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    General Hospital CAST - Duke Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Duke Lavery Played by Ian Buchanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Buchanan (Brian To/

    Birthday: June 16 1957
    Birthplace: Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, U
    Real Name: Ian Buchanan


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    GH Recap: She Died.

    Friday, April 24 2015

    Carlos is at Hayden's window taking aim at Duke on the Metro Court terrace. Shawn and TJ tell Duke what a great guy he is. Before he can take the shot, Hayden walks in and interrupts. She wants to call the police but he explains that he works with her husband. Hayden demands to know how he got in. He spins a yarn. She doesn't buy it and interrogates him about his giant gun. Carlos packs up and leaves. Down on the terrace, Jordan hobbles over to Shawn, TJ and Duke. Her son tells her his big news. She's disoriented. Once her son runs off, she fills her boss in on the hit gone wrong. She assumes it was the Jeromes. The shooter looms in the distance. Shawn takes Jordan off for a drink and the shooter comes out of the corner to tell his boss how things went wrong. Duke is livid when he learns that he took a shot while Anna was present.

    GH Recap: Roofied.

    Thursday, April 23 2015

    Carly meets with Spinelli at Metro Court and learns about Pete, who she realizes is the man in Hayden’s fake wedding photo. She tells Spinelli that they need to get that photo. Meanwhile, Carlos heads into Jake’s room and takes aim at Duke, who is having his tea on the terrace. Duke sits with Shawn, who tells Duke that he and Jordan have taken things to the next level. TJ shows up to see Shawn about problems paying his tuition. TJ doesn’t want to go to his mom for money, so Duke offers to pay his tuition. TJ is thrilled and thanks Duke. Back in Jake’s room, Carlos is distracted when Sabrina calls. She’s worried about him getting into trouble again when he just made parole, but he tells her not to be. At the same time Carly and Spinelli bicker outside the room about whether breaking in is a good idea. Carly feels nobody will know they were here, and they enter the room. Carlos is nowhere to be found, so they grab the photo and head out. Carlos comes out of the bathroom where he was hiding and takes aim at Duke again, but TJ keeps getting in the way of a clear shot. Back in the bar, Spinelli asks Carly what she will do with the information on Pete and Hayden. She plans to tell Jake first before going to the authorities.

    GH Recap: Breakfast In Bed.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    At the Metro Court, Anna leaves a message for Jordan about the hit Duke is orchestrating and suggests they meet. She then runs into Duke and asks to talk, but a call from Sloane interrupts. Sloane tells Anna that he has nothing new to report on the hit, but there is something she should know about Duke.

    Back at the Metro Court, Jake returns to his room and finds Sloane there. He’s not happy that Sloane broke into his room. Sloane wants him to find out who Julian is planning a hit on, and the two argue. Sloane threatens to send Jake back to jail if he doesn’t cooperate, which sets Jake off. Jake claims he could tell Julian the truth about working for Sloane and let Julian deal with Sloane, but Sloane doubts he’ll do that. Back in the bar, Duke talks to Lucy on the phone and says he went to see Anna like she advised, only to find Sloane in her room and in only a bathrobe. He tells her to get back to rehearsal for the ball, then talks with his bodyguard about Jordan’s fate. Duke expresses reservations about killing a mother and the woman Shawn loves, but knows it must be done. He tells Bruce that he wants it taken care of today. He wants this to be a message to the Jeromes too, but that Shawn can never find out that Jordan was undercover. Bruce leaves and Shawn sits down and asks Duke what that was all about, and why is he without protection. Meanwhile, Carlos breaks into Jake’s room after Jake and Sloane depart. He unzips a bag and pulls out a rifle.

    GH Recap: Go Be Happy.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    Sloane arrives at Anna's hotel room in his robe. He needs to borrow her shower. She demands to know who his operative in the Corinthos organization is. He refuses and offers her dirt on Duke instead. "It's about the Jeromes going after Duke," he says. She appreciates it and lets him use her shower. Anna takes off. Down the hall, Duke and Lucy sit around his breakfast table. He grumbles as he reads the paper and complains about Michael. She's distracted by thoughts of the ball and has not been listening. Lucy brings up the number they are going to do at the ball. He's not enthusiastic but agrees to do the tango with her. Since she can't remember the dance, he starts spinning her around the room. That causes flashbacks to Anna. Lucy guesses he still loves the other woman and should go after her. They both know their affections lie with other people. She does her best to convince him and gets him dressed. Duke thanks her for being such a good friend. "Go be happy," she orders. When Duke gets down the hall and knocks on Anna's door, Sloane opens it in his robe. Duke promptly walks off. Downstairs, Michael stumbles into the Metro Court and over to the bar. Across the room, Kiki blabs to Julian about drugging Michael. She blames herself for the kidnapping. Michael wanders over and starts railing at them for not being out looking for the baby. As he starts to make a scene, security are called in. Back upstairs, Nina is about to leave her room but Liesl arrives before she can. They discuss what Franco is up to at the Quartermaines and then the doctor accuses her of the kidnapping. Nina denies it. Obrecht badmouths her and accuses her of dragging Franco down from being an artistic genius to a 'bourgeois parasite'. Nina accuses her of having a crush on Franco and then reminds her of the affair with Victor. When the doctor gets defensive, Nina starts to wonder if Victor is actually Nathan's father after all. Liesl warns her not to go digging in the past and hints that there may be things about Nina's past that Nina isn't even aware of.

    GH Recap: Enjoy Your Reunion.

    Monday, March 30 2015

    At the gym, Duke explains to his underling that Jordan is an undercover agent. They can't trust Shawn with the truth and they have to keep Sonny out of the loop while the custody case is on. Since Duke brought her in, he will take her out.

    GH Recap: Say The Word.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    Anna wires up Jordan in her room at the Metro Court. The undercover agent is nervous. Anna has to admit that Duke still means a lot to her but that doesn't matter anymore. Downstairs, Duke is going through his tea box in the dining room. It's missing his money. Julian shows up to wave it in his face. He's taking it as compensation. They bicker about who owns the docks. Duke thinks he's pathetic and motions his thugs over. Julian hands the cash over. Olivia bustles over to tell them to stop causing a disturbance. Once Julian departs, Jordan joins Duke at his table. They have some chamomile and she makes excuses for not taking Julian out. She prompts him to repeat his kill order. "Say the word," she prods. He doesn't and claims that his order was just a test. Meanwhile, Julian apologizes to Liv for trying to touch her baby. He's going to let it all go. Alexis shows up and sucks face with him. She tells them that Nina is free again and so is Franco. Liv admits she went to see him at Shadybrook. The lawyer wonders what that conversation was about. Later, Franco and Nina stroll in and request a suite from Olivia. She refuses so Franco threatens to tell Julian that she's carrying his baby. Back upstairs, Sloane shows up in Anna's room with a warrant. They bicker. He orders her to tell him who her informant is and demands to see her laptop. She adamantly refuses. He admits he doesn't even have a warrant. Bob already told him that Jordan is her informant. Anna claims that's nonsense. Jordan rushes in, babbling about what just happened downstairs.

    Shawn drops by the gym to talk to Sonny about Jordan. They get in the ring to practice and Shawn admits he could be wrong about Jordan. His boss explains that Duke is giving her a test. Shawn quickly guesses what that is and guesses that Sonny already assumes Jordan is an informant. Duke strolls in. He informs them that Jordan aced his test and he called off the hit. Sonny walks Shawn out. Duke's thug wonders why he didn't tell Sonny about Jordan wearing a wire.

    GH Recap: Flunky.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    Duke wanders into the Metro Court. He calls to check in with Sonny. Michael pops up with the baby and calls Duke a 'flunky'. They trash each other. Michael reminds him of all that AJ did for him and accuses him of being a hypocrite. Meanwhile, Sabrina walks in. Lucy rushes up to her and starts babbling about the Ball. Sabrina turns down the invitation to perform and points out she no longer works for GH. Since she's still a nurse, Lucy says that's all that counts and badgers her into participating. They notice the argument across the room and interrupt. Michael and Sabrina take off to the bar. They talk about Carlos and she explains she saw him lurking earlier. She suspects that he's in trouble again. Across the room, Lucy and Duke rehash the past year and their break-ups. He thanks her for helping to pick up the pieces of his life. She cares about him a lot but promises to bow out if he thinks he can work things out with Anna. He takes her hand and assures her there is no going back for him and Anna. "But we can move forward, if that's what you'd like," he adds.

    GH Recap: Why Me?

    Monday, March 16 2015

    At Kelly's, Duke orders Jordan to kill Julian. "Why me?" she asks. He's sure she's the perfect person for the job. She refuses, insisting it's a bad idea. He repeats his order. She wonders if he thinks she's a mole. Duke keeps repeating his order and she finally agrees. Carlos watches from the window until Sabrina interrupts. They discuss his upcoming trial and he wonders if she'll tell the cops about his confession. He urges her tell them the truth. Carlos explains that he and Julian have set their problems aside and his lawyer thinks he'll get off. She wishes he wasn't back in the mob.

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