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    General Hospital CAST - Duke Lavery

    Full detailed profile on Duke Lavery Played by Ian Buchanan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Buchanan (Starbux/WENN)
    Duke Lavery

    Actor: Ian Buchanan

    Who played Duke Lavery over the years

    Ian Buchanan [(1986–89, August 27, 2012—)]
    Greg Beecroft [(1989–90)]

    Useful information on Duke Lavery

    * Money laundering for Burt Ramsey's organization.
    * Served prison time for his involvement in organized crime.


    Past: Mob associate.
    Past: Owner of Duke's Club.


    Once arriving in Port Charles from Scotland, Duke was quickly involved with Anna Devane in a romance. He was the owner of the elaborate Duke's Nightclub, which just happened to be laundering cash for the mob. He decided to leave the crime life behind for her. Other members of the organization weren't willing to let that happen. During his conflict laden departure from the business, he got to know his father Angus and learned he had a sister somewhere. Meanwhile, Anna's house was bombed, bringing Robert Scorpio back to town to investigate and he was sure Duke was involved.

    Duke teamed up with Robert and Anna to bring down corruption and crime in town. He wound up being paralyzed by a bullet meant for Robert. After a brief stay in prison, he was reunited with his half-sister, a nun from Canada. They almost had an affair before they found out the truth. He reunited with Anna, but not before helping to cover up some crimes for his sister. This was soon uncovered by a reporter, who leaked it to Anna on her wedding day to Duke. That ruined their wedding.

    Eventually, Duke managed to win Anna back and they were married in the highlands. However, his lingering involvement in organized crime continued to cause friction. After he became stuck in a power struggle with Olivia Jerome, she used sex and violence to try and get rid of him. Anna wound up losing her baby in an elevator rigged to kill Duke and was then arrested for putting Olivia in a coma. She was eventually cleared and Olivia was sent to an asylum.

    Duke testified against his former crime colleagues, faked his own death and went into witness protection.

    Years later, Duke turned up in a psychiatric facility in Lucerne, Switzerland where Robin was being secretly held. He quickly made his way back to Port Charles and into Anna's life.


    Married to Anna Devane (Married: October 19, 1987; dissolved by his presumed death)


    Camellia (dated)
    Anna Devane (lovers)


    Mary Fitzhugh (mother)
    Angus McKay (father)




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    Friday, April 24 2015: GH Recap: She Died.

    Carlos is at Hayden's window taking aim at Duke on the Metro Court terrace. Shawn and TJ tell Duke what a great guy he is. Before he can take the shot, Hayden walks in and interrupts. She wants to call the police but he explains that he works with her husband. Hayden demands to know how he got in. He spins a yarn. She doesn't buy it and interrogates him about his giant gun. Carlos packs up and leaves. Down on the terrace, Jordan hobbles over to Shawn, TJ and Duke. Her son tells her his big news. She's disoriented. Once her son runs off, she fills her boss in on the hit gone wrong. She assumes it was the Jeromes. The shooter looms in the distance. Shawn takes Jordan off for a drink and the shooter comes out of the corner to tell his boss how things went wrong. Duke is livid when he learns that he took a shot while Anna was present.

    Thursday, April 23 2015: GH Recap: Roofied.

    Carly meets with Spinelli at Metro Court and learns about Pete, who she realizes is the man in Hayden’s fake wedding photo. She tells Spinelli that they need to get that photo. Meanwhile, Carlos heads into Jake’s room and takes aim at Duke, who is having his tea on the terrace. Duke sits with Shawn, who tells Duke that he and Jordan have taken things to the next level. TJ shows up to see Shawn about problems paying his tuition. TJ doesn’t want to go to his mom for money, so Duke offers to pay his tuition. TJ is thrilled and thanks Duke. Back in Jake’s room, Carlos is distracted when Sabrina calls. She’s worried about him getting into trouble again when he just made parole, but he tells her not to be. At the same time Carly and Spinelli bicker outside the room about whether breaking in is a good idea. Carly feels nobody will know they were here, and they enter the room. Carlos is nowhere to be found, so they grab the photo and head out. Carlos comes out of the bathroom where he was hiding and takes aim at Duke again, but TJ keeps getting in the way of a clear shot. Back in the bar, Spinelli asks Carly what she will do with the information on Pete and Hayden. She plans to tell Jake first before going to the authorities.

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