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    General Hospital CAST - Kristina Corinthos-Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristina Corinthos-Davis Played by Lindsey Morgan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsey Morgan (ABC)

    Birthday: February 27 1990
    Birthplace: Georgia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lindsey Morgan
    Height: 5' 5"


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    You Got A Boat?

    Wednesday, August 15 2012

    Kristina comes home to an empty house, but Michael arrives moments later. She tells him Sonny showed her the ring that he is going to propose to Kate. Suddenly Sam calls her and tells her out Alexis. Michael drives her to the hospital.

    Inside Alexis’ room, the doctor checks her out and Sam fills him in on her cancer and chemo history. Steve comes in to take a look and asks Sam about the mark, but she is not aware of when Alexis got it. He tells Liz they need to look into it. Sam tells John and Jason about Alexis’ trip to Wyndemere. She got dizzy and thinks she laid down but does not remember. Kristina heads in to see Alexis while Michael goes to Carly. Carly is sure she is worried about nothing, but Joss' fever is spiking. Michael assures her that it is no big deal and hugs her. Meanwhile, John calls the security company but they have no record of a call or alarm trip. He tells Jason Alexis was lured there. What do Joss and Alexis have in common? Jason tells John he has a boat docked and they leave together for Wyndemere.

    This Won't Hurt A Bit.

    Friday, August 10 2012

    Sonny meets Kristina at Kelly's and they discuss Trey. He admits that he accidentally hit Trey while they were sparring. They briefly discuss Michael and Starr but it quickly drifts to Sonny announcing that he is going to propose to Kate. Kristina is thrilled at the news. Kristina asks if he's sure Kate will say yes. Sonny jokes with Kristina about marrying Trey. Kristina tells her dad that she loves him and is happy for him and wishes for the same for Jason and Sam. When John enters, she yells at him about messing with Jason and Sam. He denies his involvement and sits at another table where Sonny later joins him. Sonny encourages him to pursue a case against Joe Jr. John says if Joe get off, sonny can have him.

    Honey Badger Ferocity.

    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    From home, Sam calls Alexis to check on John. Kristina asks her what Jason has done this time Sam tells her it is not Jason she is worried about. Kristina accuses Sam of being afraid to be around John because she cares about him, more each time she sees him. A committed man would not kiss another woman unless he felt something and Sam would not help him McBain unless she felt something too. Sam admits she cares but it doesn’t change the fact he has a family and she is married. She is in pain and if she divorces Jason there is no guarantee that pain will end. Kristina tells her something has to change. Sam agrees, but she is not sure what that is. She asks about Trey and Kristina tells her they are dating. Sam thinks she should tell Sonny before someone else does.

    Trey is led into a boxing gym with a bag over his head by Milo. Sonny is waiting for him – he wants to get to know him better. Trey wonders why they couldn’t just do brunch. Sonny doesn’t do brunch. Sonny thinks Trey wants something else from Kristina and he tells Sonny they are dating. Sonny wants to do a background check and that gives Trey pause enough to get knocked out. Trey gets up and wants to keep fighting. He is done playing the field and wants to make things official with Kristina. Sonny asks if he is talking marriage and Trey tells him soon. Sonny knocks him out. Later, Kristina shows up and Sonny tells her they are all going out to brunch. Trey should invite his folks.

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