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    General Hospital CAST - A.J. Quartermaine

    Full detailed profile on A.J. Quartermaine Played by Sean Kanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Kanan (CBS)
    A.J. Quartermaine

    Actor: Sean Kanan

    Who played A.J. Quartermaine over the years

    Sean Kanan (1993 - June 10, 1997; October 26, 2012 to April 29, 2014)
    Billy Warlock (June 13, 1997 - December 11, 2003; February 4, 2005 - April 26, 2005)
    Gerald Hopkins (1991 - 1992)
    Justin Whalin (1989)
    Christopher Ren Nelson (1988 - 1989)
    Jason Marsden (1986 - 1988)
    Abraham Geary (1983)
    Eric Kroh (1979 - 1983)

    Useful information on A.J. Quartermaine

    * Originally born on December 13, 1979, this was revised to 1973 in 1991, then to 1969 in 1993.
    * Presumed dead from suffocation by Asher Thomas.
    * Alcoholic.
    * Caused Jason's car accident.
    * Kidnapped Kristina with Skye.
    * Burned down the boat house.
    * Bribed Jeanine to stop her daughter from marrying Jason.
    * Hired Faith Roscoe to kidnap Michael, Morgan, and Kristina.
    * Faked Michael's death.
    * Shot his father Alan.
    * Attempted to murder Jason.
    * Was thought dead but returned after Jason was thought dead.
    * Tried to strangle Connie Falconeri and was wrongfully charged with her murder.
    * Suffered from panic attacks.
    * Killed off when Sonny shot him.


    Past: C.E.O. of ELQ. (off and on over the years)
    Past: Forklift driver.
    Past: Football team owner.
    Past: Hospital gym worker.
    Past: Port Charles Hotel desk clerk.
    Past: General Hospital orderly.


    A.J. was born on a stormy night in a cloud of controversy about his paternity. The child had a heart condition and was nearly claimed by Rick, who believed himself the father. A DNA test proved Alan was the dad. The baby was bumped from home to home before leaving for boarding school and coming back much older. He returned to Port Charles, soon winding up in jail on drunk driving charges. Family members attempted to bribe him to stay out of trouble but it wasn't easy. Nikki Langton began dating him to get at his fortune but his father paid her to leave him at the altar.

    A.J. continued to drink and sleep around. When his father's lover wound up dead with evidence incriminating both Alan and Junior, A.J. framed Jagger for it. He kept drinking. During one episode, he wound up in another accident, this time causing his brother Jason's brain trauma. Depressed about this, A.J. drank even more. This led to him sleeping with Carly, an event so traumatic he could only recall it under hypnosis. Thanks to this, he managed to figure out she was trying to pass his child off as Tony Jones'. She decided to claim the child was Jason's so she could maneuver out of the paternity test. A.J. and Carly eventually settled their differences, but that didn't last long. When she got pregnant again, he agreed to claim paternity in order to get revenge on his brother. The child turned out to be Sonny's. The child was lost when she fell down a stairway after a fight with A.J. He was disinherited and went back to drinking and sleeping around.

    After nearly dying of alcohol poisoning and hearing of his mother's own near-death experience, he decided to reconcile with his family. He and fellow alcoholic, Skye, tried helping each other deal with their disease. They also tried pulling Michael back into the family when he was being kept away by Sonny. In order to annoy the mobster, A.J. married his little sister, Courtney, and then offered a divorce in exchange for Michael. However, he ended up actually falling for his wife. Their relationship rapidly deteriorated as they both acted recklessly and she began relying on Jason, increasing A.J.'s jealousy. After hiring Coleman to terrorize her, she ended the marriage and A.J. blamed Jason. Teaming up with Skye, they framed Jason and Brenda for Alcazar's murder. After Ned was framed for rape, A.J. took over ELQ, but he didn't stay long. Once he fell for Lydia, he ripped off the family and left town. He later returned to kidnap Michael and the Corinthos kids. When Alan tried to stop him, he shot him. Winding up in the hospital himself after breaking his back in the skirmish, he flatlined after being supposedly murdered by Asher Thomas. Monica managed to bring him back from the dead and Steve Webber faked his autopsy so they could ship him overseas to recover.

    In October 2012 AJ returned to Port Charles. Monica had kept the fact AJ was alive a secret so he could avoid prison for shooting Alan, but reached out to him after the apparent death of Jason. Despite her urging he leave quickly, AJ was determined to stay and create a relationship with his son Michael and a place for himself at ELQ. After providing a picture of Cesar Faison at a clinic in Switzerland to authorities, AJ was able to avoid jail and began to build a life in Port Charles.

    AJ worked to take back ELQ from Tracy with the hopes of running the company. With Michael by his side and Duke Lavery they brought back Pickle Lila relish. Meanwhile, AJ grew close with Elizabeth Webber after she helped him manage his panic attacks. They went to the Nurse’s Ball together, but when he accused her of sleeping with Nikolas Cassadine they fought and he slept with Carly Jacks. Despite it all they tried to make it work.

    AJ was able to secure the votes of thought-missing Quartermaine heirs Franco and Kiki to retain ELQ. But Connie Falconeri learned Kiki was not really an heir, published a story, and AJ was ousted. He turned to alcohol and in a drunken stupor threatened Connie. When she was later found dead with the initials “AJ” written in blood next to her AJ was arrested.

    AJ was found not guilty after a trial but he still could not remember what happened that night. He kept drinking and lost Elizabeth, but eventually his memories of that night returned and AJ realized Ava Jerome killed Connie. He confronted Ava, but when Sonny Corinthos walked in on their argument, he shot AJ before he could tell him the truth.

    At General Hospital, AJ survived surgery but was only awake long enough to tell Carly that Sonny shot him. He died before anyone else knew the truth. AJ was escorted into the afterlife by his sister Emily and they joined other members of the Quartermaine clan.


    Carly Corinthos Jacks (divorced)
    Courtney Matthews (divorced)


    Nancy Eckert (affair)
    Nikki Langton (dated)
    Julia Barrett (affair)
    Keesha Ward (dated)
    Hannah Scott (dated)
    Carly Corinthos Jacks (one-night stand, twice)
    Lydia Karenin (lovers)
    Courtney Matthews (lovers)
    Elizabeth Webber (lovers)


    Alan Quartermaine (father - deceased)
    Monica Bard (mother)
    Jason Morgan (adoptive brother/paternal half-brother)
    Robert "Franco" Frank (paternal half-brother - deceased)
    Skye Chandler Quartermaine (adoptive sister)
    Emily Bowen Quartermaine (adoptive sister - deceased)
    Dawn Winthrop (maternal half-sister; deceased)
    Edward Quartermaine (paternal grandfather)
    Lila Morgan (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    George Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Ida Zemlock (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Harold Morgan (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Tracy Quartermaine (paternal aunt)
    Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal half-uncle)
    Bradley Ward (paternal half-uncle - deceased)
    Justus Ward (paternal cousin; deceased)
    Ned Ashton (paternal cousin)
    Dillon Quartermaine (paternal cousin)
    Herbert Quartermaine (paternal great-uncle)
    Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal first cousin)
    Quentin Quartermaine (paternal first cousin)
    Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin)
    Jacob Martin Spencer (nephew)


    Michael Corinthos III (son, with Carly; adopted by Sonny Corinthos)


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    Wednesday, August 13 2014: GH Recap: A Good Enough Guy.

    Franco heads to the locker room to shower after being pelted with paint by a patient. He and Felix banter about his loofah handling abilities. Brad pops up. He and Felix are awkward and Brad runs off. Franco wonders what that was all about. He starts to quiz him and warns him not to mess Lucas around. Felix explains the situation. "A three-way?" Franco asks, offering him a high-five. He recalls his threesomes until Felix makes him stop. The artist encourages him to step out of his comfort zone with some 'bangable bachelors'. The nurse doesn't think so. He's old fashioned. Meanwhile, Nikolas finds Britt at the nurses' station. She asks him to lunch in the cafeteria but he has plans. Liz pops up. The prince asks the doctor to join them at Kelly's but she turns that down. After they leave, Britt joins Brad to complain about how 'three is a crowd'. "Not necessarily," Brad says. He explains his situation and wonders if a threesome is his 'way in' to get Lucas back. Britt advises him to go for it. He encourages her to keep fighting for Nik.

    Wednesday, April 23 2014: GH Recap: Two Jailbirds.

    Monica grieves AJ in the Quartermaine crypt with Tracy. Michael arrives and Tracy leaves them alone. Michael tells Monica he invited Sonny but he refused to come out of respect for her. She’s glad Sonny had the decency to stay away. Michael just wanted his parents there. Inside, Ned tells Morgan and Kiki he wants to set a trap for Luke and proposes using Kiki as bait. He promises Morgan that Kiki will not be in any danger. Morgan isn’t willing to risk Kiki but Kiki is ready to stop Luke’s skeevy fondling. Ned directs Kiki to the den and heads to the terrace to make sure Tracy watches it all. Morgan makes one more attempt to change Kiki’s mind but she’s determined to get Luke. In another room, Liz tells Sonny and Ava that she hopes the person in custody for shooting AJ can answer some questions so everyone can move on. Carly enters and agrees they all would like to know what happened to AJ. Ava and Liz quickly excuse themselves and Carly demands to know why Sonny’s there. He’s there to comfort Michael and tells Carly to leave it alone. On the terrace, Luke calls someone and tells them Spencer is a problem, but his weakness is Emma Drake. Ava walks into the den and overhears the tail end of the conversation. Luke is surprised to see her. Ava tells him that something happened to her daughter this morning and she’s going to find out what. Luke watches Ava’s butt as she walks away and calls her back. He pulls her close and tells her she has great … assets. She disgustedly walks away. Outside, Ned intercepts Tracy and points her to look into the den where Kiki is now alone with Luke. Inside, Luke tells Kiki he knows she has daddy issues but he isn’t available. He loudly proclaims his love for Tracy and outside Tracy beams. She tells Ned that she knew Kiki was the instigator. Ned realizes Luke figured out their trap. Sonny, Carly and Tracy join Monica and Michael at the crypt. Sonny offers to leave if Monica wants. Monica allows it. Everyone makes it in time for the service, and Monica somberly lays flowers on AJ’s grave. Afterward, she goes inside to get ready for the reception. Michael tells Sonny it helped that he was there. Sonny will always be there for Michael. Inside, Ava turns on the news and learns Franco is in jail with Carlos. Carly joins her and thinks it would be funny if Franco and Carlos became friends. In fact, Carly wonders what those jailbirds are talking about right now. Meanwhile, Kiki finds Morgan and worries that Luke will come after her now that she set him up. Morgan holds Kiki and promises to take care of her. Ava enters, then leaves when she sees them together. Morgan thinks Ava could be mad about something else. Later, Liz finds Luke alone in the den and he offers her a drink. Nik enters and tells Liz that Spencer crashed Emma’s recital. Luke’s ears prick up at the mention of the children. After they leave he makes a call. Tracy later joins Luke and tells him she saw Kiki hit on him courtesy of Ned. Luke tells Tracy he only wants her. Later, Michael tells Carly she and Sonny are the best parents he could have. Outside, Sonny enters the crypt and can’t escape AJ’s ghost. AJ congratulates Sonny on getting what he always wanted – Michael all to himself. He tells Sonny goodbye. Ava arrives.

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