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    General Hospital CAST - Cesar Faison

    Full detailed profile on Cesar Faison Played by Anders Hove on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cesar Faison

    Actor: Anders Hove

    Who played Cesar Faison over the years

    Anders Hove (1990-1992; March 5, 1999 - January 12, 2000; November 12, 2012 - present)
    Ian Buchanan (August 27, 2012 — present)

    Useful information on Cesar Faison

    * Kidnapped Felicia Jones.
    * Kidnapped Robin Scorpio, Anna Devane and Casey.
    * Poisoned Tiffany Donely and Susan Hornsby.
    * Ordered Bill Eckert to kill Robert Scorpio.
    * Planned to attack Port Charles with nerve gas.
    * Accidentally killed his mother, Nanny McTavish.
    * Planted a bomb in Jenny Eckert’s wedding bouquet.
    * Kidnapped Lucky Spencer.
    * Kidnapped Duke Lavery and assumed his identity.
    * Faked the death of Robin Scorpio Drake.
    * Helped Jerry Jacks terrorize Port Charles.
    * Killed Bernie Abrahms.
    * Killed Jason Morgan.


    Past: Leader of the DVX cartel
    Past: Writer (under the alias P.K. Sinclair)


    Faison arrived in Port Charles as part of the crime cartel DVX. His path soon crossed with Anna Devane. His mother had been her nanny and he hired her to work for him, unaware that she was a double agent. He obsessed over her, forcing her to betray her own husband to prove her loyalty to him. She eventually became engaged to him, though only to get the dirt on his nefarious activities. That failed and she went back to Robert. He tried to get her back by abducting Robin, but that failed.

    Dejected, Faison and his crime circuit planned to attack Port Charles with biological weapons. He sent his operatives to infiltrate ELQ and blackmailed Paul Hornsby into marrying Tracy. However, his schemes came to naught. His organization was infiltrated and his planned attack was averted. He kidnapped Robin and Anna but they rejected him again. He left town, faking his own death. Going underground again, he got involved with jewel smuggling and began working with Helena Cassadine. She had him abduct Lucky, fake his death and brainwash him.

    Moving on from Anna for awhile, Faison became obsessed with Felicia. He abducted her but Luke soon rescued her. Things turned sour with Helena as she tried to pin her crimes on him and he left town again, once more with a faked death.

    Years later, Faison returned, this time disguised as Duke Lavery. He abducted Robin and tried to romance Anna while once more infiltrating Port Charles' crime scene. He killed off Bernie and Jason Morgan and aided Jerry Jax's biological terrorist attack on the city.




    Desiree (lovers)
    Anna Devane (engaged)




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    Monday, December 02 2013: GH Recap: Can You Live With Yourself?

    Britt apologizes to Nikolas at Wyndemere as she tends to his wounds. She's glad they found him and that this is almost over. He's surprised she's eager to get back to General Hospital and considers making her a better offer. She promises to be his concierge doctor and is grateful for all he's done for her. He kisses her after telling her she won't have to find out what life would be like without him. After he calls to check on Spencer and Ben, he asks Britt when she wants to go pick them up in the morning. Britt regrets Spencer had to be kept from his family and is touched he cares so much for his son. Nikolas doesn't know how Brad cannot care at all for Ben. Britt confesses that Brad is not Ben's father. Nikolas is confused and Britt clarifies that she doesn't think of Brad as Ben's father. It was just an arrangement…end of story. He apologizes and confesses that she means a lot to him. He wants her to spend the night with him and doesn't expect sex. They lay down together. She wakes up startled and he reminds her things are over. Outside, Luke answers Bobbie's call but is surprised when Jerry replies back to him. He promises not to hurt Bobbie but wants to talk terms. Jerry wants the cure but Luke's saving it for Sean. Jerry threatens that Bobbie could suffer if Luke doesn't listen carefully. In the stables, Anna wants her and Robert to finish it and kill Faison. Robert wants her to think about this. She has, ever since she found out what he did to Robin. It's never going to be over. He'll escape prison again and go after them again. The only way she can be sure is if they end it now. Robert tries to calm her but she worries about him doing this again – what if he hurts Emma. Robert doesn't want Faison to hurt anyone else and agrees he'll always be a threat but he's not ready to commit cold-blooded murder. He asks Anna if she can live with herself or look at her family. She can if she knows her family is safe and asks Robert if he can live with himself if they don't kill Faison. If he can't handle it, he should leave. Robert steps out but returns before she shoots Faison. If they are going to do this, they will do it together. They both point their guns at Faison. Later, Robert tells Anna, she was right. Faison would have never stayed behind bars. He believes they did the right thing.

    Wednesday, November 27 2013: GH Recap: He's All Mine.

    At Wyndemere, Anna and Robert try to figure out where Faison is after Duke and Obrecht were sent on the launch. Britt runs in yelling that she has Jerry's cure. Robert's smug when he learns she's Faison and Obrecht's daughter. Britt admits she's as thrilled as he. She's excited the nightmare is over but her spirits are dashed when she learns Faison has Nikolas. Robert and Anna refuse Robin and Britt's help and leave to search Spoon Island. Alone, Britt argues that Robin needs to leave after she confides how she saw Patrick in the lab looking for her. Meanwhile, Luke leads Faison to the stables at gunpoint. Faison nods to the door where a man is beating up Nikolas inside. The guy drops his gun at Luke's request but another man points a gun at Luke from behind. Luke wants to discuss terms but Faison has a boat with enough room for his men, him, Anna, and one hostage. Faison decides to leave their fates up to lady luck and flips a coin. Outside, Anna tells Robert they need a plan when she sees Faison and his men with Luke and Nikolas. Inside, Luke loses the toss and is ready to die when Anna comes in and offers to take their place. Faison refuses her but she threatens to shoot herself. Luke yells, "I'm not worth it." Faison doesn't think she'll leave Robin but Anna tells him Obrecht killed Robin, Robert and Duke. He can't agree to her terms and rushes her before she shoots. During the distraction, Robert busts in and Faison and his men are overtaken. They wonder what to do with Faison and Anna says, "He's all mine." Later, Nikolas returns to Britt and Luke tells Robin it's over. She leaves to see Anna and Britt gives Luke the cure who plans on giving it to Sean. Luke's surprised when Bobbie calls but it's Jerry. In the stables, Robert wonders why Anna isn't interested in the WSB taking Faison but Robin interrupts and Robert takes her to Port Charles. Alone, Anna tells Faison he's a blight on her life and stops when Robert returns. She claims there will be no prison for him. After all he has done he has to die.

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