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    General Hospital CAST - A.J. Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on A.J. Quartermaine Played by Sean Kanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Kanan (CBS)

    Birthday: November 2 1966
    Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Sean Kanan
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Redemption Over Revenge.

    Monday, June 17 2013

    Morgan's surprised when he realizes he's at the Quartermaine's. Alice confirms it is Kiki/Lauren's family's home and that the Quartermaine's still live there. It dawns on Morgan that Kiki/Lauren is a Quartermaine. He realizes Kiki/Lauren and Michael are cousins when he learns Franco is Kiki/Lauren's father. He laughs, relieved that he doesn't have to worry about Kiki/Lauren and Michael becoming an item. Alice becomes the confused one but is happy to learn he's little Morgan. Morgan gives her a great big kiss. In the living room, Tracy offers Franco a chance to get even with AJ by siding with her. Franco humors them, allowing both to share their horrid tales about each other. Franco likes Tracy's tales better and notes that she didn't try to kill him on the Haunted Star. She suggests that AJ might have been the one who tried to finish him off at the Metro Court. AJ sympathizes going through the same struggles as Franco about having their kids kept from them. He's certain an alliance between the two of them would be good for them and both their children. AJ offers Franco a chance at redemption over revenge and Tracy gets worried that Franco's sold on the offer. Alone, Tracy hears that Franco is thrilled to use AJ as a means to get a relationship with his daughter. She tries to convince him that she's been getting to know Kiki/Lauren and they both should do something to ensure her future with ELQ. She waits for Franco to shake on it when Alice brings Morgan in and introduces him as Kiki/Lauren's boyfriend. Franco's happy to meet his brother's namesake. AJ meets Lauren at the door when she arrives looking for Morgan. He wants to talk to her about her cousin but is interrupted by a call from Michael. Michael's upset about kissing Morgan's girlfriend. AJ requests that he come over and meet his cousin first. Kiki/Lauren joins the family and is surprised that Morgan knows them. He tells her Michael is one of them. Tracy leaves as AJ brings Michael in and introduces him to Kiki/Lauren, his cousin.

    I Know This Place.

    Friday, June 14 2013

    Michael stops by AJ's office. It's only a matter of time before Franco knows he's the deciding vote. AJ knows Franco's already aware since his visit the night before. He adds that it coincided with Lauren's visit. Michael's surprised she just showed up on their doorstep. AJ convinces Michael to visit the house to win Lauren over. He's about to tell Michael her nickname when he receives a call and gestures Michael can leave.

    At the Quartermaine's, Franco's introduction to Alice fails when she closes the door in his face. He doesn't give up easily and the two of them struggle with the door. In the living room, Kiki/Lauren calls Morgan to share her good news of living in the lap of luxury. Morgan doesn't think they'll be that bad off that he'll have to move in as he plays online poker. She cuts Morgan off when Franco arrives and tells him she'll send a car to pick him up. Kiki/Lauren throws something breakable at Franco when he asks for some sugar. Alice is hesitant to leave Kiki/Lauren alone with her father when she asks Alice to pick up her boyfriend. Kiki/Lauren is certain she can handle Franco and gives Alice the address. Franco is pleased they are alone so they can get to know each other. Franco pours his heart out to her about all he's lost and sacrificed. He hopes they will be able to reconcile. Kiki/Lauren is so moved that she runs off to be alone when AJ interrupts them. Franco is disturbed by AJ's blundering moment that tears his daughter away from him. Tracy overhears and offers Franco a way to get even by using his shares.

    The Truth Will Come Out.

    Tuesday, June 11 2013

    AJ brings Elizabeth coffee at the hospital. He's certain Michael is handling Franco's return better than he is and is tired of watching Tracy fuss over his new niece Kiki. Elizabeth's sorry to bring him news that Danny is in the hospital for tests. They part. Elizabeth's surprised when Olivia's wheeled into emergency with a gunshot wound. She makes Sonny and Connie wait outside. He holds Connie after they realize Olivia saw her blood on Sonny in her vision and not his. Connie allows Sonny to see Olivia first when she is stabilized. Connie notifies Dante about Olivia's status and returns to hear Sonny confess how much he needs Olivia in his life right now. Nearby, Nik brings Danny a stuffed elephant and coffee for Alexis while she waits. She's upset Shawn left for work and slowly gets to the point that Shawn works for Sonny. Nik's surprised Shawn's not the sandwich guru he thought he was. Alexis denies Kelly's diner is a front or that Shawn has taken over Jason's job as enforcer. She doesn't believe Shawn is like the other men she's had in her life. Shawn returns and is introduced to Nik before he leaves. Alexis wants to know what Shawn stepped away to do. He calls her out on their previous agreement not to discuss these matters but Alexis feels she needs to know now. Shawn takes a call from Carly on the side and promises to check on Olivia. Meanwhile, Nik stops AJ at the elevator from visiting Danny while he rests after the procedure. AJ quips Nik must still be pining after Elizabeth. Nik ignores the remark and lets AJ know that he's aware he slept with Carly and has recorded proof. AJ's surprised Elizabeth doesn't know already and wonders what the catch is. There's no catch, but Nik doesn't have a reason to delete the recording and is quite happy to have a nice insurance policy to keep AJ from hurting Elizabeth.

    Reservations And Qualms And Scruples.

    Friday, June 07 2013

    Ava barges in at the Quartermaine's and she and Tracy hurl insults at Franco. Franco believes they should be concerned about Ava's angle and mentions she may not be able to keep up her end of the bargain. Tracy asks for the signed documents and Franco demands to see his daughter. Lauren/Kiki walks in and Franco introduces himself as her father. Ava pulls a knife on Franco and threatens his life if he doesn’t back off. Tracy and AJ stumble over themselves to meet Lauren/Kiki and soon everyone is yelling. Lauren/Kiki whistles for everyone to shut up. She didn’t want a war, just an advance so she can pay for rent. Tracy and AJ offer her room at the mansion instead and show her around. Franco promises Ava that he will have a relationship with Lauren whether she likes it or not. Ava leaves and Carly enters.

    Frank Q.

    Thursday, June 06 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Monica interrupts a quiet AJ and knows he's still thinking about what happened to Michael. Tracy enters the living room and approaches AJ. He doesn't want to talk about relish. She agrees and confesses she heard about Michael. AJ is upset Monica told her and awaits Tracy's tongue-lashing. Tracy tells AJ how sorry she is. He thanks her and remembers they're all family. AJ brings up Franco's entitlement to shares as Monica and Tracy disagree he's owed anything. Franco sneaks in the patio doors holding up a peace sign asking if they should be talking about family like that. He checks out all the family photos on the mantle, including Alan's. From the patio, Shawn tries to get a clear shot at Franco but he moves around too much. Monica asks him to leave and he promises to take his shares out the door with him. Outside, Shawn disappears. Meanwhile, Franco taunts Monica by referring to her as his mother. Franco calls a meeting to order indicating that everything will change for AJ and Tracy to stop all this squabbling. As he surmises he might be the smartest grandchild, Ava arrives.

    A Bigger Piece Of The Pie.

    Monday, June 03 2013

    AJ hugs Michael at the Quartermaine's. AJ wishes Michael told him what happened in prison. Michael knew it wouldn't be easy to bring it up and didn't want AJ's pity. AJ promises he wouldn't pity him. Michael confesses he also doesn't want AJ blaming Sonny and Carly. AJ can't believe Michael can defend them. Michael places the blame for Claudia's death on himself and wants AJ to do the same so he can move on. They discuss Franco being a Quartermaine.

    I Let Him Do It.

    Friday, May 31 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, AJ lets Monica know the invite was from Franco and shares the events of the night. He confronts Monica for keeping information from him and then takes it upon himself to disclose what happened to Michael in Pentonville. Monica is sorry for what happened to Michael. After she leaves, AJ shatters a vase. Ava arrives and comments on the priceless piece of art he destroyed. AJ surmises her business with Tracy is related to Franco's daughter. Ava denies knowing him, and then she recalls the price of his art going up when he died. AJ gives her the bad news that the price of his art just went back down. Ava's disturbed to hear Franco is alive and doesn't believe it. AJ calls her out as Lauren's mother after he sees her reaction. He advises she doesn't let Lauren sign any documents from Tracy. Ava remembers Kiki's anger from the previous night and guarantees that won't happen. AJ lets her know Franco is in prison when she inquires after his whereabouts. Alone Michael arrives. AJ wishes Michael told him. They hug.

    Finding My Way Back.

    Thursday, May 30 2013

    On the Haunted Star, AJ demands Carly tell him what Franco did to Michael. She refuses and Sonny asks AJ to back off. Michael decides it's his story to tell and recounts killing Claudia to save Josslyn and going to prison for it. AJ's confused by what Franco has to do with it. Carly doesn't want Michael to share if he doesn't want to. Michael is okay and is in control. He confesses being raped in prison by Carter. AJ is visibly shaken. Michael admits he dealt with it already and accepts AJ's hug. AJ attacks Sonny and Carly for what happened. Sam is angered when AJ appears to make this about himself after all Jason did. She points at Franco and yells, "Blame him." Carly shares that Franco hired Carter and AJ tackles Franco to the floor. Sam wants AJ to stop hoping Franco knows something about Jason. Franco denies being responsible for what happened to Michael. He thanks Michael for the opportunity to prove himself and plays a video of him hiring Carter to bait Jason but to protect Michael. Franco's truly sorry he couldn't predict Carter would hurt Michael. Elizabeth consoles AJ who's upset he couldn't help Michael. Franco hopes Michael can accept his apology at some point. Michael bears witness to what Jason meant to him and how it angers him that Franco was trying to hurt Jason and not him. Carly screams at Franco and he dismisses her, only caring what Michael thinks. Sonny's happy to hear there are no more shows to watch and wants the information Franco has to share on Jason. Sam wants no more games and asks if Jason is alive. Sonny pulls his gun after Franco admits using Jason to gather them together in his attempt to give them peace and make things right. Sam asks Sonny for the gun and aims it at Franco. "Look around," she screams reminding him of the pain and suffering he caused them and the added grief knowing that Jason left the world never knowing the truth. Sam can't pull the trigger, wanting her son to grow up knowing his mother. She knocks Franco out with the gun after telling him to enjoy prison.

    Much To Discuss.

    Wednesday, May 29 2013

    Right at 8 PM the lights go out at The Haunted Star on Sam, Liz, Spin, Maxie, Michael, Carly, Sonny and AJ. When they come back up Sam recognizes the blonde-haired man – its Franco! Carly thought Jason killed him, and he concedes that Jason was thorough, but not thorough enough. Sonny pulls a gun on him to finish the job. Franco tells him to hold off. He cheated death – maybe Jason did too. Sam begs Sonny to back down and he grants Franco five minutes. Franco has the truth for Sam – and not just about Jason. They have so much to discuss. He takes a moment to comment on Liz’s hotness. Liz yells at him for stealing her baby from the hospital. Franco apologizes for keeping her child from her because the same thing was done to him. Carly pipes up but Franco accuses her of causing all of this for dropping the dime about Lauren to the Quartermaines in the first place. Sam doesn’t care and wants to know about Jason. Franco wants to talk about her honeymoon. Sam is disgusted at him for bringing up the place where he raped her. He casts doubt on that assertion. Considering she was passed out, how would she know? He could tell her the truth, but watching the video will be so much better. On film, Franco places an unconscious Sam on the bed. Then he takes off his shirt and covers the camera up. Sam begins to cry as Carly holds her. The footage continues. Franco gets on top of Sam and tells her he won’t touch her, but Jason will always wonder if he had. Franco didn’t rape Sam and he is so sorry that she thought that he had. Carly doesn’t think that changes what he did to Michael. AJ demands Carly tell him what that is.

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