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    General Hospital CAST - A.J. Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on A.J. Quartermaine Played by Sean Kanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Kanan (CBS)

    Birthday: November 2 1966
    Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Sean Kanan
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Still Friends.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013

    The blond-haired man visits the Quartermaine mausoleum and stops at Jason Morgan's plaque. He hears AJ receive a call outside. AJ tells Michael he has something to take care of before meeting him. AJ finds the mausoleum empty and chats with Jason's spirit. The blond-haired man hides nearby and hears Monica join AJ. She's sorry AJ came home after Alan and Jason were gone. AJ regrets Jason is remembered as a Morgan and not a Quartermaine. He confesses the reason he's thinking about Jason and shows Monica the invite. She wonders why she didn't get an invite and AJ convinces her not to go. They leave and the blond-haired man exclaims to Jason's plaque before leaving, "No wonder you were so quiet, everyone in your family talks too much." He realizes there's 15 minutes till show time and rushes off.

    Lulu inspects the Haunted Star for the party. Maxie interrupts as Lulu has a vision triggered by the flowers at the bar. She realizes Lulu must not have her memory back and is curious about the party. Lulu admits not sending the invites but knows who did. Sam enters with Spinelli and wants to know everything. Lulu is taken back by Sam's forwardness. Maxie jumps in and introduces them as Carly, Michael, and Elizabeth arrive. Carly overwhelms Lulu with introductions and questions. Unfortunately Lulu disappoints them. Dante arrives with Sonny and tells Carly to leave Lulu alone. He takes her into another room and she remembers something when she sees flowers again. She rushes off with Dante in pursuit. Maxie and Spinelli miss them and discuss whether she should stay. Maxie remembers all Jason did for them and refuses to leave. In the party room Sonny asks Sam if she's okay. She's angry that she was hoping Jason is alive. Carly wonders why they've been brought there as Michael, Elizabeth, Maxie and Spinelli wait with them. Sonny notes it's almost 8:00 PM and they're about to find out. AJ joins them. A storm is brewing outside and the lights go out. A photo montage of Jason plays on the big screen TVs. Everyone turns and recognizes the blond-haired man when the lights go up.

    Message From The Grave.

    Friday, May 24 2013

    AJ tells Tracy at the Q estate that neither one of them have a reason to tell Liz that he slept with Carly. Tracy begs to differ but she has bigger fish to fry, like ELQ. They are bickering when Ava walks in. She has a project that AJ might be interested in hearing about if Tracy can’t pay the price. Tracy doesn’t see the need to get AJ involved and threatens to call Liz if he doesn’t leave. AJ leaves. Ava holds her hand out for the money but Tracy wants her daughter to sign a guarantee she will vote to side with Tracy first. Ava agrees and leaves. Meanwhile, AJ gets the text about the party just as Michael runs in with the same one. They wonder who would do this to them. Later, Tracy calls Ned and tells him she is about to get Fracno’s daughter’s signature on the dotted line.

    Not Like You.

    Thursday, May 23 2013

    At Kelly's, Silas hands Sam the custody papers to take Rafe off her hands. Sam wonders why he's interested in Rafe now. Silas thinks the PI in her makes her paranoid. She claims it's the mother in her and wants to know what Silas' angle is. He argues that everyone there may think of Rafe as tainted because his father was a madman. Silas admits to thinking of him as family and wants to be his guardian. Alexis and Rafe join them and Sam announces Silas has petitioned to be his guardian. Silas explains to Rafe he may seem like a stranger now, but he'll feel like family soon. Sam follows Rafe out to support him before he leaves for counseling. Alexis tries to advise Silas on what's best for Rafe. Outside, Elizabeth waits for AJ to tell her something. Duke joins them surprised to see Stephen Clay inside. Elizabeth explains who Silas is. Duke's there with news that both relishes were tampered with before "The Chew." Alone, AJ explains he's happy about this news and might not have to tell Elizabeth about Carly. Duke agrees it is a great save for him to get Tracy off his back. Elizabeth returns and asks what Duke means.

    I Don't Trust Anyone.

    Wednesday, May 22 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Tracy asks AJ if he issued a press release taking blame for the hellish relish scandal. He denies he did. Tracy's eager to call Elizabeth about his night with Carly. AJ stops Tracy and gets them both to wondering who was responsible for sabotaging the relish. Tracy thinks AJ's reaching but he won't let her blackmail him. Later, Ava shows up on the patio and fixes a breakfast plate before announcing she's Ava Jerome, the mother of Lauren Quartermaine. Tracy asks if she's related to the crime family. Ava claims she's an art dealer and is there to find out what Lauren's shares are worth. Tracy won't be extorted. Ava reminds her of AJ's interest. Tracy asks, "How much?" Ava tells her to find a million and bring her checkbook next time they meet.

    Elizabeth bumps into Carly at Kelly's and mentions AJ told her everything. Carly misunderstands until Elizabeth asks about Michael and Morgan. She then asks Carly what she thought she meant. Carly apologizes, saying Elizabeth deserves better and rushes off with her donuts. Inside, Kevin meets with Dante who asks for his help. Kevin believes Lulu doesn't want to remember something. Later, AJ meets Elizabeth outside and asks what Carly told her. Elizabeth wonders what Carly didn't say.

    Since Always.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    At Wyndemere, Scott tells the wedding guests the mayor is unavailable. Lesley steps forward as a Wiccan ordained minister surprising the couple. The guests watch as Lesley marries Scott and Laura. For a moment after, Lulu stands alone having a flashback. Dante asks her what's wrong. She apologizes for not remembering and goes to congratulate the couple. Laura tells her it's okay if she wants to leave. Dante follows Lulu as she rushes into the hall. Lulu wants to go home and Dante is thrilled until he realizes she means Milo's. He offers to take her but she wants to find her own way. Inside Laura cuts the cake and Scott toasts his bride. Both AJ and Nikolas bring Elizabeth a slice of cake. She escapes the two of them. Nearby, Lesley tells Dante there may be a psychological aspect to Lulu's memory loss to forget something she doesn't want to remember.

    A Kiss Is Just A Kiss.

    Friday, May 17 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, AJ talks to Elizabeth on the phone. She tells AJ to stop worrying and questions if it really was his relish that made her sick. Tracy grabs the phone wanting to tell Liz something. AJ intercepts and promises to call later. Tracy admits she was going to share what happened between him and Carly since he didn't take full responsibility for the relish war debacle. She flashes the Hellish Relish article in his face and advises him to distribute a press release. AJ decides to tell Elizabeth about Carly and leaves. Alone, Tracy hears someone enter. She asks AJ how his admission of guilt went but it is Luke. She asks why he's in a foul mood as he downs a drink. He blames Mac and can't believe he refused to serve him. Tracy understands why Luke was refused. He wonders why she's siding with Mac. She tells him because she cares. He asks if she really said she cares. Tracy doesn't want to lose him. Luke says, "Likewise." They kiss.

    At Elizabeth's, Nikolas and Spencer bring flowers. He invites her to Laura's wedding. She wonders who is inviting her. Nik wants people who love Laura there. AJ drops in and inquires why Nik's there. Elizabeth explains and accepts the invitation and asks if she can bring a date. She proceeds to invite AJ who accepts. Alone Elizabeth tells AJ she felt pressured by Nikolas and is thankful AJ came by when he did. He's ready to tell her something when the kids come downstairs.

    Scott waits for Lesley's blessing at Wyndemere. She hesitates and Laura reminds her Scott's the same man who always promised to take care of her. Lesley decides to give her blessing for Laura. Scott calls Lucy to get the mayor to the new wedding location. When Nik comes home, Scott asks if he rounded up family. Nik admits he did, but Elizabeth is someone else's date, not his. Later, Elizabeth arrives with AJ and the kids. Scott asks if Laura's ready to get married as Lulu and Dante arrive. She tells Scott she's ready now. Cameron rushes over to hug Lulu. She realizes this is her family and she isn't sure she can do this. Dante promises to stay with her for the duration. Lesley introduces herself. Lulu apologizes for saying, "Nice to meet you." Lulu asks Dante if it's weird that she doesn't like Scott. Dante tells her it would be weird if she did. Nearby Scott tells Laura they might not be getting married after all.

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