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    General Hospital CAST - Duke Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Duke Lavery Played by Ian Buchanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Buchanan (Starbux/WENN)

    Birthday: June 16 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, U
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    Million Dollar Bet.

    Thursday, April 04 2013

    At Patrick’s, Emma is excited about her duet with Sabrina and can’t wait to get dressed. Emma tells Patrick all about Felix, Milo and Sabrina. He tells Emma to finish her carrots and calls Sabrina. He gets her voicemail. The doorbell rings and he thinks she’s there to pick up Emma. Patrick opens the door and Noah Drake gives him a hug. He’s there for the Ball since Robin was important to him. Sabrina gets Emma, chats with Noah who she met on Skype while babysitting, and leaves. Noah tells Patrick they are so lucky to have Sabrina. Patrick talks about the miscommunications between the two of them. The two Dr. Drakes discuss love and Noah tells Patrick to go get Sabrina.

    In the Ballroom Mac arrives with Mr. Marbles and entertains Duke. Duke thinks Felicia will be entertained. Mac thinks Frisco won’t be. He confides in Duke that Felicia has to choose. He thinks Duke has a better chance with Anna then he has with Felicia. Kevin interrupts Lucy from previewing her dresses with a jealous Felix and Sabrina. Lucy’s excited until he breaks the news he won’t be at the Ball because a patient needs him. Lucy’s worried about bombing. Kevin doesn’t believe she’ll fail. Before he leaves he interrupts Duke and Mac and asks them to look after her. Rehearsals begin and Mac struggles with his act, but Lucy struggles with it more. While completing tasks, Sabrina asks Felix if messages can delete themselves and tells him about her missing messages. They relocate Lucy’s dresses and Sabrina sees a new message from Patrick asking her to pick Emma up. Felix tells her he has a plan when she seems down that it wasn’t more than that.

    Anna talks to Frisco as Felicia, Maxie and Olivia get ready in her room. Olivia worries about lack of info on Dante and Lulu. Felicia and Maxie think the best they can do is think positive and dedicate their time to the success of the Nurses’ Ball for Robin. Anna asks Felicia privately what’s bothering her. Felicia tells Anna she has to choose between Mac and Frisco. Bobbie arrives with Felix close behind. Sabrina shows with Emma. She doesn’t want a makeover but Felix talks her into trusting him. Anna sees her without her glasses and compliments her. Sabrina tells Felix to do it. All the ladies leave and Felix says Sabrina will meet them down there. Patrick walks in and doesn’t recognize Sabrina when he comes looking for Emma.

    You Fight For It.

    Thursday, March 21 2013

    In Anna's office, Felicia avoids Mac's call and tells Anna she's a coward. She explains her trip down memory lane with Frisco. Anna understands. Felicia shows her a wedding photo of her and Frisco. She's sad she wasn't a priority and it's too late. Anna shares her wedding photo with Duke and tells Felicia about their date at the Metro Court. She explains it's over for them. Felicia says it's over for her and Frisco. They both turn their wedding photos upside-down.

    Duke orders dinner at the Floating Rib and asks Mac about Felicia. Mac tells him Felicia's been lying and Frisco is up to something. He imagines the worst. Duke says Felicia is mad about him. Mac thinks that was until Frisco showed up and stirred up old memories. Duke doesn't think he should worry; all Anna and him have are just memories. He tells Mac about their last dinner together that went sour and maybe what they had was just too long ago. Mac says Anna is using her badge to hide from her feelings. Duke pays and leaves. Felicia arrives and confesses to Mac about her dinner with Frisco and his intentions. Mac asks how she feels about it. Frisco arrives before she answers. Mac punches him and Felicia rushes to his side.

    Just A Fairy Tale.

    Thursday, March 07 2013

    Duke’s money is flagged as counterfeit at the Metro Court restaurant. He admits to Anna that he researched the relish, broke into Tracy’s house and took it. He tried to put one over on Tracy, but she put one over on him. Anna chuckles over it all and he admits he has lost his finesse in certain areas. They leave to confront Tracy – after Anna pays the bill.

    At the Q estate, Tracy tell Luke that Duke robbed her of the relish and she has set him up to take a fall. Luke is giddy to hear what she has done until she tells him. He thinks she is crazy considering the SEC is breathing down her neck. She stands by her actions. Duke broke in and pretended to pump her for info on Luke’s relationship with Anna when everyone in town knows he and Anna are through. Luke worries that Duke will tell Anna where he got the cash, but Tracy will cross that bridge when she comes to it. Tracy brings the conversation back to Laura. She always needs rescuing and Luke will step over anyone to make it happen. He assures Tracy he would do the same for her. Laura enters and Luke is surprised to see her. She has tracked him down to tell him something about Anna and Duke, who also suddenly arrive. Luke and Laura step outside but are interrupted by Scotty. He pulls her aside and reprimands her for doing the opposite of what they decided together. She apologizes and he asks her to not tell Luke and just come home with him now. Meanwhile, Anna has no choice but to arrest both Tracy and Duke unless they both drop it. They do and later, Tracy pours herself a drink. Luke grabs it from her and drinks it down.

    Anna calls it a night with Duke at the hotel. She can’t socialize with someone who breaks the law. He hasn’t really changed and if she turns a blind eye, then she will lose her job and her self-respect. Sad, he leaves.

    A New Chapter.

    Wednesday, March 06 2013

    Anna runs into Frisco at the Metro Court bar and they talk about Duke being back. She wonders if their relationship will always be tainted now because of Faison. Duke arrives and he and Anna grab their own table. He gives her a diamond heart necklace which she tries to turn down because of the cost but he assures her he is living within his means. He places it on her neck and wants to plan a new chapter with her. As they kiss, Laura and Scotty arrive and see them together. Later, the waiter informs Duke his money is counterfeit. Meanwhile, Felicia joins Frisco at the bar and asks him to leave town. He insists he is different and wants to stay. He hasn’t forgotten the bad times, or that today is Georgie’s birthday. He loves his girls and wants to make up the time lost with Felicia and Maxie. He gives her a jewelry box and leaves. Inside, she finds a locket with the same inscription as one he gave her in the past, "Lady Of My Heart."


    Friday, March 01 2013

    Mac and Felicia flirt at the Rib and she ignores a call from Frisco. Soon Duke comes in and chats with Felicia while Mac goes downstairs. He tells her he is working at ELQ but having problems with Tracy. Felicia feels sorry for Tracy and thinks AJ just took ELQ from her. Tracy has had to be abrasive to keep her place in the family and deserves more than she gets. Soon she expresses concerns about Frisco’s return. She is avoiding telling Mac that Frisco wants her back. She tried to make it work before, but at her family’s expense. Duke encourages her to tell Frisco it is over – unless it isn’t. Frisco arrives and asks Felicia if she got his message. Duke leaves to meet Tracy and Mac overhears Frisco tell Felicia to get dressed up and meet him for dinner.

    Duke goes to the Q estate to meet Tracy. She thinks AJ took the key and wants Duke to steal it back. She opens a case of cash and asks him to work for her, unless he has more profitable employment. Later, Spin comes in from outside and Tracy asks him to spy on AJ and Duke and get the recipe as soon as they have it.

    Together In Peace.

    Thursday, February 28 2013

    Duke persists at Michael’s door until he stops kissing Starr and opens up. Duke hands over the relish and admits he went to the estate with his story about getting Anna back. Tracy has no idea the relish is missing but it won’t be long before she does. AJ arrives and is ecstatic but they still need the recipe. Starr can help. She knows how to reverse engineer and will start tomorrow. AJ feels good about the future of ELQ. Outside, he asks Duke not to come back to the office and keep his work relationship with ELQ under wraps.

    AJ goes home where Tracy accuses him of stealing her relish. He acts shocked and swears he didn’t steal it. He goes to bed while Tracy calls Duke, who doesn’t answer.

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