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    General Hospital CAST - A.J. Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on A.J. Quartermaine Played by Sean Kanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Kanan (CBS)

    Birthday: November 2 1966
    Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Sean Kanan
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Who's The Father?

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    At PCPD, Diane coaches AJ on how to answer questions. Outside with Anna, Michael's certain AJ could not have done this. She needs to follow the evidence and she can't let AJ go. Diane interrupts, thinking Anna can and will let AJ go because they've got nothing on him. Anna's certain she has the evidence she needs and leaves for the Quartermaine's. Alone with AJ, Diane asks if he remembers firing the gun. He only remembers being in Connie's office.

    Back at PCPD, Anna arrests AJ having found out that AJ's fingerprints were on the gun.

    Do Not Speak That Word.

    Friday, August 30 2013

    At PCPD, AJ tells Michael he remembers taking Tracy's gun out of the safe. He believes he did it. Michael advises him to wait for Diane. He shouldn't admit to anything. AJ disagrees and wants to speak to Anna to confess. Diane arrives. Overhearing their conversation, she's certain that is the last thing he should do is use the 'c' word. She asks Michael about the only words that should be said to law enforcement and is ecstatic that he's remembered her advice. AJ is adamant about confessing because he remembers taking the gun. Diane wants to know if he remembers shooting Connie. Diane asks Michael to wait outside before questioning AJ further. Alone, he confides he remembers going to see Connie. Bits and pieces are coming back to him. He was angry and wanted Connie to pay so he threatened her with the gun. Diane asks if he pulled the trigger. Diane thinks if he can't remember pulling the trigger and the PCPD doesn't have a weapon, their case is presumptuous against him. It is her job to find another reason why Connie wrote his initials in blood. Outside, Kiki arrives and hugs Michael. He's worried about AJ.

    One Good Turn.

    Wednesday, August 28 2013

    At the PCPD, Anna asks AJ, "Did you murder Connie Falconer?" Dante makes noise to aggravate AJ's hangover before showing him photos of Connie dead at Crimson. AJ vomits. He doesn't remember anything. He knows Tracy owns a gun that she keeps locked up in a safe. Anna thinks he should cooperate. He pauses remembering opening the safe. She asks him if he cares to share. He'll wait for his attorney. Alone he remembers taking the gun out of the safe and says, "I did it." Outside, Anna answers Patrick's questions about Britt. Anna lets him know Nikolas paid her bail when Patrick becomes worried about her giving birth in jail.

    Six Lives.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013

    Sonny makes AJ get up on his feet at the Quartermaine's. Since AJ killed Connie, Sonny will kill him. He gives him a chance to speak before ending his miserable life. AJ can't believe what he's hearing. Sonny describes the scene at Crimson to him because he put a bullet in her. Sonny plans to put a bullet in him and orders him to confess to die quickly. AJ doesn't. Sonny hits him with the gun and presses it up against his head. Meanwhile, Dante arrives looking for AJ. Michael's surprised to hear Connie's been murdered. He doesn't believe AJ did it. Dante saw where Connie wrote AJ's name in her blood. Michael's concerned Sonny plans to come there if he found Connie. They move to the next room and find Sonny ready to shoot AJ. Dante argues trying to get Sonny to stop. He won't, knowing there's nothing Dante can do to stop him. Michael asks, "Not even me?" Sonny cries. He wants AJ to pay. It matters to Michael; he doesn't want to lose both of them. Sonny will be nothing to him if he shoots AJ. He asks him to put the gun down. Sonny leaves it up to Dante. AJ tries to thank Michael but Dante takes him away.


    Monday, August 26 2013

    AJ arrives drunk at the Quartermaine's. Michael believes he knows what happened. AJ tells him he doesn't. Michael asks about what AJ got out of the safe and where he went. AJ's too drunk and passes out. Ava comes in and isn't surprised that AJ's passed out after seeing him knocking them down at the Floating Rib while complaining about Connie. Julian calls and wants to see her. She leaves, thankful for Michael's sake that AJ got home safely without hurting himself or anyone else. As AJ wakes up, Michael promises they can rebuild what he lost. He leaves to get coffee and AJ sees the open safe.

    Back at the Quartermaine's, AJ wakes up when Sonny kicks his foot and accuses him of killing Connie. Sonny points a gun at AJ ready to kill him.

    I Want My Baby.

    Friday, August 23 2013

    AJ interrupts Connie at Crimson as she's about to call Sonny. She asks what he's doing there and he responds, "What do you think?" She sees the gun and points out that he's drunk. He explains it's because of her. She can't print a story like that and believe he'll just slink away. Connie dials Sonny while AJ's distracted. The phone connects but Sonny can't hear her arguing with AJ. AJ hears Sonny and disconnects the phone. He jokes that Sonny won't be able to save her. Connie wants AJ to consider Michael. AJ believes everything he heard from Sonny, Michael and Connie in his earlier vision and is there to prove her wrong. He will get payback. He points the gun at her while she begs him to stop.

    At the Quartermaine's, Kiki bumps into Michael who's looking for AJ. She's looking for Franco who's missing too. Michael sees the safe open and searches it. Kiki gets what Franco and AJ are going through knowing they both think they've lost everything. Michael's mentioning how he misses her as her phone rings. She needs to meet Morgan. Michael stops her and asks if she believes Morgan. She does. Morgan's been good to her and she has to be good to him too. Alone, Michael's leaving AJ a message when he stumbles in drunk.

    Give It Your Best Shot.

    Thursday, August 22 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, AJ has a bottle of booze in one hand and a gun in another. He thinks Michael's there with him. Michael asks, "What's with the gun?" AJ claims it's a family heirloom. Michael thinks he's had a lot to drink and wants it. AJ needs it but won't tell Michael why. Michael tells AJ to open his mouth, pull the trigger, and end his miserable life. AJ's surprised by what he hears and starts arguing with Michael. A vision of Sonny joins Michael and they remind AJ that Sonny is Michael's father. AJ's promising to get ELQ back when a vision of Connie reminds him he lost. AJ sees Connie escorting Michael and Sonny out after belittling him. Later, Michael arrives and finds an empty bottle of vodka on the floor.

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