH Recap: The Phantom Of The Ball.

    Monday, May 04 2015

    At the ball, Brad proposes to Lucas in front of everyone, and Lucas accepts. Julian welcomes Brad to the family. Lucy runs over to congratulate them as well, but also to let Lucas know the Magic Milo act is up next. The group performs a striptease to INXS’ "New Sensation." Meanwhile, outside the ballroom Jake is upset at Carly for what she did to Liz and wishes she could have done things a little differently. However he thanks her for exposing Ric and Hayden. He realizes he can be with Liz now, but Carly thinks he still may have a life and family out there. Jake says he’ll deal with the fallout if and when he remembers, but right now he wants to be happy with Liz. He says it would be nice if she had his back, and she tells him of course he does. In a dressing room, Nikolas tells Liz that Jake is actually Jason. She believes he’s lying, so he tells her the entire story about Helena holding him at Crichton Clark, and Jason being hit by a car the night of the explosion. Liz realizes this is why she and Jake had such an instant connection, and why Jason chose the name Jake. She asks when he found out, and when he tells her she is furious that he learned months ago. She demands an explanation, so he tells her all about his scheme to takeover ELQ and how Jason’s return would have ruined it. Liz slaps Nikolas. She can’t believe he has done this as Jason was nothing but nice to him. Nikolas knows this, but says he is reclaiming his life after being jerked around these past two years, and he thinks Jason and the people who loved him are all better off this way. He points out that Jason was always torn between his family and the mob, and Sam has finally moved on with her life. Liz plans to tell Jason the truth, and he says he won’t stop her. Backstage Emma comforts Cameron, who feels bad for his mother. Spencer arrives dressed in a cape and looking like the Phantom of the Opera. He stops them from going to the stage to perform and wants Emma to be with him. He feels she’s not because of his face. She tells Spencer that his face has nothing to do with it, and it has to do with the way he treats her like a prize. Emma pushes past Spencer in order to get to the stage. The Haunted Starlets perform the next number and dance to Meghan Trainor’s "Dear Future Husband." Afterwards Cam and Emma dance the tango. During their performance Spencer drops sandbags from the catwalk above the stage, causing the audience to gasp. Spencer’s image appears on the big screen proclaiming to be the Phantom of the Nurses’ Ball and that he has decided to be the monster they all believe he is. After some smoke bombs he appears on stage and tells them all to beware the mysterious pox he is about to unleash upon the ball. Lulu grabs Spencer and drags him off to find his father. Backstage, Lucy tells Duke that it’s clear he still loves Anna, so he should go fight for her. Duke thinks there is no point. As they argue, Lucy changes her outfit, only to have the curtains drawn on them. Everyone gasps at Lucy in her underwear. Sloane asks Anna if this is normal, and she says yes. Lucy uses the situation to introduce Duke as their next performer and says he’ll be dancing the tango with his special guest Anna. Lucy runs off and leaves Duke and Anna to tango.

    Dante, Valerie, and Lulu take Spencer home to Wyndemere and give him a talking to. Spencer is down after being rejected by Emma again, and promises not to leave or do anything else. Dante suggests they give him some space. They leave him and Valerie promises to keep an eye on him until Nikolas gets home. Alone the study, Spencer receives a visit from his mother’s ghost.

    GH Recap: Jake Is Jason.

    Friday, May 01 2015

    At Wyndemere, Spencer refuses to attend the big event. He mopes about his disfigurement. Nikolas leaves with Valerie, Lulu and Dante. When Spencer flips on the TV, he's shocked to see Emma on the red carpet with Cameron. He calls Joss to rant at her for being a lousy 'honey trap'. Later, Britt shows up and he leaps into her arms. He moans about how Emma can't stand to look at him. She pushes him to fight for her.

    GH Recap: Nothing To Hide.

    Wednesday, April 29 2015

    Lulu brings Valerie to Wyndemere to meet Nikolas and move in. Lulu tells Valerie maybe she can keep an eye on her brother while here as he’s dating a woman who she had no idea about. She asks if he’s taking Rosalie to the ball, but Nikolas says he’s not ready to make it official just yet, so he’s just taking Spencer. Lulu feels he needs a woman on his arm and suggests Valerie join them. The two agree to attend together, and then Lulu takes Valerie to her room.

    Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas finds Hayden waiting in his study, and the two immediately begin kissing. Meanwhile Lulu and Valerie talk in another part of the mansion. Lulu tells her about the estate, and how this place is calming and can help her heal from her mother’s death. Lulu decides to go check on Olivia and heads out. Valerie walks into the study and finds Nikolas and Hayden all over one another. She apologizes and assumes that Hayden is Rosalie, which Hayden plays along with. Valerie excuses herself to check out the kitchen, and Hayden becomes jealous. She asks Nikolas how many women he is sleeping with.

    Lulu arrives at the hospital and meets up with Dante. Elsewhere, Ned wheels Olivia into the elevator and the two discuss how Dante almost walked in on them talking about the baby’s father. Olivia says fortunately he has no idea that the baby is Julian’s. From around the corner Sam hears this and is stunned.

    GH Recap: The Real World.

    Tuesday, April 28 2015

    At the Metro Court restaurant, Lulu assures Valerie that Nikolas won't be able to refuse her request. Since he isn't answering her phone, she decides to go and see him in person. Lulu introduces Val to Olivia and runs off. The women chat. Liv suddenly starts having pains. Upstairs, Nina returns to her room and catches Franco going through her purse. She grabs it and empties it out to show there is no baby related evidence inside. He's already seen the evidence Obrecht has. That flusters her and she declares she is moving out. They bicker. He worries about what will happen if she goes to prison and begs her to stay. "I'm gonna stay... you're going to leave," she decides before showing him the door.

    Rosalie rushes into Wyndemere with news about ELQ for Nikolas. She's got some dirt on Ned. His shares are ripe for the picking. Franco has them. The prince is sure he can negotiate them away from 'nuts and nuttier'. Lulu bursts in so Rosalie departs. She quizzes her brother about his love life and then asks him to take her cousin in. Lulu makes her case but Nikolas guesses she wants Valerie out for more than just room. She begs until he gives in. After she goes, he calls Rosalie and tells him she's pretending to be his girlfriend now.

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