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    General Hospital CAST - Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri Played by Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marcy Rylan (CBS)

    Birthday: November 11 1980
    Birthplace: Rural PA
    Marital Status: Married (Don Money)
    Real Name: Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan


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    GH Recap: Nina wants a divorce

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    Dillon arrives at the Haunted Star and notices Lulu is looking glum. She explains that her father has said goodbye to Port Charles. Lulu sobs into his chest. She tells him what a great friend he is and then brings up the Dante and Valerie problem. Dillon feels bad for contributing to this mess and adds that he asked Valerie out. He worries that this might bug her. She claims she wants what's best for him and wishes them well. He pulls out the latest draft of his screenplay and asks her to read it. She's happy to help.

    Dante arrives at the Haunted Star to check on his wife. They discuss Dillon and Valerie dating and he hopes it works out for them.

    GH Recap: Luke leaves Port Charles

    Monday, July 27 2015

    On the Haunted Star, Dante promises Lulu to do better by her, but she tells him it will take her awhile to get over what he did. As they talk, Laura arrives and tells Lulu that Luke is leaving town. Lulu thanks her mom for the message and heads out to say goodbye to her father. Laura talks with Dante and gives him some advice, telling him sometimes life takes you off your path and you may never get back on it. Dante vows to get back on track with Lulu.

    Sonny is called to the docks as his men found someone snooping around. They bring out Luke, who Sonny orders to be let go. Luke lets his friend know he’s waiting for a boat as he’s leaving Port Charles. He gives Sonny a parting gift, the gun he used to kill Frank Smith, the man who brought them together. Lulu arrives before her father departs, so Sonny leaves them to say their goodbyes. Luke tells her that she’ll always be his one and only baby girl. The two hug.

    Lulu returns to The Haunted Star and tells her mother about saying goodbye to her father. She also gives her a letter from Luke.

    GH Recap: Brad shocks Lucas with the truth

    Thursday, July 23 2015

    Maxie and Lulu talk on the Haunted Star about Lulu and Dante’s issues. After being filled in, Maxie says she knew she was right about Valerie all along, but Lulu says it was Dante who initiated the kiss. Maxie still refuses to believe Valerie is blameless, but Lulu feels she is partly to blame for all of this with her lies. Maxie feels she should have stopped things and remembers finding them together on the fourth. Lulu recalls that Valerie left out the part of the story that Maxie and Nathan dropped by that night. However Lulu wants to just let it go, and she asks Maxie to drop it so that things can get back to how they were.

    Back at The Haunted Star, Dante surprises Lulu with roses. He tells her that he’s committed to getting their marriage back on track, and he won’t let anyone come between them again.

    GH Recap: Tracy ends things with Luke

    Tuesday, July 21 2015

    Lulu and Valerie argue about what happened at the PCPD. Lulu tells her cousin that Dante told her everything, but she wants to hear it from Valerie. Valerie tells her that Dante was furious when he found out she was in Canada with Dillon, and she tried to calm him down which is when the kiss happened. Lulu asks if Valerie kissed him back. Valerie says the kiss stopped as soon as it started and she left right after. Valerie apologizes for the kiss and says she never intended for it to happen. She swears she’s not into Dante nor is she a threat to her marriage. Valerie asks if they can get through this. Meanwhile in Jordan’s office, Jordan orders Dante to pick up his father and bring him in. Dante warns her that she won’t accomplish anything by ruffling his feathers, and suggests she go through the evidence she has to build a case against him. Jordan switches the subject to what has happened between him and Valerie. Dante assures her they’ve talked and Valerie is okay, but Jordan isn’t so sure. She warns Dante about fraternizing with co-workers and if anything else happens that there will be consequences. Later, Lulu meets up with Dante and tells him that she and Valerie have worked through what happened and they are all moving forward.

    GH Recap: Laura learns the truth about Jake

    Monday, July 20 2015

    Dante calls Lulu and they arrange to have dinner later. Lulu greets her father at the Haunted Star. He explains that he caught Tracy in bed with Paul. She fills him in on everything that happened with Dante. She wants to put the one kiss behind her but it's hard. It's time for her to probe Valerie about everything that really went down. After she leaves, Tracy comes in.

    At the PCPD, Dante gets off the line when he bumps into Valerie. They head into the interrogation room and rehash putting what happened behind them. He warns that his wife might come after her and hopes that Valerie will forgive him for this mess. She assures him that everything will be fine. Once he leaves, she tells herself to get over this. When she turns around, Lulu arrives in the station.

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