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    General Hospital CAST - A.J. Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on A.J. Quartermaine Played by Sean Kanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Kanan (CBS)

    Birthday: November 2 1966
    Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Sean Kanan
    Height: 5' 11"


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    I Don’t Know You.

    Thursday, January 17 2013

    Michael visits AJ at the Q mansion. AJ is not deterred by Tracy. He shows Michael the article about Lucy - ELQ is theirs for the taking. If they can prove Lucy is crazy, that is grounds for a re-vote. Michael is worried AJ had a drink the night before but he insists he didn’t – despite Carly’s best efforts. He ran into her at The Floating Rib. He was struggling with the urge and she offered to buy him a drink. She was drunk and upset and while AJ didn’t drink, he spent the night with her to make sure she was okay. Michael is miffed AJ didn’t call him but impressed AJ stayed with Carly after all she has done to him. Later, they overhear Tracy on the phone with Ned.

    Land Of The Living.

    Wednesday, January 16 2013

    Carly wakes up in Todd’s bed. She is hungover and worried she slept with Todd. AJ emerges from the shower in just a towel and taunts that it was he she slept with. She tries to piece together the night before and gets as far as leaving Kelly’s. He cuddles up to her and she looks horrified. He eventually lets her know they did not really sleep together. He shows her the damage she did to Todd’s clothes with the scissors. She is mortified, then screams when she sees her chopped hair. Last night sucked for AJ too. He hands her a bottle of water and leaves. Later, Felix comes by to book the MetroCourt ballroom, but is immediately more concerned about her hair.

    From the mansion, Monica leaves a voicemail for AJ. Tracy thinks he got drunk after his ELQ defeat. Monica accuses Tracy of trying to destroy the family by appointing Lucy as co-CEO. Tracy defends her actions as the only way to maintain control. She tweets that she is thrilled with her choice of new CEO, Lucy Coe, and her followers will be too. Meanwhile, Monica looks at the paper and waits for Tracy to post before showing her the headline. Tracy tries to recall her announcement, but she can’t and stomps off. Later, AJ returns and Monica is relieved. They hug and she smells booze. He explains that Carly spilled on him, then he spots the paper. He is shocked by the story about Lucy and realizes that he may have a chance to run ELQ yet.

    All Drunk And Stabby.

    Tuesday, January 15 2013

    Carly lets herself and AJ into Todd’s room at the MetroCourt. She makes herself a drink and starts shredding Todd’s shirts, but it doesn’t make her feel better. AJ gets the scissors away from her and holds them to her neck. It is tempting to kill her for all the times she has messed with him. But he is having too much fun watching her suffer to change that now. He bets there were people lining up to warn her about Johnny and Todd but she knew better, right? When did she become such a soft touch? He remembers when she skanked her own mother’s husband away from her. She has spent her whole life using people, and now Johnny and Todd have used her. She tells AJ she can’t stand the sight of herself. She grabs the scissors and starts cutting her hair off. He grabs her and comforts her until she passes out. Only she could take all the joy out of a revenge rant. He scoops her up, puts her in the bed and covers her up.

    All In The Wrists.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Sonny arrives at The Floating Rib and sees Connie and AJ making out. Carly sidles up next to Coleman to enjoy the show. Sonny pulls AJ off Connie and threatens to put him back in the hospital. He tries to convince Connie to come back with him. Alexis got a court order to take Trey off the ventilators so she has to come back to be with him. She breaks down in tears and leaves with him. Carly joins AJ and he lets her know that Lucy signed with Tracy. She laughs. He is still the same loser he always was. She tries to leave, but AJ won’t let her drive and throws her over his shoulder.

    Second Chance, All Expenses Paid.

    Friday, January 11 2013

    Connie orders another drink at The Floating Rib. She spots AJ and offers to buy him one and he agrees. Coleman is happy to see Kate and she wonders if he wants to take a spin for old times’ sake. He doesn’t need trouble with Sonny, and AJ’s ears prick up. Coleman spots AJ and Connie realizes they know each other. AJ admits Michael is his son and he hasn’t had a drink in years. He tells her that his big plans for Michael and ELQ fell apart. She tells him about the son she will never get to know too. They raise their drinks but he doesn’t touch his. Carly walks in and Connie can’t believe it is skank night at The Floating Rib, getting a chuckle from AJ. Carly rages on Connie until she throws her glass on the ground and tells Carly to leave her the hell alone. AJ gives Carly his drink – he won’t be needing it. Carly gets her own booth and tells Coleman to keep the drinks coming. Meanwhile, Connie and AJ hit the jukebox. He likes the idea of getting rid of their problems for the night. She sees Sonny come in and grabs AJ and starts making out.

    Ribs And Martinis.

    Thursday, January 10 2013

    Alexis stops AJ from going into Trey’s hospital room. He wreaks havoc everywhere he goes and expects his mommy to clean it up. Michael interrupts them. He tells Alexis that Krissi needs her and she joins her in the room. AJ tells Michael he can get Lucy to make the deciding vote if Michael will sign to remove Tracy. Michael signs. AJ has dreamed of working with Michael and assures him he won’t regret it.

    AJ arrives in the conference room for the Nurse’s Ball meeting and runs into Liz. She tells him Monica suggested Liz be his friend. He is embarrassed but Liz thinks Monica just wants him to have someone to talk to. And she could always use a friend. Lucy arrives and AJ asks her to sign to remove Tracy. But Tracy arrives next with her signed contract with Lucy. Lucy apologizes to AJ but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. AJ storms off, upset they will run ELQ in the ground. Sabrina tells Liz what she saw in the shower right before Patrick and Britt show up. Lucy calls the meeting to order and thanks ELQ for underwriting the ball. Tracy begrudgingly signs the check and Liz congratulates Sabrina, who runs off.

    AJ sits at the bar at The Floating Rib. Connie comes in and orders a double vodka. She remembers leaving Trey at the hospital. Later she offers to buy AJ a drink.

    Aren't You Kate Howard?

    Friday, December 28 2012

    In a parking garage Tracy drops Lucy’s bags and A.J. shows up admitting to following them. Lucy confesses Tracy is paying for a shopping spree. A.J. admits he can’t afford to buy her vote and appeals to her business sense. Lucy says she has to weigh the responsibility of this decision. A.J. claims with him at the helm of ELQ he can help CoeCoe Cosmetics. Tracy reminds Lucy about A.J. shooting Alan. Lucy agrees it is complicated and rushes off for a meeting. She bumps into Connie struggling with a large heavy container. She asks if she is Kate Howard. Connie denies it. Connie continues on referring to the container as Johnny. She bumps into Tracy and A.J.

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